The Octopus of Death and Terror

Sakhra, (Dome of the Rock) and Palestinian Flags.

Sakhra, (Dome of the Rock) and Palestinian Flags.

Which is the Octopus who wants to destroy the Al- Sakhrah (Dome of the Rock), Al-Aqsa and Ibrahimi Mosques in Jerusalem and Hebron, which is the Octopus who began to prepare the Israeli soldiers to re-occupy the Palestinian towns and cities, arrest and execute the Palestinian police and the security forces whenever the Octopus terrorists commit horror crimes in Jerusalem, and Hebron?

Avi Mizrahi is the Israeli General who predicts that the Octopus of  the zionists squatters will destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build a jewish temple in replacement. Avi Mizrahi is the General who wants to capture and kill the Palestinian Police and security forces whenever the terrorist octopus act against the Islamic mosques in Jerusalem or Hebron. Avi Mizrahi is the same as the general who trained IDF soldiers in the morning and the in evening for the next massacre against Palestinians, and then he does not hesitate to visit the Palestinian officers who are supposed to be murdered by his soldiers and shake hands with them, spending a day or three days in the hospitality of those officers to discuss the names on the lists of “wanted Palestinians” by Israel. Avi Mizrahi is one among the Israeli zionists who thinks only in terms of war, murder, looting, robbing the lands and property of Palestinians and the neighboring countries, in full accordance with the instructions given in the Protocols of the bloodthirsty Elders of Zion.

Who is Major General Avi Mizrahi ” אבי מזרחי “?

Below is a brief statement about the war criminal Major General Avi Mizrahi, whom the Palestinian authority continues hosting in the occupied Palestinian cities together with his military intelligence team.

Currently, Mizrahi is a Commander of the IDF military “Central Command” which is responsible for all kinds of theft, robbery, murder, arrest and assassination operations in the occupied West Bank, as well about all the military checkpoints and military bases spread everywhere in the Palestinians cities and towns. He was appointed on October 22 2009 in replacement to the war criminal Gadi Shamini, “אלוף פיקוד המרכז גדי שמני“, (currently military attaché in Washington).

During the first Intifada, Mizrahi was a commander of an armored brigade. Through his personal talk published in Hebrew media, Mizrahi confesses that he was a field murderer, always on foot and achieved his “targets” of executing Palestinians and jailing them.

During the tunnel clashes which broke in 1996 as a result of the Israeli drilling under Al-Aqsa and opening a museum, Mizrahi administrated the IDF operations in the Palestinians cities where he arrested dozens of Palestinians and murdered dozens more.

Between 2001 and 2003, Mizrahi served as the commander of an IDF division, during the so- called “Operation Defensive Shield” a large-scale military operation in the occupied West Bank during the second Intifada and which started on March 29 2002, Mizrahi was a commander of the IDF division 36 “Achsgolny”, he joined his troops in terrorist operation into Ramallah placing Yasser Arafat and his compound under siege. He murdered dozens of PA security forces who were found in a building near Al-Moqata which Mizrahi had surrounded with tanks.

Mizrahi also sent his tanks to invade Tulkarem and Qalqilya. On April 1 2002, he invaded Bethlehem. On 2 April 2002 he invaded Jenin and Nablus where he perpetrated massacres and other war crimes. His operation in Jenin was characterized by strict curfews on civilian populations; restrictions were imposed on movement of international personnel, including a prohibition of entry of humanitarian and medical goods and personnel into the Palestinian cities. Over 700 Palestinians were killed by Mizrahi tanks during these incursions.

During the Lebanon war 1982, Mizrahi was commander of a tank battalion, his activity included ambushes and crossing the Litani. During the second Lebanon war, Mizrahi was a commander of a Merkava tank brigade together with Moshe Chico Tamir, משה (צ’יקו) תמיר” and Nitzan Alon “ניצן אלון”, (now commander of the IDF in the occupied territories). After the war of 2006 he returned to the IDF ground forces and headed “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza”. “מבצע עופרת יצוקה”

Mizrahi is an extremist and radical zionist. He was born in 1957 in Haifa (a Palestinian city ethnically cleansed by the jews in 1948). Mizrahi is a strong supporter of the squatter colonies in the West Bank. He described the terrorist squatters as “mostly great people. We have to support them” in Hebrew media.

Mizrahi went to the Bilin village where a weekly peace demo faces his troops. Mizrahi ordered his troops to shoot at the demonstrators in Bilin. After his visit, a foreigner peace activist was shot dead. Mizrahi described his visit to Bilin and said: “I saw dozens of Israelis violating the law; the law is not being met with them. Our soldier should enforce the law, and also on those ones who share Bilin demos”.

Mizrahi is married with a teacher. He has three daughters (one is married and 2 500 Sheqel carrys a picture of Rotsheld.are IDF soldiers). He lives with his family in a village about 45 Km. south of Haifa. This was called Zamarin and it is one of the many Palestinian villages which were ethnically cleansed by the jews. The village was renamed “Zichron Yaacov” and a zionist colony established by James de Rothschild, now ultra-orthodox jews and members of Chabad-Lubavitch live there. Zamarin was the the first village which was attacked and ethnically cleansed by the Haganah terrorists in their massacre against Palestinian villages, cities and towns in 1948.

Mizrahi joined the IDF in 1975. He was in the “Merkava 36th armored division” (this means that he was a cluster bomber Sheller). The 36th Armored Division is known as the Ga’ash formation, it is the largest armored division in the IDF, which includes “engineering corps soldiers” who are attached to it. It is stationed on the Golan Heights under authority of the Northern Command. It is currently commanded by Brigadier-General Sami Turgeman. It also includes the 7th and 188th armored Brigades.

