Condom Revolution Called Out by the UN: Videos

Condom Revolution Called Out by the UN

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July 23 2010 – Vienna – Austria – “Condom Campaign, condom advertisement, condom shops, condom workshops, condom exhibitions, condom signs, condom demos, condoms fixed on the walls at the Wiener Messe Conference Center, condom posters hanging everywhere, condoms in the toilets, condom on the T-Shirts, condom party, and condoms and more condoms. “Condomize your Future”, “Condomize your Life”, Condomize your Love and Condomize your days and nights. I became deaf of hearing the advertisements for condoms.

Seven days of hearing about condoms. Seven days during which my eyes became tired of seeing condoms. Seven days went into advertising for big companies which produce condoms.

These African Women are the envisioned future clients for luxury condoms.

The condom campaign, advertisement, workshops, exhibitions, and meeting which started last Saturday July 17 2010 as part of the XVIII International AIDS Conference 2010 adopted by the United Nations, the City of Vienna, the European AIDS Clinical Society, the European Commission, the Austrian AIDS Society and other organizations had been ended. The conference was held under the slogan of “Rights Here, Right Now – with a renewed commitment to push for securing universal access to HIV prevention, care, treatment and support”.

Over 19,000 participants from 193 countries ended the conference with a clear demand: “CONDOMIZE THE FUTURE”. The participants also concluded the conference with clear evidence of tangible progress in HIV research and program scale up, yet facing an urgent need for increased resources, the protection of human rights, and broader use of scientifically sound prevention strategies.

Delegates and organizers departed Vienna with bags full of condoms, pins, signs and T-shirts which could altogether be described as a revolution of condoms.

As a journalist, I would like to ask the UN, the European Commission and the other organizers of the XVIII International AIDS Conference 2010 the following questions:

  • Which is the connection between fighting against AIDS and leading a campaign from 6:30am – 18:30pm for expensive condom costing 25, 30 and 100 dollars?
  • What is the connection between fighting against AIDS and advertising for the natural condoms, condoms with different flavors, colors and textures?
  • Would the UN clarify for us how we can test the different flavors of condom?
  • Are the victims of AIDS from the South Africa, where people are oppressed by poverty, ignorance and many other malaises able to buy natural condoms and the condoms with different flavors?
  • Did ex-President Bill Clinton, the former lover of Monica Lewinsky and husband of current US foreign minister Hillary Clinton, use condoms with flavor or natural ones during his immoral tryst with Lewinsky?

See the condom campaign promoted by the UN in the video below

Condomize Campaign at AIDS Conference 2010 from Kawther Salam on Vimeo.

I would like to conclude my report saying that I found it disgusting that politicians and many companies and private foundations would use the AIDS victims and the poor, oppressed peoples whom they invited from Africa, to help promote their products and their ambitions at the expense of and to suck the last drop of blood of these poorest and most vulnerable of victims, to climb on their shoulders in order to feed their private companies with millions of dollars.

The 2010 AIDS Conference would have been in the right place, an efficient and objective place to look at the problems of the victims of AIDS if the organizers had not been the many bloodsucking big Pharma companies and the missionaries from extremist cults who exploited the conference and paid millions of dollars to promote companies and oppressive ideologies under the banner of fighting against AIDS.

Woman from Peru shows condom use in a socially acceptable way

I wonder which was the costs of bringing Bill Clinton and his security goons to attend the 2010 AIDS Conference so that he could make advertisement for his projects. How much were the costs of the presence of the 19,000 attendants of the conference, among them thousands of poor Africans, among them many thieves apparently came to practice their profession and looted the private property of other guests, as I was told by security guards present at the conference?

Yes, there was an urgent need to convene a conference about AIDS in a quiet and safe place like the state of Austria, and there was an urgent need to invite a number of government representatives interested in the human issues and to finance AIDS research. But there was no necessity to invite 19,000 people for publicity and promotion of the expensive products of companies, like luxury condoms overpriced drugs, dildoes and other useless things which even rich people would abstain from buying.

There was no need to mix the beneficiaries of a giant merchandising program and academics, researchers, and real activists in the field of AIDS and human rights, like British singer Annie Lennox, the UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador who spent each moment to introduce the issue of AIDS and defending it’s victims. Lennox gave wonderful speech at the congress, and also gave summary and revolutionary speeches in different places in Vienna. She led a demo against AIDS in different places, at the Parliament, the Messe and in the Ring Street, without the need for personal security like other self-important people in attendance to the event.

Luxury Condoms peddled at the AIDS 2010 Conference

Luxury Condoms peddled at the AIDS 2010 Conference

Please see the condom party sponsored by the UN and other organizations

Condomize Party at AIDS Conference 2010 from Kawther Salam on Vimeo.

