Israeli Rabbis on God-ordained Child Sex Mission

Homosexuality, theft, banditry, hypocrisy, lying, villainy, child rape, pimping … are all Rabbi Mordechai “Moti” Elon, protagonist of a sexual abuse scandal.symptoms of vice, immorality and sin which are contrary to the stated principles of all religions, of the divine laws, the laws of morality and humanity. These could be applied to the two protagonists of this scandal of sexual abuse, Rabbi Mordechai “Moti” Elon, 50, who sports a long, filthy black-and-white beard, is a former rabbinic leader of the extremist orthodox movement and a former teacher of the Yeshivat HaRav school; next, Motis friend, the French jewish terrorist Shlomo Chaim haKohen Aviner, 67, with long white stinking beard, a rabbi of the school of religious extremism and terrorism “Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva” in the Muslim Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem, and a rabbi of  the so called “Bet El Rosh yeshiva”, another school where theft of the Palestinian lands, mountains and hills in the West Bank is taught.

Yesterday the Israeli police announced that they had collected enough evidence to recommend that Rabbi Mordechai “Moti” Elon be indicted on charges of sexual crimes committed against his students. Rabbi Moti will be tried for alleged crimes of sexual abuse perpetrated against several Israeli children and teenagers. The offender had found his victims during his rabbinical and pedagogical activity during many years.

The root of Moti’s sexual escapades with children came to the light on Monday 15 2010 after a rabbinical forum, “Takana” (תקנה what could be translated as “remedy, regulation, or reform”), which deals with allegations of sexual misconduct and which investigates the sexual abuses in the religious community, posted a statement on their website demanding that rabbi Moti Elon should renounce all his rabbinical duties and stop teaching in schools on ground of having had sexual relations with male students, what is considered as a threat to the community. The forum reported that it became clear that Rabbi Elon had violated this prohibition as he had been accused of sexually harassing a number of his students. The “Takana” forum statement forced on last February 18, 2010 attorney-general Yehuda Weinstein to order that the Israeli police to launch an investigation into the sexual abuse allegations which were made against Rabbi Moti Elon.

Before that, about five years ago, Elon had been accused of raping boys aged 16-19 years. For many years Moti Elon had hosted of a weekly television show. The victims had to ask Elon for yeshiva advises, but were forced to have sexual relations with him. Elon used his rabbinical position and power to reach the victims, who were all told that having a sexual relation with a rabbi (him) was like asking blessings and mercy from God and that the Torah explicitly approved homosexual relations through the words of David at the death of his friend Jonathan: “I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women”.

Zionist Rabbi Moti Elon was a Torah teacher who was honored for his spiritual and political Rabbi Motty Elon with a colored beard to become more "attractive".leadership, he was the spiritual head of a “social” extremist movement of squatter colonies in the West Bank, and a member of the Council for Higher Education of Israel. He also served at the Horev Yeshiva High School, a radical school for zionist terrorists, until 2002. From August 2002 and until 2007, Moti was at the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat HaKotel, a school and branch of the Ateret Cohanim terror movement in the occupied old City of Jerusalem.

Rabbi “Moti” is the son of one of the most prominent religious zionist families. His father was retired Supreme Court Justice Judge Menachem Elon. His brother is the former MK Rabbi Benny Elon, a terrorist who was also a member of right wing parties supported by most extremists religious zionists squatters. “Moti” also has another brother who is a regional court judge who was a candidate for an appointment to the Supreme Court.

Moti Elon, who sexually abused many boys, was officially against gays and homosexuality. According to his public persona, homosexuality is a clear violation of the Torah and a violation of God’s law. He said this on grounds of Leviticus 20:13: “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable; they must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads”. This contradiction between “private” and “public” behavior has also been exposed during the last several years in the many cases of covert homosexuality and child abuse which have been uncovered in the Catholic Church and among politicians in western countries.

The criminal zionist Rabbi “Moti” first denied the allegations of sexual misconduct against him saying that this was all not true and describing the allegations as smear and “blood libel based on nothing but unfounded complaints”. He said: “the complaint was filed years ago and it has no relation with the truth”. The zionist puppets and supporters of “Moti” Elon said to the Maariv Hebrew edition: “We always knew that real and fanatic enemies full of hatred for rabbis are around him. We will not go into all this smear and blood libel, and we ask that no one deal with it”. According to these zionists friends of Rabbi Moti, “we will show the purity of Elon and the truth will appear sooner than we think”. They added: “we believe that the current crisis will grow much more joy, action, and love of the Torah”.

