A Gay Parade for the Gaza Concentration Camp

Participants in the Vienna Rainbow Parade 2010

When will the first Gay Pride take place in Gaza? Answer yourself!

This question was posted by the Viennese City Councilor Mr. Marco Schreuder on my blog as part of a comment and discussion on my article “Gay Parade Subverted by Zionists”. In this article strongly I defended the right of gays, and at the same time criticized information without source printed in a leaflet or a “magazine” which was distributed during the parade. I originally thought that this flyer was form the Green Party, but Mr. Schreuder wrote me to complain about my error. I corrected this and offered my apologies in written in Emails to Mr. Schreuder and in the article. The magazine (it was not a flyer) was being distributed by an organization called MiGay and was carrying advertisement for the Green Party.

Between this magazine which was distributing unsourced information which looked implausible about oppression of homosexuals in some Muslim countries, the omission in this same magazine of information regarding terrorist attacks, murders, insults and repression against homosexuals in Israel, from the Knesset and the religious authorities, and ultimately the presence of an israeli soldier at the parade, I decided that I had to write something. The gay and lesbian issue or this community is normally not something I write about, and if I had not seen all these things last Saturday, I would most probably have written a small article and posted some pictures.

Two days after posting my article Mr. Schreuder wrote ordering me to delete it and calling me a liar. His tone reminded me of the calls from the offices of the israeli generals after most of my articles, also ordering me to “take down, delete, correct” whatever I had written back then. It needed two or three Emails until he stopped giving me orders and somehow condescended to explain to me what was wrong in his opinion. I corrected the wrong attribution of the magazine (and calling it a “pamphlet), and apologized.

Palestinian civilians and medics run to safety during an Israeli strike over a UN school in Beit Lahia, northern Gaza Strip early on January 17, 2009. A woman and a child were killed early today in the Israeli strike on the UN-run school in northern Gaza where civilians were sheltering from the fighting, medics and witnesses said. Fierce clashes were underway around the school as Israeli tanks exchanged fire with Palestinian militants, they said. Pic. Credit: AFP - Mohammad Abed

I did not apologize out of weakness, but out of respect for the truth, credibility, my readers and the ethics of  journalism, but it seems to me that Mr. Schreuder did not understand the meaning of my apology. The bad taste of my article still in his mouth, and the result of my apology were more impolite Emails and comments on that article, one of which I deleted because it was offensive and inappropriate; this brought me the accusation of “censoring”.

Here is the comment of Mr. Schreuder which I deleted:

“Now you corrected, that it wasn’t a Green leaflet, but you still attack MiGay for something they wrote, which is totally correct: Death penalty against Gays & Lesbians only exist in Muslim countries, while Gays and Lesbians can asopt children in Israel. It is a fact, your propaganda is as wrong as imaginable. And MiGay is a group of Gay & Lesbian immigrants, who should get all iour support, and there ary many Muslims in that group. It is still the most disgusting article I have read about Vienna Pride. SHAME ON YOU! PS: When will the first Gay Pride take place in Gaza? Answer yourself!”.

I trashed that comment of Mr. Schreuder after reading it. I could not believe that somebody who advertises himself and his party as “cosmopolitan out of conviction” (“Weltoffen auf Überzeugung”).

  • How is it possible to offend the Palestinians of Gaza in this way, leveraging blanket accusations against these people who are victims of genocide on part of the israelis?
  • How can anybody of sound mind become offended because there are no gay parades in this extermination camp?

Kaukab Al Dayah, murdered by zionists. She was not from Hamas.

The people of Gaza are under a blockade which is constantly increasing in severity since about 1996. These people have nothing, they have shortage of food, no medical facilities, irregular electricity, most buildings are reduced to rubble, most children suffer of anemia because they get no food, and those who can go to classes among the ruins of their former schools, there are massive health problems caused by the use of  forbidden weapons by the israelis, and most people suffer severe mental trauma since the so-called Operation Cast Lead at the beginning of 2009, which blanketed them with phosphor bombs, cold-blooded murder, destruction of agricultural areas, and even more poverty on top of their already ruinous conditions.

