Leader of Egyptian Jewish Community Convicted for Fraud

Sunday July 11 2010 – The Egyptian daily newspapers reported on Sunday 11 July 2010 that Carmen Weinstein, the head of jewish community in Egypt was sentenced to three years in jail after she was convicted of defrauding Mr. Nabil Badi, an Egyptian businessman, of three million Egyptian pounds (around 520.000 US dollars).

The circumstances of the Weinstein case are connected to the fraudulent sale of a piece of real estate of the jewish community to the Egyptian businessman, Mr. Nabil Badi. Weinstein received the price of the jewish property of 3 million pounds, after what she refused to hand it over to the new owner. Mr. Badi, the new owner of the estate, then proceeded to file a criminal complaint against Weinstein, in which he accused her of a fraudulent sale and stealing his money.

Mr. Badi’s lawyer told the reporters that Weinstein had convinced Mr. Badi that she legally owned the property due to her being the President of the jewish community in Egypt. Mr. Badi discovered later that Weinstein had defrauded him.

Yitzhak Levanon (Itzik Levanon), the son of Shula Cohen, and brother of a war criminal David Kishik, the current Israeli ambassador in Cairo, became very angry with the Egyptian justice after Carmen Weinstein was sentenced to three years jail. He accused the Egyptian government of not protecting the jewish community in Egypt and asked the government to fulfill their duty and to protect jews.

Levanon sent a note protesting the sentence to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, accusing the judiciary of “oppression and cruelty”. He said that the Egyptian judiciary reflected a bias against Weinstein because of her religion. The memorandum of the Israeli ambassador was ignored by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry because it contained a clear threat to the Egyptian government and flagrant interference in the internal affairs of the Egyptian justice.

The zionist “State of Israel” through their envoy condemned the handling of the Weinstein case by the Egyptian judiciary. The IDF radio quoted an earlier message of Levanon to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, in which he whined about receiving bad treatment in Egypt and said that the treatment of Egypt “reached a level that is hard to describe”. He suggested that “the treatment should be in reciprocity”.

Levanon wrote in his earlier message that the Egyptians “restrict our steps in a way which we cannot be describe and characterized”, and also “it is difficult to fix interviews with personalities in Egypt, and more than this the Egyptians are trying to dictate to us what to do and who we can meet. We were asked not to attend the ceremony at the Egyptian Foreign Ministry which was held by the Egyptians to express their solidarity with the African continent”. He added that “if the Egyptians want to deal with us like this, then we should deal with them in the same way because if we ignore their treatment then this will not help”.

Obviously Mr. Levanon sees it fit to insist on the “right” of a jew to steal and defraud somebody who is not jewish, and even that the government of Egypt must protect a jew defrauding an Egyptian, what would put jews above the law in Egypt, as is already the case in many other parts of the world. About the “inability to fix interviews”, it may be related to the incompetence and decided lack of popularity of Shula’s son. In such cases, whining is always an effective albeit unconvincing last refuge. The intervention of an embassy in court cases is always a delicate matter, as the borders between legitimate intervention and intermission in the internal issues of another country can shift easily. The shameless intervention if the israeli ambassador in this case is clear, and it should give everybody pause to question the fraudulent claim of the European jewry to Palestine.

15 comments to Leader of Egyptian Jewish Community Convicted for Fraud

  • From the little to the big, the Zionists show themselves to be Murderers, Liars and Thieves always.

    The world must free Palestine from the grasp of the criminal Zionist entity.

    Free Palestine!


  • Helen Dukke

    really? she did the crime yet the jews demand she be protected? what about the man she robbed! why does he not require protection. the isrlies are anhgry because they cannot control the eygptians like they do the west. i say good for eygpt, its about time they did something right. but i bet they sneak her out of the country in the dead of night. thats what they did with the 911 criminals. they were in isrl faster than we could say hang em high.

  • Floda

    Unrepentant, ruthless, lying, child murdering swindlers, whether in Israel or any other place, from Iceland to Patagonia, Sydney to St Luis. They are the devil in human form with 200 Nukes pointed at Europe and other World Capital cities, including Cairo.

  • Timothy


    Three years in an Egyptian jail should be long enough to kill this [redacted].

  • John Taurus

    The Israelis control Egypt just like they control the United States. These evil [redacted] spawn will get the Jewish [redacted] off. The day these [redacted] are eliminated from the face of the earth should be declared a world-wide holiday that is celbrated world-wide every year. I have no love for these [redacted]. I live in America and not all Americans support the murder of the Arabs by our armed forces to benefit the [redacted] home, Israhell.

  • DA

    Wow! Everyone seems to be fully awake now! Greeeaaaatttt!!! Now what?