1981- 1987: Mizrahi was a company commander (tank commander) of armored corps Brigade Mizrahi sticking a hand in his mouth, thinking how he will murder the Palestinian officers in excercizes.211, Yishai Division, which was involved in 1982 in war crimes in Lebanon, where hundreds of Palestinian were murdered in Sabra and Shatilla massacres in Lebanon, among other incidents. The Yishai division was dissolved in the early 1990s. Mizrahi was a company commander of the Bnei Or (Sons of Light) 480 armored corps brigade. He also was a deputy commander of the “Kfir” war tank infantry brigade.

After the Lebanon war 1982, Mizrahi was rehabilitated and released from the IDF. He worked as a security attaché of the ISA abroad until 1988. This means that he was guarding the criminal commanders who were studying at American colleges.

From 1988-1990, Mizrahi was a commander the Israeli military death squad “Nahshon” assigned to the Ephraim Brigade (a branch of the “Kfir” armored corps which operates in the West Bank), and was involved in executing Palestinian civilians and the stones throwers, and breaking the bones of many Palestinian victims during the first Intifada.

In 1992 Mizrahi was a commander of the “Shimshon Battalion” assigned to the Etzion Brigade, (another branch of the “Kfir” death squad unit operating in the West Bank), where the extremist squatters were welcome to join IDF operations to murder Palestinians. He was the commander of a reserve armored brigade of “Merkava” tanks.

Between 1990 and 2000, Mizrahi was a commander of an IDF reserves unit and the commander for company and battalion war criminals.

All these titles and names and assignments are just fancy cover for what Mizrahi and those like him are: thugs, bloodthirsty murderous beasts who should not be left to roam free.

It should be noted that the PA ambassador to the UN killed and buried the Goldstone report in order to protect the Israeli war criminals who took part in “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

It later became known through “Reuters” that the PA was involved in the Gaza massacre: Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Monday that President Mahmoud Abbas urged Israel to topple Hamas in the Gaza war last year, then turned around and blamed Israel for war crimes. “Over the past year, I witnessed Abbas at his best. “During Operation Cast Lead, he called us personally, applied pressure and demanded that we topple Hamas and remove it from power” he told Israel’s Maariv daily.

Who is Yoav Mordachai, who is Nitsan Alon, and who is Aviv Reshev? This will be written in follow-up articles in the “Terrorists” corner of the blog, and in the picture gallery.

11 comments to The Octopus of Death and Terror

  • From day one, the whole aim of the criminal syndicate of Zionists in unlawfully invading and occupying Palestine has been to build the temple of Remphan on the site of the Noble Sanctuary. This is abominable to God. It is the sacred duty of all Muslims and Christians to protect the Dome of the Rock and the whole Noble Sanctuary from this.

    All the excuses the Israelis have come up with through the years such as couldn’t they build something alongside etc., is only to buy time until they think they can get away with destroying the entire Noble Sanctuary and replacing it with this abomination of Satan worship – their so called temple, which is utterly condemned by God.


  • Franz

    When will the people of Palestine start fighting back? These Jews that call themselves the IDF are nothing more then Nazi’s that did the same thing during the war. If I could get my hands on just one of those so called IDF, I’d fuck him over so bad, that his own mother would not be able to recognize him. Cut his penis off and shove it into his mouth. That’s what the VC did to our soldiers in Nam. I never thought that I would hate Jews this much, and for them to tell the world they are being attacked by them. Bull shit. I hope that one day the Jews will get their just reward, Gas them. Hopefully Iran will use their Nuke to wipe them off the earth.

  • Linda


  • Cold Wind

    Israel has succeeded up until now because, in addition to the US Government,the US Military command has been hijacked and corrupted by dual citizens Israelis, Zionists and people, who put Israel first, above American interest and values. But the crisis in the US is waking people up. This is starting to but back bone into people we need to turn things around, those in the military especially, who know, for instance, that attacking Iran would be disaster for the US, our troops over there and for the world at large. Are there enough true patriots in the US, in the military? Who can say? People are saying we need a revolution, the government is completely criminal. What they mean is the government has been hijacked by AIPAC and all the other Jewish and masonic organizations, who are robbing us blind. The American people have no voice in their own government anymore. We need a resistance movement! Somehow, somewhere it has to start. Enough lies. More mass civil disobedience. But before that can happen, we urgently need to have a frank and open discussion about the Jewish domination in America, our relationship to criminal Israel. Before its too late!

  • i hope that avi and his evil like minded devils disciples go and measure the sea of galilee daily, the prophet mohammed (pbuh) foretold the destruction of the israelian state when this sea becomes dry and disappears. afther that it will be payback time to these cursed by god devil worshippers from the muslim army that will come from khorasan inshallah!

  • Rabbit

    Hooray for you Linda. Thanks for the Zionist perspective.

  • Tom

    Yes, well done Linda. Shinning example of Zionist intellect. Is she suggesting that Palestinians are killing Hamas or….

  • Jimmy Hoffa

    There is a .5 euro solution to this problem. always aim to please.

  • farang

    Thank you for this information. Good people need to know. Do not think for one minute the average American is not aware of poisonous Zionist influence on our so-called elected “representatives.”

    They sow to the wind, they will reap the whirlwind, I assure you Khun Kawther.

  • ve evoked against the rest of humanity.

  • The Jews want to demolish the mosque in Jerusalem, but are supporting the construction of one in New York. This only reflects the duplicity and deception of the Jewish mind which has served them well as parasites in the modern world.

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