James Bond or Israeli Thug?

Friday – July – 30 2010 – Vienna – Today, at 12:30 noon, a tall man knocked violently on my door. He did not knock at any other doors in the same floor. He continued knocking on my door in a very provocative way. The man had his face turned away from the magic eye, so I could not see him. He was wearing a black suit, he had blond hair and a tall very muscular body. In a way he looked like a security man, one of those special forces who accompany politicians and VIPs.

After knocking several times, the man used a key to open my door, what worked without  problems. It looks like he was a special guest who had a copy of my house key, but not from me. I asked him what he wanted before he finished opening my door, which was blocked from the inside to make entering more difficult for thieves and Israeli thugs.

“James Bond” replied in a silly way: “I want to enter you apartment to see your windows from the inside”. My cell phone rang during this silly conversation with “James Bond”. I let Mr. Bond talk with the person who called, what confused him even more. We called the police immediately. The Austrian police, two men and a woman, arrived about two minutes after the call, but Mr. “James Bond” had already disappeared from the scene. The owner of the building was outside, in the garden during the visit of Mr. “James Bond”. I asked him if he had sent somebody to check my apartment. He said no.

The questions which arise:

  • Who was this unwelcome guest who knocked on my door and who had exactly the key of my apartment?
  • Is he the real “James Bond” or the envoy of the Israeli special forces? I doubt that this was just a casual break-in attempt by a “special” thief because he had a fitting key to my apartment, and there are many other apartments which can be reached more easily in the facility.
  • What bothers Israel so much about me and what do they want from me?
  • Is their bad conscience so bad that after having taken everything from me they now have to send somebody to kill me?

This is not the first negative incident which happened to me in Austria, but it is the first time that “James Bond” stood at the entrance of my apartment with a special key in his filthy hands.

I had several troubling incidents in the past, I have received several death threats . November 24 I was chased by the cowardly Israelis, they wrote for people in power against me, they sent me insults and obscene messages, but I am not scared. I will go ahead stronger and powerful. The voice of truth should never scare. The sun can never be covered with a blanket. But will my words and my journalistic work put an end to my life, or will my words win and the truth remain a poisoning dagger in the heart of Israel and all its thugs?

I doubt that these people will achieve anything by killing me, because there are many, many more people writing against them, people who in the meantime write much stronger articles and post videos and pictures about the crimes of Israel which are often stronger than what I have posted. The Israelis have now entered a logic in which everything they do has negative consequences for them. These consequences have until now been symbolic, but soon the negative repercussions of their crimes will become material, and there is nothing they can do about that. Their fall is not my work, but it is theirs alone. It is they who are scared like corralled rats, not me.

26 comments to James Bond or Israeli Thug?

  • Phil Glidden

    I have been trying to contact you for some time but the e-mail address Kawther_Salam [at] Yahoo [dot] com seems to have been disabled. Please let me now if you receive tis message. As far as the Bond fellow at your door is concerned, a 45mm automatic pointed at his eye socket might well have elicited an explanation.

  • God and His people protect you Akhti. We pray for you and suppport you in every way.

    Free Palestine and back off of Kawther Salam!

    Steve in Vista

  • bruce

    “a 45mm automatic pointed at his eye”
    {a huge cannon with a bore about 3.25 inches in diameter)
    that would certainly work, but .45 caliber rounds are more available in already existing weapons not needing hydraulic recoil carriages.
    I doubt that this nice lady carries heat. She should. Like a derringer.
    All sorts of calibers available for them.

  • Mike S

    You might want to rethink your position a little. Every time they kill someone courageous enough to speak out against them, it sends a very clear message to anyone else who is, or is considering, doing the same thing. Also don’t underestimate the satisfaction it might give a religious fanatic to carry out such a heinous act. It’s good that you are taking precautions to protect yourself. The more precautions you take the better. If your phone has a camera in it I would consider finding someone who is willing to be a contact person, and whenever you are in a situation where you feel unsafe you can take a photo and email it to your contact person, so if the person does actually threaten you, you can inform them of what you’ve just done. It might be a deterrent. Be Safe.

