Gay Parade Subverted by Zionists

Rainbow Parade Vienna 2010

Update 7 July 2010The pamphlet mentioned in the article is not from the Green Party. I received Emails from Marco Schreuder from the Green Party in which he clarifies that this is not a flyer of them a magazine called “MiGay” which carries them as an ad. I have updated the article accordingly. I apologize to the green party for the misunderstanding.

Vienna – Kawther Salam – Saturday – July 3 2010 – The 15 Anniversary Rainbow Parade “Vienna Gay Pride Parade” or “Christopher Street Day” took place along the Ring Street in Vienna. The Regenbogenparade, as its sister events in many cities around the world, has become a fixture in the cultural life of Vienna. It was a well-organized and peaceful anniversary show in which over thousands of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders from Austria, Europe and other countries participated. The gays who paraded yesterday came from all imaginable backgrounds. Their extraction was from a wide selection of political parties, social organizations, economic groups, educational backgrounds, companies, police, military and other sectors of the society. See more pictures here.

There were many trucks with dancing groups and loud music in the parade, among them DJ Jimmy (oriental & balkan) and DJ Phil (resident queer beat) played music for the masses. It was a lovely summer afternoon with a fresh breeze where the gay and lesbian community of the city made an interesting display, not only for the Viennese but for everybody who was in the city. Hundreds of tourists were seen standing or sitting along the sides of the Ring Street, watching the celebration and making pictures.

A few cars of the Austrian police were near the Opera, but not the 12.000 police officers as we see in the Israel J’lem parade. There was large distance between the Police patrols and the celebrators. Some members of the Police received the flyers from gays, and they were seen laughing and enjoying the show along with the participants, no difference between them and the tourists.

All the many demos and celebrations which take place in Vienna have a different taste, and this parade was no exception. Fun, enjoyment, happiness and civilized shows of creativity, which make you feel the taste of security and living in a civilized country. In Austria, the differentiations in color and beliefs, the personal inclinations and desires, motives, love, ideological and political affiliations, social and intellectual backgrounds, all are treated with reverence and respect. The gays and lesbians celebrated their yearly anniversary, the Rainbow Parade, in a civilized way, and they found respect and admiration. The audience never threw eggs, garbage or stones at them, never spat on them, cursed or humiliated them. They were never attacked, their blood was not spilled.

Such a behavior is only possible in ISRAEL, where the Rainbow Parade and the Police are always stoned by the Ultra-Orthodox crazies and Knesset members.

Last August 2009, a masked gunman shot at the Bar Noar, a Tel Aviv counseling center for gay teens (GLBT) and left 2 dead and over 15 injured. According to Haaretz June 24 2010, the Israeli Police rejected the plan of the Parade organizers plan to march to Knesset to honor those who were murdered at the Bar Noar gay center in Tel Aviv last summer of 2009.

In June 2008 posters hung throughout the western neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem in which the Extremists Jews called on Jerusalem’s residents to “commit their souls” against “the abomination parade” and to stone those taking part in it. The posters were allegedly signed by Yishai Schlissel, who stabbed and wounded three participants of the May 2006 Jerusalem Pride Parade.

Two Israeli Knesset members, (crazy squatters) tried to stop the gay Parade by sitting in the middle of King George V Street. They were eventually dragged away by police.

In May 2006, the ultra-Orthodox terrorist Yishai Schlissel stabbed and wounded three participants at Jerusalem’s gay parade. The terror attack happened in the presence of 12.000 Israeli police officers who had been detached to protect the gay parade in Jerusalem.

Itamar Ben-Gvir, an Israeli terrorist from the “Jewish Underground”, a squatter terrorist organization, did not hesitate to say in public that they will continue to disrupt the parade in protest of the provocateurs who “seek to harm the Jewish identity of Jerusalem”.

Sa’ar Netanel, one of the most prominent leaders of Israel’s GLBT gay community, received several phone calls with death threats; he also received an envelope filled with white powder to his office along with a news article clipping about the parade.

Jewish rabbis, among them even the chief sephardic rabbi Shlomo Amar, have never stopped their incitement against gays. They all urge country-wide protests against gay parades. Israel’s chief rabbinate called Israel’s homosexuals the “lowest of the people”, (as if this garbage had any standing to be judgemental against anybody at all).

