Hamas Al-Qassam Brigades Steal my Articles

Update: After posting this report Al Qassam information office sent me an e-mail saying that they corrected the article and they posted a link to my homepage: www.kawther.info. Al-Qassam e-mail quoted below.

First of all, we would like to assure that not mention the source of our articles is not deliberately matter, then we put the source. You made a quick judge. Second thing if anyone have trouble with somebody, [redacted]. Before you publish on your website as this http://www.kawther.info/wpr/2010/07/06/hamas-al-qassam-brigades-steal-my-articles, check our website again, we edited the article http://www.kawther.info/wpr/2010/07/06/hamas-al-qassam-brigades-steal-my-articles.

On July 03-07-2010, the “Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades” posted a report on their site entitled Army leader cancels visit to London”. See the article here. The report was stolen from a previous article about the Israeli war criminal Udi ben Moha titled “Israeli Police and Military Vandalized 3 Radio Stations” posted on August 24th, 2008. See the original article here.

Hamas did not post either a link to my article or give me credit, as is required in my published condition of use. This was not the first time that the Al-Qassam stole my reports, but it is the first time that I wrote the Al-Qassam administrator to respect the conditions of use of my website. I posted comments on the stolen article published on their site. But the comments were not published and the article did not change. Click on the PDF to see the stolen part from my article.

The behavior of Al-Qassam was not only a deliberate theft and a violation of the conditions of use posted on my site, but also a violation of the Islamic moral, ethics and principles which Al-Qassam supposedly respects, as they present themselves as an “Islamic movement”. It also seems to me that the “Al-Qassam” thugs omitted giving me credit because I am a woman, and because I am not one of their puppets. It is a gender issue which the Al-Qassam brigades do not understand.

I want to make it clear that I do not feel honored by them posting my reports on their site. I would also not care if they put my name and a link back to my article, but when they fail to give attribution it is theft. Period.

If Al-Qassam are not able to respect me just because I am a woman, then they should not take my work. I would understand if the israelis steal my work, but fellow Palestinians who represent themselves as protecting Palestine? What is their problem with a woman who is able to think by herself and write?

If they are not able to respect me and recognize my work because I am a woman, then they should take a long and critical look in the mirror. As things stand, I have done more or less against the occupation, and these people with their puny rockets have done more to harm Palestinians, than many, many people. If they disrespect me it is quite probable that they disrespect other women as well. As such, they have become part of the rot which affects all established Palestinian politics and hinders effective countering the occupation. In the interest of everybody, they should make room for others better able to take on and subdue the occupation.

The Al-Qassam brigades and all the other thieves who do not understand my words as a Palestinian woman are not welcome to visit my site, to read or to copy my articles.

The number of readers of the new articles will appear automatically. The counter engine is active since today July 7 2010.

The condition of use under which I published are at the bottom of this page: http://www.kawther.info
Most important:

  • You may copy and distribute all work on my site, www.kawther.info, for free, fair and non-commercial use, as long as you gives attribution to ‘Kawther Salam’.
  • You may quote excerpts of my work, as long as they remain unaltered, they are correctly attributed to me, and you set a link back to the original article.
  • You may not use the work published here to solicit money, goods or services for any purpose, especially for but not limited to charities, religious and political organizations.
  • You must include a link back to the URL of the original article if you use it on an Internet publication.

Thanks for understanding.

10 comments to Hamas Al-Qassam Brigades Steal my Articles

  • Rabbit

    You have every right to be offended and angry Kawther. It is sad that Hamas dissapoints many of we Palestinian supporters in this regard and you have stated our reasons as well. They are better than the grovelling PA, but their attitudes and some of their actions does real harm for the Palestinian cause too.

    I see the coward “Cry Baby” and remind it that this relates to matters of copyright and honour. Evidently not matters of consequence in its case.

  • Chris

    Well spoken Kawther. Al Qassam obviously needs a reminder regarding journalistic integrity
    and respect for their sources.

  • MorningStar

    Yes, it is difficult for you to accept their thief of your article. However, living in the Middle East for years, it’s just part of their culture. I don’t like it and neither do you, but that is the way they think.

