Obscene Israeli Behavior Behind the Scenes at UN

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Aktham Suliman, the representative of al-Jazeera to the 54 International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) conference in Vienna and the chief of the al-Jazeera bureau in Berlin, did not surprise me with his news reported from the IAEA press room in Vienna about being physically assaulted by the bodyguards of the Israel envoy while he was doing his work reporting from the conference on last Sept. 24 2010.

Israeli security after telling me obscene words.I was also subjected to repeated and deliberate insulting gestures and obscene words by the bodyguards of the israeli delegation to the IAEA. In my case the humiliations began on the evening of Sept. 22 and lasted until September 23, and only ended with the intervention of the UN security and after it became intolerable, was hindering my work and I could not keep silence anymore. (click on the pictures to make them bigger)

This is the first time I have seen “somebody” traveling as a diplomat but still violating the house rules at the UN which ensure a peaceful atmosphere for the people from many nations who work there to pursue their duties. The security staff at the UN appears to me to be very professional, they deal with all workers, diplomats, journalists and visitors with great respect. I was also very impressed by the objective manner in which they dealt with my case.

During the 54 IAEA General Conference, ONLY the conference itself was my interest, including the speeches of the representatives and photographing. I attended the conference as a representative of Rense Worldwide News Service which has about one million unique readers monthly. Most of diplomats attending the conference are known to journalists, and the journalists are known to them. Over time the same faces appear at conferences, meetings and special activities held in Vienna in various organizations, ministries etc.

Email of israeli representative on the right.

On Sep. 22 I called the attention of one of the Israeli representatives, who asked me politely if I was a photographer. I asked him if he would like to have copies of his photos. He said yes and wrote me his e-mail address on a piece of paper which he tore from a notice block. Other diplomats were sitting nearby during this exchange. My working principles dictate that I deal with everyone with respect and polity. But this appears not to be the case with the israelis. That day during the afternoon session I started noticing hateful looks which frightened me coming from the Israeli mission. I left the IAEA conference for the day to attend another one at the UN.

IAEA 54 conference in Vienna.I returned to the IAEA conference on Sept. 23 during the morning. I acceded to the demands of some of the present diplomats and members of delegations in the audience who asked me to take photos of them. Some of them asked me to stay in the conference room and photograph them, others came out for a chat whenever they had a short break or asked me questions about my work and photos, etc. All was going well with my work, which was developing in a peaceful and cordial atmosphere.

When the voting on the various resolutions started, I followed the conference team with the ballot to capture some pictures while the delegations were depositing their votes. When I arrived near the Israeli mission, the bodyguards started to taunt me with gestures of mockery, one was turning his mouth right left, opening his mouth and showing me his teeth. When I went to make a picture of the Irish ambassador while voting, the Israeli representative was standing up, he smiled in my face and sat next to his bodyguard and told him something. I made a picture of him smiling but suddenly his bodyguard approached me and whispered insulting words in hebrew into my ear. I told him that this was improper and made a picture of him. I informed one of the ambassadors and also a security man from the UN who was present.

The Ecuador delegation, which was seated near the Israeli delegation, asked me to take some photos of them, but each time I wanted to do this I was faced by the Israeli security and his childish mockeries.

Later when I decided to leave for a break, I saw the israeli performing his mockery show for me doing Israeli on the left was making strange grimaces.deliberate stupid acrobatic gestures. On Sep. 24, the mockery and molestation continued without interruption. I avoided the area where the Israeli mission was, despite the presence of important diplomatic figures in the same area who I wanted to photograph.

When I followed the Palestinian ambassador to take a copy of his speech, the israeli bodyguard cut my way, and … with clear intent to insult me. I asked him what he meant with his grimaces and crazy gestures. I then turned to the Palestinian Ambassador, I was unhappy and angry after two hours of deliberate provocations and stupid gestures. A UN security man wearing civil cloths intervened.

In the end the israeli bodyguard was warned off. A new israeli delegation with another security crew arrived on 24 Sept. afternoon. They appeared to know about the incident, and they kept their distance. I would like to thank the UN security for their high level of professionalism in dealing with this issue.

The questions are:

  • Why are the israelis the only mission among over 180 countries which needs to bring ill-mannered bodyguards while the UN has a very professional security team doing their work in a responsible, peaceful and friendly way?
  • When will israel understand that their irresponsible behavior and crimes only bring them a bad name and damages their reputation?
  • Force and terror are not the right way to deal with the human beings.When will israel understand that at the UN and in civilized countries they can’t go on rampage like in occupied Palestine and that they should start thinking to learn to behave like a human beings instead of as occupiers?