According to the police, the parade “increases the fierceness of the terrorist attacks in Jerusalem”, and it has now been moved to Tel Aviv due to the wishes of the Jewish extremists who are the majority of the Israeli society. Behind the scenes, politicians, public figures and rabbis worked together against the parade in Israel, they incited to murdering organizers. As a consequence, the Israeli police recommended to forbid the parade altogether in Jerusalem.

During the Rainbow Parade yesterday in Vienna I received a flyer which I thought because of its style had been issued by the Green Party. It has the picture of Marco Schreuder, who is in the city parliament, over a full cover. The flyer was widely distributed to everybody who was present at the parade.

After reading the magazine, I was shocked not only because of the “statistics” which were published in this flyer, without giving the source of the material), but because of the deliberate disregard and ignorance of the suffering and marginalization of gays, the horrors and murders of gays and lesbians in Israel. While the Rainbow Parade was held under the motto “We are all Family”, it seems that the owners of this flyer deliberately ignore Israel.

Actually, when I saw an IDF guy holding up a placard saying “the IDF protects our values”, I could not less than ask myself how (willfully) ignorant are the organizers of this event to allow people who favor the most racist, bigoted and disgustingly criminal organization on earth to take part in the event. Have the Rainbow Parades in Vienna and around the world been hijacked by zionist interests to cover for their crimes? Are the gay and lesbian communities around the world not more than “useful idiots” who are being used as a propaganda resource to cover up and justify genocide and unspeakable, abject crimes against humanity committed by Israel every day?

The deliberate ignorance of the troubles of the Israeli gays in this flyer is political hypocrisy. The crimes of terror against gays in Israel which is omitted in this flyer are so big that even the Israeli newspapers could not cover them up and instead were forced to openly report about them, funny that at the same time they push unsourced “statistics” about other countries in his propaganda leaflet.

Vienna Rainbow Parade 2010. My vote for the best costume is for these two.

In Israel the rights of gay are regulated in law and exist in name, but still the implementation of these laws concerning the rights of homosexuals are violated and undermined on a daily basis, are denied by a society of extremists, are rejected by the rabbis and trampled upon by the policemen who are supposed to implement these laws and not to demand that the courts of justice deny the gays from holding their Parade in Jerusalem.

I must wonder if the silence about the supposedly part of the big family of gays and lesbians, Israeli gays, has to do with the fact that one can’t expect from a society and justice institutions built around the themes of unbound racism, plunder, mass murder and ethnic cleansing of us Palestinians, to respect the rights of any minority or group which does not conform to the dictates of the righteous crazies at the top.

I personally and the people around me would question why this magazine posts full-page ads of the Green Party on such a flyer that could bring negative effects on other groups because of the un-sourced information, it puts doubt on the Green Party because of their support.

Said pamphlet forgets to mention that the increased number of “murders” of gays in Arab countries took place in states were the laws forbids gays to openly declare themselves. Before that and not so far ago, the European countries and the West denied gays their rights in the same way. The arrests of gays in Arab countries are based on the implementation the law (unjust as it may be) of these countries, but in these same laws, to murder a person who is homosexual is sanctioned as a crime with all its consequences. In fact, many gays and lesbians are for example finding each other via facebook, what makes even standing laws against homosexuality moot and could help accelerate these communities in pushing for their political rights in their respective countries.

The big number of homosexuals killed in Iran pushed by the propaganda flyer (4.000) seems to be bullshit and part of the American and Israeli propaganda campaign to justify a war of aggression against that country and the murder of millions by any means, as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq before in order to make Israel and it’s friends happy.
The laws which criminalize homosexuality in some Arab and Muslim countries foresee the following sentences:

Turkey No criminalization
Iran Death
Mauritania Death
Nigeria Death
Saudi Arabia Death
Sudan Death
Yemen Death
Lebanon 1 year jail + fine
Algeria 2 years jail + fine
Syria 3 years jail
Morocco 3 years jail + fine
Libya 5 years jail
Bangladesh 7 years jail
Senegal 8 years jail
Bahrain 10 years jail + whipping
Malaysia 20 years jail + whipping
Pakistan Life in jail + 100 whiplashes

(Source: Al-Awan / Arabic website)

I mention this because I could not find one word of complaint against many of these countries, apart from Iran, for keeping the death penalty for homosexuals on the books. Personally, I find that criminalizing homosexuality is deeply unjust. Every person determines what to do with their body, and then these laws reflect double standards, as the rulers of many of these countries are known to be  homosexuals themselves or to have homosexual relatives.