    Al Qassam doesn’t understand integrity, honesty nor values as we do in the western world. It seems that most causes have flaws and now you know their flaw……keeping women in their place is just fine with them.

  • Ravi Deka

    I often read your articles and admire your forthrightness and honesty. It is difficult for me to guess if this “A Quassam”, (frankly I never heard of them) didn’t credit you because you are woman, but because it may just be that they wanted to take all the credit for a well written article for themselves. Plagiarism is as regular a part of the internet as it is in politics. Martin Luther King himself was the master plagiarist of them all.
    Besides, various Palestinian leaderships and organizations have time and time again proved themselves often the worst enemies of the Palestinian people.

  • Jon

    Hello Kawther. I came across your efforts on the website RENSE.com.

    There is a lot of insanity and heartlessness going on in the world. I admire your ability and willingness to confront the people who seem to think they are alone on this planet and that their actions against the survival of others are completely (and always) justified.

    People everywhere are waking up. Your work and courage are not going un-noticed.

    Much love,

    Jon in USA

  • UNF

    Dear Kawther,

    you strongly infer that Hamas-AQB failed to respect your re-publication conditions mainly or solely due to your gender.
    This seems a little hasty and overblown, as the offending article does now belatedly acknowledge “Source: http://www.kawther.info/“, while your gender has presumably remained unaltered since the issue arose.

    Also, your statement “As things stand, I have done more against the occupation, and these people with their puny rockets have done more to harm Palestinians, than many, many people” strikes me as extremely strange, ill-considered and divisive.

    Can you please clarify if you support the legitimate right of Palestinians to resist the depredations of Israel using armed force? If so, how do you see Hamas-AQB working “to harm Palestinians”? I thought that was the Israeli Hasbarazzi construction. And is your derision of ‘puny rockets’ a call for improving their firepower or just an allegorical feminist-tinged insult at the manhood of Gaza’s Defenders to publicly avenge your wounded pride, which in fact was pricked by some lazy sub-editor comfortably far removed from the battlefront reality who neglected to do her or his job properly?

    For the faults of a lowly website sub-editor you condemn Hamas-AQB to retirement and therefore apparently concede Gaza to the Likudniks. For me, that is an irrational, indeed hysterical response to a relatively minor slight/oversight, unless you’ve developed some ingenious masterplan by which critical online articles, peacenik sloganeering and letters to the UN can keep the IOF and AIPAC at bay.

    Sincerely, etc. UNF

    PS: keep up your otherwise excellent work.

  • Dave N

    “Islamic moral, ethics and principles which Al-Qassam supposedly respects” ROFLMAO

    That’s a good one. Islam-Ethics. This theft is exactly [redacted].

  • Pat Kittle

    Memo to 3 holier-than-thou Mideastern religions “of peace”:

    PLEASE stop dragging the rest of the world into your age-old holy wars!

  • Ms. Salam, your rights are complete and without question concerning what you author. Your reasonableness in your conditions for quoting you is totally to be respected.

    Your journalism is professional and absolutely first rate.

    All of this must be respected and observed.

    As always, thank you for your hard work and most moving articles and accurate reporting and deep insight.

    Steve in Vista

  • Se

    Kawther reading your above blog i get the sense that your views have less to do with Palestine and all about your upset over not receiving credit. Throwing your sexuality in for good measure does not help your argument but more so leads to an attention seeking attempt. I agree with an earlier response that it borders on hysteria.I recommend you actually visit the Al Qassam website and read articles and interviews published by women. Their head moderator on their forum is a women. I am offended that living in the safety of a Western country you have the audacity to say you have done more for Palestine than Al Qassam or any other party for that matter whose members have given their lives for Palestine. The freedom of Palestine will not be achieved by the efforts of individuals but a combined effort. People all around the world who are not Palestinians are fighting for Palestine and have perished for it’s freedom as did the great Rachel Corrie, Mavi Marmara peace activists and many more. I doubt you will publish this comment, but reading it I hope it gives you much needed food for thought !

