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Catch Criminals In Your State Virginia, Video

Wanted, suspected of committing crimes against humanity. [1]In September 2009, Kevin Smith, the Deputy District Attorney of US judge in California sentenced Alex Castro to 25 years in jail for killing the dog of his girlfriend, who was 10 years old in 2007. Other Americans were also jailed for animal cruelty in 2010: one of them sentenced for burning a cat and the other for filming her during the burning. In my story below I am calling the attention of my readers, especially the Americans, to the story of Aviv Reshef and his wife Zila [2], two war criminals who perpetrated uncounted war crimes against, not dogs or cats, but who murdered hundreds of civilians, among them children in the age of 9 and 10, who looted the property of the weakest poor families in my homeland Hebron, in Ramallah, Gaza and in many other towns and villages in the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank.

[3] [4]Aviv Reshef “אביב רשף“and his wife Zila are NOW in the State of Virginia, being hosted by the US Army (TRADOC). I will be thankful to those who will be able to work on a obtaining an arrest warrant against these two criminals, murderers of not cats and dogs but of children in the age of 9 and 10. It is an opportunity for every honest American human rights defender and all those among my readers who have a moral feeling and the heart in the right place, to take a decision and to submit this story to the appropriate judicial authorities. No immunity for the jewish murderers, civilians or in military uniform! (Click on the pictures to see them bigger).

Is not reasonable to murder our children with American weapons and then for the USA to host these murderers and allow them to be trained by the US army. If things are going this way, then this simply means that the US, which imprisons the killers of dogs and cats with harsh penalties, is complicit in crimes against humanity and supports criminal gangs to murder and loot other peoples and nations. This is also an opportunity for engaged Americans to show the israeli criminals that their atrocities against and wholesale looting of America are enough.

Some weeks ago, on July 7 2010, Lieutenant colonel Aviv Reshef (or Middle: U.S. military Admiral Michael Mullen with Gabi (Gabriel) Ashkenazi during his visit to the US military base in Israel. [5]Reshev) (אלוף משנה אביב רשף) received his new post as a representative of the IDF murderers in tanks, the so-called “Ground Forces Command GOC” at the state of Virginia with the US Army (TRADOC). Reshef is an ultra-extremist Haredi religious IDF officer, he was a commander in the 2006 war in Lebanon, in Gaza, in Hebron, he is an Apartheid Wall constructor and a former brigade commander of military headquarter at Beit El in Ramallah in the West Bank.

Brigadier means that Reshef was the officer in charge and responsible for the criminal operations of the IDF, Police, intelligence, Shin Bet, death squads, “civil” administration armed personnel in military uniform, DCl, DCO, border police and squatters colonies affairs during the last two years in the region of Ramallah, the central headquarter of the Palestinian authority. He is responsible for all the crimes which happened in the territories under control of his brigade during the last six years in Ramallah, in Gaza as brigade “Operations Branch” division, and in the West Bank as a deputy commander of the Nahal in 2002.

The GOC tank battalion is headed by Sami Turjeman since 2009. Before that, the GOC was headed by the GOC tanks operating in the middle of Hebron city. [6]war criminal in Lebanon and Gaza, Major General Avi Mizrahi [7], who received his current post at a central command for murdering Palestinians in the occupied territories in the West Bank. It should be noted that the GOC tanks of the commander who is currently being hosted and trained by the US army are operated in central shopping streets of the Palestinian cities, towns, and villages whenever peaceful demos break out against the Israeli occupation.

During the last two years of the Reshef command in Ramallah, he was in charge of constructing the apartheid wall around city, of confiscating Palestinian lands, murdering Palestinians and jailing peace activists, sending death squads to operate in the center of Ramallah which is nominally under PA power, and of leading a campaign of violence against foreigner peace activists in Bilin, who hold weekly demos against the construction of the apartheid wall which the International Court of Justice (ICC) has already demanded Israel to remove, and which issued a decision in April 2004 which deemed the wall to be in violation of international law.