Only among the European and American squatters who come to my country to steal and murder under the protection of  the Israeli soldiers have I seen such callousness, to heap the culpability of their afflictions on the shoulders of the victims of outright genocide.

It is clear that Mr. Schreuder does not understand the Palestinian suffering and oppression. He distanced himself from the unanimous resolution which the municipal council of Vienna passed unanimously against the Israeli massacre on board of Mavi Marmara last 31 May (read here). He is free to think and to say what he wants. The elections stands before the door in Vienna and the 15.000 who demonstrated against this massacre in Vienna last month, and their friends and families, will have their say at the ballots.

Mr. Schreuder was not happy that I deleted his last comment (the one which is quoted above) asking when the first Gay Pride parade will take place in Gaza. His last comment was:

“Is it too offensive here, to ask when the first Gay Pride will take place in Gaza? And why Israel allows Gays to adopt children? This is just propaganda and has nothing to do with facts. This website is undemocratic as it censors comments.”

My answer to his comment was:

“As I see it, it is far beyond offensive and shameless to ask if and when a gay pride parade will take place in an extermination camp. That none has taken place may also have to do with more mundane priorities like eating, having a place to live and tending to sick and injured relatives.

But you are welcome to do whatever you think will make Palestinian culture richer, even more:

I challenge you to organize a gay pride parade with at least 90% Palestinian gays and lesbians among the participants, in Hebron, first. Since that area is free of Hamas, it should suppose no problem for you to get permission from the israelis. After you have done that, go to Gaza and do the same there. I am sure that everybody will welcome your ideas and your enterprising spirit. And send me pictures and all info about your adventures as a white man bringing enlightenment to the benighted natives of Palestine, so that I can publish them here. And also send me your travel diary with all details of your talks with the israeli authorities in Hebron and Hamas in Gaza.

Now, the only question is: will you take the challenge or will you weasel out of this?”

The way to the Gay Parade in Hebron passes through here.

I take him by his word and challenge Municipal Councilor Mr. Marco Schreuder, who thinks that it is important to have a Gay Pride Parade, to the following:

  • a) to organize a Gay Pride Parade in Hebron, my home city, in which at least 90% of the participants are Palestinian gays and lesbians from the West Bank. At the very least, the parade should march through the full length of Al-Shuhada street in the center of the city. Hebron is free of Hamas influence, so it should suppose no problem for him to get this project on track during the next year or so.
  • b) after he has successfully organized done Hebron, to organize and implement a Gay Pride Parade anywhere in the Gaza strip, with as many gays and lesbians of Gaza as possible and with anybody else who manages to get in.

I ask to receive extensive picture, video and information material from both parades, which I will publish here. I also ask from Mr. Schreuder that when he goes to Hebron he brings my mother a small present from me, and sends me a picture of himself together with her.

I just want to caution Mr. Schreuder that not even the birds can get into Gaza or the West Bank, which are two giant concentration camps. I still wish him the best of lucks if he takes up this challenge. I know that in the name of all Palestinians I can say that he and his gay pride parades will receive a warm welcome, if he and his friends survive the Mediterranean and are not shot by the Israelis.

The Mayor of Hebron can be contacted here:
Major: Mr. Khaled Osaily
Cell Phone: 009725599211211
Tel: ++ 9722 2227992
Fax: ++ 9722 2228167

The Hamas authority in Gaza can be contacted here .

I am sure that the Austrian Embassy in Tel Aviv will also be of great assistance to Mr. Schreuder. I sincerely hope that he decides to take up this challenge and uses this opportunity to become a true hero to many people.

27 comments to A Gay Parade for the Gaza Concentration Camp

  • Ms. Salam, your sense of biting humor in the face of hypocritical macabre self serving unfounded criticism, is utterly to the point. Which point is, of course, that anyone who ignores or obfuscates or tries to detract from the cause of Palestine and the Palestinians for the sake of vain hubris and mockery, is as guilty as the IsraHellis in the evil devastation visited upon Palestine.

