The Austrian System Media and Zionist Propaganda

The Austrian State TV, ORF, has limited its role in this affair to repeating the press statements of Israeli occupation about their supposed “self-defense against Hamas terrorism”, and offering the israeli ambassador lavish prime-time slots in the company of a friendly lady who looks like she is in need of a big cup of coffee, allowing him to spread his propaganda which only stupid people would want to believe.

Criminal European jews protected by IDF yelling at Palestinians.

In the past Israel justified its crimes alleging “self-defense” against the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). After the signature of the so-called peace agreement, Israel heaped the culpability for its own crimes, the closure of Gaza and the interminable atrocities in the West Bank on the deceased Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.

Today, Israel’s heaps the culpability of its crimes on “Hamas rockets”, by imprisoning a million and a half people for over four years under conditions which correspond to an extermination camp. The truth is that Hamas stopped firing rockets on Israel and is doing everything possible to maintain a truce under inhumane conditions. The rocket falling on Israel and alleged to originate from Hamas operatives are financed by the Israeli intelligence service (Shabak) and fired by infiltrators working either for the IDF in order to be used as a justification for committing more bloody crimes.

Last year during operation cast lead, the ORF transmitted videos allegedly showing “Hamas operatives” launching rockets, but the videos could not possibly have been originated where and when the ORF alleged them to be from, and they were retired from transmission after I wrote to call their attention to this. In my opinion, by taking over propaganda from the IDF and transmitting it uncommented such as in this case, the ORF is making itself a direct participant to the zionist effort of genocide against the Palestinian people and in this way exposes its personnel to liabilities under Austrian penal law and international laws against genocide.

It must be said clearly that what the ORF does is not journalism and it does not deserve to be called journalism. What the many overpaid employees of the ORF do is propaganda for political parties, for corporate interests and for zionist interests. The so-called discussion round-tables are invariably stacked with exponents of corporate, political or zionist interests. I have not seen any instance of free and objective journalism in the ORF in the years during which I have lived here. I always defend journalists and journalism based on principles and morality, and I would like to defend the ORF, but that is not possible because of their output.

The reality in Palestine beyond the propaganda veil is very different. Each day Israel hunts and murders Palestinian fishers in Gaza, each day sick people die in Gaza because of lack of the medicine and possibilities of treatment. The ORF has never spoken about these daily inhuman crimes of Israel, never in any program in the ORF they have said that Israel engages in crimes of war, in crimes against humanity and in genocide against the Palestinian people. Specifically, the blockade of Gaza is collective punishment, one more crime which they support with their silence.

The ORF has a mandate in law to inform the Austrians, and for this each household in this country must pay 20-30 Euros, and on top of this the ORF gets lavish state subsidies, and they also sell advertising. One would think that this buys Austria decent news, but instead Austria gets insulted with “tittytainment” and zionist propaganda at a horrendous cost. After Israel murdered the peace activists on the Mavi Marmara, the ORF did not make news, check facts with the involved or other activities which would qualify as journalism. Instead, they invited the arrogant Israeli ambassador to justify these miserable crimes during 10 minutes in the evening news. One week later, the ORF dedicated a full hour of discussion to the issue, and invited several timid speakers who are far away of the Palestinian cause, who were allowed here and there to say a word or two, whenever that arrogant ambassador was not busy regurgitating the falsities put together by the IDF media office.

The line of argumentation of the media is that “all that stuff” does not concern Austrians, is sufficiently covered by their so-called “correspondents” in Jerusalem and Cairo who regurgitate the propaganda dispensed by the GPO and the crazies around Marc Regev, and no one cares. My experience with Austrians says otherwise. People are interested in the Palestine issue, inform themselves by other means than the state media and understand well that the reports from state media are manipulated and untruthful, and they often enough disapprove of how the established politic forces handle this issue as they seem to some people to be handled against the best interest of this country.

There is a complete lack of credibility in the coverage of the Palestinian cause in ORF. There is a complete absence of informative news in ORF about the daily Israeli crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories. It is a mistake to believe that the Israeli crimes and the continuous violations of international laws are resumed in the meager items which pass as “news” published in ORF and other international media.

It also a mistake to believe that the Palestinian Authority is a qualified body that will end the Israeli occupation or that the so-called negotiations lead by the Americans (supporters of Israel) will end the Israeli occupation. Since before 1993 we are “negotiating” with Israel, and all what we had achieved is the building of more colonies for European and American fundamentalist squatters who perpetrate atrocious crimes every day in total impunity, apartheid walls swallowing the Palestinian agricultural lands, hundreds, thousands of military check points through all the West Bank, millions of Dollars and Euros which finance the illusory Palestinian authority as a bribery for their silence and acceptance of the criminal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and their replacing the Israeli military and police in repressing and suppressing the political resistance against the occupation.

