Chinese Foreign Minister Brings Troublemaker to Austria

Angry Chinese lady makes bizarre contortions

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This was the first time that Austrian journalists saw the woman in the Chinese diplomatic delegation, who can be described as a trouble maker. The woman did not only try to confuse the diplomatic staff working with the Austrian Foreign Ministry, but she wanted to change the protocol of the Austrian Foreign Ministry altogether, to change the arrangement of documents, flags and seats in the press conference room. The scene which this provocative Chinese woman played, happened before the reporters from the media who were waiting for the ministers, and it took time to find a solution to the problems which this lady conjured. None of the Austrian media reported about the silly scene.

The media staff of the Austrian foreign Ministry which deals with journalists and diplomatic visitors is an experienced team, they are quite and work professionally, and they respect all guests and journalists alike. This team was confronted with something completely new on the evening of last Sunday July 25 2010, when a woman who can only be described as severely nervous and aggressive who came in the team of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Yang Jiechi, used cruel and impolite gestures and hand movements while directing criticism imparting orders to her counterparts in the diplomatic team of the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

Chinese lady makes bizarre contortions

At the beginning of the shouting party, the Chinese women entered the conference room and started yelling in Chinese at the members of her team. It was clear from her gestures that the woman wanted to change the arrangement of the Chinese, Austrian and European flags. She exited the room angrily, looking for her Austrian counterparts. She returned and proceeded to explain her views to the Austrians.

The Austrian crew remained calm and diplomatic, trying to avert the anger of the Chinese woman. Both sides left the room in order to avoid further scandal in front of the cameras of the journalists, who start photographing the scene.

Minutes later, the parties returned to the hall. It was clear that the Austrian diplomatic crew had persuaded the Chinese team to keep the flags in their place without change. However, the Chinese woman started a new round of shouting orders and instructions at people around her. She had found further issues in the room which were not of her liking, what caused her to dictate new orders to the Austrian team.

Chinese lady makes bizarre contortions

Thus, the Chinese woman went to the platform of conferences where the ministers sit during the press conference. She sat in the place designated for the Chinese Foreign Minister and demanded that the chairs and microphones should be arranged in another way. She forced the removal of items (notice block, pencils, …) placed on the table as courtesy. She pointed around and gesticulated like the actors in Chinese karate movies.

This scene, which can only be described as unusual and unacceptable, happened before the many journalists who were waiting in the press conference room, colleagues who are habitual attendants to the events of the government. The scene offered us by this woman overshadowed the appearance of the ministers. I am sure that this lady will remain in the memories of those present much longer than the statements of the ministers.

Michael Spindelegger, Austrian Foreign Minister and his counterpart Yang Jiechi, the Chinese Foreign Minister

Iranian Nuclear Weapons Addressed By Chinese Foreign Minister

The bizarre scene was ended by the entry of  the foreign ministers, for Austria, Michael Spindelegger, and his counterpart Yang Jiechi, the Chinese Foreign Minister. Big smiles were displayed on their faces. The press conference began with the speech of the Austrian Minister, in which he welcomed his Chinese counterpart and the attendants. A second round of political talk started.

According to what both ministers stated during a press conference, the ministers addressed the issue of the Iranian nuclear weapons; the recent Korean events and the strengthening and expansion of the development of bilateral relations and cooperation between Austria as a member of the UN Security Council and China, and between China and the EU. The ministers also discussed the official preparations for the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between both states. Click once on the picture to make it bigger.

At the joint press conference held at the Austrian Foreign Ministry, minister Yang Jiechi called on all parties to exercise restraint. He also called with regard to a declaration by the chairman of the UN Security Council, to preserve peace and stability in the region and to return to the six-party talks. Austrian minister Spindelegger said that the North Korean rhetoric causes him great concern, and that the involvement of China is important for the stability in the region.

According to minister Spindelegger, Pyongyang had threatened to use nuclear weapons on the occasion of the ongoing South Korean-American maneuvers.

About the subject of the Iranian nuclear weapon and the Security Council resolution which was adopted earlier in June 2010 about new and stricter sanctions against Iran, the Chinese Foreign Minister confirmed the position of his country, which supports diplomatic negotiations to resolve the issue of the nuclear weapon. He said: “China firmly believes that it is necessary to prevent that more countries came into the possession of nuclear weapons”.

The Chinese foreign minister also stated that he had been invited by President Fischer to Salzburg to the opening ceremony of the festival (“Salzburger Festspiele”) at the Hotel “Goldener Hirsch”, on Monday July 26 2010.

Michael Spindelegger, Austrian Foreign Minister receives his counterpart Yang Jiechi, the Chinese Foreign Minister

17 comments to Chinese Foreign Minister Brings Troublemaker to Austria

  • Dave

    She sounds like a court jester. Her behoavior is also reminiscent of that of Nikita Kruschev during his U.S. visit what with his fist pounding and yelling threats. Perhaps it was a ploy to throw the other diplomatic staff off enough to disrupt their strategy (like athletes trying to “psych-out” their opponents). Perhaps China is simply claiming hegemony over the world.

  • James de Juste II

    Expect to see more of this Chinese broad acting up at future diplomatic events. Bet your bottom dollar she didn’t do her act without previous approval from the Chinese authorities. This needs some analysis. But the best course is to prepare for it in the future so as to be able to nip this little bitch in the bud.

