A Medal for War Crimes

Tony Blair, the war criminal of Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East and former prime minister of the UK, was awarded last night Sept. 13 2010 the “Liberty Medal” at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia by the famous protagonist of many sex scandals in the White House, former President Bill Clinton, the chair of the NCC joined the president while awarding the disgraceful Bliar in ignorance of the scene of last week when he was pelted with shoes, eggs, and beer bottles during the signing of his miserable first book in Ireland, after he left millions of widows orphans behind him in Iraq. The “medal of freedom” is supposedly given to people in recognition of their effort for peace, NOT for war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, corruption and thievery. This award was established in 1988 on the bicentennial anniversary of the proclamation of the US Constitution, and until now it has been given ONLY to war criminals from the US and its allies.

Another signing event of Blairs book was canceled in London due to the huge protest against his crimes. Blair brought disaster to the humanity and is still committing genocidal crimes in the same way everywhere he puts his feet.

Blair received his criminal award two days after the exposition of a scandalous investigation into his activities published by the dailymail.co.uk, click here to read the interesting report published in English language.

In Palestine, Blair used his position as envoy of the “Middle East Quartet” (UN, US, EU and Russia) to help the so-called “Wataniya projects”, which benefited his personal commercial sponsors and the group around President Abbas as well as the biggest of all fat cats Dr. Mohammad Mustafa who is Chairman of Wataniya Mobile, President of the Palestine Investment Fund and who styles himself as “financial adviser” of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The scandalous issue is that Blair, in coordination with fat cats of the PA, sucked US and OPEC donations  which were destined for small projects in Palestine like financing Palestinian farmers and unemployed people, in order to finance big projects such as Wataniya. This misuse of funds also benefits the Royal Qatar Qtel group represented in persons by Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qtel and Wataniya group, Sheikh Mohammed bin Suhaim Al Thani, Vice Chairman of the Board, Dr. Nasser Marefah, Chief Executive Qtel, Tarek Abbas, son of President Mahmoud Abbas and General Manager of Sky Advertising and public relations and who leads the Wataniya advertising agency, Dr. Momammad Mustafa, representative of the National Mobile Phone Co. and the Palestinian Investment Fund, and the closet group around Abbas, and the consultants and commercial sponsor team of Tony Blairs companies.

On Tuesday Nov. 10 2009, Wataniya representatives (all the Sheikhs mentioned above), Tony Blair and Palestinian Minister of Telecommunications Dr. Mashhour Abu Daqah launched a press conference in which they declared the opening of Wataniya. Blair gave a speech during this press conference in which he did not say that his team of consultants and commercial sponsors benefited from this project.

Wataniya is an old project of the Ministry of Communications which was signed for giving a license Dr. Mohamed Mustafa, Vice Chairman of Wataniya and President of the Palestine Investment Fund.agreement with the mobile phone company Wataniya on March 14 2007. The project was signed by Jamal Al-Khudari, a former minister of communications and Dr. Mohamed Mustafa, the Vice Chairman of Wataniya in the presence of President Abbas and his Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, at that time also in the PA government. Scot Alan Richardson was the former chief for Palestine of Wataniya.

Al-Khudari is now the President of the Popular Committee Against the Siege on Gaza. He is the owner and the chairman of the five-star luxury Al-Mathaf Hotel and restaurant, a project of 2 million dollars located in the Sudaniah area of Gaza City, where the people otherwise do not even have money to eat.

The Wataniya project was faced with problems by the Israeli occupation, which threatened to the end the project. These problems were solved by the war criminal Tony Blair through his interference with the dirty Israeli criminals. This was the only mission of Blair in Palestine: to cash in on the shoulders of poor people.

From the right: A bodyguard of Tony Blair dragged away the Palestinian who shouted at Blair "You are a terrorist, you are not welcome in the land of Palestine", A sign near ITV Studios aimed at former Prime Minister Tony Blair (PA Wire)

Blair was never welcomed in Palestine, all Palestinians faction without exception called Blair a war criminal. Only the closest beneficiaries of the Palestinian Authority and the dirty politician thugs are singing with another tone. Blair was humiliated and insulted in front of public during his useless tour in my stolen homeland Hebron. “You are a terrorist, a war criminal, you are not welcome in the land of Palestine, get out of our holy land”, a Palestinian from the Hamdan family shouted in the face of the dishonorable Blair. The bodyguards of “the poodle” of Blair hid him and ran like rabbits until other people caught the poor Palestinian who had dared to protest the presence of this vile scum in our city.

Bliar, who is surrounded with an army of bodyguards whenever he travels or makes a tour, ONLY deserve to be hanged or sentenced to death in accordance to the international laws against war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. The medals and signs of affection which he receives from other criminal politicians will never erase the fact that Blair is a WAR CRIMINAL who caused murders of millions in IRAQ and who is involved in the wholesale looting of Palestine. What better testimony to this is that some weeks ago he reportedly bought an apartment for his daughter and paid one million pounds in cash. Where did he get that money while most honorable English people are equally reduced to penury due to his criminal machinations?

