Girl Hanged On a Tree in Honor Killing

Yesterday morning the Ministry of Interior Police of the Hamas Government in the Gaza Strip found a girl of 12 years hanged on a tree in the courtyard of her family’s house in Qarara, north-east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip. The body of the girl was transferred to the Nasser hospital in Gaza.

The murder of this child in Ramadan, the month of fasting and worshiping God, could be described as a duplication of the crime of murder in a society which professes itself as Muslim. Murdering a child for honor is a crime, and violating the principles of Islam and the holiness of Ramadan is a crime too.

According to my knowledge, children are victims of sexual abuse and incest inside many Palestinian families. Many incest victims, mostly girls, were poisoned or murdered at the hands of the perpetrators of the crimes in order to cover the fact that incest happened. The deaths of these children were always declared as “normal” in the cases which I have known. In Palestine, talking and reporting about incest is forbidden and considered as a sin, not because of the horror of the crime, but in order to cover the crime and the perpetrators.

In the past, such cases sometimes happened and became known, but under the current situation, abusing and murdering children seems to have become something normal, it looks like poverty and desperation creates radicalization and crime, and the weakest members of society are the most obvious victims. It goes so far that it looks like murdering women and children has become some kind of national sport to Palestinians where everybody has to show off on their radical views and how “smart” they are in the commission of their crime against those of their own blood. Children are free-for-all, women are reduced to covering themselves in extreme ways, producing children, and helping to murder those children who get out of line for the extremist views being imposed on our society by imported religious radicals.

A group of brides in a mass wedding ceremony held by the Islamic Charity at the stadium in Rafah on August 4 2010. Covering women like this is a new and was not known to Palestine throughout history. Pic. Credit: Al-Quds newspaper, Jerusalem

A group of brides in a mass wedding ceremony held by the Islamic Charity at the stadium in Rafah on August 4 2010. Covering women like this is a new and was not known to Palestine throughout history. Pic. Credit: Al-Quds newspaper, Jerusalem

Since last years after the establishment of two conflicting Palestinian powers in Gaza Strip and the West Bank, the crimes of murdering females and girls on a background of allegedly keeping on the “family honor” increased. The sentence for murdering females under the pretext of “family honor” is between six months and three years jail. President Mahmoud Abbas, who presents himself as a liberal power and not a radical one, insists that the change of the horrible laws regarding the “honor killings” would happen after declaring a Palestinian state, contrary to what he promised in the past year, namely to change these laws with priority. He did not fulfill his promises for unknown reasons.

In Palestine, in the West Bank and Gaza, the families of the murdered females often claim that the victims committed suicide in order to avoid falling under even the lax law which proscribes this crime.

On last Saturday August 7 2010, a married female, 46 from Hebron and under nominal PA power, was found murdered in her house “under unknown circumstances” according to the PA police. The Palestinian Public Prosecutor Khader Al-Toubasi transferred the body to the autopsy to identify the main causes of the death, but those reasons remain unknown after they were clarified and found related to so called “honor” crimes.

On last August 2 2010, a girl, age 17, was “suicided” and thrown from a window on the fifth floor of the Al-Farra building in Khan Younis in Gaza. The girl was pushed from the window by her family and did not suicide herself as it was released about her murder. The crime was committed as a result of her refusal to marry somebody who her family had chosen as a husband for her (an old man). According to media information, the crime came to light after a boy from her neighborhood whom she intended to marry killed himself of despair over her death.

38 comments to Girl Hanged On a Tree in Honor Killing

  • The very first defense of God given human rights must be by men in defending all women and children. Where that is not done then all defense of the rights of people is vitiated.

    All women and children must be defended! Men are primarily responsible – always!

    Honor killing is an evil abomination that must be eradicated forever, immediately.

    Steve in Vista

  • Long Wong

    What a sick society that allows the rape and murder of its females in the name of Allah.

    • hamzy

      There is no where in the article or in any Quranic verses that these killings were done in the name of Allah. Its a universal fact that if you kill an innocent human, yo go to hell. These killings are for their family honor which is not in line with Islamic teachings.

  • Bill

    The legal age for marriage in America in many states was 14 and as low as 12, until recently.