The Quran does not criminalize homosexuality, but homosexuals are described in a negative light in various revelations. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that those who behave like the people around Lot (referring to the people of Sodoma) are beyond the mercy of God. I think that the validity of this story was in its time and place, and it has to do with the fact that Lot was Prophet. Today, we live in a different time under other conditions. (Last paragraph corrected and expanded).

A friendly participant of the Vienna Rainbow Parade 2010.

Lebanon has an organization of gays and lesbians called “Helem Dream”, which regularly releases reports and studies about the situation of homosexuals in Arab countries. They also have private venues, and how the police treats them depends on the political situation and pressures. They have attained an important change in that at least homosexuality is being discussed more openly in media.

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27 comments to Gay Parade Subverted by Zionists

  • whatever

    You are so blind from hatred that you even believe your own lies. How many gayparades are there in arab countries? not a single! how many gay parades are there in palestine? NOT A SINGLE!

    Well you admit that gays are killed there, but you even justify it, because according to you Europe did the same in the past. So it’s all fine and well. But in Israel – of course – throwing a stone at someone is so much worse. In Israel it’s a “HORROR”. In the arab world you don’t care at all.


  • gercelticw2

    Gays in Wien?
    There is nothing special about it.
    How about staging the next gay parade in Uganda?
    Everyone would talk about it and would love to join for maximum exposure.

  • Jen

    I understand the Muslim interpretation of Lot’s offering of his daughters to a mob is very different from the Christian interpretation. What I was taught in Bible studies was that Lot offered his virgin daughters to a bunch of louts who wanted to rape a group of angels. From hearsay and second, maybe third-hand opinion, my impression is that the Muslim interpretation is that the louts wanted to rape the angels who appear to Lot in the form of handsome youths. Usually the Christian version is interpreted in a similar way to the Muslim version to mean that homosexuality itself is the sin but I wonder with both versions whether it’s the thugs’ intention to inflict sexual violence on the angels that is the sin and not the physical act.

    Also Christians have an additional story about Lot sleeping with his daughters which I believe Muslims don’t have.

    Answer: You are right. What the Prophet actually said was that those who behave like the people around Lot (referring to the locals) are beyond the mercy of God.

  • Cannibal Rabbi


    “How many gayparades are there in arab countries?”

    Who cares?

    “how many gay parades are there in palestine? NOT A SINGLE!”

    Yeh, that bloody Palestine.

    Them again!

    They’re always at it!


    How dare they not take time out of being Genocided, Incinerated, and otherwise, murdered by jews, to get some gold lame, and feather boas, smuggled through those tunnels.
    What good are they, if you can’t lay your hand’s on a reliable hairspray, or a battery powered de-pilatory.

    Why didn’t Hamas think of it?

    A BIG GAY PARADE through the rubble of GAZA!

    Give that man(?) a toffee!

  • kurt ibis

    kawther you are right!
    I also enjoyed the rainbow parade in vienna and was quite disturbed (as many others) from this abuse of the parade through the zionists.

  • Marinus Berghuis

    After reading this essay about the gay parade,I have some questions.
    I am no follower of the copy cat religions that cause more mahem and destruction in the world than any other idiot notion.
    The increase in the phenomina of being gay has nothing to do with the people but is the result of the wilful destruction of humanity through poisons in public water supplies,food,medicine and the application of chemicals to farm crops.
    All or most artificially created chemicals do cause unnatural changes in our body chemistry that after all are biological factories where hormones regulate all activity including the sexual orientation.
    So my questions are:
    1 who in the final analysis permits the unbridled use of those
    2 Why is the medical fraternity not dancing up and down seeing that
    they used to swear an oath never to do harm through their
    3 The population at large expects Health officials (very well paid)
    to ensure healthy food supplies.So why does no one monitor their
    4 I have once watched a gay parade and found it absolutely
    disgusting and I am no prude.
    So why have we got city officials condoning the brutalisation of
    sex that while the prime function is procreation is being
    proclaimed to be the ultimate in enjoyment and physical pleasure ?

