The Princess in the Yellow Dress

Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit surrounded by female security after her arrival.

It did not occur to the photographers that the chaos, humiliation, verbal violence and pushing them back while covering the opening of the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna was caused by the arrival of the Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit, a honor guest to the opening ceremony. The photographers were all surprised of the shouting in their faces, of thugs pushing them violently and ordering them to stop photographing after the entry of blond woman wearing a short yellow dress.

Most surprising, the blond lady who entered suddenly and so rudely was not recognized by most of the journalists and conference attendants, over 25000, because of the chaos which erupted with her entry. With her was a tall woman who can be described as a ghost. She had short hair and was dressed in white skirt and jacket. The tall ghost ordered the security facilities of the Norwegian princess to remove journalists from their places. She ordered a group of women wearing black to surround the lady dressed in yellow in order to avoid photos. The woman told the photographers that it was now forbidden to make pictures, and that they had photographed her yesterday and that was enough in her opinion. Here words were not clear to most of the photographers who had just arrived from different countries to cover the AIDS Conference opening session.

A photographer asked me: “What does this woman mean? Who is this lady in short yellow dress?”. I answered the photographer: “The Lady is the Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and she was a guest of honor at the Life Ball yesterday”.

The tall Norwegian woman, probably security for the princess, continued to demand the expulsion of the journalists from the venue, and whenever they stepped back a meter she asked them to step back even further, repeating this until all the journalists stood crowded in a corner like cockroaches. The Crown Princess crew allowed ONLY the official TV camera to focus on the princes and her yellow dress.

Princess Mette-Marit surrounded by angry female and male security.

Another woman from the princess’ crew dealt with the attendants, especially reporters and photographers in an even more rude and disrespectful way. She came shouting “go, go, go!”, gesticulating angrily and waving her hands at the reporters like a farmer shushing goats.

I have seen that in Austria the journalists and photographers are received with respect and appreciation in the houses of the President, the Chancellor, the Parliament, and all other institutions and federal ministries, as well as in less official venues such as conferences. They always offer coffee, cold water and refreshments before the opening an activity or press conference. I have never seen here that journalists were subjected to any kind of humiliation or insult as happened at the opening of the International AIDS Conference 2010 due to the presence of the honor guest of the conference, the Norwegian princess Mette-Marit. It appears to me that the Norwegian Princess and her team have no idea about the customs or about Austria and Vienna, where they stayed as guests.

Princess Mette-Marit talking to one of her assistants sitting behind her.

Austria is the safest and most secure state among the European countries. In Austria, the president, the Chancellor and other politicians and prominent personalities walk in the streets unencumbered, go shopping like the rest of the people. They shake hands with the people and talk to them. It would be better if the Norwegian Crown Princess took a lesson in self-confidence from the Austrian President, Chancellor and other politicians and government functionaries. It is an idea and a peace offer which could make the Princess closer to the heart of her nation and  other human beings.

Princess Mette-Marit. A Norwegian journalist allowed me to take his place to shoot this picture.

Frankly, I must say for myself and also on behalf of all the other photographers who felt insulted: We were not happy to see Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit at the opening ceremony of XVIII International AIDS Conference 2010, because she interfered in our journalistic work let her security thugs treat us as less than human beings. One of the photographers asked me: “Why did the princess choose to sit in this place and disturb our work? It would have been better if she sat down with her crew and security somewhere else, and it would have been even be better if she had not come today at all. We are here to cover the conference and not to see her yellow dress and self-importance. Nobody knows who she is and nobody cares about her”.

Picture made while the security thugs were pushing me.

18 comments to The Princess in the Yellow Dress

  • dogismyth

    why did she come? because she could and no one can stop her. Its pure arrogance and egotistical pride that drive these people to do what most normal people would not. They are mostly inbred, so they are likely inept, or mildly retarded, but they can be deviously intelligent in getting what they want.

  • Andy

    There is no posterior orifice like a wealthy, spoiled, self-important posterior orifice.

  • Andy

    Oh, I forgot, See you next Tuesday!

  • Frances

    You see before you the devil in the yellow dress.
    A princess, yes, but also a high-priestess in the
    Satanic arts. She sits on the “board of directors”
    for the illuminati.

