What Lies Ahead: A New Massacre or a Genocidal War?

Will the Lebanese ship attempting to break the siege imposed on Gaza be the spark that ignites the fire of war in the Middle East? Whether the vessels attempting to break the siege of Gaza or any other insignificant as preposterous and contrived reasons will be the last straw that Israel holds as a justification for a bloody war against what it calls the “new alliance” (Syria, Turkey and Iran), this new Israeli war and the flood of human blood is inevitably coming. At the national, political and military levels, Israel has made sufficient effort to convince its American, European and some Arab and Islamic allies to take part in or support this dirty war. It has also completed its training and tactical planning for this new coming war.

The warnings and threats which Israel has repeated during the last days through it’s ambassador at the United Nations in New York and their War Minister Ehud Barak, who says that they will use all ways and every means to prevent any solidarity ship from reaching the beach of Gaza, the evil propaganda and preposterous allegations of Israeli officials, who claim that the Lebanese aid ship belongs to the uncle of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and that the women on board are supposedly from Hezbollah, all confirm that Israel has prepared itself for a new genocidal war in the Middle East.

Israel had prepared itself for this new war in the wake its defeat in Lebanon in 2006, and is now using the ships of humanitarian aid to the besieged population of Gaza as a justification for it. The new war will not be directed by Israel against Lebanon itself, but against Syria, Iran and Turkey, the so-called “new alliance”.

The genocidal Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip was imposed (in aggravated form) in March 2006, following the Hamas victory in the legislative elections. Long before that Israeli had been targeting all Palestinians and all international peace activists. Since the bloody massacre in which Israel spilled the blood of peace activists in international water last May 31 2010, Israel has continued and increased its threats to go ahead with their crimes, terrorizing the ships of peace activists. The new Israeli threat against the Lebanese ship which has been mentioned in the media carries fuel of a new war against Syria.

The new Israeli threat sent to everybody through the international organizations, the UN, threatens a new genocidal war under the pretexts spread by the Israeli propaganda, in which they accuse Hezbollah, Syria and Iran of supporting the aid ships to breake siege imposed on Gaza. This new justification could spark a new genocidal war in the Middle East.

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  • The only reason Israel terrorizes practically the entire world is because of its enablers, the Rothschilds who own America and the EU as well as the UN, NATO, IMF, WB, and so on. Stop waiting on the UN for justice, it is just another puppet just like Obama and the congress. Fight the beast by striking the root.

  • Percius

    It is the Mystery Babylon Religion that spurs the like of Rothschild. Its an Freemasonic Luciferic Agenda that runs Israel. Its beyond greed, Its a deep hatred for humanity they have. They truly feel they are superior form of Man. Thus giving them the right to do what they wish. It is the “Light” that guides them.

    • nik

      You have it backwards it is the Rothschilds who run the masons.
      When I go to meeting it is made very clear.

  • Joe7000

    Zionist Israel will eventually self-destruct: The question is, will Zionist Israel destroy every other nation on earth before it self-destructs?

    If there was a contest, designating personified evil, Talmudic Zionism would win first prize…

  • johnjohn


  • Thomas

    Islam is the anti-Christ religion. There will be war in the ME, but the Messiah will protect Israel and bring them to realize their mistake of not recognizing Him as their Savior.

    • It’s idiots like you who perpetuate the lie. The jews are not the chosen race, but the usurpers of white Christian true identity. Time for you to go back to school.

      • Brian Boru


      • Frank

        Nothing more than Christianity has done more to destroy Western Civilization and all other native cultures and peoples than Christianity. The savage desert god was forced on us and plunged most of the world into darkness.

        Christianity is not the native religion of the European peoples, or of anyone else. Your ancestors originally did not bow down to a dead Jew on a cross. Nor did any the other peoples of the world. That was a myth dreamed up by power-hungry Yahweh fanantics. Humans orginally worshipped many Gods, Goddesses and Spirits -all of whom are manifest in Nature and whom you do not need a book revealed by some “prophet” in order to know. Abrahamic monotheism was forced on the world, and millions of our ancestors (no matter your color or ethnicity, really) were butchered and terrorized in its name.