What is unusual about the Elon case is that a splinter group of the Orthodox community is Rabbi Motti Elon with a group of of sexual abuse supporters. taking the position that the entire prosecution is an attempt to destroy rabbinic authority and the Orthodox movement. This splinter group calls for refusal to cooperate with state authorities in theor investigations. Doubts began hovering around a group of zionists squatters, terrorist rabbis, a mafia which continues to support the homosexual child rapist rabbi Elon. These pro Elon zionists rabbis previously issued a statement calling for Moti Elon to return to teaching Torah in their schools. This group of zionist squatters includes the following rabbis: Aharon Lichtenstein, Yaakov Ariel, Avi Gisser, Shlomo Ben-Eliyahu, Baruch Gigi, Eliakim Levanon, Gabi Kadosh, David autumn, Elyashiv Knohl, Shlomo Riskin, Yuval Cherlow, Joshua Shapiro, and Shilat Chana Henkin. I can only suspect that these squatter rabbis must know something about the sweet delights of “teaching” young male students in private sessions.

Back in 2002 serious allegations were made against Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, who was then accused of sexually harassing women both verbally and physically. In 2005 two women accused zionist rabbi Aviner of building “emotionally intimate relationships” with them. These relationships included expressions of his love for them during regular late-night phone conversations, extracting details of their sexuality from them and promoting an unhealthy emotional dependence on him.

Sex and Terrorism

Aviner is a rabbi from the terrorist Ateret Cohanim yeshiva, which is part of the “jewish Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, another protagonist of the sexual abuse scandal.underground” of extremist and murderous squatters in the West Bank. He is known as an enthusiastic supporter of the squatter terrorists, having described the Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein, who murdered 50 Palestinians praying at the Abraham mosque as “a saint”. In 1990 a rabbi from the Ateret Cohanim yeshiva kidnapped a Palestinian woman and her child from near her house in the airport district of Qalandia. A friend of mine, Salwa Hdib (she is now minister of youth in the PA) told me about this story as it affected the family of her brother, and she put me in contact with the husband of this kidnapped lady.

The husband of this kidnapped woman told me with deep sorrow and bitterness that his wife was a good Muslim woman, wearing head cover and praying at the Al-Aqsa mosque. The jewish terrorists were watching her until they kidnapped her together with the child. She had been on her way back home from a visit. The man said that the great-grandmother of his wife was originally a jew and that she had converted to Islam when she married a Muslim man from Jerusalem. His wife never talked about this familiar issue. The terrorists from Ateret Cohanim had kidnapped his wife as an avenge for the “conversio” of her great-grandmother. They terrorists moved the Palestinian woman and her child to a secret terror yeshiva to learn the religion of her great-grandmother. He said that the Israeli justice was paralyzed before Ateret Cohanim and was not able to bring him back his little child and his beloved wife.

26 comments to Israeli Rabbis on God-ordained Child Sex Mission

  • Doug

    What is it with Rabbis and Catholic Priests? One would almost think that they are one and the same. Naw, couldn’t be. I’ll just keep worshiping my GOD on my own, where ever, when ever, I please. Don’t need no disorganized religion in my life. I don’t want to have to shake hands with one of these creeps, let alone visit them once or twice a week. I don’t trust any one of them.

  • Meatwad

    If you have an institute that attracts the type that will not marry according to traditional community standards, the mothers hope and pray they will enter the clergy or other “respected” role to hide the fact their precious sons are as gay as three-dolluh-jay-berdz, okay nine dolluh jay berdz then.

    When I realized that the creation story was a gay mans dream streaming video screen play on crack, it made more sense why all the robed ones are leaning in that way. Listen up, a garden paradise unlike any other ever before or since, filled with live ‘stuffed’ animals that do not eat meats, the easier to pet them my dear,,, and a one and only man/boy named Adam to please the god. (remember the old paintings showing the golds gym steroid monster of the god) Then there were those final words after 6 days of hard labor, “it is good”, long before some eevilll wo-mangs show’d up. The big three abrahamic myths all tell us the same thing, that the all powerfull all knowing all good god, seriously screwed up from the start and many times since then. Seems like a devils story, with all the felons and felonies they have harbored it makes more sense the devils wrote those stories to embarass a god and to gather the minions of perversions with in their closed walls. Slavery has rules in those faiths, notice the connection to power and corruption! So when was this place a paradise? Most things die by being eaten alive happy happy joy and joyful. So you didn’t know the church(es) (any role in faith) was the place for the homosexual enter and to live out their life as well hidden demons. (I mean no offense with words and terms to any one or group of ones, the entire subject is a series of serious felonies) Ps, didn’t the catholic/christians have a god given commandment (hey so did the jews, and muslims) to ‘go forth and multipy’? Wouldn’t avowed to be celibate for life, also be the same as avowing to disobey that one commandment from their god? Avowed sinners leading and running the big church,,, just an example of the sin drawing the sinners. It is a good thing I’m an Atheist, I’d probably puke at every mass meeting looking upon those that care more for the club of lies, rather than caring about the crimes.