12 comments to A Medal for War Crimes

  • john petrino

    It is truly amazing how we give medals to liars, murderers, money dogs,and certified war criminals. The fact is these people with their zionist masters for now control everything, but not for long. The cat is really out of the bag now, from 9/11 to the bullshit war on terror to the pack of lies to invade Iraq and everything else this garbage of humanity has put apon us. We are broke, in debt, a planet full of depleted uranium (the worst crime of all), we live in fear, we fear for our children, our jobs are at risk and the list goes on. And what for? Money and greed, nothing more.Worthless paper. In God we trust my a..

  • ralph

    One shudders to consider the simple fact that deliberate stone cold lying two legged rats are WHAT PASSES FOR LEADERSHIP IN BROKE DOWN PLANET EPISODE 62. Look at Blair. Why does he have his mouth in that frozen rictus? Lookout his crossed eyes don’t freeze.. To me he already is the poster child even more than his nameless counterparts thruout the prison planet. If you read his scripts they are him. Blair is like Bush, authentically truly phony. What was his “dodge” at 21? Whose derriere was wiped by these two? Bush was a cheer leader. Boy is he qualified to kiss derriere. Both blame God for making them “man up” and start bunker busting innocent fundamentalists. By the way, fundamentalism is good stuff. Fill up your tank and practice slow safe driving. Not to mention the people of central Asia have lived their way for thousands of years. They never made growing herbs a matter of fascistic concern. When American capitalism divvied up the future with world Communism [circa 1948] and became its hub, calling itself the UN a ‘new world order ” was being announced. All rebels were [are] put on notice [that] morality is now dictated by us and your old time religion is OVER. I think they are tiring. The elite that is. They also want it to be OVER. As a celebrated “winner”, I too want it to be over but it has to be right. The bad guys all have to lose. Anything else…stuff it.

  • Adriaan Reivers

    you forgot to include deputy dawg John Howard of australia the third member of the coalition of the willing (war criminals) he has been receiving pats on the back here is OZ much to the dismay of the majority who were against this war. Please incluide his blood stained hands in you tirades against these war criminals who all deserve to be deprived of any comfort in solitary confiment on bread and water rations until they leave this planet.

  • timothy

    One satanic mind-controlled muppet awards another satanic mind-controlled muppet a medal? Zippity doo dah….

  • timothy

    How long do these vermin think that we’re going to buy their dog and pony show?

  • Helen

    where is the protests!! i mean why are people not on the streets demanding his ass be put in jail? where is our Hugo chavez to help us free ourselves from these vermin? are we that stupid that we wil lcontinue to allow these vermin to give themselves such awards thinking they have done humanity a favor? My God where are you when we need you!!

  • From article:

    “The scandalous issue is that Blair, in coordination with fat cats of the PA, sucked US and OPEC donations”

    This is an extremely important point, crucial to understanding an end to the criminal activities of the West and the Zionists, which justice demands.

    Only when the bribe taking corrupted quislings at all levels in the region are removed from all power and influence, then will there be justice done.

    Free Palestine!


  • huo

    Imagine what kind of people attend such a medal ceremony and clap and applause for this murderer to get a medal from another murderer and then have the gall to call it “Liberty”

    I almost wonder why a huge bolt of lightening doesn’t strike them at that moment for “hubris overload”

    It will keep happeneing as long as there are deluded sheep to show up and clap for masonic world slave trade lying murderous leeches

  • George Reichel

    What a brave man.lmao.

  • William

    Mr. Blair, with all the smelly brown stuff around his nostrils, from that part of his anatomy connected for so long a time to George Bush’s business end,… is NOT the real threat to sincerity of the “Honorarium Protocol”.

    It is the man, Mr. Clinton, that the World should worry about… After all, he sanctioned the “Death” of the Constitution of The United States of America, by authorizing the raid on a Church in Waco, Texas in 1994 by the U.S.’s Standing Army (forbidden by the first amendment), the Federal Police ( FBI, ATF, Secret Service), and Texas State Troopers… 57 men, women, and children died in the massacre… mass murder…

    (see reference: http://www.serendipity.li/waco.html )
    I fell to my knees and wept, the day this took place, and the breaking televised live news became the ultimate “Reality” show for the World…

    I, at least, immediately recognized the implications of the actions of the Government of the U.S. As you will see, from exploring the links on the site…
    Just a horrible travesty of the Constitution,… Just a horrible dismissal of the Implications of the massacre by the American Public, and, the rebuking of their responsibilities to limit the actions of the Federal and State Governances…. But, the American Public has been asleep for many years…. Still in shock from the contract killing of President John F. Kennedy….

  • crowbar

    America was blessed by a small number of Colonialists with amazing wisdom, that designed an instrument “of the People, for the People, and by the People”.
    Ever sense 1913 it is obvious that “the People” were less important than a banking cartel that assured amoral factions on “The Hill” that loans would be printed any time needed, without collateral, for money manipulation and wars.

    After the last false-flag trick that conned mindless “patriots” into attacking two Countries (and chomping at the bits for another), it has drained America to an admitted $13,000,000,000,000. Damn, that’s a lot of zeros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • UNF

    Thanks for the expression of honourable sentiment so seldom seen in print.

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