Ashraf Abu-Rahma,27, a Palestinian resident of Nilin and well known peace activist. [8]On July 7 2008 Reshef sent his troops, lead by company commander lieutenant-colonel Omri Burberg, to the Nilin village near Ramallah. The IDF troops captured Ashraf Abu-Rahma, 27, a Palestinian resident of Nilin and well known peace activist while helping some international peace activists who had arrived in the village from the direction of the nearby town of Deir Kadis in order to support the steadfastness of the citizens and to supply them with humanitarian aid in the wake of a strict siege and curfew which had been imposed on them by Reshef for over a week.

After Abu Rahma was detained for a half an hour, he was taken to a military jeep by lieutenant colonel Omri Burberg, the company commander under orders of Aviv Reshef. Abu Rahma was handcuffed and blinded when Burberg ordered a soldier to shoot him. The soldier shot the Abu Rahma from a distance of about 1.5 meters while Burberg was holding from his arm.

A young girl from Nilin, Salam Kan’an, 18, filmed the crime from the window of her home. The scandal vodei was distributed widely. See the video below:

IDF sokdier pointing his gun at Ashraf Abu-Rahma. [9]Reshef tried to get the original copy of the film in order to destroy it. Bibi Benjamin, an officer from the DCL office under orders of Reshef called the girl at home. He offered to pay her any price she wanted for the original of the video. When she refused, Reshef sent his troops to terrorize her family at their home, to search the home for the film and to take it by force. The IDF soldiers committed war crimes inside the house of the girl. They shot sound bombs inside the rooms and in the kitchen. They broke the windows and damaged the furniture. They beat her brothers and arrested her old father, Jamal Amira, of age 56.

After the incident, the unjust Israeli military advocate Avichai Mendelblit [10]“investigated” the shooting of Gadi Shamni, former Central commander. [11]Palestinian peace activist Ashraf Abu-Rahma. He issued an order to release the IDF war criminal that shot the handcuffed victim. On 22 July 2008, two weeks after the crime, the criminal soldier was released. Mendelblit also found that Lieutenant colonel Aviv Reshef was guilty, not for shooting a blindfolded victim but for covering his officer Omri Burberg and not informing Gadi Shamni [12], (the former central commander) about the crime after it happened. Mendelblit took issue because this had hindered a coordinated operation to cover up the crime and issue disinformation in press releases before the media could expose the scandal. The farce of the “investigation” of Mendelblit was ended by completely covering up the crime of Reshef and his company commander.

Brig. Gen. Avichai Mendelblit, “אביחי מנדלבליט is a war criminal who legitimized and justified the blockade on the Gaza War criminal Brigadier-General Avichai Mandelblit. [13]Strip, the military commando’s criminal actions taken to prevent the “Mavi Marmara” Turkish ship from reaching Gaza. He thinks that the naval blockade, imposed by Israel on a million and a half Palestinians in Gaza since in 2006 was in keeping with international law due to “pure military considerations” and not as a part of “economic warfare” against Hamas. Mendelblit also justified the IDF war crimes in Gaza dropping tons of explosives and phosphors in the middle of populated areas during the so-called “operation Cast lead”. He state that “using the cluster bombs complied with international humanitarian law”. Read more about Mendelblit [14].

Ahmad Husam Yousef Musa, 9 years old. Victim of Aviv Reshef. [15]On Tuesday July 29 2008, Ahmad Husam Yousef Musa, 9 years old, was shot by Reshef’s soldiers in Nilin. The child was hiding behind an olive tree when Reshef’s soldiers driving by in a Jeep saw him. One of them jumped from the jeep, stood at a distance of 50 meters, aimed his rifle at Ahmad and shot a bullet in his head. The bullet entered Ahmad’s forehead and exited through the back of his skull. It should be noted that Reshef’s soldiers blocked the way of the funeral of the child on Latrun Street, and they shot tear gas grandees and live bullets at the participants. 11 were wounded and transfered for medical treatment to the hospital of Ramallah. Later, the medical team announced the death of Yusuf Ahmad Amira aged 15.

