Announcing a Small Victory over Israel

The center of the old city of Hebron, turned into a concentration camp under the brigade of Udi Ben Moha!!

Israel does not care about the Palestinian negotiator and the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. They do not care about the American envoy Georg Mitchell or US President Barak Obama. Israel deals with everybody from the position of absolute and god-given superiority, with the arrogance of a zionist occupier, of a “negotiator” who has become accustomed to think that everybody is enslaved to the zionist organizations. On the other hand, the arrogant zionists of the Israeli occupation calculate a thousand times the consequences of their crimes, they hold emergency sessions to manage possible consequences whenever a government official or one of the military war criminals plans to travel abroad.

Israel is well aware that their crimes will not be forgotten over the years, or that they can get away with signing sham agreements imposed by force on the subservient and illegitimate PA. Crimes are crimes and criminals remain criminals until they are subject to trials and punished, each criminal and each punishment according to the crime. We Palestinians think in this way. All victims of the Israeli genocide and war crimes are waiting for the day of justice. The political negotiations and “review meetings” and supposed agreements which Israel thinks will help release their criminals from the responsibility for their crimes, are all useless for the victims of the Israeli occupation. Only justice in all outstanding issues could resolve the injustice of the oppressed Palestinians.

A few days ago the Zionist war criminal Udi ben Moha (“Udi Bar Mocha”, “מ בן-מוחא”) canceled his travel to the UK together with his family. The cancellation of flight of the criminal Ben Muha was made followed a recommendation made by a team of legal advisers in the Office of the Military Persecutor due to fears and suspicions that his involvement “in war crimes in the territories” would cause the war criminal ben Moha to be arrested upon landing in London.

The Israeli Newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth published a brief article about the cancellation of the flight of ben Moha to the UK. What the Israeli newspaper did not state were the facts around the cancellation of the trip of ben Muha to the UK, which are resumed below:

At the end of August 2008, I filed a criminal complaint against Colonel Udi ben Moha, Brigadier General Gadi Shamni, Colonel Aviv Feigel and other Israeli war criminals to the office of the prosecutor general of Israel, Menachem Mazuz. I sent a copy of this complaint to the ICC in The Hague. The IDF military prosecutor received official copy of this complaint from the office of Menachem Mazuz. I have information that this complaint was subject of discussions in the office of the “Civil Administration” at Jebel Manuah. All human rights and interested organizations in filing complaints against Israel received a copy of this complaint. The charges which I filed against these officers were filed for “Genocide, Crimes of War, Crimes against Humanity and Conspiracy to commit these crimes in Hebron, under the Israeli “Law for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crimes of Genocide of 5710 – 1950″. (Click on the picture to make it bigger)

Yesterday, before going to bed, I received news that the former occupation commander in Hebron, Colonel Udi ben Moha, shrinked from attending a course in UK. This is a small victory over the genocide machinery of Israel, and I find myself extremely proud of having achieved it. I managed to make not only this thug, but the whole establishment of murderers which is Israel, blink.

It is a small and symbolic victory, but it is very important. It shows that what I and others are doing has weight that Israel acknowledges that the charges voiced against them in public or in courts are real, that the crimes of which they are accused are real. More important, it shows that behind the facade of insufferable arrogance displayed by various representatives of Israel when confronted with their many crimes, there is great and increasing fear.

I want to share this victory with all the people from many nationalities and backgrounds who have worked in the same direction, in support of the Palestinian people and our rights. Let this victory be an incentive to work harder, not for symbolic gains, but so that we can soon celebrate the arrest of one of these criminals, and another one, and soon after all the rest of them.
As a Palestinian and victim of their campaign of genocide, there is no forgiving and no forgetting. I will do everything in my power to give all these people the justice they deserve.

See the accusation of ben Moha here.

Read more about ben MohaA War Criminal From Gaza to Hebron

Ben Moha Vandalized 3 Radio Stations

See Images from Hebron under the brigade commander Udi ben Moha.

Who is ben Colonel Udi ben Moha?

Lt. Col. Udi ben Muha, or “Udi ben Moha” is the Israeli brigade commander who finished his post in my homeland Hebron on May 16 2010. Ben Muha is a war criminal with a long history of committing crimes against humanity. He contributed to the ethnic cleansing of the north of Gaza and along the Palestinian-Egyptian border, and he implemented other measures which correspond to the definition of genocide and crimes against humanity in the Geneva conventions. Ben Moha commanded the death squad Unit “Shimshon” in Gaza.