22 comments to Obscene Israeli Behavior Behind the Scenes at UN

  • Ziene Halven

    So this article is about the Israeli delegation making faces at you?

    I knew you had a thin skin but really?

    They behaved like elementary school so you did the same?

    Thank you for reminding me never to take you seriously.

  • david

    The carpenter Joseph raised the Nazerene and son of Mary, Jesus. Also Jesus, Joseph and Mary Mother of God witness the demonic behavior.

  • Hugster

    One doesn’t take the behaviour of such creatures seriously in an environment like that until they lay a finger upon you in which case you scream assault.

    I recall many years ago as a teenager attending an international cultural day in Belgrade (former Yugoslavia) at the Diplomatic Club a Jewish diplomat from the American embassy set upon the female organiser of the Palestinian display in one of the back area store rooms. The woman had the sense to scream rape which resulted in Yugoslav staff wrestling the creature to the ground.

    Needless to say, the maniac presented his credentials in order hide behind his deplomatic status and threaten the staff at the club. Fortunately the Yugoslav manager had the sense to point out that his staff caught the American Jewish diplomat on top of a woman that was fighting him off and he would compelled to report the incident to the ministry of foriegn affairs.

    I never found what happened in the end, but I realised then and subsequently that zionist Jews have embarked on a merciless and inhumane war on the Palestinian people and they will no quarter.

  • Always you, Ms. Salam, have been lady like and civilized. It is impossible for street hoodlums pretending to be civilized people to hide their real identities in the face of that. It galls them to even see your example, which forces by comparison their ugliness to show to all who watch. May all the world be aware that the Zionists are nothing but hoodlums and pillagers. They have no claim to the land of Palestine. They only resort to brash crude threats and insults since that is all they are in essence and in every way. They are a product of centuries of purposeful instilling of xenophobic hatred and wouldn’t be capable of cordiality nor honesty in any case ever.

    May God keep you and bless you.

    Free Palestine!


  • Lo Phatt

    I’m sorry to hear of your experience. As I look around I see the other cultures of the world, both Christian and Muslim and others, who understand the importance of simple human dignity. In some regard they have been taught as children that we’re all sons and daughters of God, and as such, are entitled to be treated with respect. Unfortunately, a common exception to that is Israel. Even outside of Israel it is an all too common experience, this rudeness and “superiority”.
    As to your question about being seen by the world as obnoxious, I think it is illustrative. Perhaps, being raised on a diet of “superiority” has its consequences. In fact, one gauge as to the sphere of control exerted by the Zionists is the level of incivility. I fear that waiting for a voluntary change of behavior is a waste of time. What they respond to is for the world to turn their collective backs to them and refuse to engage them. It won’t fix the underlying problem but it may change the outward behavior.
    Thanks again for your efforts. As I’m certain you already know, to know them is not to love them. I suppose there are always consequences of one’s actions, even for the “chosen”. It is good for those who may not be aware of this to read about it and decide for themselves if they really want to support this.

  • Rob

    What is an Iraeli delegation doing at an IAEA meeting anyway?
    They repeatedly refuse to participate in the treaty,and
    express contempt for all who think they should. Israel
    should have its UN membership revoked, and any “diplomats” sent
    back to Tel Aviv, since Israel never complies with UN resolutions

  • Inhuman scum. These filthy beings will eventually get their comeuppance.

  • god does not have a mother or son, neither does he prefer one race over any other except in righteousness and piety.
    recently, on a visit to morocco i had the pleasure to speak to a jewish settler from the west bank , who in all his holiness wished disaster and destruction on the palestinian race and muslims in general.i pointed out to him that we muslims are the reason he is able to say that in the first place due to our efforts in affording his people security and protection in our lands from the europeans who you claim were gassing them just 60 years ago!
    the ignorance they carry with them is astounding and i am not one to back down in any form of showdown, i made it clear that we muslims will help our muslims in the middle east in everyway as is foretold in our religious writings and that we are going to smash your teeth plus any helpers you have from the west. we recognise they machinations and games on the human race and fully are aware of what the bible advises in book of thessaloninans” BE FURTHER ADMONISHED THE JEWS WALK CONTRARY TO GOD AND TO ALL MEN”
    for these evil misfits of the human race to feel that they can do and get away with any crime is obscenity in itself,keep up the good work to in displaying they evil for all to see in your forums so that when time comes for restitution no one will be surprised when we muslims give what we owe them with interest in the way of vengeance!

  • Jack Ruby

    George Paton remarked a number of times about the filthy, rude behavior, rancid odor and ignorance of the Jew.

    Apparently, nothing has changed since 1945, other than all those European Jews traveled to the Mid-East to commit grand-theft, nation.

