Yearning And Tears At The Eid

My nephews and nieces in Hebron.

I yearn for my mother
I miss my siblings
I yearn to see my sisters
I Yearn for Palestine
I yearn for my home
I yearn for Jerusalem and Hebron
I yearn to see my uncles, cousins and all my relatives
I yearn to see my neighbors and friends

Today is Eid al-Fitr, (a festival where family and friend meet)
I heard about this Eid
Which Eid is this?
Eid without family is MOURNING
Eid without homeland is a CATASTOPHE
Eid without relatives is BOREDOM
Eid without friends is HELL
Eid without Jerusalem and Hebron is NOT Eid
Eid without ID is a CRIME against Humanity
Eid without freedom is JAIL
Eid in the Exile is Israeli TERROR

I yearn for my mother’s kisses at Eid
I yearn for her and her sweet words and meals at Eid,
I yearn for my brother’s presents, jokes and fun at Eid
I yearn for my uncle’s visits at Eid
I yearn for my nephews and nieces noise, all waiting for presents of the Eid
I am yearning for my sister’s talk and arguments.
I yearn for the family house at the Eid
I am yearning for Al-Eydiah (small presents of money given to women at Eid)

Today is Eid al-Fitr,
I feel sad at this Eid
I feel ORPHANED at this Eid
I feel ALIENATED at this Eid
I feel LONLY at this Eid
The people around me laugh and smile
But I laugh with my tears at this Eid and every day
Friends sent congratulations at this Eid
But I feel them bitter as condolences

Which Eid is my Eid?
Do I celebrate the Eid with my shadow?

Yesterday I dreamed of celebrating Eid with family in Hebron.
I was happy with my dream,
Suddenly my dream murdered and ended.
I saw the Israeli soldiers. I woke up frightened and scared.

It is difficult to live with horror and fear in your dreams
It is hard to see the snipers chasing you in your dreams.
It is hard to forget what I saw with my eyes
It is hard to forget the images of the dead children
the blood irrigating the earth.
Those are war crimes.
Crimes against humanity.
ONLY JUSTICE and FREEDOM could liberate you from these NIGHTMARES

17 comments to Yearning And Tears At The Eid

  • May God console you and your family and people at Eid. May all hope and warmth from the heart go with you, Ms. Salam, always.

    May God bless you and your family and people and free Palestine.


  • Ron Goodwin

    I am a white american and my heart dies every time I think about a child dying, and the sum of the injustice against the palestinian people by all concerned.

  • Peter

    One day there will come an end to all the suffering and the jewish people who supported this genocide and crimes committed elsewhere will pay a terrible price. The day The Lord returns our Messiah Jesus Christ.I am convinced that this day is very near

  • UKBloke

    I’m scared for the Jewish people for they are clearly now people of the Devil and are doing his bidding on earth. Be it in Finance, Hollywood, Music and everywhere else, there is no doubt they are the true terrorists of humanity.

  • Rabbit

    Being demons they will indeed invade one’s dreams. My respect and empathy at this time. I would send congratulations at this Eid, but even without this sad prose I would know better. My condolences dear lady to you and your people.

    Justice and freedom have their turn on the wheel of life, although rarely is that any consolation when you’re on the other end of it.

  • One Red Pill

    Kudos to you and your inspirational life path. I may not see you in this life but I hope to find you in the next. This life must be seen as a cleansing. I have no words to express how sad I am that you can not see your family and home. Be Strong and know that you are loved from people around the world. May love and light keep you safe.

  • WillieG51

    Until we believe all lives are important, we will suffer endless tragedy. There is nothing more vile to me than someone who would injure a child in any way. . Yet we also think about the man who is a father trying to provide for his family, or the mother who wants only to see her children and husband home safely. In the end, are we all so different? Do we not love our children, equally, our wives or husbands? Until we realize this we are destined to make the same mistakes over and over. We must throw off the yoke of prejudice, and see things with our own eyes and not through the opinions of others.

  • salaam kawther, i cannot give you access to your family and friends but i will offer you hospitality to you and your husband anytime you come to england as my guests.
    my family will be your family.

    ahlan wa sahlan!

  • Don’t let the Jew bastards get you down with their hate mail. But, you better get out of that region before Christ returns and nukes the place. It cannot be long till that happens. Good luck. Wally in TEXAS.

  • You folk’s should read your history booh’s, there you will find MANY act’s of terrorism perpetrated by the “suffering Palestinian people”, you will also find that as they were booted out of the land that was to become Israel, they were not only not welcomed by ANY of the neighboring countrie’s, not wanted by their fellow Arab’s, but, they were shot down in mass by those same Arab “brother’s”.This is history.I also am by NO MEAN”s fond of the Jewish state[I beleive they were complicit in the 9/11 massacre], but we need to be aware of these historical event’s.

    • Iraq for a long time offered help to the Palestinians who were utterly wrongfully “cleansed” from their own land by the criminal invading Zionists.

      None of the False Flag Black Operations perpetrated by the criminal Zionists are the fault of the Palestinian people.

      The Zionists and their criminal sponsors, (in chronological order) the Nazis, the Russian Communists, the United States, the United Nations and the EU – these are to blame and no one else.

  • to all christians here and others, i like to suggest that you watch lecture by sheikh imran hosein by googling his name titled
    dajjal (antichrist)the false messiah. in this way you will get a good idea as to what is happening and what is coming to you and us and the final end for those who believe they are above humanity according to islamic teachings.
    peace to all believers!!

  • john ward, what you say has some truth. but you must admit a wrong has been committed to these people according to the values you people uphold under the U.N charter. this charter seems to work only against islam and muslims and is totally unworkable against zionist jews and they agents.
    why should any country accept the wrong against palestinians as a being just and ok under that charter? they are not terrorists but those proven to be agents of the u.s.a, israel and western countrys are like mr haddad,abu nidal etc who maligned the palestinian cause. they were christian palestinians by the way generally!!
    freedom does not come by being weak as the palestinians have found out to their cost, i wish these wronged people all the best, there will be a dawn after this nightmare of the WHOLLY jews masquerading as civilized human beings in the holy land, and we muslims will seek redress,inshallah!

  • Phil Glidden

    The only way, and I say the only way, to mitigate the Jewish crushing hold on society is to attack their idiotic religion conceived in the Stone Age by mystical-minded Zealot LUNATICS. I hold that burning the Talmud with the announcement that in doing so, the fusion of G-d and the Jews will have been destroyed, will Frazzale their minds. I personally am gathering a group to do this in the US, and encourage others to so as soon as possible. I am also planning to sue NPR for obvious reasons. GO KAWTHER!!

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