Ben Muha is responsible for many murders of Palestinians and the reckless destruction of their property. He commanded the death squad IDF “Shimshon” Unit in Gaza under another IDF war criminal, Col. Avi Levy. He headed the IDF death squad unit “Sagi” at the Gaza-Egypt border in 2007 under the IDF war criminal head of the Southern Command, Major General Yoav Galant.

Lt. Col. Udi ben Muha, razed and damaged thousands dunums of Palestinian agriculture land. He also illegally confiscated thousands more of dunums of agricultural land. Ben Muha razed to the ground hundreds of Palestinian houses in Gaza, he murdered hundreds of Palestinian civilians and arrested hundreds more.

On 28 January 2004, Ben Muha or personnel under his command razed the agricultural area of Al-Zaytun in Gaza. During this event he or personnel under his command murdered 11 Palestinians among, them Sami Badawi, a child of 13 years, and injured 35 Palestinian civilian.

Some victims of 28 January 2004 of the war criminal Lt. Col. Udi Ben Moha:

According to Dr. Muawiya Hussein, head of emergency services at Shifa Hospital in Gaza, all the Palestinians who were killed on 28 January 2004 were civilians. The victims of this incident are

* Sameh Totah, age 17, a mechanic in a car repair shop, killed when he fled from the shooting
* Akram Abu Ajami, killed, age 19
* Musa Dalul, 33, was killed, and his brother Kamal Dalul, 34, was wounded in legs and arms
* Uthman Jundia, killed, age 19
* Iiad Mahmoud al-Ra’e, killed, age 19
* Musa Suliman Dalul, killed, age 30
* Ahmad Ali abu Rkab, killed age 20
* Ayman Hamdan Al-Dahduh, killed , age 42
* Tariq Al-Susi, killed, age 12
* Hasan Ali Rizka, killed, age 17
* Abed Al-Naser Abu Shoka, killed, age 42

On 11 February 2004 Lt. Col. Udi ben Muha or personnel under his command murdered 11 Palestinians, among them two children, and injured over 73 civilians. The people killed during this incident were:

* Bashir Abu Urmane, age 14
* Ibrahim Zurob, age 15
* Muhammad Al-Hayek, age 25
* Muhammad Abu Urmaneh, age 22
* Muhammad Al-Hamaide, age 22
* Zahran Al-Tantawi, age 19
* Muhammad Aiash Al-Ajle, age 34
* Haitham Abed, age 28
* Hani Abu Skhele, age 25
* Ismael Abu Al-Ata, age 22
* Ashraf Faruk Hasanen, age 23

Some names of other Palestinians who were murdered in Gaza during February 2004 by the death squads of the Shimshon Brigade under the command of Udi Ben Moha:

* Abed Al-Hamid Khattab, 21, was killed on 27.02.2004
* Ashraf Zakot, 25, was killed on 26.02.2004
* Abed Al-Salam Abu Musa, 32, was killed on 26.02.2004
* Ayman Swehel, 25, was killed on 26.02.2004
* Usama Josef Al-Mgazi, 33, was killed on 21. 02. 2004
* Rifat Al-Shaer, 32, was killed on 18.02.2004
* Muen Nafez Abu Sharkh, 18, was killed on 17.02.2004
* Jamal Muhammad Al-Afifi, 45, was killed on 16.02.2004
* Muhammad Al-Shiekh, 14, was killed on 16.02.2004

On July 14 2004 Colonel Udi ben Muha lead the destruction operation against Palestinians in the Jabalia refugee camp in the north of Gaza. He or personnel under his command uprooted 2000 dunums of agricultural land, 95% of which were fields of fruits. Also destroyed were three artesian wells,  a workshop belonging to Ziad Muhammad Hasuna, and three houses belonging to Muhammad Zanin Shawish, Ahmad Hasan abu Kalub, and Rizk Zanin and their families.

Another 17 Palestinian house were “confiscated” by Udi Ben Muha, these were the houses belonging to Sadi Zanin, Omer Kafarne, Mustafa Thabet, Atef Zanin, Ahmad Al-Ashkar, Naser Al-Zanin, Ranadan, Taiser and Maher Al-Basubi, Nahed and Saed Shabat, Subhi Naser, Asad Salah, Fakhri and Kahlil Al-Masri, Amin Abu Udeh, and Rushdi Al-Zanin.

