Angels and Devils: Mozart, Strauss, Hitler, Hertzl

On last Friday July 2 2010, Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, a Professor and researcher at Bethlehem and Bir Zeit Universities, a human rights activist who lived 28 years in the USA, returned to his homeland Palestine to demonstrate non-violently against the Apartheid Wall, the massive uprooting of olive trees, the destruction of homes and children’s playgrounds, arrived in Vienna. Qumsiyeh was arrested several times by the Israeli occupation and released after interrogation. At Okaz, Arab- Austrian Cultural Center in the forth district, Qumsiyeh gave a speech. A wonderful, warm and emotional evening was held in Okaz. A group of attendees with of different political colors attended the Qumsiyeh evening and eagerly listened to his speech. Qumsiyeh had a good impression about Vienna, and he wrote an impressive diary about his visit. I was invited, but could not attend because of a personal issue.

I can only add to the thoughts of Dr. Qumsiyeh that Vienna, this quite nice place where I live and where Zionism had its main origin, is the ideal place to also bury this genocidal ideology. Below is what Dr. Qumsiyeh wrote and sent me in copy.

Everything is ordered in Vienna where I gave two talks on the popular resistance in Palestine.  Rows after rows of colorful buildings. All with 5-8 floors with housing complexes and offices. The public transportation and the public housing are in a sociality city seems to function uniformly in many ways. But of course this is a city that also generates out of the ordinary characters. My thoughts wonder on the variety of those sons of Austria: Mozart, Hitler, Hertzl, Schwarzenneger. They were/are extraordinary individuals that went beyond other countrymen. Perhaps each individual has those two sides, the angel and the devil whispering in our ears.

Ordinary people live ordinary lives not having the courage to pursue the whispering dreams of their angels and/or devils. The exceptional individuals go for the maximum dreams some of them in the most creative and positive way while others in the most destructive ways. We pass by the Landtmann Café where Theodore Hertzl sipped his coffee and planned to create a Jewish state. Most Viennese pass by hundreds of plazas and their names evoke no emotion and most indeed today do not know who Theodore Hertzl is or what he stood for. Like that other Austrian Adolf Hitler, Hertzl built a reputation by playing to the most basic and banal of human emotions: fear, greed, hate, tribalism. Other Austrians built a career appealing to the most uplifting of human emotions: love, hope, generosity, humanism. We are always inspired by the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johan Strauss. We are blessed by Austrian inventors like Josef Madersperger (invented the sewing machine in 1818) and Peter Mitterhofer (inventor of the typewriter). And I am hard pressed when asked to name decent politicians from anywhere but the very few names that pop to mind certainly include the Austrian Bruno Kreisky, Chancellor from 1970-1983 and the first Jewish Austrian in that office who opened Europe to the PLO in the early 1970s to the chagrin of the Zionist movement.

There are controversial Austrians who come to mind and would receive mixed reviews: Kurt Waldheim, diplomat and politician, Secretary-General of the United Nations 1972-1982 and President of Austria 1986-1992; and Martin Buber, a Jewish philosopher.

But as a scientist, I have always admired Karl Popper a philosopher of science who was born in Austria, became British and developed some of the best description of what constitutes scientific methods. When I wear my geneticist, Gregor Mendel is there with me and when I put my Zoologist hat, I cannot help but think of Konrad Lorenz.

But back to Hertzl who contributed to 110 years of conflict and suffering for millions of people.  Hertzl wrote in his diaries that “Anti-Semites will become our surest friends, anti-Semitic countries our allies.” Instead of working to better life for all people, he chose to mimic ethnocentric chauvinistic nationalism in Europe and export it to another land whose people had nothing to do with what was happening in Europe. Another famous Austrian Jew, father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, rejected Zionism because it has within it the same seeds of human frailty that he could easily comprehend.  To wit, Freud wrote once to a Zionist who tried to recruit him:

“I cannot do as you wish. I am unable to overcome my aversion to burdening the public with my name, and even the present critical time does not seem to me to warrant it. Whoever wants to influence the masses must give them something rousing and inflammatory and my sober judgment of Zionism does not permit this.

