Muddy Palestinian Authority Involvement in Gaza Blockade

Israel and its American and Europeans zionists allies are not the only criminals involved in Gaza Blockade. The so-called Palestinian “President”, Mahmoud Abbas and his cabinet, Egypt, and the Islamic Arab counties are all involved in one form or another in the horrific crime which is the Gaza blockade.

According to Qudspress agency, EU diplomatic sources stated that the Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas opposes the idea of Europe to require the establishment of a maritime route to the Gaza Strip under the supervision of the European Union. The sources said that Abbas sent the former leader of death squads Mohammad Dahlan, who is now a member of the Central Committee of the Palestine National Liberation Movement (Fatah) to Spain, which currently holds the EU presidency, to discourage them from moving ahead with the establishment of a maritime route to Gaza.

The European sources said that Dahlan had met with Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos and explained to him the view of the Palestinian Authority in which he clarified that the Europeans should not talk about or discuss this idea. Dahlan, who is also Commissioner for Information in the Fatah movement, argued with European officials during a meeting that opening a maritime route would undermine the foundations of a Palestinian State, and giving the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) power undermines the “legitimate” Palestinian authority and would achieve a separation between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The European sources stated that Dahlan was supposed to stay one day in Spain, but he extended his visit in order to meet with the Director-General of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the European perception on the blockade of Gaza and to meet with Moratinos again. Dahlan clarified to the EU officials that the Palestinian Authority would prefer that the goods and materials which are needed by the Gazans should be delivered through the official crossings between Gaza and Israel.

It should be noted that Mohammad Dahlan is a person who is hated by the Palestinian public since before he escaped from Gaza. Dahlan still derives his strength from the money that he previously embezzled from European and American sources forces into his bank accounts in order to train military forces to take control of the Gaza Strip before 2006. Dahlan used the stolen EU-American money to enlarge his influence in the West Bank and increase his power in order to be able to appear on the political scene again.

2 comments to Muddy Palestinian Authority Involvement in Gaza Blockade

  • Salaam al-Maseeh

    Assalaamu alaykum, Ms. Salam,

    Without the emasculation of Egypt and their bought and paid for complicity with “Israel,” there is no way the Zionists could get away with their crimes against Palestine. Without the complicity of a number of governments and “leaders” in the region, “Israel” would cease to exist.

    Three leaders: Presidents – Gamel Abdul Nasser, Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein withstood the Zionist occupying entity. Nasser was isolated and confined and even betrayed from within. President Yasser Arafat and President Saddam Hussein were both assassinated, in different ways.

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s statement that Arab nations need to regain Islamic unity is true, but it must include Christians as it always did classically in the past and it must include a full restoration of Palestinians’ rights. It has to have real leadership.

    At the same time, it must reach out firmly to all who genuinely want to see justice in the region and the ending of the Zionist crimes.

    The Arab League has, in the past, shown itself an example of ineffectual action at best.

    Whatever organization is the focus of policy for the Arab cause, must be determined to be effective and present. It must also communicate with others with similar assaults upon them and ally with them, i.e. ally with Afghanistan etc.

    One of the principle obstacles to this is American and European sponsoring of quislings in the region. Even more so is the utterly criminal evil military interference with the region by supply and direct action by Americans and Europeans – that must be ended.

    Real action has to be taken or nothing is going to change.

    Free Palestine! Free the region!

    Baarakul laahu fiik,

    Ma’ assalaamah

    Steve in Vista

  • UNF

    These quisling PA traitors who implement the Enemy’s creeping Genocide are the greatest danger and must be purged asap from the body politic of the Palestinian People, by any means necessary. Otherwise unity, recognition, serious negotiations and ultimately survival are impossible.

    Unity and Victory to the Resistance!
    Everyone has a part to play … Rome wasn’t burnt in a Day!

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