        So if you want to honor your ancestors, I’d suggest you ditch Christianity and look into the native beliefs of whatever ethnicity you are descended from. I say that to all people, not just European-descended people. We all need to get in touch with our ancestors and honor them.

  • Jesus

    We are the Christ we have been waiting for!

  • Dave

    We’re seeing the behavior,the arrogance and contempt that resulted in the eviction of Khazar Jews on approximately 40 different occasions from European countries,but on a national scale.

    The worst part is that instead of just some millions of refugees being loaded on trains and shipped across borders away from their host nation,we will see the destruction of nations with WMD’s by Israel as revenge.
    Revenge is what Jews live for and it is what makes up the majority of their religious holidays.

    Hopefully this won’t only end with the destruction of Israel’s well deserved enemies,but themselves as well.

  • Jimmy

    It’s the Cult of the Serpent:

    I am a very slippery someone who just happens to be, a shape shifting fellow who controls reality. I am the grand puppeteer with my strings on every person, fall down and kiss my glove for I’m the cult of the serpent.
    Behind every curtain, like the wizard of oz. I’m the hidden agenda, driving every cause. The name with no face, the hidden hand in the glove, the jack-boot pressing on your neck, the all seeing eye from above. I’ve been around forever, yet I leave little remnant, and I’m the cult of the serpent.
    I fund both sides of every war, I use every person. I ensure that things for you, will continually worsen. I own your politicians and you fight and die for me. I engineer the condition, of world society, changing and molding each person and I’m the cult of the serpent.
    The tower of babel was thought up by me, tricking mankind into thinking that Gods, they can be. The masonic symbols that you can see your leaders flash, are there to tell you everyday that I can rule with cash. There are tales of me written on many ancient parchment, about a secret club called the cult of the serpent.

  • Jen

    I wish people would realise that the Israeli government only acts in its own interests. It does not act in the interests of Jews around the world. Even those Jews who support the Israeli government and its agencies will find they have been duped.

    People need to wake up and realise we have been misled by our governments and our media for a long, long time. The State of Israel is a failed rogue state and the sooner we can force our governments to stop recognising Israel, the better. Failed criminal states that have no friends or allies in the world don’t survive for very long.

  • Rabbit

    Thomas the delusion is great in you mate.

    Its just myths and fairy tales son, and that isn’t in debate, outside of religious (ie: superstitious) circles. There was no Kingdom of David, no Esther, not even any escape from Egypt, no Exodus. Even the actual myths have been altered and re-invented from their actual written form in order to re-invent these modern Ashkenazim converts as something they are not.

  • Salaam al-Maseeh

    Assalaamu alaykum, Ms. Salam,

    This continued conquest and balkanization of greater and greater parts of the region by IsraHell is according to the plan revealed by Oded Yinon in 1982 and is totally evil and without any possible conscience. They must be stopped!


    A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties

    by Oded Yinon (with a foreword by, and translated by Israel Shahak)

    link below


    Baarakul laahu fiik,

    Ma’ assalaamah

    Steve in Vista

  • Greek Philosopher

    A simple psychological truth explains the ME conflict better than all historical facts and political analyses: Muslims do not measure up to Jews in achievement and wish that Jews did not exist so that they would not feel bad. Yes, the dynamics of envy operate in the theater of world politics.

  • Frank

    “Greek Philosopher”:

    I love that you are using that name, while praising a group of people whose basic religious teachings (through its demented offspring, Christianity) are responsible for the destruction of Greco-Roman Civilization (and countless others throughout the globe ontop of that). What irony.

    That said…

    The State of IsraHell would not exist if it wasn’t for Western Europe, Canada but especially America propping it up. If America stopped supporting IsraHell materially, it would collapse into nothing. It’s a paper tiger.

    But, yes. We are gearing up for World War III. The opening salvos have begun, the actors are in place, the curtain is about to rise…

    Let us all hope that people wake up from their dream worlds before the flame of life on this planet is extinguished. Just look at Mars…

    • Veritas

      Frank is 100% correct, unfortunately.