    Free Palestine!

    Thank you Ms. Salam, as always, for your first rate journalism.

    Steve in Vista

  • mcmn

    Dear Kawther,

    I always admire your courage in delivering true and honest reporting.

    Its very hard to find out what actually happen there in your homeland and reading your reports fill up the large void left out by the world media.

    Thank you and keep up the fight in spreading the truth and awareness to the masses.

  • Ivan

    It seems to me that your support for sodomite degenerates is in order to make the Palestinian cause abhorrent to normal people of all creeds. You are astute enough to know that homosexuality is an inborn, genetic and incurable mental disorder which is the tree upon which all other mental diseases grow and is the root of all evil.

    So, are you a traitor to your own people or simply a closet lesbian?

    I am a Jew and I couldn`t care less if Gaza is turned into a self-illuminating glass parking lot but the question is worth asking.

    • As always the most bigoted comments come from people who feel “choosen” and “couldn’t care less”.

      • Ivan

        So,Ms.Salam, being straight and not buying into the lies invented by satanic medical establishment about what homosexuality really is (it`s not a “lifestyle” but an inborn genetic mental illness)is bigotry?
        So, what is the difference between you and a NWO/ZOG-sponsored Jewish psychiatrist?

        I only feel “chosen” because I have a mind of my own, not because I`m a Jew.
        I`m a lot more aware of the evils perpetrated by Jews than you ever will be.

        I “couldn`t care less” if Gaza is turned into a glass parking lot because I believe in the law of natural selection. Jews have nukes and the best airforce on the planet while you have rocks. Arabs used to have a magnificent culture and science but they destroyed it all and turned themselves into cavemen. It is a sad situation.

        If we ever met, I would share a cup of coffee with you and a joint in case you smoke.
        PS. Learn to take defeat gracefully (and stop promoting degeneracy aka Entartung ).

      • You obviously misunderstood the article,and you also misread my motivation for posting it. I am not a traitor to my people and I am not lesbian. You know nothing about me.

        The ugly word “entartet” describes individuals who lack a sense of common humanity with others, who have grandiose notions of superiority, who never understand the essence of what is said, who do not understand humor, whose moral views differ radically from those of normal human beings and who entertain a notions like “moral autonomy”. It has nothing to do with either hetero- or homosexuality. It is individuals who have naturally selected themselves towards the fringes of the human family.

        Who would want to meet somebody like that? Not me.

  • boycottisrael

    Why should Gaza have a gay pride parade? Why dont they have vegetarian pride marches or a global warming day; why dont they have Elton John concerts; why dont they have legal brothels, hash cafe’s and wet t- shirt contests? Some cultures still believe sexuality is a private matter and doesn’t call for marches. Some places havent been subjected to years of politically correct programming/ cultural warfare.

    • Elijah

      I can happily accept the view that sexuality is a private matter which should not be paraded. (I, too, suspect that bizarre gay pride marches do not help the many gays and lesbians who, aside from their choice of sexual and romantic partner, want to be seen as “normal” people). What I can NOT accept is the bashing and murder of people based on their (private) behaviour, which is what happens to gays and lesbians (and other “dishonourables”) throughout the muslim world.

  • Truth

    Why are you promoting a parade for perverts??? Those who love perversions hate good and God!

  • Frank

    Great article, Kawther. You really exposed his cultural chauvinism and hypocrisy.

    There will time to celebrate all sorts of pride in the future, but the Palestinian people must focus on survival and overcoming their Zionist overlords first.

    Then we can have all sorts of parades and celebration.

    And all you little homophobes need to grow up and get a brain. Seriously, your juvenile bigotry isn’t going to make people turn into hetero breeders all of a sudden, so just accept it as a fact of life and move on.

    • Jeffrey

      really, calling people homophobes isnt being juvenile?? Some people have a higher beleif system that goes beyond their own judgement, which is called faith, something that you and your ilk are apparentley lacking.

