A Policeman And a Terrorist

David “Dudi” Cohen (דודי (דוד) כהן). Current, as of 2010, he is police Inspector-General.

“Dudi” was accused in Israel of “damaging the rule of Israeli State laws”.

David Cohen, Israeli police Inspector-General.David “Dudi” Cohen is the son of a terrorist from the Palmach “underground militia”. He is a war criminal complicit in genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity against Palestinians. He was born in 1955, from extremist parents who belonged to the genocidal Chabad cult. His father was Bulgarian, his mother from Greece. His now deceased father was a Palmach terrorist and later IDF navy “marine” war criminal who resided on stolen Palestinian land. He served as police patrolman for 35 years until his retirement.

Dudi grew up in a poor family living in two small rooms, where he shared one room with a sister and a brother according to his own account published in Hebrew.

Cohen grew up in Haifa. His family moved from Haifa city to live in the neighborhood of “Batei Goldstein”, another jewish occupation name for the area also called “Harlem” at the edge of Pardes Katz. It is a jewish neighborhood were many fanatics from the Chabad cult live. The neighborhood was built on the ruins of the Palestinian villages, and the jews who now reside in the neighborhood continue spreading hate and incitement against the original Arab owners and Arab-Israel citizens, calling to end their residence in their homeland. A statement was issued by the zionist rabbis Aharon Leib Steinman, Shmuel Halevi Wosner, Michael Yehuda Lefkovich and Moshe Yehuda Landau in which they call for not renting apartments to Arabs in Pardes Katz and stated that this is “entirely forbidden”.

The Police car which drove over Mohammed al-Kunbar (14 years) from Jerusalem

Under the command of Cohen, criminals and murderers have become heroes of the Israeli police. Police officer Shahar Mizrahi killed in cold blood Palestinian civilian Mahmoud Ganaim “a person suspected of stealing car”. Ganaim was not threatening the officer’s life. The criminal officer received full support from Cohen.

On Wednesday 18 August 2010 police personnel under command of Cohen presented themselves as a TV news crew in order to arrest Nadim Inzaj.

Inzaj is a Palestinian collaborator, had broken into the garden of the British Embassy in Tel Aviv seeking asylum after police staff had infiltrated him to spy on Palestinians, and then involved him in drug issues in order to get rid of him after he had ceased to be useful.

On March 13 2010, staff under the command of Cohen drove their car over a child, Mohammed al-Kunbar (14 years) from Jerusalem; they drove twice over his body and left him one hour bleeding in the street, then they arrested him. At the Police station, Cohen’s interrogators threatened to retaliate against the family of the the child if he told them about the car that ran over him. Cohen’s staff then denied the incident until a photographer released the photos of this horrible crime.

The victim of Cohen's staff, Mohammed al-Kunbar (14 years) from Jerusalem

David Cohen is an IDF also an officer of the IDF paratrooper, where as a captain he became complicit to genocide and war crime in the occupied Palestine until 1977.

He has served in the Israel police since 1977 and has held various positions.

Beginning in 1977 he served in the “Yarkon” police station, later and he served in Herzliya and Tel Aviv as a police station commander.

He served as chief police commander of Al-Naqab (Negev).

He was a deputy head of military intelligence and chief of execution “operations”. This means that he was involved in murdering Palestinian civilians in “extra-judicial executions”.

In 2005 Cohen was appointed commander of the so-called “Southern District” at the office of the Central District commander, the war criminal and zionist Gen. Ilan Biran, and also under command of Gen. Uzi Dayan. There he served as head of the investigations intelligence. This means that he was involved directly and as a commanding officer in all the IDF operations of theft, murder, executions, jailing of Palestinians after that date.

He was also in command of the intelligence interrogation units were all Palestinian prisoners are tortured, beaten, sexually abused and often murdered. In this capacity he was directly involved in violations of the international laws and treaties related to prisoners treatments and rights. He invented a new method of interrogated called “secret jails” were the prisoners were interrogated for days and nights while blinded, cuffed and torture by people calling themselves “Abu Allah” what means “father of god”.

Cohen was appointed commander of the Central District in the West Bank, where all kind of crimes and horrors were committed against Palestinians.