About the AIDS 2010 Organizers
AIDS 2010 is convened by the IAS, the world’s leading independent association of HIV professionals, in partnership with a number of international, regional and local partners. International partners for AIDS 2010 include:

More flavored luxury Condoms at the AIDS 2010 Conference

More flavored luxury Condoms at the AIDS 2010 Conference

  • Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), including its co-sponsors, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
  • International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO)
  • Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+)/International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW)
  • World YWCA
  • Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC)

Local and regional partners for AIDS 2010 include local scientific leadership and:

  • City of Vienna
  • Government of Austria
  • Aids Hilfe Wien
  • Austrian AIDS Society
  • East European & Central Asian Union of PLWH (ECUO)
  • European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS)
  • European Commission
Condoms for You

Condoms for You, sponsored by the UN and rich companies

16 comments to Condom Revolution Called Out by the UN: Videos

  • AIDS is an exact artificial split of sheep and bovine virus which was genetically spliced in laboratory to produce this artificially created but very real epidemic. It is blood born and therefore anyone can catch it. It was created as part of the population control agenda of the United Nations.

    The United Nations’ policies on abortion of infants by birth control (the “Pill” aborts babies) and abortion by other means (all of which is murder of infants which is forbidden by God, Allah {SWT} in the Holy Bible and Holy Qur’an) is part of the genocidal Noahide policies of the United Nations to control by murder, mayhem and wanton destruction of life and limb all of the Gentiles for the sake of YisraHell and the New World Order.

    There are currently 3,000 to 4,000 calories of food produced every day for every man and woman and child on earth – food shortage is an artificially created assault on the third world by the United Nations and the American food combines.


    From Mary Meehan’s “The Road to Abortion” Copyright © 1998, 1999 & 2002 by Mary Meehan. In 1966 Dr. Alan Guttmacher, apparently trying to be witty, wrote from Africa to a U.S. colleague: “My trip has been great. I believe I converted the Jews in Israel and now I am working on the pigmented savages.” This private comment from Guttmacher (who was Jewish, but not observant) came soon after his Planned Parenthood group gave an award to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.(32)
    32. William H. Draper, Jr., to P. A. Gorman, [8 or 11] Sept. 1967, Guttmacher Papers; Alan F. Guttmacher to Frank Notestein, 13 June 1966, PPFA (II), box 125; and Congressional Record (10 May 1966), vol. 112, part 8, 10164-10165. In his statement accepting the Margaret Sanger Award, Dr. King praised Sanger and family planning and spoke of “the modern plague of overpopulation.” Unfortunately, he seemed unaware of the eugenics connections of Sanger and of population control in general. Ibid.

    Also see:

    Free Palestine and free the world from all Talmudic Zionism and occupation thereby!


    • Drew

      This assertion about the origins of HIV or “The AIDS Virus” is false. Others have claimed it was manufactured in a bioweapons lab at Ft. Detrick, Maryland and introduced to the gay population through a HepB vaccination. All of this is false.

      First of all, no one has ever claimed that HIV is a virus. Officially, it’s a retrovirus. There’s a big difference. Retroviruses do not “infect” a cell the same way regular viruses do, and they can reproduce only when the cell itself splits through mitosis–a very slow process, which would explain why prior to AIDS, no retrovirus had ever been found to cause disease. Read Peter Duesberg’s book, “Inventing The AIDS Virus” and you’ll see what the real “conspiracy” behind HIV/AIDS is–massive professional fraud and misconduct in the medical community.

      It’s the toxic treatments that are killing people, not the HIV retrovirus.

      And as Nobel Prize winning biochemist and AIDS/HIV dissenter, Dr. Kary Mullis, has pointed out–there is not one scientific paper that proves the one-to-one causal relationship between HIV and AIDS. In fact, the package insert that comes with all HIV test kits has legal disclaimers stating that the connection between HIV and AIDS is uncertain–and that even the existence of HIV is questionable. That should send up a red flag to everyone.

      Did you know that an HIV test requires that a blood sample is diluted 100 times before the test is conducted? No other viral test requires more than a 10 times dilution. Why is this? Because if you don’t dilute the blood for an HIV test 100 times, EVERYONE will test positive for HIV. Yes, everyone carries the antibodies for the elusive “HIV” virus. This is scientific FRAUD of the highest order.

      What was actually invented in a laboratory was the MYTH that HIV exists and that it is the cause of AIDS.

      • Huge numbers of people have AIDS. Under microscopes the genetic sheep/bovine splicing is totally apparent.

        Only the homosexual community tries to claim that AIDS isn’t a disease and that it shouldn’t be treated as one. The reason is they want to behave loosely with no blame attaching itself. Due to behavior, the homosexual community spreads it more and contacts it more and more therefore are infected.

