A Cheap Price for the Release of an Israeli Spy

It would have been possible for the Libyan government to attain the release of thousands of Rafael “Rafram” Haddad from the Efrat squatter colony in the West BankPalestinian prisoners who remain incarcerated under harsh verdicts from Israel in exchange for the Israeli squatter and military intelligence officer, Rafael “Rafram” Haddad from the Efrat squatter colony in the West Bank. Haddad is a yeshiva (an extremist religious school) student and resident of the Efrat squatter colony and a military police officer in the Israeli army. The Republic of Libya would have been able to play a honorable role in the exchange of Rafael Haddad with Israel, but Libya put its relations with the West and the US before in this deal, in a way which damaged Palestinian interests, but also the Lybian long-term interests. Nobody knows what Lybia got in return for this Israeli spy. The Haddad release operation looked very cheap when compared with several operations to release Israeli spies, soldiers and even bodies between Israel and the Palestinian resistance, Hezbollah, and other Arab countries between 1970 – 2008.

Haddad, 34, is a double citizen, he holds Tunisian and Israeli passports. He was born on the Muammar Gadhafi. island of Djerba off the coast of Tunisia, and he organized several trips from Israel to Tunisia in coordination with Hasbara, the Jewish Zionist Agency for Israel and the so-called “Or Shalom” center, (a Zionist branch of the Jewish Agency dedicated to preserving and documenting the Jewish property in Libya). Since the Libyan dictatorial regime declared that they want to compensate the jews who left their property in Libya. The Jewish Agency and the “Orr center” have sent several professional spies holding Arab passports to spy in Libya.

Haddad, the military spy officer was asked in 2009 by the Jewish Agency, the so called “Orr Shalom”, center to go to places where smaller Jewish communities had existed in Libya and which his predecessors (other Israeli spies) had been unable to reach. The jewish Agency had sent some weeks earlier a French citizen in the same mission in Libya.

Haddad entered Libya through Tunis. He was warned by the Libyan intelligence to stop filming and to leave Libya, but he was caught in the same place a week after he had been warned off. The French jew had been arrested some weeks before the arrest of Haddad. French President Nicolas Sarkozy intervened to release the French citizen. He was released about two weeks after Haddad was arrested, and he informed the family of the Israeli spy Haddad in the Efrat squatter colony about his arrest.

According to the Israeli Hebrew newspapers, another Israeli spy was also arrested in the same mission in northern Africa. It appeared in the newspapers that the “Or Shalom” zionist organization accused the israeli foreign ministry of having leaked the arrest of Haddad in northern Africa, but the foreign ministry said that the leak of this information had come from Haddad’s family.

Ben-Atia from the zionist jewish agency stated in Hebrew media editions that they will certainly continue to “get there” in Libya, Africa, and Tunis claiming that “there are plenty of people who want to close their eyes only after they see synagogues in these states”.

The cheap procedure followed by Saif Al-Islam Al-Gadhafi, the son of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi in coordination with his close Austrian jewish friend Martin Schlaff, helped to release Haddad, the Israeli military officer and spy, who was deported to Vienna where the radical and corrupt Moldovan Jew Avigdor Lieberman and a group of terrorist jewish squatters from the Efrat colony in the West Bank and Hebron, among them the terrorist Noam Federman, were waiting for Haddad.

Lieberman, who accompanied Haddad in his return trip to Israel, thanked Muammar Gadhafi at the Ben Gurion airport. He described him as a responsible leader who acted in a spirit of responsibility. He said: “I believe that the process of releasing Haddad was not simple, but Libya acted responsibly, and their demands were reasonable and logical to meet”. Lieberman, who had never said one good word about any Arab, thanked Libya.

The Hebrew newspapers published contradictory news in which they stated that the negotiations between the Israel and Libya were concluded by signing an agreement to release the Israeli spy from Libya and Israel to give permission for Palestinians to build 20 buildings in Gaza. Another Hebrew media wrote that the parties signed an agreement in which Israel will allow Libya to fund $ 50 million to UNRWA in order to build 1,250 homes in the Gaza Strip in areas where houses were destroyed by Israel during the so called “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza. The agreement was signed in Amman.

