Learn About Israeli Terrorism in this Video

Breaking YOU – a common saying which can be heard when somebody attacks a defenseless person. “Breaking YOU” were the only words uttered by dozens of defenseless women who were crying and screaming in their homes in Hebron, when dozens of IDF soldiers terrorized them in their houses. The inhuman scene was followed by the sound of bombs exploding. Then, the smoke was rising and citizens running. This was a simple ethnic cleansing operation of the IDF soldiers, who went to the Al Baqa’a Valley and terrorized people, most of them were women and children. The IDF continued firing bombs.

A scene of barbarism and terror can be seen in the video below. This crime took place yesterday in Al Baqa’a Valley, a Palestinian residential district of Hebron where thousands of Palestinians live since before 1967 without the basic necessities of life. My cousin Fatiha Ali Jaber lives in this area.

What happens in Al-Baqa’a Valley is simply inhumane, immoral. It is terrorism and genocide according to international regulations and laws. The crime is credited to Lt. Col. Guy Hazut, commander of the so-called Hebron military brigade, and to military Brigadier Yoav Mordechai, head of the so called Civil Administration. See the video below and read the press release of the American Christian Peace Maker Team, which is below the video

For Immediate Release – Al Khalil – Hebron – CPT – Israeli Border Police Destroy Vegetable Fields in Al Baqa’a Valley – July 7, 2010 – Israeli border police destroyed several Palestinian fields in Al Baqa’a Valley just east of Hebron on July 6, 2010, directly impacting the livelihood of more than one hundred Palestinians. Landowners said that Israeli border police and the Israeli District Coordinating Office (DCO), responsible for the coordination of Palestinian civilian affairs in Area C, began implementing the destruction at around 8:30am.  Israeli authorities, with the assistance of hired labor, damaged fields of vegetables and destroyed the irrigation systems of those fields.

When international peace activists from Christian Peacemaker Teams arrived in the area at 11:30am, about 20 workers hired by the Israeli border police and DCO had cut and disposed of the irrigation pipes laid in two fields.  The fields each measured 10 dunams (approximately 40 acres) and included tomatoes, eggplant, cauliflower, and beans.  In addition to dismantling the irrigation pipes, the workers also cut the twines that were holding up each tomato plant.  A matriarch of the family, Aratiki Karim, said, “These tomatoes are for the kids, for the babies, to feed the kids and to sell them to buy other food for the kids.”  The Palestinian farmers had planted the tomato plants nearly three months ago and the tomatoes were only 20 days from being ready for market.

The border police, DCO, and hired laborers then moved to another field further along Route 60 in the Al Baqa’a Valley to perform the same procedure.  The border police blocked the junction between the residential zone and the nearby fields, shooting tear gas and sound bombs to prevent Palestinians from going to the area where the hired workers were removing more irrigation pipes.

Several women and children suffered from tear gas inhalation and required hospitalization. Badran Mohammed Jabber, looking out onto his destroyed fields uttered in exasperation, “I have spent 43 years under the Israeli reign of terror.  I have lived my life in fear, I never know what the Israelis will do tomorrow.  They have destroyed my land, they have destroyed my life, and these fields are my life.”

This is not the first time Israeli authorities have destroyed crops and irrigation equipment in the Al Baqa’a Valley.

Entérese del terrorismo israelí en este video
Por Kawther Salam • 8 de Julio de 2010 a la 17:25 hrs. • Categoría: Action Alert, Kawther’s Choice

Traduccion por Yam – www.yam.com.mx – Muchisimas gracias a Yaotl Àltan.

Romperte (Breaking YOU) – una expresión común que puede escucharse cuando alguien ataca a una persona indefensa. “Romperte” (“Breaking YOU”) fue la única palabra proferida por docenas de mujeres indefensas que lloraban y gritaban en sus casas en Hebrón, cuando docenas de soldados israelíes (IDF – Israel Defense Force) las aterrorizaban en sus hogares. La inhumana escena fue seguida por el sonido de bombas explotando. Después, aparecieron humo y ciudadanos corriendo. Esta fue una típica operación de limpieza étnica de los soldados israelíes, quienes fueron al Valle de Al Baqa’a y aterrorizaron a la gente, la mayor parte de ellos mujeres y niños. El IDF continuó disparando bombas.