Under the Israeli occupation standards there is no differentiate between Hamas (the so-called “terrorists”), and Fatah (the so-called “Palestinian National Authority”). Israel does not distinguish between an old Palestinian man, a child, a teenager or a woman. Israel does not distinguish between a pregnant woman or a patient. Israel does not distinguish between a peace activist and a human rights defender. Everyone under the Israeli standards is a terrorist and a target of Israeli murder, expulsion and jailing. All Palestinians are guilty and deserve death in the Israeli view. This is the reality of the Israeli occupation, of the psychopaths who are their political leaders.

From 1994-2002 during the so-called peace times, I saw and filmed several Palestinian women giving birth at the Israeli checkpoints imposed by the IDF between the cities, towns and villages in the occupied territories. I saw how new-born infants died because of medical care denied by the Israeli soldiers.

I showed a short film about a pregnant woman from Tarqumia, a village near Hebron, and how she begged the Israeli soldiers saying “because of your mother, because of your religion, allow me to go to the hospital to give birth”. The answer from the Israeli soldier was “shaket Khumar” (Donkey shut up). Between the checkpoint where the car with the pregnant woman was stopped and the hospital there were five minutes driving distance. During that inhuman discussion, the woman screamed and the child fell down, it later arrived dead at the hospital. Many such daily scenes from Palestine are never shown to the Austrian public by the ORF.

During the so-called peace time I saw and experienced Israeli soldiers spitting on the schoolgirls, harassing them sexually. I saw the Israeli soldiers sniping children aged four years, eight years. I saw them demolishing Palestinian houses, uprooting their trees, stealing their lands and establish bypass roads and expanding the squatter colonies. The criminal Israeli soldiers once shot a crazy man and cut his foot off before my eyes. They Israeli soldiers killed the child Samer Karameh, aged 9, in front of my eyes.

They murdered my neighbor Nayef Abu Dahod inside my house after he protested against the soldiers who were calling his wife a bitch. I also remember Lubna Misk, a girl whose intestines fell out of her abdomen and on the floor after the IDF shot her from about 10 meters. During the so-called peace time, hundreds of cancer and kidney patients died without treatment because the jews would not let allow them access to hospitals. During the so-called peace time, I do not remember that I once passed through Al-Shuhada Street in the center of Hebron without hearing the Israeli soldiers cursing me with sexually explicit insults or confiscating my films and photos. Many times the European and the American squatters of the area threw eggs on my hair and several times they exposed their ass to insult me. This jewish culture of unrelenting criminality in Palestine has until today never been published by the ORF.

During the so-called peace time in 1997 the criminal Israeli commander established a military post on the rooftop of my house and turned my life into hell. The American terrorists from Kach, Moshe Levinger, Baruch Marzel, Noam Federman and many others terrorists turned my life into a miserable disaster. During the so-called peace time, my homeland Hebron lived for 220 days under a continuous curfew. The criminal Israeli occupation lifted the curfew only for two hours once in the week. During the so-called peace time, I presented over 300 complaints at the Israeli police station against the IDF and the squatter’s sexual abuses and crimes. I have thousands of pages of legal papers documenting the crimes Israeli soldiers, thousands of photos and tape recording.

In 2002 I expelled from my house which was declared a military base, and until today I live in Austria as a result of the Israeli campaign of genocide and ethnical cleansing against Palestine and Palestinians. I will never forgive Israel or forget my house, family, and Palestine. Eight years without seeing my mother, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. Eight years during which the Israeli criminals have not stopped harassing me, sending death threats, stealing the chocolate and other small presents present which I sent to my old mother The Israeli post authorities even opened the letters from my mother to me and stole my videos. They removed proof of their crimes and replaced them with Hebrew advertising.

It is wrong to say that the Israeli siege is imposed only on the Gaza Strip. All Palestinian cities are surrounded by apartheid walls, barriers, bypass roads and settlements. Even the Palestinian president needs a permit from the Israeli occupation during his travels. I invite everybody to go the old city of Hebron, to see how 40.000 Palestinian inhabitants live in cages of metal behind iron gates, with their windows blocked with iron bars and nets, with 400 armed criminally insane American and European jews in their middle who are protected by 5000 Israeli soldiers. Hebron is since 1967 subject to a campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing. In the old city, all shops are closed and have colorful hate graffiti on them, david stars with slogans like “Arabs are dogs”, “death to Arabs”, “the revenge day is coming soon”, “Hitler is still alive”. These jewish squatters are even giving names like “Revenge” to their new birth. Indeed, I invite any Austrian to go to Hebron and then tell their friends and family what happened there.