Whatever the agreement between Israel and Libya achieved, The Lybian side sold themselves CHEAP. The release of the Israeli military spy was a gift from Libya to the United States, the Italian intelligence, France and other European countries with whom Libya seeks to develop a better relationship. It is not convincing that releasing the Israeli spy was ONLY in the interest of the Palestinians and the UNRWA in Gaza. It is not possible, it is shameful, that an international organization like UNRWA and the UN have to rely on their humanitarian missions on capturing and releasing an Israeli spy.

The UNRWA (and the UN) must use its power as a guarantor of international laws and central hub of the community of nations to force Israel to implement the international laws and humanitarian laws in Gaza. Israel must finance the new buildings of the UNRWA in the same way as they destroyed them, Israel should be forced to pay reparations. Why other countries should be forced to finance what Israel destroyed, on top of the zionists sucking the money and resources from the West because of the so-called “holocaust”. Israel should be held responsible and culpable of their holocaust – Nakba – against us Palestinians, and pay reparations for ALL their crimes since they came to our land. Why should Lybia or anybody else pay for the crimes of Israel, actually of world jewry?

I think that the Palestinians do not need help from leaders and dictatorial rulers who misuse the Palestinian cause as a cover for their close relations with Israel and the West. Some Arab rulers, even when they go on vacations on the nude beaches in Europe and America, declare the purpose of their travel as “to hold political talks about Palestinian issues with other governments”. Some rulers, whenever their politics and their aid sources face obstacles with the US and the West, resort to appear in the media talking against the Israeli occupation and begging that the US rehabilitate their situation. It is clear that dictatorial rulers in Muslim countries resort to criticizing Israel whenever they want to get closer to the US and the West, which is always happy to buy the silence of these corrupt regimes with a few millions of dollars.


Below is an e-mail sent me on Thu Jul 28 18:47:27 2011 by  Rafram, in which he denies that he was an israeli spy but says that he is a photographer who was captured and jailed by the Libyan authorities. I am not confirming or denying the credibility of Rafram’s allegation, but I would rather say that Israel, which has never left any place for good will and which has dirtied the name all western countries by falsifying their passports in the service of the criminal mission of mossad, is not innocent.

i don’t know who are you. i’ve just found an article you published about me.

i wouldn’t write you anything if it was not important for me.
all the article is a collection of radical-right wing propaganda.
i am not connected to Israeli right wing or to some security organization. i am a radical left photographer and i even sat in Israeli military prison, for refusing to be in the 67 borders.
this article is disturbing me when i find that a Palestinian sister, like you, have the same problem like the right wing in Israel.
the price that i payed when i was in Libya was to high. i was tortured there like other Palestinian brothers, after i tried to tell the story of Jewish Arabs, people like me.

i ask you to remove this article and also to apologize. mostly to the Palestinian people for publishing this kind of nonsense.



Comment: Rafram said that he paid high price and that he was tortured by the Libyans. I would ask him how many days he spent at the Libyan  jails. How many thousands of innocent Palestinians have been captured, tortured, jailed or murdered at the hands of the occupational state since 1948 until today? How many Palestinians were assassinated by Israel? How many houses were demolished? How many children, woman … are at israeli jails today? How many Palestinian were captured and jailed while looking for work in their homeland in Haifa, Yafa … were they were expelled from? How many years did they stay in jail for no crime at all? How many Palestinians were raped by their jewish captors, and how many times?

What price did Rafram pay for entering another country with several passports?

What price did you pay and why the head of the Russian mafia wait for you at the airport? Did you asked your government if they fulfilled the a details of the agreement which your release was based on?





2 comments to A Cheap Price for the Release of an Israeli Spy

  • Salaam al-Maseeh

    Assalaamu alaykum, Ms.Salam,

    At Qiyamah all the Israeli Zionist criminals will be in Jahanam eternally. Insha’Allah!

    Ramadan Mubarak! to all.


  • Rabbit

    Libya was a country I used to respect but old Ghaddafi seems to have sold out to the usual suspects of late.

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