En el video puede observarse una escena de barbarie y terror. Este crimen tuvo lugar ayer en el Valle de Al Baqa’a, un distrito residencial palestino de Hebrón donde viven miles de palestinos desde antes de 1967 sin las necesidad básicas para vivir. Mi primo Fatiha Ali Jaber vive en esta área.

Lo que sucede en el Valle de Al-Baqa’a es simplemente inhumano e inmoral. Es terrorismo y genocidio de acuerdo con la legislación y normativas internacionales. El crimen es autoría del Tte. Cor. Guy Hazut, comandante de la llamada brigada militar Hebrón, y del Gral. de Brigada Yoav Mordechai, jefe de la llamada Administración Civil. A continuación vea el video y lea el the comunicado de prensa del Equipo de Pacifistas Cristianos Americanos (American Christian Peace Maker Team):

Vea el video mas arriba en ingles.

Para su inmediata publicación – Al Khalil – Hebrón – CPT – La Policía Fronteriza Israelí
destruye huertas en el Valle de Al   Baqa’a – 7 de Julio de 2010 – La policía fronteriza israelí destruyó varios campos palestinos en el Valle de Al Baqa’a al este de Hebrón el 6 de Julio de 2010, afectando directamente el sustento de más de mil palestinos. Los agricultores dijeron que la policía fronteriza israelí y la Oficina Israelí para la Coordinación de Distritos (DCO – Distrit Coordinating Office), responsable de la coordinación de los asuntos civiles palestinos en el Área C, comenzaron a implementar la destrucción aproximadamente a las 8:30am.  Las autoridades israelíes, con ayuda de obreros contratados, dañaron huertas y destruyeron los sistemas de riego de esos campos.

Cuando los pacifistas internacionales de Christian Peacemaker Teams llegaron al área a las 11:30am, aproximadamente 20 obreros contratados por la policía fronteriza israelí y la DCO habían cortado y colocaron las tuberías de riego dispuestas en dos campos.  Cada uno de los campos medía 10 dunams (aproximadamente 40 acres) e incluían xitomates, berenjena, coliflor y frijoles.  Además de desmantelar las tuberías de riego, los obreros cortaron también los hilos que sostenían cada planta de xitomate.  Una matriarca de la familia, Aratiki Karim, dijo, “Estos xitomates son para los niños, para los bebés, para alimentar a los niños y venderlos para comprar otros alimentos para los niños.”  Los agricultores palestinos habían plantado las plantas de xitomate hace casi tres meses y a los xitomates les faltaban 20 días para su comercialización.
La policía fronteriza (DCO) y los obreros contratados se desplazaron después a otro campo a lo largo de la Carretera 60 en el Valle de Al Baqa’a para ejecutar el mismo procedimiento.  La policía fronteriza bloqueó la unión entre la zona residencial y los campos adjuntos, disparando gas lacrimógeno y bombas sónicas para evitar que los palestinos acudiesen al área donde los obreros contratados retiraron más tuberías de riego.

Varias mujeres y niños padecieron la inhalación del gas lacrimógeno y requirieron hospitalización. Badran Mohammed Jabber, al mirar sus campos destruidos expresó con exasperación , “He pasado 43 años bajo el reino del terror israelí.  He vivido con miedo, nunca sé lo que harán mañana los israelíes.  Han destruido mi tierra, han destruido mi vida y estos campos son mi vida.”

Esta no es la primera vez que las autoridades israelíes han destruido cultivos y equipo de riego en el Valle de Al Baqa’a.

13 comments to Learn About Israeli Terrorism in this Video

  • The actions of Israel have been terrible, especially so because jews have known oppression and still thrive of sympathy for their past situation. As shown at whatisknown.com the truth about ww2 is known but has been altered somewhat to derive more sympathy.
    The American people are slowly learning that Israel did 9-11 and the military leaders know this. When it becomes more widely known that 9-11 was an Israeli operation I shudder to think what will become of the Israelis, but I think that Palestine will be absent a great number of those who are the oppressors today.

  • SlackerSlayer

    You know it paddy and we are spreading the truth to every one we know of and more. In the grocery store lines, the gas pumps, small talk is spreading and the more I speak the more I fine similar people that know these truths. The lies have thrived far too long. Why are we in two wars, knowing the excuses were all lies for the reasons for a an entire nation to go to a war, let alone two of them for the habitutal liars aka jews. [Redacted] You make the bed you sleep in, and I wish them a long slumber in the sewers they’ve made for them selves. Free the real oppressed people of Palestine now, or you will not live long to regret it. They have played the same jokers card too many times and Americans ARE finally waking up.