  • Ben

    Actually she was [redacted] a commoner, before she married the Crown Prince of Norway! The King was not happy about his son marying a [redacted] with a child [redacted]! But he thretend to abdicate if he refused him to marry her.

  • Natts

    You can’t buy class, and a yellow frock does not automatically confer it either. Also it looks like she could use a diet or a chin lift because she’s looking a little old and haggard.

    I hope that the insulted journos don’t take this affront lying down – after all, the pen is mightier than the sword and right now there are too many journos owned by the main stream media.

  • Anne M. Berg

    She was there to justify her existence that is costing Norwegian taxpayers’ a bundle. She is a commoner and so is the queen – her mother-in-law. It was time to thin out royal bloodlines that were close to severe blood clots. I think royalty has outlived its glory days and they all should be put out to pasture. A useless bunch imho.

  • This what they want you to lean: submission!

    Wake up people those who were in charge hundred years ago still are unless you want to change this. They are just a few thousends…

    Join the peaceful movement: UNITEDWESTRIKE

  • Brigitte in Paris

    Why are all the photos stretched vertically? Is the distortion intentional?

    Answer: The pictures are not stretched or distorted. I only resized them while keeping proportions. If they had allowed me to make better ones, they would be published here.

  • Brigitte in Paris

    P.S.: It’s “princess” not “princes”. Princes means several princes (males). Several females would be “princesses”.

    Answer: Thanks for the note. I found only one word “princes” and corrected it. Sorry for my mistake, the article was posted after midnight.

  • ducq

    For those of us who have thrown out our telly’s… um… who is this supposed to be? I got the fact that she wore a yellow dress, but that’s all I got.

    And being a male, I hate to admit that I both design and sew dresses on occasion, but I must point out that that dress …um …sucks? You could make something better with your eyes shut in Bangkok. Under duress. No pun intended, initially.

    I’m sorry if I sound unnecessarily insulting. It’s just that I read this (and am mildly well read) with the response: “wtf?”


  • John Taurus

    Who gives a crap who she is? She means nothing to me. Just another nice looking lady.

  • Anne M. Berg

    For royal watchers in Europe and elsewhere she is well known. Both she and her mother-in-law (the queen) were Cinderellas who found their princes before the clock struck midnight.

    I believe most Norwegians today would prefer not to have to pay for the upkeep of these useless figureheads. You will find them at royal weddings, state visits, ribbon cutting openings and lots and lots of vacations. And at Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies in Oslo, as in the last one where a Barak Soetoro aka Barack Obama was the recipient. All part of the NWO charade.

  • nedfumpkin

    And yet, were it not for the Princess in the Yellow Dress, I’d have not know there was a conference going on. A bit more controvery and this might have made the mainstream news.

  • One thing is for certain, the “gay” movement and the Illuminati and the homosexual pederasts hiding behind Catholic priestly garments are linked. The Illuminati roots include the Talmud which approves of abusing children. The Freemasonic Illuminati incursion into the Catholic Church’s hierarchy is part of how the Zionists and European Illuminati elites (which core is the royal houses of Europe) use the pederasts to politically control the Vatican and its influence in world wide politics. This is not new, but has been going on and increasing for centuries.

    The so-called gay agenda is a blanket cover for the Illuminati and Freemasonic Catholic Church’s hierarchal pederasts and their New World Order agenda. None of them, including the gay movement, cares at all for the Palestinian or Arab cause. Any linking of the God given rights of the Palestinians and Arabs with the so-called “rights” of the gay agenda will only be utterly detrimental to the Palestinian and Arab cause.

    I pray that pit fall be avoided.

    Thank you Ms. Salam, as always, for your complete journalistic approach reporting on all facets of the events and important issues surrounding the Palestinian cause.


  • x

    They’re AFRAID, and they should be.

  • Phil Glidden

    I have attempted to communicate with you to come to America for a tour before the November elections. I think you coUld do a great deal to counter the Zionist takeover of this country. If interested let me know and I will attempt to raise funds for your travel expenses. -PEG. Check my book on -“Trading on Guilt”

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