    We no longer are supposed to have any morals although morality as taught is a self defence being institutionalised to protect the excesses of the wealthy. Never mind the bottom of the heap, they can be wiped any way at any time!.

    Make no mistake, I like most like to be entertained at times but fail to see how being gay can be held up as entertainment when in fact it is the result of gross negligence on the part of their parents to make sure that society is protected from unnatural chemicals.

    I read essays about all sorts but am getting more and more disturbed seeing what society is doing to it’s young.

    Ren Berghuis Octogenerian.

    • Frank

      The “increase” in the numbers of LGBT people is due solely to the fact that oppression against us has been lessened. In many areas of the world, being out is no longer an automatic life sentence to suffering and ostarization, so we can be ourselves, for the most part. Not chemical pollution. Chemicals cannot change who you love deeply, feel an innate sexual attraction to, and it most certainly cannot change your gender identity (it’s more than just hormones).

      Queerfolk have existed for as long as humanity has existed. Your personal discomfort with it is very much your personal problem.

    • Frank

      Oh, and sex is not merely for procreation. There are plenty of species that have sex and masturbate merely for pleasure. In fact, sex for pleasure seems to be a integral part of the sexuality of higher species. Some species of dolphins have a hole that is only used for recreational sex. It is completely seperate from the vagina that leads to the uterus.

      So you say you are “no follower of the copy cat religions”, but you certainly seem to have adopted their sexual morals. Hmm.

  • Frank

    Yes, I have noticed this. Zionist groups and other bloodsuckers have been trying so hard to leetch off of various rights and liberation movements. We’re just being used as pawns in a game. But not all Queers have fallen for it. There are anti-Zionist LGBT groups.

    I, for one, am a proud Queer and I firmly stand with Palestine.

  • SlackerSlayer

    Seems the zionnazi needs to infiltrate all groups no matter what the base is. They are at war with the world, so we should ablige.

  • walt

    Time does not change Gods word. Having gay sex still separates one from God.
    Only stupid mankind can figure it’s wrong one day then ok the next- because man says so, LOL.
    Get on your knees and pray deliverance and it will be done. Too proud to do that…?… then live in your destructive ego.

    Your parading changes no ones mind- it only reminds us how disgusting gaydom is.

    “OH Look- a gay parade- let’s all change our beliefs and our foundations built on Gods word and follow these people who must be wiser than he who created us- a golden calf anyone?”. What a crock! LOL!

    • Elsa

      Well said. Time doesn’t change anything, it’s people’s attitudes which change. God’s laws are timeless.

      • Frank

        Funny how we only discovered the ‘laws’ of this ‘god’ somewhere around 2500 years ago. We seemed to get along just fine for the millions of years of human evolution and millenia of human culture that came before it.

        It’s just all about controlling and shutting down human sexual expression, because it’s easier to control us when we feel shame and guilt over something so natural.

        If you want to continue following the dictates of a bunch of fanatical celibates and drugged up Levite priests, that’s your business. But many of us are done with it and want to move on.

  • Marmann

    Perhaps the “Green” Party should join our “Tea Party.” They could be the “Green Tea Party.”

    • Frank

      Well, green tea makes you go to the bathroom and they certainly are spewing excrement.

      (The Green Party in America seems to be alright, though.)

