Video of Jewish Vandalism

CPT- Hebron – West Bank – Occupied territories – On 16 June 2010, a Palestinian farmer witnessed two settlers, believed to reside in the settlement of Kiryat Arba, walking through his garden.  Upon inspection, the farmer realized that his crops, planted with the assistance of USAID, had been destroyed and water pipes slashed. According to the farmer, the damage to the crops totaled an estimated 10,000 NIS (about 2600 USD) The damaged crops are the primary food and economic resource for the extended family of thirty adults and thirty children.

The Israeli Army and Israeli Police arrived a half-hour after the farmer call them to take statements. The family filed an official complaint, but remain skeptical because they have filed complaints in the past and have never received justice.

The family lives between the settlement of Kiryat Arba and a set of prefabricated housing, installed about five years ago, called Havat Gal. The father of one of the children in the family said that he is often afraid to go to work because settlers in the area have threatened to kidnap his children. On occasion, he will stay home and miss a day of work for fear of something happening to his family. He recalled an incident involving the poisoning of his sheep, resulting in severe sickness of his children after they ingested the milk from the sheep.  He showed CPTers official doctors notes confirming the poisoning.

See the vandalism Video Below

12 comments to Video of Jewish Vandalism

  • Thank you as always Ms. Salam, for your attention to and reporting on both details and the larger picture. This exemplifies, in miniature, the criminal lawless unmitigated genocidal pillage of Palestine by the Zionist Jewish entity.


  • Rabbit

    Jewish scum.

  • Geoffrey Finn

    These mad zionist in America want to tear up our back yard gardens and our farm markets. And allow Monsanto (which is zionist jews) to poison all the heirloom food. If there is any consolation to the Palestinians it must be the fact that the zionist jews don’t care who they kill because they are killing millions of Americans every year by various means. Over two hundred thousand Americans die every year just from mistakes made by doctors in the medications given to the goyim. This doesn’t included all the deaths from cancers of all kinds, heart disease, and a gillion other maladies. Obamacare will increase the death rate with death soviets (counsels), death panels they call them to be politically correct. People along the Gulf of Mexico coast line will soon be dropping like flies from the benezene that the jews have sprayed in the Gulf. The American people have no clue that the same monsters that daily kill the Palestinians are the same tribe that are killing them.

  • Doug

    The world is seeing what the jews really are. Their days as a terrorist hide out are numbered. I pray to the real GOD daily that this evil well be destroyed. I know it is comming. So do they. Notice how out in the open they are becomming? GOD is shining the light on them. Did you know that if GOD shined his pure light upon a flesh and bone human, it would fry them? It would. GOD hit me with just a little bit one time, and it knocked me out! So let’s keep workin it folks. My love and prayer to every Palestinian.

  • John

    Shame on you, shame

  • Umar

    The post from – judden sanden shows just how stupid and arrogant these “people” are. I am a Muslim revert. Although I do not agree with the division of “Muslim States”, the Palestinians have been a distinct people with a language and religion since before Christ and Moses. After the Muslims forced out the Romans in the 7th century the Palestinians were a people who lived in the region known as Sham. I suggest that instead of regurgitating senseless zionist rhetoric Judden look at world history before 1948. As to the question of WWIII, it began when the first zionist bandits landed on Palestinian shores. I am confident that OUR generation will see the back of them and soon!!! Good riddance to bad RUBBISH!! We shall once again unite under that banner that has always protected the people of Sham, the banner of Muhammad – Peace be upon him – Keep up the fight Kawther

  • Me Here

    Scumbag settlers, nothing more than uneducated, unemployed cockroaches …. doing anything like that to any farmer in my country, ….. they would last about 5 MINS, they would then be educated and enlightened to the the use of the $1.27 problem eradicator.

    I must give my full respect to the Palestinians …. they are the most tolerant people I have ever seen or heard of in my life, …… as if that was my family, those settler roaches would have been dropped after stepping 6 inches over the fenchline …..

    Anyone that threatens children SHOULD be made to disappear faster than $10 dollar note would in a room full of jews.

  • JRU

    Any Jews out there? What the hell is wrong with Jews today? Have you all gone collectively mad? Did Jews, while in the concentration camps get infected with the disease of Nazi evil? Looking in the face of evil so long, do Jew’s now realize they are looking in the mirror? Killing children and women is not ok because they are non jews. The world is watching, forget about the USA coming to your aid. Here in the USA there will be a political upheaval.

  • Shadowhawk

    These Parasites, these invaders to Palestine are a toxic and lethal plague upon all they come into contact with. It seems everything they touch, dies and suffers. Everything.

  • TruthSeeker

    Americans need to resist Jewish brainwashing at ALL levels because we are a brainwashed nation of fools who have let a bunch of thieves run us over for decades. Resist! Think for yourselves, renew your churches, renew your morality, reject jewish education, reject jewish tv, movies, foods, sayings, medicines, etc. etc. etc. Let’s create a new land where European American culture and African American culture can thrive and improve, not degrade into barbarism, which is where we are right about now. Let’s create a new nation under God, not a materialistic land set on war and self-destruction. We can do it, if we resist the real enemies of humanity!

  • TruthSeeker is very idealistic and his ideas would work in a society that can rationalize events as they happen, is well informed, and is not programmed by the media. Unfortunately, the American people can’t think on their own. The vast majority of their populace has been dumbed down by the Zionist controlled school system, media programming, television, newspapers, Hollywood, the music industy, etc., etc., and so they are incapable of seeing through the veil of lies, deceit, and control these vipers from HELL have on them. Furthermore, Americans would be in dire need of a leader, who can in fact deliver, and not some charlatan who promises “change”, (pocket change). The reason why we are victims to Zionism is because they are well organized and focused on an agenda and we are are not. We have fallen prey to their evil fangs and they won’t let go. The only solution is a REVOLUTION, us against them…so when do we start? Is better to die in battle than to be a slave in life.

  • Max

    Such chutzpah. I heard the Jews want a memorial to commemorate the Jewish victims of the Soviet Communism when 95% of the Soviets were Bolshevik Jews and they killed 66 to a 100 million Christians. There were no synagogues torn down and they were allowed to speak Yiddish, and they burned down churches and executed Christians. The crytojews posing as Muslims and Christians in the Armenian government pitted one against another to cause 1.5 million Christians to be genocided. “Make War by Deception” is the Mossad motto.

    Now look at what they are doing to the Palestinians, nothing new, same old Synagogue of Satan. The Palestinians have to be some of the most strongly willed people because if this ever happened to an American “Tiger Woods” sports fan they would fold like a letter. I wouldn’t want to be an AntiChrist Jew when God brings on His Wrath on The Day of the Lord.

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