  • ducq

    I present a very simple question. Knowing the inevitable reactions from such an article, what exactly was the motive to write it?

    And given those motives, what exactly do we conclude?

    Idiots remain idiots, regardless of what ’cause’ they pretend to champion.



  • ibis

    Thanks Kawther!
    U got it exactly right. – Hence the reactions!

    “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for
    people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”
    — Noam Chomsky

    Thank you!

  • Jeffrey

    Phew!!!!! I just thought that this blasphemy was regulated to the USA, so it happens over there too? {sarcasm}

  • boycottisrael

    I’ve got nothing against Gay Pride, but we shouldn’t condemn people with religious belief and modesty (gay or hetro). The west should quit preaching poitical correctness; actions speak louder than words- and marches. Gazans have got more to worry about. Palestinians seem to hold an admirable ‘live and let live’ attitude. Watch this:
    to see how restrained Gazans where even while being bombed to kingdom come. The film shows remarkably little hatred, just incomprehension and sadness for all humanity that such an outrage could befall them.
    Peace, live and let live.

  • Rabbit

    Hopefully never. I grew up having inherited my society’s tolerance/acceptance of homosexuals and my life has been a testimony to this. However the Gay agenda as it is now in our Western countries has gotten out of control, and there is not enough space to go into it all now, except to say they are making “Gay” the new normal, they have become the next best represented group to the Jews who dominate media and entertainment, and this is all to the exclusion of heterosexual relationships and families. Indeed it is becoming a genuine threat to these things, and my own kids noticed the preponderance of homosexual sex education in school, spending less than a third of the course time discussing normal heterosexual sex whilst the rest was all about Gay sex and perversions of every kind, even bestiality is given more than a healthy treatment. Frankly a mere single sentence mention of the practice would seem adequate for any youngster’s education wouldn’t you think?

    The kids are literally made to feel as if gay is more cool than straight and the result is that the number of people who identify as Gay, is increasing. Anyone who thinks this is right and as it should be, is a part of the problem already. Gay parades on the whole offend me these days, where as once they at least seemed to have a purpose of bringing a persecuted minority’s cause to prominance. Now they are not persecuted, they are instead given preferential treatment as I said in media and entertainment, second only to Jews.

    I have withdrawn my support for the gay cause, on the grounds they are now encroaching upon OUR liberty to continue procreating and ensuring the survival of the species, both physically and spiritually.

  • Rabbit

    By the way, as an Australian, the “inherited acceptance of gays” I refer to is that achieved in the sixties and seventies, which whilst not total did set the ball rolling and it was more or less total acceptance by the early nineties. You’ll never get 100% for any cause, but once the society has reached equilibrium it is time to stop pushing. The danger of continuing to push your cause within society once the equilibrium has been rerached is that you force a backlash and the pendulum swings back or extremism is hatched.

    I understand gays do suffer more oppression than is fair in Islamic societies but the day they have “Gay Parades” as a regular occurence will be coincident with a whole new set of problems because the moral decay will be well advanced by then.

  • Rabbit

    Ivan your comments are ugly, and indicative of the psychotic mindset which is the Zionist Jew. It pleases me that you don’t try on the usual denial that Jews can do wrong, you seem to imply you know they rarely do anything else, or at least I hope that’s what you meant. However the unconscious anti-human and bestial attitude is exactly what I mean when I point out Zionists appear to be demons.

    What you’re referring to in “selection of the fittest” is a natural law, but as such is not one we get to “choose” we are chosen by it. It may appear to you that Israel has a very powerful position militarily and that ARab’s do not or that they have squandered their culture etc.

    I’d suggest your viewpoint is limited, that you fail to recognise that the ASWrabs have been kept down and put into that position, since the French and British first dominated their lands and the main powers are engaged in installing and supporting the worst possible governments for the interests of their people and those few who manage to maintain some independence are subject to constant ongoing and preposterous provocations and sanctions and outright military hostility.