On July 30 2008, Reshef’s soldiers murdered another Palestinian child, Yossef ِِAhmad Amira, 15 years old, while standing near his home in Nilin. The IDF soldiers murdered Yossef while they were shooting at peace activists during a demo against the apartheid wall in the village. Reshef was among his soldiers during the murder of Amira. He went to the Palestinian town together with his troops to loot 60 dunums of agricultural lands from Nilin territory. Reshev was The funeral of Yossef Amira, 17 years old. [16]implementing the military order No. (06/08/T). The military order was issued on April 16 2008 by the “Central Commander” Gadi Shamni and under orders of the former Brigadier of Ramallah Col. Amir Abulafia (אל”מ אמיר אבולעפיה). The military order announced the confiscation of 18.9 dunums of agricultural land located in the basin No. 9 in the sites Al-Joros, Aqabet Bear Renn and Baten Al-Jaher. (See the military order No. (06/08/T) page 1 [17], Page 2 [18], Page 3 [19]). (See the squatter colonies colored with blue [20] in the occupied territories around Nilin).

The military order did not indicate the purpose of the confiscation. The order was issued after a declaration of the Israeli war criminal Ehud Barak on March 7 2008 in which Barak stated that he issued a military order to convert the colony of “Modi’in Illit” into an Israeli city on the occupied Palestinian land and that he wanted to open a University in the colony. The Modi’in Illit squatter colony was established in 1991 and is located 8 km north-west of Jerusalem, and the new and illegal borders are now known as the boundaries of the “Modi’in Illit” colonies. Five squatter colonies occupied by 40,000 American, European and Ethiopian zionist jews. It is the largest jewish colony in the Palestinian territories.

Under the command of Reshef it was clear that the confiscation of the Palestinian land serves Aviv Reshef giving a speech at a zionist colony.  [21]the plan of Ehud Barak, the so called “defense minister”. It was for the establishment of a crossing, the so-called “Kiryat Sefer” crossing on the territory of Nilin. The crossing serves the boundaries (five colonies) of Modi’in Illit. Reshef confiscated 60 dunums instead of 18.9 dunums mentioned in the military order. This is a war crime and criminal theft, even a violation of the fascist military law. Before that, the IDF central command had confiscated 2500 dunums of Nilin’s land to build the apartheid wall. The length of the Apartheid Wall in the village of Ni’lin is 8.7 km and it separated and looted of 5883 dunums (40% of the lands of the village [19]) from their owners, inhabitants of Nilin.

On January 1 2010-08, Reshef’s soldiers shot the child Motaz Al-Khawaja, Motaz Al-Khawaja, 10, another victim of Aviv Reshef. [22]ten years old, a student in the fourth class of primary school in Nilin. The child said: “I was alone when I saw that the soldier “border police” approached me. I ran away. The soldier shouted at me, saying: “stop or I will shoot you!” I continued running, and I heard that the soldier fired a number of shots. I felt dizzy and fell on the floor. I put my hand on the back of my head and looked again; I saw my hand filled with blood”. Motaz was hospitalized and recovered, but he still suffers from pain, headache and depression.

On May 2008, Reshef’s death squads operated in the center of Ramallah [23]. They kidnapped the employee of the Palestinian National Security Ali Al-Turmosani in the main street of Ramallah. Mr. Ali Al-Turmosani from Fatah was listed by the Israeli government under the “forgiven” Palestinians during the official negotiations between the Israel and the PA. The forgiveness came after Mr. Al-Turmosani and other members of Fatah activist groups signed an official paper in which they stated that they would never target Israel or ever again take part in the resistance against the occupation. Since then, Al-Turmosani had been working with the PA national security forces as a security man.

