A Lovely 55 Year Old Car

Sights of Vienna’s neighborhoods from Wilhelminen mount.

To one of the most beautiful historical locations in Vienna, which was early used for hunting by the nobility, is the Castle on the Wilhelminen mount located on the north-western outskirts of the city. It is surrounded with forests, grape fields and historic wine presses, and it has one of the most beautiful sights of Vienna’s neighborhoods and it’s towers, churches, buildings, and other symbols of the Viennese culture. I went there on Tuesday July 13 2010 to escape from the heat and to inhale the fresh air of the mounts outside of the city. What called my attention there were a number of very old cars, all of them produced between 1955 – 1967 and of the brands Mercedes, Corvette 1960, Opel, Fiat, and Volvo, which were parked before the Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg in the same area.

Chevrolet Corvette 1960.

At the beginning I thought that the old cars were parked there as part of an exhibition or as a preparation for a public auction, then I saw papers fixed on these cares were I read: “Donau-Classic, von Passau nach Wien und zurück, 11. Juli – 17. Juli 2010”. This means “Danube Classic, from Passau to Vienna, from July 11 – 17 2010”. While I was busy taking some pictures of these cars, a middle-aged man wearing a plaid shirt in red, white and black reached one of the cars and opened the front cover, he appeared to be inspecting the motor. I had a small conversation with him. He was Mr. Joachim Lölsdorf, the owner of a black 1965 Mercedes and one of the participants in this excursion. See more photos here.

He said that the cars were not for sale but that they belong to a group of Germans who joined in

Passau, a German on the Danube on the border with Austria, for a tour to Vienna and back in their cars. The trip was organized by a company Classic Car Event.

Mr. Joachim Lölsdorf owner of a Mercedes 1965.

Mr. Lölsdorf stated that all the cars are in good state. He showed me the specification of his car, which was produced in 1965. He bought this car ten years ago and it was in a good state and fully functional. I did some reparations and the maintenance himself. He also told me that he has other two “old-timer” cars, a “VW Käfer Cabrio” produced in 1977, and another Mercedes. Both of them functioning and in a good state. According to Mr. Lölsdorf, these cars are easy to maintain with some basic knowledge of mechanics. The newer models of the same companies (Mercedes, VW, …) are almost impossible to maintain as they are “full with electronics” and specialized technicians and equipment, which can be very expensive, are needed to work on them.

He added that traveling with the old cars is a special enjoyment. “We traveled from Passau through the Wachau region to Vienna, and we will travel back through a different route. I wish Mr. Lölsdorf and the other participants in the tour a beautiful vacation and a safe returning to their homes.

Mercedes 1955.

8 comments to A Lovely 55 Year Old Car

  • I am older than those wonderful vintage Automobiles. I remember them quite well. An age when there was more civility in driving and in people.

    I don’t see it here but my favorite is the Gull Wing Mercedes. They are all very well sculpted. Aesthetics is as much of the heart as it is of appearances. One shows the other.

    Danke shein frau Salam.

    Steve in Vista

  • Rabbit

    I love classic European cars. Older Holdens and Fords can be cool but they lack the class. I drive an older model SAAB myself, because I love the attention to detail and the beautiful finish.

  • Zevetrael

    Ah… when cars were CARS, and not stamped-out pieces of trash fitted with Chinese electronics.

  • Heinz Shultz

    The years from 1955 to 1975 produced the most beautiful cars ever. It seems that after this time aesthetics went the way of the Dodo Bird! Now, cars basically all look the same with about four different variations regardless of the brand. I long for a return to the days of aesthetically pleasing automobiles again.

  • Whiteknight777

    Truly beautiful cars. Cars with real bumpers and lots of chrome.


  • You know I had not thought of this as a privilege but I suppose it is. I live in a lovely town with lots of parks and no snow, despite it being Canada. Every single year over the Spring and Summer there are free outdoor car festivals.

    Vintage autos, Chevvy Conventions, Fabulous Fords, etc. Holy Hot Rod! last year was just grand. I take full advantage and usually fill up my cam card with photos of hood ornaments, interiors, just sleek lines, etc etc and if it were not for the heat, I would probably last for much longer.

    Such is the luxury of living in a non violent part of the world. For this security, I give daily thanks, but it saddens me to realize that this free simple pleasure is not available to others. Can you imagine the joy such a thing would give the people of Palestine? It sounds silly but I am almost crying as I imagine the faces of awe struck children grinning those heart rending smiles they are so generous with.

    Suddenly the urge to do a blog on hood ornaments seems a valid thing. Smiles, a pleasant change from the usual horrors of the day!

  • Shadowhawk

    Ahhh yes, the year 1960 was when this Spirit Form entered the physical! That Vette you show and I are the same age. What an Era that! I feel the same way as Noor Haqiqa about this kind of ‘Doing’. Imagine the faces of the Palestinian people to be able to enjoy a simple pleasure like this? Especially the young ones! Agreed also on how asthetics play a crucial role in the Fine Art of Autos. We don`t see it these days. All original ideas, concepts are put out to pasture. I lament that. But we can do something about that as well. Like instilling in the young, no matter where we live a sense of wonder and exploration in everything we do. That is the pathway to real freedom, freedom of thought, expression, growth and individuality.

  • George Matthews

    Just like everything else that is preserved the cars if it weren’t for the Whites they would be gone. The Jews and Blacks would not sit around restoring cars. The White people restore everything.

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