    Selection of ther fittest may include many factors of which we are not aware and the Israel may well fall more quickly and easily than you could imagine. There may be a God who does intend to bring justice to a long suffering people, who knows the Bible thumpers may be right, at least about the pattern of events even if most fail to realise just who the real Israelite descendents are and who are the fake Jews who are children of their father satan. Maybe a benevolent alien race is about to lend a hand and swat the nasties and who knows, maybe there is some sort of cosmic balance which ensures that good does always triumph in the end.

    A reading of Roy Tov’s web site where he outlines Israel’s vulnerability from a military standpoint, should give any “enemy of Israel” cause to rejoice actually.

    You wouldn’t want to mistake the massed military attacks on defenseless civilian targets which the IDF carries out, as examples of military prowess, and if you consider the results of the IDF’s attempt to take on Hisb Allah in 2006, and how they got their asses handed to them by a quite small force of paramilitaries with light arms, and the details about its previous actual victories in war, you’d be a fool to assume the IDF is an all conquering force. Particularly if you recall that the day Israel does pull out all stops as it keeps threatening, so too their enemies are going to do the same. The outcome of that will be predictable if you look at a map and have a normal sense of spatial reasoning.

  • Ivan

    There is only one issue which Jews,Muslims,Christians,Nazis and Stalinists agree upon which is the abhorrence of homosexuality. Homosexuality is the face of Satan. Being an inborn genetic disease it in itself doesn`t warrant execution. But promoting homosexuality is an evil act which should be severely punished including death penalty in the cases when the homo propaganda is targeted at children. It`s the same as promoting the joys of schizophrenia or shooting dope.

    Every normal person instictively knows this inspite of the NWO brainwashing.

    PS. Palestinians do not exist.
    Could you please tell us what Palestinian language is or the names of Palestinian kings and what the Palestinian currency is? The notion of Palestinians is one of the biggest historical frauds.

  • Ivan

    The absolute majority of prison populations in every country are homos. It is because homosexuality is the root cause of sociopathy and criminal behaviour. Also, normal people do not break even some of the not so sensible laws out of fear of jail because they know that in jail they will be surrounded by homos. Homos on the other hand, WANT to go to jail and have no fear of it because jail for them is like a harem for a normal guy.

    About 30% of homos confess to coprophilia (I could use plainer language but would refrain out of respect for Ms.Salam). Please study in depth what homosexuality really is and then decide whether you want to piggyback Palestinian cause on the gay “rights” issue in order to entice liberasts to support your cause.
    So far I`m simply helping you to avoid making major political mistakes in your struggle (about which I don`t give a dead rat`s ass).

  • Ms. Salam, your sense of biting humor in the face of hypocritical macabre self serving unfounded criticism, is utterly to the point. Which point is, of course, that anyone who ignores or obfuscates or tries to detract from the cause of Palestine and the Palestinians for the sake of vain hubris and mockery, is as guilty as the IsraHellis in the evil devastation visited upon Palestine.

    Free Palestine!

    Thank you Ms. Salam, as always, for your first rate journalism.

    Steve in Vista

  • I may repeat myself here with things I have said already. There is a reason.

    ‘Ms. Salam, your rights are complete and without question concerning what you author. Your reasonableness in your conditions for quoting you is totally to be respected.’

    The real reason some may try to disregard what you say is that they do not have a rebuttal against it at all or it embarrasses them that a woman has courage they do not have. God bless you sister Kawther.

    Your journalism is professional and absolutely first rate. Therefore a certain kind of Zionist style of propaganda will try to change the subject or twist or distort the subject. That is just desperation on their part. It shows how close they are to being thrust out of all civilized society.

    Ms. Salam, your sense of biting humor in the face of hypocritical macabre self serving unfounded criticism, is utterly to the point. Which point is, of course, that anyone who ignores or obfuscates or tries to detract from the cause of Palestine and the Palestinians for the sake of vain hubris and mockery, is as guilty as the IsraHellis in the evil devastation visited upon Palestine. When some people pretend to not understand – it is only because they have nothing to justify their opposition to the Palestinian cause – for the Palestinian cause is just before God, Allah (SWT), and ‘Isa al-Maseeh and Muhammad and Moses (peace be upon them) witness to this.