On 20 May 2008, eight Israelis from the death squad [24] unit “Al-Mistarvim” were sent Reshef's death squad troops arresting children near Ramallah. [25]by Reshef to Ramallah city center. These Israeli murderers who wear Arab clothes, invaded the Sheikh Zayed Palestinian Hospital in Ramallah and kidnapped the Palestinian security man Arafat Nofal. The PA security man was on duty guarding the hospital when the Israeli death squads wearing Hijab approached him, pulled out a pistol and forced him to go with them. Other eight armed members of the same death squad unit in Palestinian civilian dress surrounded Arafat Nofal, pointing their guns at him. They drove Nofal to an unknown place outside of Ramallah.

War Criminals in Zichron Yaakov

In front of Reshev’s house in Zichron Yaakov south of Haifa, a protest demo was War criminal in Zichron Yaakov. [26]held against the murder of the Palestinian children. Demonstrators raised signs saying” There is a war criminal in the neighborhood”, “Building a wall over bodies”, “Musa Yusuf, Ahmed’s killers to justice”, “No immunity for murderers in uniform”, “Col. Reshef is directly responsible for what happens in Nilin”. A poster which showed a photo of Col. Reshef was raised by International peace activists in Nilin saying “Wanted! Israeli army commander of Nilin area, Palestine, suspected of committing crimes against humanity”.

Wife of a War Criminal is a War Criminal

Reshef is not the only war criminal in the State Virginia, his wife Zila – “Tzilla” “Chila” Reshef, “Zila ben Reshef” (צילה רשף) is anther war criminal, a retired IDF major . She was a company commander under Zila Reshef, a war criminal and wife of war criminal Aviv Reshef. [27]Colonel Meier Kalifi, the former brigadier and murderer in Hebron. It was under his command that the zionist IDF soldiers were mixing their urine with water and forcing the Palestinian victims and detainees to drink it. Zila Reshef served at the so-called “operations room” in Hebron until 1993. This is the room which issued the operation orders for murdering, executing, jailing, arresting and torturing hundreds of Palestinians in the area. I still remember the horrible crimes committed by the IDF soldiers under “brigade commander” Kalifi. These were two years of horror and daily murder, looting of the agricultural land and opening the squatter bypass roads 60 and 35. Many of the orders for the crimes perpetrated in Hebron during that time must have gone through her hands.

Zila reached the rank of deputy base commander of the Elyakim base in the north of Israel. She was involved in perpetrating war crimes during the Lebanon war of 2006. She spent five weeks at the Elyakim military base from where all the IDF war criminals and invaders went to Lebanon. Zila and her husband Aviv Reshef were also involved in war crimes against Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp during the 2008/2009 massacre.

Currently, she is in Virginia with her husband until February 2011. Zila Ben Reshef is a social worker who discriminates the Israeli-Arab citizens from Nazareth, and Galilee . She is a president of a zionist project Kibbutz called “village” in Galilee [28], her contact address could be seen in the picture below. Click on the picture to make it bigger.  kibbutz [dot] home [at] gmail [dot] com [29] .

Pages from the Aviv Reshef War Crimes

Aviv Reshef, who is currently being hosted by the US military is one among many war Reshef Tanks operating in Gaza. [30]criminals who violates the ICC resolutions to end construction and to remove the apartheid wall from the occupied territories. Reshef constructed the longest part of the apartheid wall in Nilin village in Ramallah over the murdered bodies of the Palestinian children, he injured and arrested over a hundred Palestinians and several international peace activists were injured and deported by Reshef’s IDF thugs.

Aviv Reshef is 40 years old. He is the son of retired war criminal Brigadier General Samuel Reshef, a yeshiva religious extremist. His family came from Hungary. His last post was as Lieutenant Colonel and brigadier in Ramallah.

