The Elements of War in the Mediterranean

Israel is not a state. It never acts like other civilized States. With every passing day the ugly face of Israel is exposed more and more. With every singular israeli project, you see the colonial ambitions of Israel and its desire to destroy the Middle East and to steal the world’s destinies.

Today, Israel revealed more news related to its desire to attack Syria and Lebanon. The new news contradicts the Israeli propaganda which was spread some days ago. Then, Israel claimed that the Lebanese ship “Julia” which is now headed to gaza belongs to a Syrian shipping company “Nada”, headed by a cousin of Syrian President Bashar Assad who, they allege,made it available to Hizballah in order to challenge Israel. The Israeli propaganda claimed that the ship “Julia” had her name changed to “Naji Al-Ali”. This effort, according to the Israeli propaganda, was supported by a Palestinian called Yasser Kashlak who, posing as a wealthy businessman, serves as Tehran’s secret channel for remitting funds to Hizballah and Palestinian “terrorist” organizations, including Hamas.

The new Israeli “news” reflects the desire of Israel to use force (start a war) against the neighboring countries with the purpose of controlling the gas fields in the eastern part of the Mediterranean which are partly in international and partly in Lebanese water. Uzi Landau, the Israeli infrastructure minister, declared that Israel is ready to use force to “protect” the natural gas fields which were discovered in the Mediterranean before the coast of Lebanon.

Nabih Berri, the president of the Lebanese Parliament Council, rejected the Israeli threats over control of gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean. He said that Lebanon has all the right to take full advantage of the wealth in these oil and gas fields. He stressed that the best response to Israeli threats on prospecting and exploration for gas is to accelerate the issuing of an exploration law and to authorize the specialized companies to start exploring for gas.

Berri said earlier that Israel ignores the fact that the field extends, according to the maps, into Lebanese territorial waters, and urged the government to speed up the law for the exploration of oil and gas in Lebanese territorial waters, warning against Israel hijacking of Lebanon’s rights to these gas fields.

The Lebanese call to uphold their rights in the gas fields “Tamar” and “Levetan” which Israel stole from Lebanese beaches. According to Lebanese maps, the Israeli thieves are extracting the gas reserves by drilling into Lebanese territorial water (what is known as “slant drilling”).

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  • Ms. Salam,

    To start with the last first, slant drilling is stealing, no other way about it. When you own the land and the mineral rights, which sovereign nations always do of course, everything from the land on the surface of the earth to the core is yours. Nobody may touch any of it. If they do it is stealing. The very history of “Israel” is of pillaging and stealing, beginning with Palestinian land. This is another example of “Israeli” criminal thieving.

    Concerning the first point, which is absolutely true and core to the matter, all of Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and none of it to invading Zio-colonial imposters known as “Israelis.”

    “Israel” was never established by any real law, only colonial and globalist mandates – it is just thieving and that by murder and pillage, nothing else.

    God voided the covenant

    The core of the Antichrist, ad-Dajjal, Zionist lie is that the Israelis are the people that God made a land covenant with which is still in effect in the area called Palestine for the last two thousand years. In the Book of Deuteronomy, Chapters 28 — 32 God explicitly tells Moses that the ancient Israelites will trangress the land covenant with God and God will void the covenant permanently and cast them out. Especially see Dt. 31:16,17

    “And the Lord said to Moses: Behold thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, and this people rising up will go a fornicating after strange gods in the land, to which they goeth in to dwell: there will they forsake me, and will void the covenant, which I have made with them,

    And my wrath shall be kindled against them in that day: and I will forsake them, and will hide my face from them, and they shall be devoured: all evils and afflictions shall find them, so that they shall say in that day: In truth it is because God is not with me, that these evils have found me.”

    This came to pass forevermore exactly as Our Lord Jesus Christ said 1,500 years later when He prophesied the utter destruction of the Temple. That destruction occurred in 70 A.D. God also gave the descendants of Ishmael the land since God was done with land covenants (except for the unconditional blessing upon Ishmael and his descendants – the Arabs, which does not include those Ashkenazim Khazar Zionists who call themselves Jews) with the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, PBUH. For, as the Church Fathers taught, the land covenant was a type of the Resurrection of Christ, and the resurrection of all men by virtue of the Cross of Christ – His Kenosis, which will happen at Sayyidah – Qiyamah (the Parousia of Jesus Christ and the general judgement).