  • Steve K

    The plot thickens….as usual. Other media sources are saying they are “waiting sentencing”. Levanon appears to have mixed up his metaphors in suggesting that Egypt doesn’t know how to do business “properly” (presumably the Jewish way). It appears Badi is a corrupt “pissant” and cheats to “survive” according to Levanon. This flies in the face with my business dealings with the Jewish community. Generally speaking, I have found their word is their bond, quite the reverse of a number of unfortunate outcomes with my local Lebanese community. I won’t go as far to say that all Lebanese are out and out crooks, but they operate around the dodgiest standards. With all their flaws the Jews are “generally” good business people and this woman has let their side down. Why has Levanon even bothered to support her?

  • Doug

    Here we can see the direct influence of the talmud at work on the jew. It is ok to steal from the Goy Cattle.
    When the jews throw a fit, you must acquitt. [redacted].

  • Egyptian Jewish Refugee

    Levanon is not from Europe. He is from Lebanon. LOOOL. I doubt Mrs Weinstein committed fraud. This is a set up. The buyer could have checked before hand.

  • Egyptian Jewish Refugee

    Glad you are in Vienna. My mother fled from Vienna when [redacted]. She fled to Jerusalem, Palestine in 1940.
    So you replaced her. I am also a refugee. I had to flee Egypt because I am a Yahud.
    How can you allow these NAZIS to post this antisemitic DRECK on your website?
    It makes you look like an [redacted] sympathiser.

  • When I grew up decades ago, we had Jewish neighbors who were and are fast friends of my family and me. They were not Talmudic. For that matter, they were Sephardic in ancestry, but were part of special movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s of a particular kind of Reform Conservative Judaism that viewed Jesus Christ (PBUH) as a holy prophet (Zionist Talmudic Jews, instead, spit on the mention of Jesus Christ and on Islam). Moreover, these friends of ours would vehemently defend against their own relations and Jewish friends their friendship with us when they were attacked for it. I remember that, particularly at their second son’s wedding we were at. The son was my friend of course.

    They were radically different from Zionist and Talmudic Jews and even Keraite and Ethiopian Jews and the Misvrahim as well. They did not ever spurn the mention of Jesus Christ (PBUH) and treated him with respect due a holy prophet. They did not hate Christians nor Muslims. They hated no one and considered themselves better than no one and never cheated anyone in business. They had a very successful business based on hard work and honesty.

    When I talk about what Zionist Jews and Talmudist Jews do, that is totally different. That is why I utterly despise Talmudism and Zionism, for those are the forms of Judaism that are utterly hateful and intend and do nothing but harm to people.

    The head of that wonderful household told my Dad one time: “..there are Jews and then there are ‘kikes’.” And he meant it. I agree.


  • Mwatwad

    It seems the reply by the E.J.R. is a perfect example of the koolaide guzzlers not getting the hint that yes Mary[redacted]. An embassy sticking its neck out to protect a clear cut criminal?? Does anyone other than the tribal koolaide drinkers think she is a victim of the dumb Egyptian business man? As we can see here, nope.

    The poll results on the side of the page are enlightening. We (or the actual acts of the jew) are waking up those that were asleep. As of the time of my post, 91% (1623 votes) to 9% (170 votes), “Are genocide charges against Israeli officials justified?”. [redacted].

  • bob klinck

    If only one could trust the legal system in any country. I certainly don’t trust the one we have in Canada. Here we are supposed to have a fundamental Charter of Rights, but it couldn’t even protect me from having my academic degrees, from a major Canadian university, nullified by officials of the House of Commons (the source of our laws) over two decades ago, a situation that has yet to be rectified. No matter where one is, there is one law for ordinary citizens and another for the “elite” (read: “thugs at the top”), the latter being shielded from accountability by an army of grateful appointees to remunerative positions. Nowadays so many legal verdicts and actions of government are questionable that all of them have become suspect. One can only hope that the Egyptian court functioned judiciously and impartially and that the guilty party in the affair is the one being punished.

  • Moise Rahlani

    This article is full of hate. You should be ashamed of writing sucb nonsenses.
    Carmen Weistein was sentenced in absentia (she was not called to court neither her lawyer. Is that what you call justice ?
    On her fisrt trial she was founded innocent and released. A crook forged a power of attorey and stole the money.
    Is she responsabla for that ?
    Why don’t you talk about the billions the Arab States stole from the Jews they expelled from their homeland ? We were nearly one million living since centuries, milleniums, long long before the Arabe invasion.

    You ask people to be polite. Are you polite when you treat Ambassador Levanon like that ? What his mother and his brother do with that ?

    Answer: What are you saying? I did not insult anybody. I just wrote the truth. The news about Shula Cohen were published in the Israeli newspapers, specifically in YnetNews and Ma’ariv. David Kishk was 6 month under the police investigation. In 2000 a military committee of six IDF reserve commanders was established to investigate his crimes. They recommended to bring him before justice. Then everything disappeared and became quite. It is corruption, it is double standards.

    The news about your heroes are ugly, this has nothing to do with me.

  • Phil Glidden

    Your e-mail address has been compromised. Please reply to me with new site.

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