From 1989-1991, Aviv served as artillery commander for two years in Gaza. He was “Operations Branch” of Reshef Troops operating in Gaza. [31]the Gaza Division which committed horrible war crimes and crimes against humanity. Everything the IDF did in Gaza was war crimes. Murdering, shelling, looting, and destroying lands and ethnic cleansing. He served as deputy commander of the Nahal Brigade in my homeland. He was a friend of the terrorist squatters and implemented several attack against the Palestinians in order to make the squatters happy. I know Reshef as a war criminal. His unit was the most obscene shameless and radical one. I still remember his soldiers as obscene images, like animals in Al-Shuhada street.

He spent six years of intensive operations against Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and Ramallah. This means he was a commander of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In 2009, Reshef was responsible of kidnapping of Palestinian police and army personnel from Ramallah city center and jailing hundreds of teenagers who were accused by throwing stones and were jailed without trial. According to Reshef, as it was quoted from Hebrew editions: “I have full freedom of criminal “action” throughout the area of Ramallah. Our operations were based on intelligence information; I performed several arrests in Ramallah. I had no problem to invade Ramallah in order to arrest anybody”.

Reshef was “operations officer” for murder and was appointed commander of the Nahal Brigade in 2002. Aviv Reshef. [32]During the so-called operation Defensive Shield, Reshef committed war crimes in Ramallah at the Al-Ama’ari and Qalandia Refugee camps. He led the operations for arresting Palestinians in Ramallah together with Gal Hirsh, another war criminal in second Intifada, Lebanon second war and Gaza. He besieged hundreds of Palestinians in a building and then demanded that Jibrin Al-Rajoub, a former commander of the alternative security forces, to hand him all the so-called “wanted” resistance members before releasing the civilians. Reshef threatened to bomb the building if Al-Rajoub insisted in not implementing his demands. Reshef had his hand injured lightly in the Al-Ama’ari refugee camp. He was injured while destroying the Palestinian properties and not by the Palestinian resistance. At the end of the “Operation Defensive Shield” war crimes and ethnic cleansing, Reshef was the battalion commander of the Nahal 932 unit.

Reshef was a friend of the Yesha squatters and zionists council. He was a friend of the squatters in Hebron Husam Yousef Musa, crying at the grave of his son. [33]too. Reshef described his relations with the militant squatters saying: “I have friends who live in settlements in “Eretz” Israel (meaning Hebron) and I have friends in “Judea and Samaria” (he means the colonies in the occupied West Bank). My relationship with everybody in the “settlements” is very good. I have an excellent relationship with the Yesha Council. I have good relations with “Kiryat Sefer” and Avigdor Schatz. We work together in both the security and the civilian affairs” (he means murdering Palestinians and stealing the Palestinian property).

Aviv, Zila and their three children live in Zichron Yaacov since 11 years. Zichron Yaacov is a village where Husam Yousef Musa, giving the last kiss his to child.  [34]most IDF officers live, especially those engaged in war crimes in the occupied territories, Lebanon and Gaza. For instance, Major General Avi Mizrahi, the commander of the IDF occupation in the West Bank, lives in Zichron Yaacov which is about 45 Km. south of Haifa. The village was called Zamarin and it is one of the many Palestinian villages which were ethnically cleansed by the jews. The village was renamed “Zichron Yaacov” and a zionist colony established by James de Rothschild, now ultra-orthodox jews and members of Chabad-Lubavitch live there. Zamarin was the the first village which was attacked and ethnically cleansed by the Haganah terrorists in their massacre against Palestinian villages, cities and towns in 1948.

Reshef was born on Passover eve.  He grew up in Upper Nazareth, where he attended elementary and high Aviv Reshef troops shoot at an ambulance in Nilin. [35]school. His grandfather was an illegal immigrant and terrorist from Hungary. His Eldest son is Kyle, aged nine and a half. His daughters are Amit, age 8, and Omar, age 3.

On Thursday July 7 2010, Colonel Sa’ar Zur, (כשאל”מ סער), another war criminal, replaced Aviv Reshef as the Brigade commander of Ramallah. Reshef is now in Virginia in USA.