  • Ben Weiss

    Hail Satan, we adorn thee, our Lord ! Irael is thy blessed child.

  • Mike S

    At least now the world sees that Israel is using any means, no matter how despicable, to steal land. They are every bit as bad as the Nazis they constantly remind us of. And they are perpetrating a Holocaust on the Palestinian people, who they are genetically closely related to. It’s a very ugly land grab, plain and simple. No wonder the US likes them, we will strong arm anybody with anything we want, any time any where that we can get away with it. Kindred spirits.

  • Freeman

    Watching these videos makes me feel sick to the stomach. The illegal ashkenazi state will end. This is the only comfort at the moment, to know this. It will end.

  • Josef

    These IDF brigands are every bit as good as Adolph Hitlers finest SS troops. 🙂

  • Rogier

    As bad as the Nazi´s ?? No way…the Nazi´s didn´t do such things ! They didn´t kill all crops after occupying France or Hollnd.

  • dave mende

    “If I had a rocket launcher, some sonofabitch would die.”

  • The brutal savagery of the Zionist Jews shows to the world the subhuman demons that they have made themselves into. The Zionist Jews are not going to change. They must be expelled from Palestine immediately and forever.

    Free Palestine!!!

    Steve in Vista

  • Rabbit

    One way to learn about another aspect of Israeli terrorism, is to start criticising Israel and then sit back and watch the bile and screeching hatred descend upon you.

  • Well I am sorry people but those soldiers were right to destroy those vegetables. Everyone knows tomatoes are the born terrorists of the world!

    Heavens to Betsy but I hope they got the radical green-beans and the anarchist prone peppers while they were at it. And you never know when a potato plant might grab an Uzi and start shooting innocent IDF.

    And Allah only knows what Brussels sprouts can do when they set their little minds to clandestine opportunism. Almost bad as those suicide cabbages. I mean…

    These vegetables support HAMAS! Well, sorta. I mean, there is this guy in Hamas and his uncle’s wife once bought her vegetables for the Friday meal from a terrorist vegetable market. That weekend, she fed her husband and the Hamas guy a stew made from those vegetables. Then he went out and sent FIVE THOUSAND rockets into Israel all at once cos he felt sooo healthy.

    So I suppose that means they support Hamas right?

    Oh lord, I have been blogging too long…. I have just gotten to the point that the actions of these criminals are all one step too many. And if I respond with the emotions I am having to suppress, I would never get anywhere and be consumed with a potent mix of disgust, disdain, anger, righteous anger at that, and a physical desire to kick every single one of them where it would hurt the most and guarantee he would not propagate his species.

    Some day, they will learn. The hard way. Meanwhile, the entire planet battles with these creatures. Right now their programme on an international level is to wear us all out by throwing one after another of cascading disasters at us. So that we wear out trying to keep ahead … alive… and save species.

    They want us ALL broken, like a fine wild stallion is broken in the corral by a cruel heavy handed sly cowboy. He will attempt to break the spirit of the horse by any means. He does not want a spirited fine beast that serves from love.. he wants a dead spiritless zombie of a horse that obeys out of fear.

    They are counting on the one disaster/war/disease after another to break us so that when they offer us the suggestion of “salvation” on their terms, many will gladly accept it in the name of “peace”.

    As David Icke put it
    Problem Reaction Solution

    They create the problem(s), guide our reactions through media and actions, then offer us the solution they want usually at the cost of many freedoms.

    It is US or THEM now.

    And it all begins in the gardens. For the international community, the garden goes by the name Palestine and from there come some of the most wonderful examples of soul nourishing strength in history. The Jews had their Masada. The Arabs and the rest of the human race have Palestine.

    These people are a wonderful example of human strength and resilience against this enemy and their traitors within the prison.

    Freedom for Palestine WILL be a reality some day. As for Israel? Who cares … just stomp on it.

  • rosemerry

    I had not seen this site, and thank you for it . How sad that the US population just does not see these actions and does not seem to realise the terrible actions done by its “democratic ally”. All the best.

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