  • Omar


    I’m not surprised to see such childish behaviour from these people.

    I’m glad to hear the UN people stood up for you.

    That’s the last place anyone should have deal with this sort of thugery.



  • Wilson

    Its hatred. I’ve had many Jewish friends, lovers, employers, co-workers, neighbors,
    over the years and there was and is always an element of hatred in their personalities. . Its not 100% their fault. Their ancestors– all the way to their parents, were taught that they were more than special– in Talmudic thinking– based on ancient Levitical Law (Torah, but expanded in the Talmud’s (rabbinical) Oral Tradition (Mishna) and Commentaries (Gemara).
    Such hatred is not always emotional. Legality is replacing Morality. In 2001,a Menorah
    replaced the Cross at the White House. In 1991, Bush Sr. executive-ordered Public Law 102-14, legitimizing the 7 Talmudic “Noahide Laws”, which condemn Christianity as Idolatry: a capital crime. The Way Of The Cross is now unavoidable.

  • UKBloke

    Their time is fast running out- Zionists cannot be allowed to continue their destruction of human, animal and even plant life on this planet. From wars, terrorism, destruction and hate to lying and cheating the Goys.

    Enough is enough !!!!!

  • Maggie

    This thug’s intention was to bully you, shake you up, and interfere with your objectives. While you conducted yourself well, it is regretable that you felt compeled to change what you had tasked yourself to do. So in essence, he won several rounds before you finally stood your ground and refused to give in any further to his interference.

    I say this not to put you down, but so that we all realize that no matter how uncomfortable it is, we must all stand our ground with these thugs, from the very beginning. We do not need to resort to insults or lower ourselves to their level, but we must use resistence with them and stay the course in order at all cost to diminish their power. Once they see that they cannot intimidate, they will eventually desist. In this case, UN security could have stepped in sooner to end the harrasment and allow you to take the photos you had really wanted to take.

  • Tiny Hope

    Read the Talmud if you want to understand the actions of the jews! They are the antichrist!!!

  • H.F. Wolff

    Ms. Kawther, one way to fight such non-physical attacks is with humour, snide remarks, and ridicule.

    A deprecating smile and a shake of the head in the face of such assaults could work wonders.

    Physical assault is of course an entirely different scenario; a can of pepper spray or bear spray in the face of the attacker suffices to calm down the most vile of these specimen.

  • McCoy

    al-Jazeera is a freaking joke. It’s like Big Brother’s Ministry of Truth. Give me a break. If these folks want to be treated with respect they need to stop acting like Nazis.

  • Rusn

    It seems from your article the Israeli delegation have some complex about looking submissive for the camera so it causes them to act in that way. This also espouses their goals that they want to control the area from Egypt all the way to Pakistan which is true of the leaders in the U.S. of this movement, along with the Rothschild consistent imperialism. With such zionist goals this causes them to act in such manner which does deserve a response.

  • John Q. Public

    Caucasian is for people from the Caucus Mountains.
    White People.
    The so called white jews are Khazarian.
    Ashkenazic Jews or Ashkenazim.
    The Khazar people belonged to a grouping of Turks who wrote in a runic script that originated in Mongolia.
    Jewish language developed in medieval times as the lingua franca among Ashkenazi Jews. Yiddish.
    A significant portion of the Khazarian Turkic population embrace the Jewish religion.

  • Floda

    Evidently their disgusting behavior is a national (should that be racial?) characteristic. Polish hotel workers report Israeli teenagers leave feces in Hotel Beds in Hotels around Auschwitz. They also routinely trash their Hotel rooms, insult staff and regard the Poles as beneath contempt.

    Combine this with their mass murder of Palestinian Women and Children, the fact that a Jew is invariably behind every really BIG financial scam and one begins to see why these creatures have been expelled from every Country in which they have settled.

  • WOW! From reading all the other comments, do I feel that, “I’ve got it pretty lucky”! You see, I live on the Gulfcoast of Florida.

    And with the B.P. Gusher, & all that dispersant in the sea water here, it won’t matter WHAT ‘good book’ you read/go by, as whether you’re a jew, a muslim, or a christian, “IF you swim in the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll most likely get kidney/liver problems/rashes/sores”!

    Now, I once helped some Palestinians. But the Jews who ran things, ‘nearly got me murdered’, & we left town, never to be seen again….. (I STILL, HATE NO ONE!)

  • Mihail

    Those sons of hell are the SYNAGOGUE [redacted] on earth.The Bible tell us that those so call jews are liars,Khazars,AskeNAZI,IMPOSTORS,they claim to be the descendants of Abraham,they are not.REVELATION 2:9,,3:9

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