  • Clay Kordahl

    Elite, hubris-filled Rabbi’s are becoming more and more exposed for their evil Talmud.

  • F. W. Al-Hakeem

    incredibe……the horrors of these people, leaves me breathless, and at a loss for words. It seems that demons eat their own children.

  • Mel Gibstein

    The Jews and the Catholic/Christian priests are the same- Jews. Catholics dont join Catholic churches to destroy them, but Jews do and have done for centuries. They’re also infiltrating every other area of trust. Thats what predators do.

  • Carl

    Homosexuality, theft, banditry, hypocrisy, lying, villainy, child rape, pimping. Only one of these listed words is discriminating, all the other words are horrible actions. A human being created by god can be homosexual and should never be included in statements like these. This creates hate which is evil and contradicts anyone’s beliefs in God. We should insist with our acquired knowledge and technology of the 21st century that hate towards a human being for reasons of color, race, disability, sexual preference etc is an act of Evil and has nothing to do wit God, God loves us, we are Gods children and God expects us to love one another and avoid Evil. People choosing to do Evil acts will be punished but choosing to show love to a person of the same sex certainly is not Evil, making love with a person of the same sex is not Evil, choosing to hate someone who is homosexual becuase they are homosexual, well, that is Evil.

    • Frank

      Exactly right, Carl.

    • Chris

      Typical judeo-christian, bleeding-heart bullshit. The bible condemned homosexuality, more specifically sex with men, but I’m not sure which book or verse. As a religious man I’m sure you could find it better than I. Religion in its most beneficial form is the symbology of a people and their culture. A multi-racial religion destroys the senses of uniqueness, exclusivity and value necessary to the survival of a race. This is why modern day christianity is such a farce.

      • Frank

        Because all the divisive crap has served us so well over the millenia, yes? Obviously not. ‘Race’ is just another tool to seperate people. I really don’t feel like explaining why the idea of ‘race’ is just another lie again, anyway.

        It’s just so horrible when someone who believes in God thinks that it’s wrong to use that belief to promote hatred. I myself rejected the Abrahamic ‘god’ awhile ago but anyone who uses spirituality to create good vibes and promote love is a-okay in my book.

        What we need to do is ditch organized religion and become our own priests/priestesses, magicians, seers and maguses. All of the teachings of the world’s peoples deserve to be studied – after all, they all pretty say the same thing, just in different ways.

        It’s one thing to study the wisdom of humanity’s cultures but it’s quite another to use indigenous beliefs as a tool to divide. So to hell with nationalistic race-based fear-mongering. Humanity is one. Or it should be, anyway.

      • Frank

        “Religion in its most beneficial form is the symbology of a people and their culture.”

        I can agree with that. Although that isn’t all. That’s not the ultimate purpose for the study of what has been called The Mysteries.

      • Graham

        God did not condem loving another man, he condemned having sex with him. This is homosexuality? Homosexuality is about sex. Get it. What don’t these people get about this???

    • Child rape and murder can hardly be called choosing to show some love to a person of the same sex. These villians are abominable and to slay them would be a service to God that He would bless. To mistreat a child in such manner is unforgivable. It is blasphemy Against God!!!

  • Temptation of many sorts comes to all people and the sins that come therefrom, but repentance is given them by God.

    Noble Qur’an Surah 20 – TA HA

    020.120 But Satan whispered evil to him: he said, “O Adam! shall I lead thee to the Tree of Eternity and to a kingdom that never decays?”

    020.121 In the result, they both ate of the tree, and so their nakedness appeared to them: they began to sew together, for their covering, leaves from the Garden: thus did Adam disobey his Lord, and allow himself to be seduced.

    020.122 But his Lord chose him (for His Grace): He turned to him, and gave him Guidance.

    However, the very evil unrepentant are obvious and marked as such.

    Book of the Revelation 9:21 Neither did they repent from their murders, nor from their sorceries, nor from their fornication, nor from their thefts.

    Most people have good consciences, where even when they transgress, it is small and they know it and repent and seek forgiveness from God and the people they have offended.

    However, the Israeli Talmudic criminals are such that they glory in their crimes and should be tried and punished most swiftly and
    never allowed to make any excuses.


  • Frongmeister

    People will not stand by these continued abuses. The parrellels to the Catholic church are obvious. We cannot and will not abide by man made laws and scriptural distortions. You cannot fool all the people all of the time.