    Incest and sexual abuse happens in every society, sadly this girl was victimized twice, it would appear.

    The decline of Western society is complete….
    women think they are liberated, but in truth, are slaves to their Jew masters, owners of the media.

    They can and must dress like whores, abort and kill their children in the womb,have adulterous sex with mulitple partners and contract diseases, have homosexual sex and other sick Jew perversions, all in the name of fun.

    I sometimes think Islam offers more freedom.

    • Frank

      You should consider seeking help for your woman-hate. Oh, how horrible it is that we don’t force women to cover themselves from head to toe, as under the Taliban, and that we allow women to choose whom they may have sex with. Boo hoo.

  • graeme johnson

    with the systematic destruction of palestine society by the israelis, you can expect radical behaviour and growing immorality. you can bet the zionists have planned for this.

    • rl

      Don’t exuse bad behavior. Place the blame squarely on the murderer. Your hated is blinding all the Middle East. Satan loves this hatred, and murder. Stop the hate. Turn your life to the only person who can save you. Jesus Christ.

  • 76-water

    This whole article smells of a set up to demoralise the Palistinians.

    • Don Quixote

      That is a rather rude statement considering the writer is a very brave woman. The Palestinians are already demoralized after years of torment from the jews. Why don’t you go join them.

    • Digital

      I agree it does indeed read like a “hit piece” aimed at the Pals. Let’s flip the coin here an add that whether incest or honor killing happen, it can’t be any worse that walking to school and getting a bullet in the head from some crazed sharp shooter.

    • What is most sad is that this is not a “setup”. These things happened. It brings nothing to look away from such things.

      • Ms. Salam, your personal witness and journalism are beyond reproach. Thank you for squarely facing this issue and not backing away.


  • molecule

    Hamas was created in the 1960s by a paid-off faction of the Lebanese mafia, and the Iraeli Mossad, then led by Ariel Sharon. The CIA was involved. But, some people say, … that was the 60s, and it has changed since then. Really? HAHA! Hamas was created to destroy the Palestinians and their cultural heritage, by means of asymmetric warfare (destruction of the creditability of government by cultural! corruption from within) … much as the Pentagon-Industrial complex was created by Wall St. to destroy the United States from within, starting with poisoning our food and our medicine, and our education. Hamas, and the Obama administration are both controlled (blackmailed) from within by the Israeli Mossad. Sadly, these clueless, sexually mutilated, radical zombies think they work for their respective countries … they work only for the Queen, and her London bankers, all of whom are drugs-dealing, child-trafficking, Satanic perverts.

    • jackie

      finally someone that’s putting the truth as it is out there…what you are saying is not a conspiracy theory but fact, I’ve been reading and studying this shit for years and have come to the same conclusions…so thank you for stating is so eloquently.

  • Rickj

    I think that is is mainly up to the relationship of the person (perpetrator) and GOD. Crime is crime and should be dealt with as such according to the local society’s values. The ‘stoners’ are responsible for their actions. It doesn’t make them right or wrong, but it does make them responsible. What I am trying to say is that even though I absolutely don’t agree with the action, and the reactions of the principals, it remains,
    ;none of my business.

  • Darnaia

    To the man who says that rape and incest occur in all societies.You missed the point. In other societies, the rape and murder of a child would be considered a horrific crime and the perpetrater reviled and punished by the law. If Christian, it’s a mortal sin. Howeve,r throughout the middle east and India, the murder of a female, child or adult, is not a crime if committed by a relative. That’s what it comes down to. They can simply say it was for the “honor” of the family. Even if the murderer also raped or abused her. The child ought to be killing HIM for her honor. The injust is so manifold, I’d hate to be the murdering man when he arrives in the afterlife. There must be a special place in hell for them.
    It is not Islamic, to my understanding, but so ingrained in the culture that Islam has little real affect. Religions become fossilized and withered over time, and do more harm than good. As for women being better off under Islam, you have obviously never been a Muslim girl in such an environment. One described in poem being “watched at all times” with her own murdered visible around every corner. Every girl in these cultures knows of relatives or friends killed this way. The genders are equally responsible for their own behavior.

  • Go Ron Paul Go

    I dont think I believe this story.