  • carl

    I do not commemt to condemn for we all are condemned by the law of God..for the wages of sin is death and we all have fallen short of the glory of Jah.Lets get it in our heads there is eternal damnation . There is a hell of eternal torment and if you are cast into the lake of fire you willnever come out.How many of our loved ones that have died have been taken down to the pit ? It would be like a bad nightmare but this time the nightmare would go on for eternity. carl

    • walt

      And what would an eternity of damnation do? It serves no purpose and is something not even I could do to anyone. God is like a cleansing fire (bible verse), it is the will of God that ALL MANKIND BE SAVED, therefore it will be done. There is no word for “forever and ever” in the hebrew or greek language- only “for a time as in eon- an age”. Separation from God is the punishment. Hell is man made from the word Hades- meaning “in the grave/ground. It says no where in the bible you must be saved before you die to go to heaven- saving can and will come afterwords as well.
      The creation of man serves no purpose should he only be damned forever-

  • I am the person who is mentioned in the story above, whoch is not true at all. Yes, we had a leaflet on the Gay Parade in Vienna. Israel wans’t even mentioned in it. So aks yourself, why this story is told above and why untrue things are said here.

    Answer: Why was Israel not mentioned in this pamphlet? Last year there was a massacre of gays there, in 2006 3 people were stabbed, homosexuals are harassed on a daily basis in israel, by people on the streets, by religious groups, in the Knesset, in the municipality of Jerusalem. Are the crimes, humiliations and harassment perpetrated against homosexuals in Israel, by jews, better, more legal, more moral, than the crimes being perpetrated against homosexuals elsewhere?

  • Mark

    It’s interesting, that you mention Jewish fundamentalists, but not the Muslim fundamentalists in Jerusalem who opposed – together with Jewish and Christian fellow fundamentalists as you might know in a joint press conference – the Gay Pride Parade. While Jewish fundamentalists spread homophobia, they are still a minority in Israeli society. Homophobia in Arab societies, however, is a mainstream and unchallenged phenomenon. This is why many gay Palestinians flee from the Westbank into Israel to avoid violence by their families or the authorities.
    It is also interesting and contradicting that you express apologetic views about the homphobic Iranian dictatorship while you enjoy Vienna’s open and safe Gay life, like the Parade.
    Btw, why did no Islamic group join the Parade in support of GLBT rights?

    I heard of this press conference only in passing, obviously one of the rare occasions when the crazies from all sides are not busy hating each other. The jewish fundamentalists in israel are not a minority or they are a very sizeable minority, and their word is law in Israel. My question back: did you, or any gay rights group issue a statement about this? If so, send me a link or a copy.

    I did not hear of Palestinian homosexuals fleeing into Israel. Not even sick people in need of medical attention get permissions to pass even checkpoints inside the Westbank, so I find the claim preposterous. If you have one verifiable story (with names and other verifiable personal info, which I will not publish), send it to me and I will see if I can publish it. I have heard of cases from other Arab countries, of people who flee to the West if they have money.

    I knew of one gay person in Hebron (from the Al-Herbawi clan) who was walking around in the city clothed in women clothes. The Palestinians saw him as crazy and left him alone, but the IDF soldiers were constantly harassing him. I helped to get him released from the soldiers several times. His family was one of the most prominent families in Hebron but they always stood by him, and this in Hebron, perhaps the most conservative city in Palestine.

    When I still lived in Palestine, I reported about the case of an IDF officer who raped a man from Yatta “because he liked him”, and I had some trouble because of that report. Many of the soldiers on my rooftop and at other posts of the IDF were obviously homosexuals and would have sex at night, and one could hear them shrieking, not really savory behavior of people who at day were busy harassing and shooting Palestinians.

    I have no apologetic views of the “Iranian dictatorship”. What goes on in Iran is totally wrong. My point is that there is a double standard: Israel never figures in the reports of human rights groups, while Iran is singled out and demonized for just about everything. This is propaganda which is being used to justify a war against that people, in which millions will die and be injured, also many homosexuals. What I tried to say is that in Iran as in other Muslim countries, homosexuality is forbidden in law, while in Israel the situation is so that homosexuality is legal, but the large group of jewish extremists de-facto makes Israel dangerous terrain for homosexuals. I approve of neither situation.

    As said, if you send me any stories which can be verified, I will publish them with all the sympathy which I have for weak people. I would be very happy if you could also send me a substantiation of the claim of the 4.000 gays killed in Iran (lists of names, other verifiable information).