    Answer: First of all, if you do not like my blog and my views and you are crying that I and my writing is not about the Palestinian issues, then you can make your own blog in the favor of Palestine. I welcome each and every effort in this field, whether small or big. Second, before asking me to post your comment, it would better if you wrote your comment under your original name instead of hiding yourself behind some letters which make no sense and from the UK. As is known, bats only appear in the dark.

    Third, you should not forget that I am a Palestinian who lived in Hebron until August 2002. I know better than anybody else who are Hamas, Fatah, Jabha Shabia and so on. I remember very well how Hamas harassed Palestinian woman since the establishment of their movement which was permitted and encouraged by the Israeli occupation during the first Intifada. What is more about the Hamas harassment, I was one among hundreds of Palestinian women stoned and pelted by rotten eggs in the middle of the streets, just because Hamas wanted to impose themselves by using force and because of their crazy belief that the Israeli occupation was a result of women who do not wear the Hijab. I also remember how Hamas people attacked Palestinian celebrants of weddings in their houses, threw acid water on them or burnt down the houses. I also remember the hundreds of Palestinian shops which were burnt by Hamas thugs when they wanted to impose a strike against the will of the people. In this way, Hamas started their existence in Palestine during the first Intifada. And there are many more negative examples of shameful Hamas activity which I prefer not to publish.

    Meanwhile, Hamas plays a positive political role in the favor of Palestine just same like all the other political groups. They fought and still are fighting against the Israeli occupations, and they have suffered of the Israeli genocide, war crimes, murders, arrest, torture, deportation, and so and so on like everybody else.

    What you must understand is that what Hamas, Fatah and other resistance groups did was their own choice, which was not imposed on them. Until 2006 we though that Hamas and Fatah and others were fighting for our national rights, but we found that they are actually fighting for their own chairs and that they have used our blood to build their fiefdoms, one in Gaza and the other one in the small concentration camps and ghettos in the West Bank. We are the Palestinians but our national rights are sold very cheap in the interest of building these two illusory kingdoms and their political propaganda under the Israeli occupation. Both Hamas and Fatah are arresting the resistance and torturing them, both of them are violating the Palestinian human rights.

    Some days ago a Palestinian wrote me asking me for helping to get out of Palestine under the control of Fatah because of the imposed poverty, excessive and unjust taxes and silencing of dissent. Before that, somebody wrote me to help him to get out of the Gaza concentration camp, because life under Hamas is a kind of “horror”, just repeating the same words which were sent me by the writer from gaza and the West Bank. I did not answer them, because I know that living in the exile is yet another kind of horror.

    Eight years of living in the exile are enough to let me understand that living one day in Palestine is better than living in a paradise out of your homeland, and if you think that I live in absolute safety in this Western country, then either you are blind or mis-leaded. I have been attacked in the streets by zionists and I have received several death threats. Because I am a Palestinian and working in the favor of my people and my homeland, and I filed several war crimes complaints against Israeli commanders and leaders at the court of Justice, in in Holland, Germany and Austria, but I have failed to live a normal life or to find work in the exile.

    What I report about Gaza, the West Bank, settlers and war criminals is over your narrow thought, criticism and views. Your criticism came in support of Hamas just because I asked about credit for my articles. This was not the first time that this Hamas website took my articles without giving credit. I have written over hundred articles criticizing Fatah, the PA president and the negotiations in the favor of Gaza, but I never received hate or critical mail from these people. That is one big difference between these two conflict parties who have stepped on us and our national rights in the favor of their chairs and the suborns which they receive.

    Commenting on your recommendation that I visit the Al Qassam website and read articles and interviews published by women, I just wonder if these women are real or are just names borrowed by men. If these are really women, then they are from the same group and they accommodate the same ideology which violates women rights in Gaza.

    Finally, I strongly reject the idea that foreigners interfere the relations between Palestinians in this internal conflict. Only we Palestinians know and understand each other, and this conflict is between us, and foreigners should stay out of it while we sort this out among ourselves.

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