  • Rabbit

    Hilarious the first post, and glad someone else dealt with it. I just hope you have someone close, to watch over you Kawther. I do spend some moments wondering with concern about this, the impression one gets is of a lone crusader, alone and a long way from home.

    I hope this is not so, and that you merely are exercising professional journalistic ethics in keeping your closest ones out of the spotlight. My well wishes and blessings are heartfelt anyway brave lady.

  • ftutyf

    yeah right, he just had a key to her place as a “lone crusader”

    how can you people live with yourselves trying to explain that away?

    oh thats right, all the rest of us are just cattle to you murderers

    you shall surely suffer many times over for each of your crimes

    perhaps not in this world but just because you claim you can do anything you want, doesn’t make it so

  • ken hatfield


    You are a bold, brave and beautiful woman. I hope some day to remarry a woman like you. My ex-wife sees no need for conscientious moral activity and social concern, she is more concerned with social networking. I enjoy your articles and photo-journalism, keep up the good work.

    “those who live by the sword will die by the sword”

    May God bless you and those you hold dear.



  • Doug

    Get a gun. Blast the next one that illegally enters your abode. Try to make it fall outside your door. When all those evil spirits exit its carcass, you want to be at least 20 feet away. Shut the door so the sulfur smell doesn’t enter your home. You can’t get that smell out of the walls. Next, call the dead livestock removal services and advise them in no uncertian terms not to handle it without thick rubber gloves and gas masks.

  • Shadowhawk

    I agree with Doug. Shoot that Bastard next time. Make a hole through ‘IT`s heaq so big you can drive your car through it. Send the Rogues in Israel a clear message. ‘Bond got what he had coming.’ Don`t cross a path you can`t handle. GOOD form you for being so brave. They are afraid of a little Palestinian Lady with a good eye for deviousness!

  • Anon

    Don’t use the violent method as suggested by the comments above – its a trap. However you can install a few hidden, independently powered sourced, and lead plating/foil shielded (to prevent interference) video-surveillance cameras that broadcast live on internet. We (and the rest of the world) want to see this creep’s face so we can find out who he’s associated with . . .

    • Shadowhawk

      It`s not a trap. It`s called SELF DEFENSE. Let some Strange suspicious Rogue try and get into your domain in the way this one did to Kawther and see what you`d do! You gonna sit around waiting for the Police? I don`t think so.

  • Jimbo

    Whadda buncha shit.

  • Terry

    Various zionist organisations in the UK run private armies consisting of elements from Israeli nationals, British zionists, private Israeli owned security companies, moonlighting British police, right wing fascists and private detective firms.

    They have plenty of money sloshing around to reach out and intimidate anyone critical of the zionist state.

  • Chelli

    Hi Kawther, thinking of you and wishing you well as always! Thanks for being alive in my time. Many more days to you, and thanks for staying strong!

  • Hugo

    Kawther, I hope heavens protects you. I admire you, you are a very good lady and I want that your people (our people, brothers and sisters) find the justice as soon as posible.

  • Daniel

    You are a brave woman, but I hope that we are now coming to a time where this kind of bravery will become commonplace. The majority of the people in the world do not like what has become of the world in which we live. It is time for the majority to be heard. When we each stand up, no matter your creed colour or religion and we stand side by side in unity with our brothers and sisters, then there will be no more war as no one will be there to fight. I cannot see the day when the politicians that send our children to their deaths will take up arms themselves. This system of exploitation is old and has had its time. Let your voices be heard. The time is ripe. My prayers are with you.

  • David

    I would advise you to marry/cohabitate with a military veteran. An armed military veteran. Get a taser and use it on anyone who even looks at you funny. I don`t know about where you live, but here in the USA guns are fine, and for a lady such as yourself, I suggest a Smith&Wesson revolver, a .38 would be ideal. Next time James Bond shows, call the cops. When he opens the door, shoot him in the gut and empty the gun in him. Make sure he is inside and be prepared to fight to the death.

  • oppressed

    Jewish / Israeli people are bully thugs and oppressors of non-Jews. They ran czarist Russia’s secret police and their associated terror. They monopolized and influence the plunder and collapsed of the Weimar Republic in Germany.
    Owning the Banks, Media/Press and U.S.A Hollywood which produces pro Jewish and pro Israel films.