Avi Dichter, and Danid (Dudi) Cohen, former Shin Bet “intelligence” war criminals.On April 11 2007 and under former Israeli Minister of Internal Security Avi Dichter, (head of the Shin Bet, intelligence), Cohen was appointed as the 16th police commissioner of the Israel Police. The Israel Police Insp. Gen. serves a four-year term. His appointment was approved by the advisory committee on senior civil service appointments chaired by retired israeli judge Yaakov Terkel. (Avi Dichter and David (Dudi) Cohen worked together in intelligence).

Under his command, several Palestinians neighborhoods in Jerusalem were ethnically cleansed from Palestinians and replaced with jewish families from the USA and Europe. Theft of Palestinian property, demolitions, confiscation of IDs increased massively. Four Palestinian Parliamentarians from the Jerusalem district lost their ID and thus their “right” to enter the city.

Staff under Cohen was and is involved in spreading drugs like Heroine, marijuana, Cocaine and others among Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem as one more method to further genocide of Palestinians. Also, hundreds of children were jailed and interrogated at the Al-Moscobiyyah police detention center in Jerusalem under his command.

Several criminal complaints have been lodged against Cohen with the courts in Israel. These complaints were filed by human rights organizations, Palestinians from Jerusalem, Arab Israelis, jews and the former Southern Police District head Uri Bar-Lev, (another war criminal). Uri Bar-Lev filed a complaint against Cohen after he fired him for “unjustified reasons” according to Bar-Lev. (Both Cohen and Bar-Lev are war criminal).

Cohen established a new covert death squad unit of the border police in order to capture or kill children in Jerusalem. In the languge of Cohen: “I diverted Border Police companies and high-quality units (meaning death squad gangs) from dealing with terrorism”.

On Monday August 23 2010, Cohen recommended that the Tel Aviv state prosecutors indict corrupt former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for receiving bribes to promote real estate complexes in the occupied Jerusalem, as it announced the conclusion of its bribery investigation Monday.

Cohen, his wife and two children live in Givatayim east of Tel Aviv.

On December 6 2008, a criminal complaint for participation in genocide was lodged against David (Dudi) Cohen with the German authorities. The text follows.

AN Den Generalbundesanwalt beim Bundesgerichtshof

Brauerstraße 30
76135 Karlsruhe
Telefon: (0721) 81 91 0
Telefax: (0721) 81 91 59 0

BETRIFFT: Azeige gegen DUDI COHEN / DAVID COHEN im Sinne des Völkerstrafgesetzbuchs


DUDI COHEN, auch bekannt als DAVID COHEN, ist seit 1. Mai 2007 Generalinspektor der Polizei des Staates Israel. Er befindet sich, wie ich aus den Medien erfahren habe, im Rahmen von Amtsgeschäften als Gast der Deutschen Regierung IN DEUTSCHLAND auf, um eine Kooperation zwischen der Israelischen und der Deutschen Polizei in Leben zu rufen.
Bezugnehmend auf die in den Medien bekanntgewordenen Pogrome von Jüdischen Kolonisten in der Westbank gegen die Palästinensische Bevölkerung, werfe ich COHEN vor:

a) Seine Aufsichtspflicht gegenüber ihm Befehlsmäßig unterstellten Einheiten grob vernachlässigt haben.

b) Angehörige von ihm Befehlsmäßig unterstellten Einheiten der Israelischen Polizei ausdrücklich befohlen zu haben, NICHT zum Schutz der Palästinensischen Bevölkerung einzugreifen, und die Jüdischen Kolonisten NICHT an ihrer Terroristischen Tätigkeit und ihren Pogromen zu hindern, sondern im Gegenteil, die Kolonisten bei ihren Verbrechen zu schützen und unterstützen
Sofern sich COHEN noch in Deutschland aufhält, treffen die Voraussetzungen zu, die der Deutschen Generalbundesanwalts nennt um Tätig zu werden:

  • 1.    Der Beschuldigte hält sich auf Deutschem gebiet auf
  • 2.    Das Land wo die Verbrechen des Beschuldigten, von Israel besetzte Territorien in diesem Fall, ist nicht in der Lage, die ihm vorgeworfenen Verbrechen zu verfolgen. Es besteht seitens des Staates Israel einerseits unwilligkeit seinen Pflichten nach IV Genfer Konvention nachzukommen, es besteht andrerseits ebenso die materielle Unfähigkeit des Staates Israel, diesen Verpflichtungen nachzukommen – was Deutschland im Rahmen einer subsidiären Zuständigkeit zur Strafverfolgung des COHEN verpflichtet, weil das Erfordernis der anderweitigen Verfolgung (§ 153 f Absatz 2 Satz 1 Nr. 4 StPO) nicht erfüllt ist.
  • 3.    Deutschland ist ein geeigneter Strafverfolgungsstandort, weil es eine enge wirtschaftliche, kulturelle und historische Beziehung zwischen Deutschland und Israel gibt.