    As always, thank you for your hard work and most moving articles and accurate reporting and deep insight. All of this must be respected and observed for the sake of justice.

    Ms. Salam, don’t ever be fooled by the Zionist tricks, including their tricks of confusion when writing. I know you will not be fooled by them. You are much too smart and composed for them to get to.

    The brutal savagery of the Zionist Jews shows to the world the subhuman demons that they have made themselves into. The Zionist Jews are not going to change. They must be expelled from Palestine immediately and forever.

    Steve in Vista

  • Rabbit

    Ivan your semantics don’t impress me. Palestinians do not need to prove anything, it is a historical fact they are the original owners and inhabitants of all of historical Palestine, which name and geographical location have been identified in antiquity and as long ago that there were no more national identities than could be counted on one hand, and Jews/Israelites whatever were not even a glint in the mind’s eye of some weird old dudes in the desert inventing a mythology to help them get lots of wine, women and gold and an easy ride for their kind.

    As I have come to understand particularly well whilst reading Professor Shlomo Sand’s “Invention of the Jewish People”; national identities and countries as such are a fairly recent invention. Modern national borders are especially artificial in many cases and the results of politics of the last hundred years or so. Always however there is a tendency to invent a national mythos. Some brave and monumental telling which invariably stretches back into antiquity and involves brave deeds against great odds and the eventual subjugation of the elements or the enemy (often a displaced previous tenant) the now united people are a nation which sees itself as timeless and god given.

    In some cases there is more truth to the myths and legends than others but even then the telling is usually one sided and meant to boost the positive and unified aspects of the “nation” thus conceived.

    The Palestinians have thousands of years old continuous ownership and occupation of Palestine. This is a fact attested to by contemporary recorded history from numerous sources, not to mention the fact of their existence was incorporated into the Torah which was itself largely mythical. Based upon borrowed myths of older religions and with some historical facts and places interwoven. Thus it is ironic that the ONLY source of the “national history” claimed by Jews used the real history of the people they would displace to help form the myth of their own in the first place. The Philistines were real Ivan, but David did not slay Goliath, there was no Kingdom of Solomon and No great unified Kingdom of Israel. There was no exodus from Egypt, in fact the time allotted by “biblical historians” (snicker) for the events of Passover saw no mass escape of slaves, they had no great numbers of Hebrew slaves, none of the miracles or plagues occurred (and we know thanks to being able to read the massive amount of records and data from ancient Egypt most of which is deciphered today. Not to mention Archeology again of course, all of which has tended to demolish the entire story. There was no millions of people wandering around in the desert fro four years, let alone forty. There isn’t a trace of them, and there are traces of many more things, less likely to have survived and from much older times as well, in all the places that no actual proof has ever been found.

    Worse still, the only mention of Israel is on the well known Merneptah Stela and relates how “Israel is laid waste; its seed is no more.” And it is clearly referring to a small entity within its own considerable borders at that time. AND the place to which the supposed Moses led “Jews” eventually came, Palestine as it happens to be, was part of Egypt also at that time. This means oh ye of a fake and mythical history, that those Hebrew slaves who never existed in the first place, supposedly escaped via a series of miracles against the most powerful man who ever ruled a kingdom on this earth relative to his day and age (which yet left not a trace in any contemporary records or archaeological artefacts despite a detailed picture of that time and of much older times to compare) and after crossing a sea which could be crossed by foot for the most part at that time anyway, then wandered forty years without leaving a trace and finally they set up their new independent homeland … still well inside the Egyptian Empire. The “walled cities” which were brought down by these dashing mythical heroic warriors, prove to have been small trading towns at most and they had no walls or defences to speak of. There is no sign they were ever seriously all put to the torch however, sorry to disappoint you, but it looks like all those genocides the Jews like to celebrate, are all in their minds. They had to wait till they really did have a country (by hook and by crook) and the modern weapons and the unconditional slavish servitude of a real live superpower to back them…before making their bloodlusts into reality.
    Many others ruled Palestine, including the Phoenicians the Romans and the Philistines and the Ottomans ruled it for 500 years. It has had a few names but invariably it is Palestine that it reverts to, for Palestine is the name of that land.. This means that when Palestine is finally recognised fully and restored its rights as a nation in the world, it will own one of the oldest and most historically significant names and histories on earth. Its people are a genetic mix of the original Canaanites, the various conquerors who came and went, including the original Israelites who ruled for about 70 years, and their language is an ancient one, a true Semitic one and it identifies them as original inhabitants of that very geographical location. It is as old as the Hebrew and other Semitic languages.