  • Rabbit

    Incest and sexual abuse and murders to cover up the crimes happens in every society. However it is true that hardship and poverty tends to exacerbate such things and as you say Kawther, it is the weakest members of society, invariably children and women who will suffer most.

    This sort of thing is breaking my heart and it makes great fodder for the Zionists who after all have the entire Fanestream Media to use to trumpet such news in the name of Palestinians and Islam.

  • stp

    What can you say about a society and culture that think this kind of behavior is honoring to anyone. Just like these suicide bombers that think they are going to be rewarded in heaven.You have to be literally insane or possessed to even consider the thought.This is an absolute giving of oneself and ones culture to evil.This happens not only by the perpetrator but by the society that looks the other way. It has only brought darkness in these countries to a point, light is no longer recognized.

  • Philip (Australia)

    Dear Kawther, Thanks again for another informative posting.Most disturbing indeed! These murderous monsters and their enablers,(religious, cultural and law authorities),are as evil as the I.D.F.,ie.justifying the crime by blaming the innocent victim. Sadly,as the old dictum says, “One can judge the level of civilization of a society by the way it treats it’s women”. Furthermore,as regards to the photograph of the Rafah mass wedding ceremony it is most obvious that Wahabist influence has been enforced by religious fundamentalists,(courtesy of Saudi Arabia)?To me,an outsider,it looks appalling,like a coven of evil witches sacrificing innocent YOUNG girls.The oldest,judging by the photograph, must be all of 11 years old,if that! My heart cries for Palestinians,the evil surrounding them and the evil within.

  • melinda

    I just read of 15 Floridians arrested in a police sting for attempting to have sex with a minor aged 8-14 – one man (aged 60) arrived at the house with candy bars in one hand and condoms in the other.

    When I was in Thailand a few years ago, a story in the paper stated that there were more and more young AIDS victims due to incest by the childrens’ relatives. These children are sent to homes with other young AIDS cases. There are thousands of them in Thailand.

    When I was in Morocco in the 90’s, I sat in the main square of the town of Essaouira. One lesbian from France who was there looking for girls on her vacation was heard shouting “I love little girls!” (“love” more like “lust after”).

    As for myself, when I turned 13, I lived in a small town in the US. At least half a dozen of the local men 40 and over started coming on to me. Luckily, I have never been molested and was always smart enough not to get into a strange person’s vehicle.

    When I lived in Japan, out of curiosity I went to Shinjuku san-chome (the gay area) and a bookstore there had amateur photos for sale (about 10 for $30) – some were naked shots of little boys. These were sold openly on a display rack.

    This kind of thing takes place the world over. I don’t know if it has always been this way or if it’s getting worse. In any case, more of it seems to be coming to light as victims are willing to speak out. Thank you for giving some of them a voice.

  • Jack

    I’m a practicing Muslim and I swear this is not something that we do or practiced and that it is something that has been done by a person who is truly not a Muslim but an immoral person that is going to have to answer to the all high authority. And trust me, his ass is going to rot in hell for eternity. I could assure you that with extreme confidence. Its just plain simple wrong and this bastard is going to get his share just like everyone else who committed such an atrocious act.

  • Jack Warden

    The more of a real education that you get about religion, you discover that all ancient cultures have their gods, and godesses and sons and daughters of god. All religon is in fact nothing more than mythology. See a video called “Joseph Campbell The Power of Myth”. An interview done by Bill Moyers with him in 1987. I am so glad to know that when I die i don’t have to face no god. My body will lay in the ground just like a dead pig in the sunshine. Truly eternal rest.

  • Graham

    I smell a rat with this story.

    It looks like at disgusting fabrication to discredit the victims of Israeli aggression. Therefore the story is doubly disgraceful.

    By the way, read the Talmud and what is says about sex with little goymin girls.

    • It seems to me that you are either blinded by prejudice or pro-murder, an extremists person, or let say it in your language a “stinking rat” who wants to open his mouth in order to cover the crimes of so-called “honor killings”. If you just followed the links posted in the article, you would be feel shame of yourself and the extremist criminals who put filth on Palestinian history and culture by murdering their victims of sexual abuse and incest. I am a Palestinian and all those crimes were published in Palestinian newspapers, by the PA ministry of information, on the Fatah website, and so on, before I wrote this article.