      • Frank

        “Only the homosexual community tries to claim that AIDS isn’t a disease and that it shouldn’t be treated as one.”

        Who in the gay community ever said that?

        “The reason is they want to behave loosely with no blame attaching itself. Due to behavior, the homosexual community spreads it more and contacts it more and more therefore are infected.”

        You do realize that the majority of HIV/AIDS infected persons in the world are heterosexual, right?

      • “You do realize that the majority of HIV/AIDS infected persons in the world are heterosexual, right?”

        That is a lie put out by propagandists who want people to believe that bi-sexual behaviour is not homosexual and that the behaviour of homosexuals is not putting all other people at much higher risk, when in fact it is doing just that.

  • fRANK

    There are no words but “sick”

  • AD

    To the author and people like Frank:

    So what is your solution to the epidemic? The key is prevention, besides abstinence, condom use is the #1 aids prevention for sexual contact.
    Yes, some of the manufactures are tacky, but I think overall they are on the right track. You have to get people interested in Condoms to make them more widely accepted. Even in the US among Black and Latinos there is a negative outlook on condoms. Simply telling people the dangers isn’t helping so I applaud the manufactures for actually trying to get people more interested so condoms are more accepted.

    • Drew

      There is no AIDS “epidemic”. Look at how the World Health Organization defines AIDS in Africa and other third world areas. Their definition is completely different from that of Europe and the USA. Do you really think they give HIV tests out to millions of Africans? No, that would be cost prohibitive at $40 a pop. What they do is provide a long list of diseases under the umbrella of AIDS-related disorders, and if an African has three of them, they are diagnosed as having AIDS. How absurd is that? For example, if someone has a chronic fever, diarrhea, and tuberculosis symptoms, they are diagnosed with AIDS. That’s how they’ve come up with those absurd “epidemic” statistics.

      The diseases that are epidemic in Africa–tuberculosis, hepatitis, and malaria–will not be curtailed by condoms or abstinence. The only things that will be curtailed by condoms are syphilis, gonorrhea, and pregnancy. If you want to stop disease in Africa, they need to do it the same way we did it in Europe and the USA, through clean water, proper sewage and waste disposal, and proper personal hygiene and nutrition.

      Condoms won’t stop AIDS because AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease. AIDS is a condition brought on, not by a killer virus, but by immo-suppression, which results from extreme exposure to immuno-compromising substances and toxins, such as heavy drug use (especially amyl nitrate), lack of proper nutrition and sleep. Don’t believe me? Watch “AIDS Inc.” on youtube for starters. You’ll never think of AIDS again the same way.

  • Damon

    Wow, religious nutso hijacking of serious topic in under five posts. Must be a new record.


      Demons are specialists in name calling and vilifying responsibility.

    • Drew

      The only “religious” aspect about this issue is the “AIDS Religion” itself, which is based on blind belief and massive propaganda and brainwashing, not science. Like most people, you’d prefer to believe in what the “authorities” and “experts” tell you rather than do your own research and think for yourself.

      Dr. Robert Gallo, who is credited with discovering HIV and “proving” that it caused AIDS, had charges brought against him for fraud and scientific misconduct. That alone should make you question this whole religion that you have mistakenly put your faith into.

    • Frank

      Definitely. I myself believe that AIDS is a man-made virus, but some of the things people are saying here are just utterly retarded.

      Like, “there is no AIDS epidemic”, “it’s not sexually transmitted”. Yeah, sure. Whatever.

  • Franz

    Murdering babies is ok. We just have to accept it. Right? Am I crazy? Hmmm, yes, I am.


    There are no condoms in nature.
    If people are not able to live naturally (which means simply as responsible temporary visitors to this earthly plane)they should be castrated.As simple as that.
    If there would be no people on earth, (as their profit thinking would like to kill all off, except their own tribe)Zionist Jews would try to sell their disgusting condoms to animals.
    Men use condoms for profit (“more lust”! thinking), like Zionist Jews use wars and the illusion of money of which they are the masters. Condoms kill love.
    No to condoms.
    Be the masters of your body.

    • Frank

      “Condoms kill love.”

      How the hell do condoms kill love? If your love is so fragile as to let a thin layer of latex destroy it, you have problems and condoms aren’t it.

      “Be the masters of your body.”

      How does a tool that enables you to decide if you’re going to have a child or not and that protects you from STDs take away control over your own body?

      You can do whatever you want. Don’t want to use condoms? Your choice. But you better be keeping it in your pants and/or getting tested.

  • Frank

    I believe in educating people about condom use (I also think condoms should be free and available to all), but I agree that the sex toy vendors are tacky in that context. This is a serious matter here.

    Let’s get our health and safety together first and worry about fun later.

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