I certainly sympathize with its goals, am proud of our University in Jerusalem and am delighted with our settlement’s prosperity. But, on the other hand, I do not think that Palestine could ever become a Jewish state, nor that the Christian and Islamic worlds would ever be prepared to have their holy places under Jewish care. It would have seemed more sensible to me to establish a Jewish homeland on a less historically-burdened land. But I know that such a rational viewpoint would never have gained the enthusiasm of the masses and the financial support of the wealthy. I concede with sorrow that the baseless fanaticism of our people is in part to be blamed for the awakening of Arab distrust.I can raise no sympathy at all for the misdirected piety which transforms a piece of a Herodian wall into a national relic, thereby offending the feelings of the natives. Now judge for yourself whether I, with such a critical point of view, am the right person to come forward as the solace of a people deluded by unjustified hope.”

Thus, as we leave this beautiful orderly city that generates amazing characters of all sorts, we reflect on the brilliance of insight and ingenuity of its people as well as the common human frailty which still infects our species today.  Those like Herzl and Hitler and Netanyahu who build careers catering to the worst of our characters (greed, racism, fear) and those brilliant individuals who go after their dreams of leaving the earth a little better.  Creating something that is beautiful instead of ideas that lead to hate and wars.  Unfortunately most people are apathetic and chose neither course.  But those that go after the positive energy leave us with something to celebrate.  Those that create systems based on fear and greed create conflicts and war and history only relegates them to the dustbin of infamy.

The Austrians I met with were ashamed to Hitler and Hertzl and justifiably proud of Mozart and Freud.  There are more of the latter in every country today than in the dark days 100 years ago.

PS: Thank you to our wonderful hosts in Vienna especially Frigga Karl and Dr. George Nicola. And we were honored to meet so many good people who enriched our experiences.

16 comments to Angels and Devils: Mozart, Strauss, Hitler, Hertzl

  • H.F. Wolff

    Ms Kawther,

    Another important invention by an Austrian is the electric light bulb.

    I believe that the first ones were made by an Austrian jeweler who used them to illuminate his shop’s display window.

    This was long before Edison in the USA entered the picture and who is generally credited with “inventing” the light bulb. It would be more honest and sufficient to credit him with making a commercial success of this invention.

    As to A.H… The jury is still out on that sorry tale.

    All the best, H.F. Wolff

  • neil

    universe is dreaming
    patterns through the heart
    innocense is screaming
    tearing us apart
    beauty that once was
    crys into the sky
    the truths that taught us once
    all been turned to lies
    damaging the frequencies
    the in connecting streams
    the perfect patterns of our love
    torn by the seams
    I wish I could fix it all
    I try with all my might
    but I think it needs everyone
    to connect that inner light
    the love within all of us
    as you say some people scared
    I dont know why that is
    true love seems rather rare
    so I will carry on
    writing poems every day
    for all of you my brothers and sisters
    till true love’s here to stay.


  • neil

    you are a beautiful extremely brave lady kawther, your husband must be very proud of you.

    Thank you for your friendly words. Kawther

  • gercelticw2

    As long as greatness is based on propaganda and lies, Wien, the center of the German Reich in the East (Ost-Reich), will be a sorry spectacle.
    The distortions and brainwash and murders for propaganda and profit (about the second WW) have to stop now!

  • Andreas

    For some strange reason we choose to judge A.Hitler only from the standpoint of one ethnic group, forgetting that if he really were bad to everyone around him, then the German people would hardly wanted to support him, and the war probably would never happen. Still they did, and together they brought Germany from doom and ruins back to prosperity. Did they know something we don’t anymore? What is it? I hope it wasn’t political correctness – I believe it was TRUTH.

    J. Stalin gets a whole different judgment: no one mentions millions perished in Gulags, in Ukraine during an artificial famine, during the Purge and WW2. On the contrary, his monuments are about to be re-erected in several different places, and that brings up a question – Why? Where is the truth here?

    • Oh, this is simple. When you truthfully discuss Stalin and his era you cannot bypass Stalin’s “willing executioners”. Most prominent among them were Jews.This is the reason that last book written by Nobel prize laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn “200 Years Together” was never translated to English. Jews cannot refute this fact based historical book (Solzhenitsyn was Jew himself and his book is based on his own experience as well as research in the Russian archives). Since Stalin and his “willing executioners” surpass Hitler in genocide and many Jews were directly responsible for Stalinist crimes, this topic become taboo in Jew controlled media.