      And this has NOTHING to do with the Talmud, it has to do with religious extremists who denigrate women. Why do you mention the Talmud here?

      Here are the links again, for people who are unable to click on links:

      • Ladybat2

        These news articles you have shown here are showing no evidence what so ever that any of these things actually happened. You have given us links that are at sites that are all in Arabic so that we cannot even understand what it is saying. Also, Ms “PALESTINIAN”. Your source is the “Fatah web site”??? You mean Fatah that stopped Palestinian elections from happening recently? You mean Fatah that raids Palestinian homes? YOu mean fatah that should have stepped down but did not when the OVER WHELMING MAJORITY OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE VOLUNTARILY VOTED FOR HAMAS TO BE THE GOVERNMENT THEY WANTED TO REPRESENT THEM? You mean that Fatah? THE ILLEGAL patsy puppet government that is the only government “israel” and the zionist controlled super power America will accept or respect? YOU MEAN THAT FATAH? Why should we trust any thing the “fatah” organization puts out at all when it is well known they are the left over Arafat government goons who stole millions of dollars from the citizens of Palestine?

        I’m married to a Palestinian. Our family is a very old and very large family from Gaza. And while I am a fan of some of your good works I find this reporting here to be way beneath you. Nor do I believe any of these reports because of the very weak and dis honest sources they come from.

        If things like this were going on in Palestine our many family members who live there would tell us. We have heard nothing like this. I agree with the poster who says this report reeks of someone trying to slander the people of Palestine.

        Now, after reading this page here that you have written, I will no longer trust any web publishing by you nor will I encourage others to read any thing you have to say.

        Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims….. have to face accusations every single day like this when they’ve done nothing to deserve it. Those accusations have brought war and death, poverty, occupation to the Arab and Muslim peoples.

        Thanks so much for giving the enemies even more a reason hate us in order to fuel their never ending agenda of the total theft of the Arab and Persian world.

      • Unlike you, I am a Palestinian and not a foreigner. And your other comments were spammed because of their abusive nature.

        To use Fatah websites as source is appropriate. I do not condone what they do in any way. If you had taken time to read and understand, you would have seen that I am in no way for Fatah. I have my own Palestinian sources. I have filmed honor killing in my neighborhood in Jabal Al-Sharif in Hebron. I will never be able to forget seeing the two sisters who were slaughtered and beheaded by their father and mother. What crime did they commit? Nothing, they just went in a car for a small picnic.

        I will never forget a young girl of Abu samir who was murdered by her father, who opened the gas pipe and locked the door of the toilet while she was showering.

        Never I will forget the wife of my editor, who murdered in the same way, so that her husband could marry another rich women, who at least spat on him after he murdered his first wife. Never I will be able to forget many other similar incidents, finally a young girl who was beheaded in Hebron and her head was hanged on the electricity wires after her husband had been selling her favors to others. Her husband was a former PA national police. I myself had to interfere in this issue in order to have this criminal dismissed from his position and I succeeded.

        I am also happy that the Palestinian newspapers have started reporting about honor killings, of course after censoring and not mentioning the names of the victims. But through my personal investigations I reach the full details of many victims. These crimes I saw and documented.

        Foreigners like you have no right to suspect what I saw with my own eyes. You do not understand how to argue these issues. Perhaps because you are not a Palestinian or because you rely in your understanding of our society on your own blind sources, who they want you to be blind and full of hate and disrespect for other factions and colors in Palestine.

        I find it especially disgusting that a woman, I think that you are a woman, would come to criticize me for writing about the issue of the honor killings. How more disgusting can somebody be than to accuse me of partisanship because I use websites which are from Fatah or Hamas to corroborate my articles? Who are you and what qualifies you to say anything at all?

        This website for Palestine, not for Fatah or Hamas, and I am a Palestinian, I was born in Palestine, I work for Palestine and I do not need anybody to tell me what is good, what is bad, what serves, and what does not serves the interest of Palestine and Palestinians.