15 Palestinians were murdered by him or personnel under his command during this operation commanded by Ben Muha operation, and 90 more Palestinians were injured, among them 54 child. The murdered people were:

* Rasem Kahlil Udwan, age 29
* Ateiah Muhammad Al-Ajrami, age 19
* Hamzeh Nahed Hbush, age 15
* Musen Al-Ajrami, age 19
* Ismael Ahmad Nabhan, age 26
* Ishaq Maen Abu Talib, age 15
* Muhammad Def Allah, age 21
* Ihab Abed Al-Karim Shatat, age 9
* Adnan Mansur, age 19
* Nahed abu Udeh, age 44
* Zaher Abu Hardid, age 33
* Naser Abu Hardid, age 39
* Naem Kafarneh, age 40
* Musa Zanin, age 52
* Jamil Abed Rabuh Hamad, age 45
* Hamed Ahmad Udeh, age 28

The events described here and the names of murdered people are not complete. These are only a small part of the crimes and victims of Udi ben Muha who came to my homeland, the city of Hebron.

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11 comments to Announcing a Small Victory over Israel

  • fayez william al-hakeem

    dearest kawther, peace and blessings to you and all my pally brothers and sisters being occupied by the israeli monsters. God sees these things. I see these things. the entire world sees these things. as an arab american with my family roots in iraq(all my fathers brothers were murdered by saddam) i know all too well the hatred with which the majority of other americans view people with arab names.(programmed hatred by the way) hang in there sister, i pray for you and all my brothers and sisters. i just wanted to give you a small voice of support. most sincerely, Fayez W. Al-Hakeem

  • As well as being murderers and liars, the “Israelis” are the most vain hypocritical cowards on earth.

    Free Palestine!


  • fRANK


  • Doug

    “The cancellation of flight of the criminal Ben Muha was made followed a recommendation made by a team of legal advisers in the Office of the Military Persecutor due to fears and suspicions that his involvement “in war crimes in the territories” would cause the war criminal ben Moha to be arrested upon landing in London.”

    Israel, what an amazing place. The government protects its citizens from criminal prosecution! Boy, those jewish folks really stick together now, don’t they? Now I see why American politicians love it there so much. No fear of reprisals due to their constant criminal activities. I bet Rahm Emanual can really get a good nights sleep in Tel Aviv.

  • Ken Edwards

    The comment by Fayez W. Al-Hakeem that all Americans hate people with Arab names is nonsense. Americans are made up of every race, nationality, and religious belief. My wife’s father was from Spain, her mothers’ Basque, my fathers’ family came from Germany, my mothers’ from Ireland. So what does that mean about our four daughters, one of whom just married a first generation man from the Ukraine? Yet we are all Americans. This is the only country in the world that you can come to and become one of us, an American, and why this country is the last vestige of hope for the world. I am sorry that the Jews and Palestinians cannot co-exist and know that much of what is said on this page is true from your point of view. As an American, there is little I can do personally except to urge our President to get all of our troops off Arab lands! I know many of you are angry at us, but individual Americans do not hate all Arab people. Rather than try to become an American so many Arab peoples in this country do not want to assimilate like our family has done, and this is part of the problem. Perhaps our cultures are so different that eventually all Arabs will move back to Arab lands and we will live apart, Christians and Muslims in separate places. May Allah bless us all, Jesus as well.

  • J Gentry

    The essence of the rule of law is that it be applied equally to all. It is a bit of clever ingenuity to employ Israel’s rules against those who would be exempted from them. Alexander Solzhenitsyn would be proud of you.

  • Rabbit

    This is good news, because with their arrogance even a small defeat is supreme. For the cause of the righteous, every little win, becomes a nail in the coffin of the foe. Every victory for the Zionist, no matter how big, is no more than buying time.

    I second Frank’s recomendation to read Douglas Reed’s “Conspiracy of Zion. Google it, because it is online.

  • H.F. Wolff

    Ms Kawther,

    Methinks that you have struck a substantial victory against the zionist state by discovering the weak link in its armour: filing criminal charges against zionist perpetrators of crimes against humanity in countries with an independent judiciary that will enforce laws regardless of how politically well connected the criminal is.

    Godspeed to you and your endeavours.

  • IH8Zionists

    A law must be made to arrest anyone who claims to be a Jew. They are responsible for bringing down our Banks, they are the reason why we get charged so much. Arrest and throw away the key.

    Answer: Isn’t this a bit too much, throwing out the baby with the bathwater? I don’t think that such behavior is a solution to anything. This is their way of doing things, and we don’t need to copy a bad example.

    • Frank

      Not all Jews are in league with the Zionist criminals. Sadly, their views are experiencing a media blackout.

      Jew does not equal Zionist.

  • Way to go, Kawther! Love to see the bullies running scared.

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