The Militarization of An Arab School in Israel

Beit Jann village.The families of the Arab-Druze students at the ONLY high school in the Beit Jann village in Israel will start their fight on Wednesday Sept. 1 2010 “a battle” against the militarization of their school and children by the Israeli Education Ministry. The inhabitants of Beit Jann suffer under harsh discrimination in the civil rights, social, economical, and financial development of their town when compared to the jewish squatter colonies, towns and cities which were established nearby on the land of Arab since 1948.

Beit Jann is a Druze village on Mt. Meron, in northern Israel. At 940 meters above sea level. Beit Jann is one of the highest inhabited locations in the country. In 2007, the population was 10,300.

Under these hard conditions of discrimination and inequality in their civil rights which the Arab inhabitants of  Beit Jann live, Israel intends to open a military air force class in the village and force the students who choose to learn physics, electronics and scientific subjects to enroll in the class of the Israeli Air Force. It is compulsory for every student to go to school wearing military uniform and to stand in the morning singing Israeli military songs and raising the Israeli flag.

Mohand Naffa, Secretary-General of the Communist PartyDuring a telephone interview with Mohand Naffa, Secretary-General of the Communist Party and an Arab leader he said that the Israeli intelligence is behind the management of the Beit Jann school conflict and the council of the village, who are collaborating with the aim of destroying the Arab identity and community sense of the village inhabitants. He added that the people of the village will face this zionist project which targets their children and their national identity. Naffa added that the village of Beit Jann is the only one among many Arab villages which is always victim of injustice from the Israeli government, and that the people there have never received necessary services and facilities like other villages.

On Saturday the members of the town youth and elders held a meeting in order to announce their strong Baian Kablan, president of the council of Beit Jann, former IDF colonel.rejection of the Israeli military project at this Arab school. The military project was approved behind the students and their families back by the director of the school Ali Slalha and the President of the council of Beit Jann, Baian Kaplan, a “retired” IDF colonel.
The organizers of the meeting stated that their meeting was held to respond to the draft of the air force class, what means to implicitly create a military base in the comprehensive school, the ONLY school in the village of Beit Jann. The project aims to consolidate military education in our student’s mentality, and thus paved the way for institutional malignant aims to recruit our Arab girls from Druze and integrating them into the Israeli military institutions.

Sheikh Yusuf Slalha, a well-known and respected person in Beit Jann, stated during the meeting that the idea of opening a military air force class was rejected in full by all the village elders and the families of the students who signed the petition as a position paper of a unified political body in Beit Jann. He added that wearing military uniforms in the school “does not strengthen our students understanding or bringing us equality with the jewish colonies surrounding us, but it will cause great harm to our identity and our children as part of the Arab community”. He added: “however, on Wednesday Sept.1 2010, the village inhabitants, the youth and the elders in Beit Jann will hold a sit-in at the entrance to the school and prevent the opening of the military air force class in the morning”.

The speakers sent their statements to the president of the local council in Beit Jann, Baian Kaplan, and Baian Kablan's car which bombed.urged him to reverse his decision; they said that Kaplan is not allowed to decide on such sensitive and crucial issues on behalf of all the residents of the village. Kaplan was a former IDF colonel and he served in the IDF military occupation in the West Bank. He was disowned by his relatives, some of whom choose being jailed instead of serving with IDF. Last year, a bomb was left at the entrance of the house of Baian Kaplan. The bomb caused damage to the entrance of the house and the car which was parked in the yard.

7 comments to The Militarization of An Arab School in Israel

  • Huggles

    I see the zionists want to manufacture traitors.

  • Huggles

    Hello again,

    I has a look at your Hate emailers and I note that Guy Whitney appears to be a paganist witch of some kind.

    In the passed couple of years I have met quite a few zionists, both Jew and non-Jew, who dabble in cultism.

    Unfortunately most zionists are Jews in name only because they believe they are a race rather than a religion and do not worship God, they play with atheism, paganism and Satanism.

    Quite an awful lot really and I am only sorry the Palestinians have to suffer these creatures.

  • Rabbit

    Israel is such a collection of disastrous cliches. It’s doom is assured, I truly cannot see how such a false and unbalanced and unnatural creation can survive long let alone indefinately.

    I give them 20 years at best.

  • The following is direct prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem (called Babylon in the Apocalypse). There are two Babylons in the Apocalypse, the other is Rome, Italy (the Vatican today – its destruction is in Chapter 18 of the Apocalypse). Both today are in league where the vile occupation game in Occupied Palestine is concerned. The destruction of Jerusalem is not because of the Noble Sanctuary of course, but rather the reason is the nearly 2,000 year old plan of the Zionists to build their temple of Remphan there. At any point in time that they succeed, it will only be very temporary and then comes destruction. This battle by the Zionists to defeat God is as old as the Haburah (Babylonian brotherhood of Pharisees) from the 6th century B.C. Via the Communists and Freemasons the Vatican has been totally co-opted by the Zionists.

    Apocalypse 16:19
    And the great city was divided into three parts; and the cities of the Gentiles fell. And great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give her the cup of the wine of the indignation of his wrath.

    It is extremely important to understand that the Zionists’ motivation is their superstitious Satanic occultism, from that comes their obsession with building their temple of Remphan in place of the Noble Sanctuary. They are not rational and the attempt to even steal other’s identities is one of many proofs of that.

    You can not argue with rabid dogs and the Zionist criminals are just that.

    Free Palestine! Expel the Zionist criminals now!


  • Doug

    I don’t understand. Why? The people in the village are Arabs, correct? The Israelis want to train Arabs, to join their Air force…correct? Did I miss something here?
    Oh! I see, the Israelis want Arabs to fight the Arabs for them? WHAT!? No, that can’t be. I did miss something here. I don’t get it. I am pretty tired. I’ll read it again in the morning.

    • Huggles

      Doug, I presume you are a Yank on account of your confusion over matters you are unaccustomed to. If you regard the article, it clearly states that Beit Jann is an Arab Druze village. Druze is a small secretive religious sect that is not Christian, Muslim or Jewish but is sometime classified as a precursor faith of the three religions mentioned.

      The Zionist, following the traditions of colonial divide and rule tactics, will approach Christian and Druz Palestinians and encourage to betray their kin folk, the Muslim Palestinians. Generally Palestinians Christians and Muslims maintain solidarity but many Druz often opt for the relatively easier option of being made into traitors for a marginal improvement in their lives.

      Many Druz, like the villagers of Beit Jann, prefer to not take the Judas path and remain patriotic Palestinians.

  • Doug

    Yes Huggles, I am a product of the Amerikan school system. They never told us that there are Druz Palestinians that would sell out to the Israelis. They never told us that the Israelis would even attemt such a thing. All they ever told us, while we were watching Holocaust films, was that the Israelis are G-d’s Chosen people and that they are our best friends in the world because they are the only Democracy in the region. That’s not true is it…ugh?

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