  • Steve K

    I am afraid I switch off when anyone mentions “child abuse”. A relative of mine conceived a child when she was 15 (i.e. she started “procreating” at 14 at least) to which ensued a 24 year long loving relationship with the father of the child. Should he be jailed? Should the offspring be put into “care” (even though she was bestrought with the separation of her mother and father after 24 years). But in the spirit of checks and balances against spiteful and destructive laws, the above article demonstrates REAL child abuse….in fact…forget “child”….focus on abuse.

    A carer or ward has the responsibility to the protection of their subjects. This does not permit ANY violation under ANY circumstances. In reality we see dual standards in societies divided by those who are priviledged who have the “right” to abuse and those who are without priviledge who have the “right” to be abused. Who thought Michael Jackson was innocent (be it a very different case and I consider a fair outcome as it appears all parties involved knew what they were doing)?

    To abuse on behalf of God is depicable. There is no worse abuse. God help those Rabbi’s when they pass over. He will not be pleased.

  • Jennifer Chen

    Jews only want one thing-the power to destroy-any other life-jews have no love in them only fear-they are sociopaths-only love creates life and makes all living things better-jews have regressed backward into beings without the capacity for love-courage-justice compassion or empathy. Evolution is about becoming a being with a greater and greater capacity to love others-everything the jews touch withers and dies-they are poison-they live to destroy and to lie about why they destroy-always a made up excuse that they are the victims and revenge and punishment are good things-but the truth is that jews are pure evil they can do no good they want the death of all life on earth and are working towards that goal via a nuclear ww3-but it will never free them from the Hell that is the jews-they can only make life hellish for others-so they must endure the same Hell themselves always-there is no love or goodness in any jew only fear-lies and insanity-they destroy everything they come in contact with-since it is their only power-they worship destruction they think it makes them superior-that is how backward and stupid they are. There is no such thing as a happy jew-because only love and goodness make happiness-and the jews are devoid incapable of love or goodness-they are violent psychotic lunatics-jews are in hell because they are what hell and satan is all about-no forgiveness no truth no love no compassion or empathy-only destruction and torture enslavement of others especially innocent children.

  • Mr. Blair M. Phillips

    Get some help and leave the children alone.

  • Robert

    Beware of anybody who claims to represent God, be they Jewish,Christian Muslim or other. Other people appoint these people with titles to represent God. But God is not consulted and does not give approval. A person’s actions for good or bad decides their worth, or lack of it. Titles mean nothing and are only covers.

  • Enlil

    Who wrote the bible? God did….no doubt.
    but….who IS this God who demands than mankind worship him?
    Well, they visited Sumer thousands of years ago, and created modern man.

    (Annunaki) Look it up, and watch your jaw hit the ground…that I promise !

    • Frank

      ‘God’ didn’t write the Bible or any other book. But whatever being they were channeling certainly wasn’t seeking the good of humanity. There are plenty of disembodied entities who seek to lie and ensnare us. We must always use discernment. I think the Gnostics are a bit closer to the truth when it comes to this Yahwah entity.

      Yes, the Annunaki. That’s definitely something to look into. It’ll give you something to ponder, at least.

  • Fred Flintstone

    Egads! What would Scooby Do???

  • Mannstein

    You won’t see this story on CNN or Fox News the way that Catholic Priest child abuse was. Wonder who owns the US Media? It couldn’ty be the chosen could it?

  • Robert

    This rabbi is certainly not good for the little children.

  • Frank

    This has been going on for centuries in all of the authoritarian woman-hating, sex-hating religions. Nothing new. It will keep happening as long as people keep accepting these people as ‘God’s spokesmen’ on earth.

    People need to learn how to think for themselves and become their own spiritual authority.

  • Jeddy

    He would never have been charged of anything if the kids were Palestinians, whom the Israelis consider sub-human and can be treated like animals. ZIONISTS and NAZIS are two faces of the same coin.

  • Marconi

    I cant belive the nonsense im reading here.Its the 21st century.Heres the truth everyone thinks they are right.god loves everyone.god created everyone.
    there are posivite and not so positive people in every race and religion.everyone wants peace.that what all human beings want.So hate and ignorance are evil.not muslims ,Jews or christians. Man is corrupt not race.Ive seen plenty or racism and hate here.Wake up people we are all responsible for the world .Stop blaming and pointing the finger thats easy.True change starts with ourselves each and everyone .if we want to make things better we have to look inside.if we dont we will destroy everything and we dont want that.I know this sounds simply but it aint so get off your complaining and moaning and get powerful.Wake up before its to late . Thats what all religions are saying. Stop hating and start loving .even if others dont love you.Only love can conquer hate.All of you speading hate should be ashamed of yourselves.Even animals dont do that.Better to stay silent that talk negatively.Stop wasting your time and be more kind give charity and help others.Try and understand other people .Talk to them unbiased.Understand their point of view and dont judge.Dont argue.You may learn something. Peace…

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