        Honor killings are a disgusting crimes, it is a crime against Palestine, a crime against me and against all Palestinian women, against everybody who lives in Palestine, against the principles of Islam. Honor killings are an obscene crime which the western secret services want to become “normal” in our Palestinian society in order to put filth on us and on our religion. You are not a Palestinian, just a foreigner, an extremist foreigner who will never understand us, our history and our resistance against the occupation before even the establishment of Hamas and the PA. Our fight against honor killing is part of our fight against the criminal occupation, and against the secret services which imported and presented a new fashion of radicalism into our society in order to achieve their dirty goals.

        I also do not allow you to suspect of morality of my colleagues in Palestine, the many journalists and photographers who do their work and publish their material honestly in our Palestinian newspapers. The photo of women with Niqab is disgusting. Al-Quds newspaper, which published that disgusting photo, is a widely read newspaper in Palestine. Of course it is an Arabic newspaper, and all the links are in Arab because these sources are Palestinian and more trusted than people who shout without understanding, people like you who have an opinion but no knowledge. If you like to see the photo published at the Palestinian Arabic newspaper al-Quds, then just click on the link to the PDF file where it was published originally.

  • Al Miller

    Sadly, I believe the story to be true. Not solely because of religious fundamentalists who apparently will go to any extreme to maintain “family honor” but primarily because of the lack of LOVE in the world. I believe true love of human life is ingrained in all of us. However, that love has been steadily consumed by the vile, hatred filled ideology, that is thrust upon those unable to defend themselves or take evasion actions.

    Although, there is incest, molestations, rapes and such crimes in all societies, the crime of honor killing is primarily limited to certain cultural societies where such killings are condoned and are legally acceptable. Not being raised in that cultural society, I am deeply offended by this brutal practice, however, I see it for what it is, a primitive reaction to an offense or crime that such a society deems deserving of punishment.

    Recently, in the USA, a father killed his 15 year old son for apparently molesting his 3 year old sister. He made the teen strip his clothes off and kneel in a vacant lot before he was killed by a single bullet to the head. I assume he felt justified in actions, however “honor killing” is not acceptable in our current society so this “father” should be in prison for quite a while.

    We all need contemplate what it is about “human nature” that makes loving beings capable of such horrific actions. What we deem acceptable and why, and why is there such a lack of love, caring and compassion in the world?

  • a crime is a crime committed by anyone from any religion, as a muslim i abhor what happened to this poor girl. whats strange is idiotic types who write here that everything wrong is condoned by islam in some way!!
    its best to acknowledge that the most perverse people on the earth are the western europeans!!!
    hindus in india murder over 1 million girls every year as soon as they are born. the chinese murder over 10 million and thats a conservative estimate, can any european racist please state that we muslims made them do it?
    how many abortions are carried out in western world every year?
    wherever the western european has gone in the world, perversion,murder,satanic acts have followed him, so before anyone condemns muslims wrongly look at the mote in your eye first!
    jesus was a prophet of Allah , not god or son of god!

  • Cos Seven

    Is this real? The photo looks doctored .

  • X

    Only the women of that culture collectively can do something about it.

  • dan

    This story smells bad. I can almost taste the bullshit from here.

  • Bonnie

    It is a horrorq!

    Unfortunately, it it a normal thing in islamic societies. It’s news from Egypt, to Turkey. In Iran, a grat many of women/girls are executed, for petty disobediences.

    Honor killing is happening in Europe now. In Germany, the U.K. and even the U.S.

    So, it would be a lovely dream if it didn;t happen. But it’s on-going.

  • Firgova


    It is happening in Europe for several years already. But honor killings where unknown to the main public. It became more mainstream when teenage boys where used as little hitman, because they don’t get sentenced like adults.

    @Kawther Salam
    Thanks you for reporting this. Its good to keep this in the awereness of people.


  • Arabian Knight

    Thanks for focusing on these issues which unacceptable to anyone regardless of culture, race or religion.

  • It makes me want to throw up everytime I read these kind of news!

  • D.Torres

    This is really shocking, horrendous.
    Why are women in Muslim countries, operating under Sharia Law, subjected
    to the whims and fancies of their male relatives, husband.


    In the U.S. anyone that murders or assaults a woman is arrested, tried and if convicted sent to prison,
    or even sentenced to death, in the case of murder.

    No one is going to be allowed to murder woman with impunity in America.

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