      Most people will not believe this until one microsecond before they are blasted into oblivion.

      OK, some questions…how long do you think it will take before the upcoming war against Iran turns nuclear? What do you think will happen when Israel starts to lose…Iran has a very capable military, forget what propaganda you’ve heard.

      Israel will resort to nuclear weapons after being bloodied by Iran, then it’s all over for all of us, including you staunch Israel supporters.

      • Frank

        To be honest, I’m not sure if they’ll ever roll out the “big ones”, like the gargantuan bombs we detonated like toys in the ’40s and ’50s. World leaders love to one-up each other with their threats, a “my dick is bigger than yours” thing. It’s a lot more profitable for them to keep people in a constant state of fear than to actually carry out those threats.

        But, if Israel or the US ever did decide to turn certain areas of the Middle East into a glass parking lot, it would probably only happen when their backs were against the wall and the end was near. A sort of “if I go down, I’m taking you all down with me”. Mutually assured destruction.

        But that’s with the big bombs. There’s all sorts of tactical nukes. Once things heat up, they’ll almost certainly be flinging those around.

        Also, I find it rather telling that the very word “israel” translates as “he who wrestles with God”.

        When you really think about it, it gives you an interesting view of the past 2,000 -give or take- years of global history. It does seem to be a revolt against the Divine on a deeper level. By “Divine”, I am not referring to the Yahweh concept (or the Trinity) as that character is closer to what we would call the demonic than anything else, an extension of the Jewish ego.

        Think about it, everyone.

  • John Taurus

    The Zionists have want to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens living in the United States? I ask, “Why?” What is the motive. The answer is, “The Zionists want to force all the world’s Jews to move to Israel.

    This is why Israel is wanting to expel the Palestinians. More room for the Jews that are coming to Israel when WWIII breaks out. The world now knows the Jew for the Devil’s spawn and will rightfully blame the Jews for the upcoming war and suffering. The world will persecute and crucify the Jew for these sins. The Jews will flee to Israel to avoid persecution for their wrongs against humanity. That is why Israel is securing a clear zone around itself and expanding its territory.

    Israel is intended to be the new world capital, and for all intents and purposes, already is the new world capital. The Jews intend to rule of goy “With a rod of iron”. The Jews already are in full control of the United States. Pupper Obama’s boss is his white house Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel….a citizen of Israel.

    Think of that. The White House Chief of Staff is an israeli citizen. He is the real commander. Obama is his front man.

    The diversity that has been forced upon the Western countries of the world are to divide and conquer. The Jews like to sit back and watch their enemies kill each other…for the Jews amusement and to serve the Jews.

    We should refuse to fight each other and the Jews will have lost. We should turn our wrath towards Israel and the Jews and rid the earth of this scourge, this plaque. Cleanse the earth of this devil’s seed.

  • Philosopher Pimp

    The parasitical elites are done this time. Their whole structure is collapsing. It’s about bloody time too. They are extremely desperate. This last battle will be fought in hyperspace, as it is a spiritual war. Nukes, HAARP, Oil spill terror attacks, project blue beam alien attacks, injustices commited under the pretext of War on drugs, terror and carbon emmisions, and countless atrocities by these cockroaches, are no match for the melanated alien Gods. It’s cleansing and harvest season at last for the great melanated mother. Honesty is your only saviour, I hope you all have invested heavily in it, for it is about to pay off handsomely. The unrighteous and destructive forces will surely perish this time round, and the seeds of Heru will elevate to the next level of consciousness. It’s time to let go off all the Hyksos-Aristotilian illusions of white supremacy (western civilization), and may it not rest in peace for almost eternity. Expose parasitical Aristo(tle)cracy/Oligarchy bloodlines, oppressive Vatican canon civil laws, Fake Jew Khazar inflatable monetary banking global cartel, paedophiliac Abrahamic religions based on sorcery, we hate self-responsibility fraudulent idealogy poly-ticks, and bastardized Aristotlian psuedo science and art. If you don’t understand what just passed here, you on the other side, or you still sleeping. Repent, wake up, it’s a wrap.

    • Frank

      “Melanated alien gods”? Please tell me more. Sounds like mystical black supremacy to me.