  • Mark

    i have been a gay traveller to israel many times and never felt any danger there. at least not more than walking in some viennese neighbourhoods of certain sociodemographic composition.
    there is homophobia in israel, sure, but there is in austria, too. haven’t you noticed? you cannot blame and single out israel for a societal phenomenon that exists in every, also western democratic society. also legal discrimination exists in austria, but you do not mention that in your article! you describe austria as a paradise for gays just to make it possible in the same article to demonize israel. and even though there is homophobia in israel and austria, it’s much more fun and easy for gays to live in these countries than in arab ones or in the palestinian society, be it in the westbank or in gaza.

    i can’t provide you with numbers now, but if you want numbers and information on the situation of gays and lesbians in iran: write to IRQR
    i am sure they will be happy to assist.

  • Mark

    PS:there are a lot of links if you google “gay palestinians israel”
    i.e. Palestinian gays flee to Israel

  • Jon

    Hello Kawther. I came across your efforts on the website

    There is a lot of insanity and heartlessness going on in the world. I admire your ability and willingness to confront the people who seem to think they are alone on this planet and that their actions against the survival of others are completely (and always) justified.

    People everywhere are waking up. Your work and courage are not going un-noticed.

    Much love,

    Jon in USA

  • maggie

    I just wanted to say how brave you are, and how resourceful to keep a diary.
    People in the UK where I am from, and from all over the world are appalled at the way that Israel has treated our Palestinian Brothers and Sisters ( we are all a big world-wide family, many forget this….or refuse to accept this).
    However, Israel goes one step further than this, by thinking that they are the `chosen` ones. Above ALL other peoples on the earth.
    If they `were` really the chosen ones, then God help us all.
    But it is `obvious` that people who treat all others with contempt, who maim and kill especially Arab people, who lie, cheat and do all evil to secure its goals, can for a certainty NOT be Gods chosen people.
    I love all things Arab, the beautiful people, children, way of life and not to forget, the beautiful and amazing Arab music.
    Keep on doing what you do, and be strong as you are.
    But never forget one thing….Billions of people the world over, are against the zionist atheist plot….here is a site you might not know existed, it`s very interesting I think. It is Jews who are against, what israel is doing to Palestinians.
    Take care and love to you and your family.

  • Aha, censorship does happen as well on this site. My comment from yesterday disappeared. That is your idea of democracy?

    Answer: Censorship is too strong a word. As everybody else, you are allowed to comment here at my discretion. Your comment was inappropriate and offensive and was thrashed. DerStandard other newspapers also remove inappropriate comments.

    To give you an idea why, perhaps you will want to look at the video behind the following link (if you are of soft heart and have big sympathy for the israelis, then it is better that you dont look)

    The video is fresh from yesterday, it is made in Hebron in an area which is supposedly free of troubles (“rockets”). Do you think that such behavior would be accepted here in Austria, or how many years of jail would that bring those people? I don’t know much of Austrian laws, as a political refugee living here since 8 years I only read the penal code once. I know that what is in that video is ethnic cleansing and genocide.

    You may want to go there and organize the first gay parade through the city. If you go, and I hope that you will get permission, I’d like to ask you to bring my mother some small presents. Perhaps you could ask for a permission for me too, as I am not allowed by the nice occupation of over 62 years to go to my home in Hebron and the house of my family in Haifa.

  • Is it too offensive here, to ask when the first Gay Pride will take place in Gaza? And why Israel allows Gays to adopt children? This is just propaganda and has nothing to do with facts. This website is undemocratic as it censores comments.

    • As I see it, it is far beyond offensive and shameless to ask if and when a gay pride parade will take place in an extermination camp. That none has taken place may also have to do with more mundane priorities like eating, having a place to live and tending to sick and injured relatives.

      But you are welcome to do whatever you think will make Palestinian culture richer, even more:

      I challenge you to organize a gay pride parade with at least 90% Palestinian gays and lesbians among the participants, in Hebron, first. Since that area is free of Hamas, it should suppose no problem for you to get a permission from the israelis. After you have done that, go to Gaza and do the same there. I am sure that everybody will welcome your ideas and your enterprising spirit. And send me pictures and all info about your adventures as a white man bringing enlightenment to the benighted natives of Palestine, so that I can publish them here. And also send me your travel diary with all details of your talks with the israeli authorities in Hebron and Hamas in Gaza.

      Now, the only question is: will you take the challenge or will you weasel out of this?

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