  • ThoamsT

    Before you also call Hitler the devil, you should find out who brainwashed him, financed him, supplied his tank engines and refuelled him to extend the war. And to why he allowed one third of a million trapped Brit troops to go home from Dunkirk.

  • hereward

    Don’t forget the Austrian economists, with Ludwig von Mises in the forefront, who were mostly Jews.

  • I think that trying to compare Hitler to Napolean (you didn’t mention which Napolean) is a bit of a stretch. You can read the speech by Hitler at Unlike others who had fought battles in the field leaving women and children out of it, Hitler wanted to kill ALL Polish people and ALL Russians. It wasn’t only jews that he was after. So I would call him pure evil.

    • PaulS

      Sorry Paddy,
      The speech supposedly given by Hitler and found in secret documents after the war were FAKES. All German soldiers going into battle in Poland and Russia were given special orders to treat the locals with respect. Captured Polish Officers were even allowed to keep their side-arms. Many of the ‘Secret documents’ found after the war have been faked by Allied Propaganda units.

    • Rabbit

      Yes we all know the propaganda Paddy, but that speech was a fake produced after the war.

      An honest assesment including all known historical facts leaves clear that Germany was more of the victim than the aggressor in both wars. That Jewish interests started both wars and the purpose for them at least was the very Holocaust, a means to an end for them and the financial reward to be had from looting Germany afterwards and the ongoing reparations.

  • Drew

    The propaganda in the media and halls of academia have raised Freud unjustifiably to the level of an Austrian hero. Freud detested non-Jews, as his diaries and letters clearly show. He saw psychoanalysis as a means to bring destruction and confusion upon Gentile society by undermining its values and culture. Carl Jung observed, correctly, that Freudian psychoanalysis could offer nothing to a non-Jewish individual because it is thoroughly alien in its premises. That the Gentile Austrians worship this man who had such a low regard of them just shows you how little people want to think for themselves.

  • neil

    look forward to you next writings kawther..
    may your loving beauty and graciousness express in its fullest potency..peace be upon you sister

  • Freud was a Fraud. Hertzl was a fraud.
    Multiculturalism is a fraud.
    Open borders- free trade- unchecked immigration is a fraud.
    Political Correct speech a fraud. Me thinks.. all parasitic elements to breakdown western civilization.[redacted]

  • ralph

    All my prayers are for you and for the cause we share. Your light shines in loving compassion and I stand in solidarity with you and against this demon. WE, are THE eternal One.

  • Hertzl and Hitler, are the two most ignominious names in the most evil Satanic history of Zionism.

    Hertzl along with Hess, Marx, Engels and Bakunin et al, originated from the bourgeoisie intelligentsia salons of Europe. The lineage of those pseudo-intellectual contrivances was earlier on from the French enlightenment, which had as its progenitor the English Freemasonic intellectual gatherings. Those were imported into France and the resulting waves of revolution, beginning with Robespierre’s reign of terror, resulted over time in three of the worst movements ever known to man. All three have as their root the hatred of God and the doctrine of elites ruling over a slave class. Those three are Communism, Political Zionism (though Zionism per se predates this and was inherited into Political Zionism) and Nazism. Earlier Zionism was the base for Communism. In Germany, the Social Democratic movement (a form of Communist Socialism) became the base for Nazism. All three have done immeasurable harm to people, nations and the world at large.

    Hitler, at all times, was an ally of the Zionists, as was Stalin. Both Communism and Nazism are aspects of Zionism.

    Today Communism, is hiding awaiting a comeback, but is hated by a large number of people who remember the Gulags etc. Let us hope it dies forever. Today, Nazism only survives in the clandestine, and now more and more openly implemented, halls of power of the Zio-Colonial stooge known as the former United States of America. Together with the British Freemasonic halls of power, which actually rules England, this is the main support for the Zionists.

    The Zionists in occupied Palestine are the most overtly evil tyrannical unlawful criminal attempt to enslave and genocidally murder the innocent Palestinians. Only the Palestinians have lawful claim to the land.

    Thanks you as always, Ms. Salam, for the insightful and to the point journalism.

    Free Palestine and the world!


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