Ein Video, auf dem klar zu sehen ist, wie einerseits Jüdische Kolonisten Palästinensische Zivilisten erschiessen, andrerseits die Polizei nicht eingreift, kann auf der Webseite:


gesehen werden. Wie gesagt, führe ich das fehlende Eingreifen der Israelischen Polizei auf entsprechende Befehle.

Diese Aussage mache ich nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen, und habe allen Grund, die mir bekannte Information betreffend sowohl der Pogrome in der West Bank wie auch der Position des Beschuldigten als Wahr zu betrachten.

Ich Ersuche die Generalbundesanwaltschaft, meine persönliche Daten NICHT an den Beschuldigten oder ihm nahestehende Personenkreise weiterzugeben. Dies ist meines Wissens laut Deutscher Strafprozessordnung vorgesehen, und ich befürchte wegen dieser Anzeige Repressalien seitens Israel-nahen Kreisen.

Weiter ersuche die Generalbundesanwaltschaft, mich im Rahmen des gesetzlich möglichen von Ihren weiteren Schritten in dieser Angelegenheit informiert zu halten und mich zu benachrichtigen, ob und wann es mir gestattet ist, diese Anzeige öffentlich zu machen.

Im übrigen beziehe ich mich auf ein Telefongespräch mit Ihrem Herrn Schüssler, und stehe Ihnen gerne telefonisch zur Verfügung.


Wien, am 6. Dezember 2008

CC: Internationaler Strafgerichtshof in Den Haag

5 comments to A Policeman And a Terrorist

  • From the very beginning of the Naqba, when Israeli sound trucks and military would go into an Arab village and massacre a whole innocent peaceful Arab village and then threaten the surrounding villages with the same if they didn’t leave immediately, until now, the European Zionists who invaded Palestine have shown themselves to be nothing but genocidal murdering thieves. Their complicit quislings amongst the Arab nations (especially Egypt and Saudi) and their Illuminati controlled sponsors: the EU, UN and US and Russia are just as much to blame. The Illuminati and Bankers and Freemasons who go all the way back to Egypt in the 5th century A.D. (Bankers) and the Haburah in 6th century B.C. Babylon (Illuminati/Freemason apostates/khafirs against God – Zionists) are the poison which originated in the Middle East but not the responsibility of all the people there; by the design and corruption of Europeans and the pawns of theirs in other countries (USA) – and by the totally corrupt Talmudists and the corrupted tribalists of the regions of Arabistan and Persia and Turkey – this has been returned to the heart of the Arab homeland as part of a scheme to rule the world by New World Order tyranny. This does nothing but destroy innocent lives. All of those responsible should be thrown into a docket and tried for the most severe crimes against humanity.

    Free Palestine! Free the world!


  • Tom Lowe

    Kawther, please keep all this war criminal data safe somewhere so that when the trime arrives, I and others will deal with these Israeli ghouls. We have lots of them here in USA to deal with as well, and they are all going down together as one great big racism-based crime ring.

  • David

    When the countries of the world are infiltrated by hordes of immigrants one minority will rise to rule them all, The Zionists.
    We replaced the ruler by a caricature of a government -by a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet creatures, our slaves. This is the foundation of the mine we have laid under the goy peoples.”

    —Protocols of the Elders of Zion 10

  • UKBloke

    The weight of evil coming from the global Jewish cabal is too much for the earth and its children to bear. The Jews are children of Cain thus follow his was via Kaballa to murder, kill and destroy all they can in defiance to God\ Allah.

    However they underestimate Gods power, as their utter destruction and demise is not far away. Also a thing to note that Allah will use a method that will disgrace these people first then they will be removed ala Pharoah, Lot, Sodom etc.

  • john

    Obama is just a tool of the koshernostra,where did this niggro come from?that is what dom americans should ask.But no they are warried about american idol, and all the other jew crap they feed this brain dead people.Ron paul 2012.may god bless him

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