    Now back to your lot Ivan. Yiddish is a Germanic tongue Ivan, and it is the language spoken by the Ashkenazim, which identifies them as of Eastern European heritage. The full real history of the modern Jews is known, it is recorded historically to some degree and it has actual archaeological evidence to support it. Those modern Jews who learn Hebrew, are simply parroting the people whose heritage both real and mythical they are trying to supplant. This explains why those few percent of original Semitic Jews are ill treated in the Ashkenazim state. They actually did live in Palestine, most of them were there when the first Jewish migrants began arriving in the 1920s, and they did not welcome these strangers with violent ways and weird language. They like the Christian and Muslim Palestinians will not go away, just because they are an inconvenient truth for your myths to contend with, Ivan.

    Lastly Ivan, Israel doesn’t exist. It is an artificial state based on shonky political deals with no real validity in law let alone morality. As if that isn’t enough, the resolution which offered to bring the Jewish state into reality, also had clearly defined conditions regarding the creation of a state of Palestine on a bit less than half the land which the Arabs had previously inhabited. It did not leave open the question of Jerusalem either, it was most definitely not allotted as a Jewish capital. By rejecting those conditions, I cannot see how you can pretend that you still have any right to the legitimacy intended to be conferred by adherence to the conditions.

    Nevertheless, Israel such as it is remains, it exists in fact, despite having no legal or moral right to do so. Luckily the rest of the world, including those long suffering Arabs are better people in general than the Jewish religion has made its own kind. Thus it is not facing destruction, unless by its own actions. However until Palestine is recognised, the Palestinians will not recognise Israel and without their recognition, I assure you that legally you will never come to exist as a fully fledged nation among nations. This means, due to forces of humanity and certain basic numerical factors, the Israel which refuses to compromise will also make its doom inevitable.

  • Ivan

    So, Jerusalem is a “Palestinian” word?

    PS. Rabbit, it is you who are trying to impress the audience with your semantics, not me. My native language is Russian and so is my identity, inspite of a good deal of my Jewish blood.

    You seem like an educated guy so accept the following few sentences as a gift to you from someone who knows a bit more about the practical side of things than an average bookworm intellectual who can rattle off archeological minutia or drop impressive philosophers` names.

    You may wish for Israel to disappear and be replaced by the fictitious Palestine and while looking at the map it certainly seems doable. What you didn`t know until this very second is the actual number of Jews in the world.

    Here it comes,bro.

    There are about half a billion of us. Every other White guy/gal is at least part Jewish. All the royal families in every White country have always been Jews.The top Chinese,Indian and even the impenetrable Japanese elites are crypto-Jews. Jews have owned this planet from the very beginning. They own every facet of every society, all the religions,finances, media, educational systems etc. Your entire paradigm is created by Jews, every thought in your head is put there by them.

    PS. Google “Eli Ravage the real case against Jews”
    http : // www. patriot. dk/ ravage.html
    PS.PS. Have a stiff drink and a Valium before you read it.

    • “Ivan” has been banned because his views and the kind of discussion which they engender are undesirable here. This website is not about religion and not against jews per se, but against the occupation. I am against qualifying people because of who or what they are.

  • Seth

    You heteros truly have a whacked sense of reality…

  • ILA

    Homosexuality is [redacted], not normal. there is an [redacted] within that person’s spirit

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