  • Robert

    Hi Kawther
    It seems that some very wicked zionists have sent you hate mail so I just
    wanted to balance it out a bit and send you a note of admiration.

    You are a remarkably brave woman with a clear sense of justice for your people and for yourself. Do not waiver in your fight to document the crimes of the zionist criminals
    who are accustomed to getting away with their evil deeds. Their day is coming and coming soon.

    People in my country, The U.S.A., are finally waking up to the truth.
    Take care and God Bless you

  • carl

    THERE ARE a few good Jewish people (true Jews)in the world today Most however ,that call themselves Jews are not Jews at all and that Woe will come upon them that call themselves Jews but are not. This however, is not the issue, none of us know who we are or understand the word Israel correctly.(rom. chapter 9 is deep try to come into its teachering) This is not a phyiscal war that we are called into but a spiritual war and I can say without a doubt if Jah has put a hedge around you… you will be safe.Those people that mock the living God (in the flesh) and say they can kill anyone they want IS IN DEEP POO POO (nice word for s—)

  • Arabian Knight

    Cowards, lairs and in control!
    Sadly, those are Zionist as they are supported by neo-conservatives who (in my believe) part of the illuminates for the purpose of waging war and spreading hate, killing and destroying humanity in all ways.

    I hope you take a good care of yourself and change your key with magnet or something that could secure your door better than usual keys.

    Allah may protect you always.

  • melinda

    I don’t know what the gun laws are in Austria – however, if anyone tried that crap on me they’d be pushing up daisies. That s*** is NOT allowed here.

    I was thinking about a scene from “Home Alone” where the kid made the doorknob hot. How about attaching a live wire to it? Just have one handy, in case this fool comes around again. Spraying soap, windex, etc. in the eyes – the possibilities are endless, if you’re creative.

  • Salaam al-Maseeh

    Assalaamu alaykum, Ms.Salam,

    Ms. Salam, yours is a labor of love for your Palestinian people who are unlawfully and criminally persecuted by the ZioNazi Jews. The ZioNazi Jews who criminally invaded and have murdered and pillaged your land and the Palestinian people are sheer personified hatred of all that is good.

    Jesus (PBUH) said of the Jews ” John 8:44 You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.

    The lies and threats and murders committed by the sons of Satan go on unabated. Their fear that they will be found out is clear and apparent in the plain threat that is intended by this “Israeli” person.

    Ms. Salam, never stop, we know you won’t, we support you and the Palestinian people always.

    As for “Israeli,” the fact that you back up the threat made on Austrian soil against Ms. Salam, only shows the fear that the YisraHellis and others (American PNAC ZOG occupiers of the former United States etc.) feel at the truth being told the world.

    The threat on another countries soil, also shows two things. One, the Naqba is committed by demons (IsraHellis) who pillaged Palestine with absolutely NO RIGHT TO DO SO. Two, 911 is just the same thing, another attack and threat against people by the Mossad-CIA ZioNazis. It was done in order to totally corrupt the United States into being a thug stooge puppet of IsraHell. I await the coming day that the fifth and sixth fleets of the US Navy blow Tel Aviv off the map and clean every ZioNazi out of occupied Palestine and Washington D.C. gives Iraq (with full restitution) back to the Iraqis and gets the hell out of Afghanistan where they don’t belong at all either.

    That day dawns more and more on the minds and hearts of the American people with every threat and assault that the ZioNazis commit.

    Palestine will be freed.

    Free Palestine and the world!!!


  • An answer to the Israeli security unit team leader
    How do you know that “he is not one of us”,
    And what is your friend Shahar doing in Vienna, BTW?

  • melinda

    FYI – If your phone is on a land line (conventional phone, not a cell phone), anyone with access to the phone system can listen to what you are doing in your home thru your phone receiver. The receiver can be used as a microphone. This includes the old style dial phones as well.

    I read about that a long time ago when there were anti-Apartheid groups in South Africa. They would cover their old style dial phones with blankets so they couldn’t be eavesdropped on.

    The newer style phones can be disabled simply by unplugging the phone cord from the phone itself.

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