      • Philosopher Pimp

        Like I said, “It’s a wrap”! If you want to know more, go study the ancient Africans, and research why Illuminati lied about whites being the superior race. You can interprete my comments whatever way you wish. You cannot provoke your desired reaction from me.

      • Frank

        What “desired reaction”? I just asked a question. Pretty simple, really.

  • Tim

    Israel seem to be preparing to smash Lebanon in Nov 2010 but there is a danger that July 2010 will see Syria have a military scrape on the Golan which could lead to the bombing of Damascus……………

  • Neil

    Trust in the Lord and His goodness.

    God is absolutely just.
    He is a God of Judgement.

    We all know that Jerusalem will be surrounded in the last days. That only a rightous remnant will survive that time.

    The Lord often uses the wicked, to destroy the wicked.

    Keep his Commandments:

    Do not murder
    Do not commit sex sin
    Do not steal
    Do not lie
    Do not covet anything that is your neighbours

    Nor do anything like unto them!!!

    If ANY prophet, priest, king, or rabbi tell you, it is ok to do otherwise…
    You can be assured they are “making the WORD of God to no effect”

  • To especially those who claim to be TRUE Muslims: Pray pray pray, among other ayat (verses) the AL-IMRAN: 125! when we deal with IsraehELL!
    If I were among the peace activists brutally ATTACKEd by the IsraHELLie commandoes (yet they were and will always be, as are the case with the US Marines in Iraq previously, Afghanistan and elsewhere; bunch of COWARDS who enjoyed killings Muslim civilian)in the midddle of the INTERNATIONAL waters, I could have drop the Zionists’ hellicopter(s) — made in the USA! — using the ship FLARE pistol!

    Now, I shall reveal a secret that we who dare claim to be Muslims can FINALLY use v the Israhell regime. And the ISRAEL!!!

    It’s all about symbolism of the Illuminati, the David Star is SATANIC one. Hence, every nation in the world that establish diplomatic relation with IsraHELL has been and will always be TAMED by Israel!!!

    BTW, dear Salam, as said by me already, during the Attack on Iraq, on D-3 I was doing my night Salat at around 2 am, sobbing while doing my SUJJUD (prostration) a bit long (al-Sajjad yes?). I imlpored humbly to Allah to SEND SAND STORM v. the Satanic US Force and its PATHETIC Coalition of the Willing.

    Lo! I swear to Allah! On D-5 my prayer (while sobbing, alone when every one at home was in the dreamland) was answered by Allah SWT!!!

    The US marines and their armored division heading for Baghdad from the SWINE of the Desert, KUWAIT, were unable to proceed due to the sudden SAND strom.

    Now, the US is KAPUT due to the unstoppable OIL disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

    U all can read it too in one of my brief “outburst of anger” pieces v. the US Admin (slaves of the Zionists)in MY DOCUMENT at http://www.scribd.com, in which I prayed to Allah SWT again, the Allah SWT will PUNISH the US and IsraHELL IF the start attacking IRAN!

    I specifically prayed to Allah SWT that the EASTERN coast area of the USA (Unholy Slaves of Askhenazi) be devastetad by a 9plus magnitude Earthquake (the real BIG ONE!) and a tsunami!

    Now, watch what will happen IF Allah SWT again again answer my prayer!
    Go to http://www.rense.com to find out what will really happen due to the Oil Disaaster.

    Lastly, to add the KILLING power of the above Tahlil (Laa ilaha ill Allaah) v. the David Star; recite as well MY favorite “WMD” namely the AYAT KURSI many times as well!

    DIE DIE u all IsraHEll, NATO, USA! Amin. Only death stops me from speaking out v. INJUSTICE!!!

    Wa Salaam – Joe

  • Tim

    The Zionist Alliance is cornered and Dangerous. Even Germany is turning its back on the ZioNazis, the Zionist Queen Elizabeth is giving a speech to the UN on 6th July to call for unity and World Peace, in others words, the double speak is “If you do not conform to our Zionist plans for the world, we will unleash hell” Bring it on lizzy!!!!!

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