  • Endgame

    Why do you think male dominated Chinese would put up with this woman? She acts like a lizard in human clothing. Why are they scared of one woman, any of them? Is she really this powerful without even being known? The reptiles will put women in charge as soon as they are ready. Are you?

  • Billy Doe

    RESPECT MAH AUTHOR-A-TAHY! Y’all Betta recognize!

  • Richie

    A sign of low intelligence to act that way, Chinese aren’t all their cracked up to be 🙂

  • Ahmad bin zad

    this is actually part of security measures. note that she look more like a security official than a journalist. like poster 1 said it is a plot, too.

  • SilverFox

    This is just the beginning of China’s boldness to start changing the world with their new economic power. It’s only going to be more obvious, around the world, as time passes so get ready for it.

  • Ken

    It’s called, ‘pulling your chain.’

    The sole purpose of all that was to create agitation and put people on the defensive.

    The purpose of the seemingly bizarre and pointless changes was to put the Austrians in what a salesman friend of mine calls, ‘command mode.’ The idea is to get people to follow your direction with seemingly small commands or requests so that they will be more inclined to follow your desires in the future.

    In short, it was a mind game.

    The Austrians shouldn’t have played it. They should have simply walked out and insisted on meeting with the Chinese delegation without the ‘troublemaker’ or not at all.


  • David

    Those who have the gold also hold the keys.
    the havenots like USA must endure the punishment of
    dancing screaming ladies .

  • chris

    I can’t think of a quicker way to undermine the respect and dignity China demands from its peers around the world.

  • David

    Is it a bit exaggerated to describe what she did as “bizarre contortions?” From the pictures, I would agree with “demonstrative”, moreso than one usually sees in diplomatic meetings, but not “bizarre”. She didn’t make the “devil’s horn” sign or anything really weird, even though we see lots of western politicians and famous people doing that.

    By the way, what exactly was she asking for? A bit more detail would help me know if she was addressing real problems or just slinging the bs.

  • ingsoc

    Yup, the commies are putting the world on notice. Kneel.
    Fetch. Bow.

    Such obnoxious erratic behavior in a setting of carefully planned unoffensive diplomatic protocol speaks volumes.

    My guess is that China owns Austria now.

  • sanbasan

    Connecting the dots…
    Chinese behavior in China, Tibet, Africa, now Austria, today the little finger, tomorrow, the world?
    Seem not to be the only one with this sneaking suspicion.

  • Long Wong

    Bet she is wild in the sack.

  • Lind

    I’ve been reading your blog. The Chinese Foreign Minister story is crazy, i wonder what that woman was on! : ) Have to say i would’ve liked to have been there though to see it – especially how you described the gestures in the style of karate films. That made me laugh.

  • Steve

    Red China is a totalitarian state which has had plans for full scale war against the United States drawn up for many years. Bill Clinton gave them all the technology, they didn’t already have, in order to be a most massive military world power – in addition to their already proven thermonuclear technology.

    The United States has been completely fooled into being a military stooge for the New World Order Zio-Colonial enslavement of the world. The American support and involvement in the Naqba and the Iraqi genocide and the invasion of Afghanistan makes the U.S. totally a villain in the eyes of Islamic civilization. Europe has always disdained the U.S. When the United States is totally economically and militarily exhausted, the Chinese will take control over the Pacific Rim and the Russians and the E.U. will dominate western Eurasia. The Arab homeland and surrounding region will be balkanized and disunifed and completely at adds with the United States.

    The last hope to free the world from the New World Order slavery dies every day that the United States attacks yet another former ally in the Middle East. That hope is a Pan Arabist United States and a unified Arab Homeland and a free region surrounding the Arab Homeland. When the last of that is destroyed then know that complete slavery of the Eurasian New World Order will close its clammy strangelhold on the world.

    May God, Inshallah, in His mercy wake up the United States and the Middle East in time to turn all of this around. If that doesn’t happen, then let all free people prepare to die as martyrs.

    Steve in Vista

  • melinda

    I lived in Asia for close to a decade. Ken and Richie are basically right. She’s not the brightest. In addition, as Ken states, it’s a show to establish hierarchy.

    My Korean boss used to aggravate us like this. Every three months she’d have the desks moved in our office (“musical desks”) without our consent. So suddenly you’d be sitting next to someone you didn’t like. Every three months we’d spend a couple hours moving our stuff back to where we had been sitting before everything got moved. She later on admitted she did this just to stir things up. I will never (by choice) work for a Korean boss again. Never.

    As for “Endgame”‘s misogynist comments – you don’t know Asia very well, dude. Women have more power there than you know.

    Get married in Japan, and the wife will feel free to keep you out of the house until midnight. Come home a minute too soon and you will get glared at. In typical Asian passive aggressive style, things won’t get done the next day. The kids are off to school as soon as they can toddle and stay out until 10 when they are older (cram school).

    The middle class and higher women there have it arranged so they are able to live off the husband without having much to do with them and then can go shopping and play mahjong. Sweet!

    Women in Japan are in general smarter than the men. They tend to have broader interests and do interesting things with their lives as soon as the kids are grown.

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