    The perpetual land covenant with Ishmael, see:

    17 And God heard the voice of the boy [Ishmael]: and an angel of God called to Hagar from heaven, saying: What art thou doing, Hagar? fear not; for God hath heard the voice of the boy, from the place wherein he is.

    18 Lift the boy up and take him by the hand, for I will make him into a great nation [the Arab nation].”

    The Palestinians are the people of Jesus’ homeland when he was on earth. He doesn’t take it at all well that they are harmed and mistreated by this horrid Zio-colonial invasion.

    The faithful of Islam are charged with the sacred mission from God to protect the Holy Land (Palestine) and the Noble Sanctuary (especially al-Aqsa Mosque). All real Christians should and must support our Muslim brother and sisters in this. It is the Zionists who are the enemy we must protect the Noble Sanctuary from. It is Palestine we must free from the Zionist criminal occupation.

    Such plans on the part of the Zionist “Israeli” entity for war are to provide them cover to attack al-Aqsa. We must not allow that to happen.

    Free Palestine! Protect al-Aqsa.


  • Huggles

    Why is anyone be surprised at Israhell. Unfortunately Europe has disgorged its savages upon the Middle East and the law of the bandit has overcome the region.

  • John Taurus

    World War is being started to force the remaining Jews to move to Israel. Everyone knows who the devil is in human form walking about the earth causing grief, woe, sorrow, missery and death. It is the Jew! When war breaks out everyone will go for the Jew. This is what the Zionists want: for the world’s Jews to flee to Israel. The United States is securing a clear zone around Israel and Iran is the only country not now lead by puppets. Also, there are too many slaves and the slave population must be reduced. The Zionists will accomplish this feat by having us kill each other…to their amusement! The war in the middle east is to secure a clear zone around the new world capital, Israel. The war will force the Jews to go to Israel. This is what the Zionists want. From Israel they will rule us goy slaves with a “rod of iron”.

  • Gary

    There not the chosen ones

    We’ll see

    Go Iran go

  • Fazel

    I have nothing to say. Just that the Jew is a blood sucker. They will suck the life out of you. they hate Gaza. So, I hate them. The USA is the only country that supports them. Stop them before they get to strong. destroy them and save Gaza. That is why Gaza defends it’s self. The Jew was put in Palestine. It isn’t their land. they stole it. What gives them the right to do this? Nothing.Fuck them and I hope they die.

  • Rabbit

    Israel approaches its end.

  • Samuel

    There will come a backlash from around the world against all things Jewish and their collaborators, we will be left to forever wunder; who the better deceived?

  • drPhil

    Suppose Israel attacks Iran, Iran shoots a few nuclear missiles to Tel Aviv, then will Israel shoot back to Russia too? Russia delivered the nuclear technology (including missile technology???) to Iran.
    Is Russia able to analyse who attacked them in time, or will they trigger WWIII?

    It won’t be attractive for any Jew to flee to radioactive contaminated Israhell.
    Nice situation, sleep well tonight.

  • Salim

    Hello all!

    I am a Muslim who is grieved on a daily basis by the Israeli crimes being perpetrated against the Palestinians,Iraqis and Afhanis.
    The time for Israel AND all those that support this satanic state is soon to end Allah Willing.

    I must remind people that it is unhelpful and unjust to accuse all Jews of being evil and somehow responsible for all the ills of our world.
    While most Jews do support the abomination known as Israel there are some who oppose it.

    There are plenty of non Jewish Israelophiles who are wicked beyond comprehension.

    Peace to all those who seek True Guidance

  • James

    It’s now official – there’s no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors:

    quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

  • the cook

    the world slides into obivion because of a rouge is bad news for the people of the world that such a thing was allowed to happen.if you look at todays environment worldwide we are being led like sheep.the snowball is rolling,corporations can do as they please at whatever cost,the sheep are to busy paying bills,trying to raise and educate their children and totaly believe in what they are doing.the people behind the curtain don’t care,it according to them is not their problem.we have a criminal establishment worldwide,israel is and will continue to be the leading rouge.look outside the box and have a really good look at what is going on.the zionist entity is destroying or has destroyeD Our WAY OF LIFE OUR FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT BY THEIR OWN DESIGN.WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO STOP THIS.we are about to see a massive change one would hope.ZIONISIM NEEDS TO BE WASHED FROM THE SANDS OF TIME.I FOR ONE WILL NOT BOW TO THIS DISGRACEFUL BELIEF.WHAT ARE THE ANSWERS.thank-you

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