The ORF has to this day never shown any sincere documentation of the crimes of Israel in the West Bank or in Gaza, because the zionist operatives who control the ORF know very well that if they did, no support would be possible for Israel, diplomatic relations with this terrorist state could not be justified, the continued support with Austrian soldiers for the criminal and illegal occupation of the Golan heights could not be justified politically, continued payments to Israel (instead of directly to the victims) under the title of “reparations for the holocaust while we the Palestinian are the real victims of the holocaust, could not be justified, exemption from the income tax for Israeli citizens would be politically impossible, and that subventions for shameful Israeli propaganda events such as the “Tel-Aviv Beach” on the Danube would be impossible to justify. If the ORF had ever fulfilled their duty to inform the Austrian public in a truthful way, it would be neither possible nor excusable for a member of the City Coucil for the Green party stand in defense of the atrocities of Israel without being hounded out of his position in shame and forced to recuse himself.

9 comments to The Austrian System Media and Zionist Propaganda

  • The black operation false flag history of “Israel” is extremely long and always evil. It is another example of the criminal evil of the non-state Satanic entity known as “Israel. [redacted]

    The “Israelis” tried to blame what they did on the Turks and it was ludicrous. Their false flag capabilities are being destroyed.


  • Huggles

    What people fail to realise is that they are confronted by a pathological society when considering Israel. It is a criminal state that obeys no laws except for the barbaric laws of three thousands years ago.

    Palestine will be free one day and because of the evil of the zionist creation, it will not survive. Israhell is just another European adventure that is doomed to disappear.

  • John Taurus

    For centuries, the Jews have gone into countries and conquered those countries by taking over the media, then using the media to set public opinion so as to benefit the Jews. It began with newspapers and book publishing. When the public awoke to the Jew treachery (make war by deception…or stabbing your “friends” in the back) the Jews were expelled and forced to go to other places where the process began again. The Jews have destroyed the United States and other Western civilizations with “Ethnic Diversity” which is really divide and conquer. These various ethnic groups will begin to slaughter each other when the electricity goes off due to war and food shortages hit.

  • no longer neutral

    For a long time I was “neutral” but my eyes have been opened wide to how evil these animals are. It won’t be long now til they lose.

  • Randall McCloud

    Thanks for this.
    I am now alienated from my whole family because I refuse to shut up about Jewish/Israeli crime syndicate, and what they have been doing even before Israel became a state.
    Americans are so brainwashed,
    that even when i just mentioned, -in the context of what the MSM will not report- the Israeli murder of those on the flotilla, my Uncle cut me off, with a strong opinion that the aid ships were “a provocation”.
    He’s telling me, someone who’s been reading about this issue, for YEARS, after hearing a few minutes of propaganda on a TV (you know, which takes the faith of a Scientologist to illustrate) his “strong’ opinion.
    Even in mentioning it in passing.
    Fully one third of western countries peoples belong to a Cult Mentality, no different than Jim Jones, the Moonies, Scientology, or any other cult, just on a bigger scale.
    They all exhibit the same symptoms, sometimes ludicrous.
    I told an AT&T tech about the video where NYFD personnel were filmed at WTC at the phone banks
    when a huge bomb went off.
    He said that was the building
    collapsing”, I said “So you’ve seen the video?” He said, “no”.
    Like I said, cult menatity with all the ludicrous and illogical denial in place.

  • eddy

    i live in Canada and the media is in the zio pocket, even state owned CBC.
    the PM Harper is something called a ‘christian Zionist’ which to me is an oxymoron. they don’t want to wait for God to deliver ‘Armageddon’, they want to help expedite the prophecy

  • Rabbit

    The same situation prevails in Australian media.

  • JohnZ

    I stopped listening(watching) the zionist owned media along time ago. Even Public broadcasting is a zionist shill for israhell.
    Thanks to this website and Bro. Nathanael kapner’s as well as I have been able to free myself from the zio-jew propaganda network. I wish more Americans can do the same.

  • Eventually Everyone on Earth will have to admit the Truth concerning the Children of Israel {ALL OF WHOM HAVE NEVER – EVER – been “Jewish”} Jews {so-called} do not appear until after a written copy of the Talmud is available. Shortly thereafter the “Ashkenazim” are converted to Talmudic judaism. Talmudic judaism is an anti-Israel “Religion/Cult”. The first tenet of Talmudic Judaism is Hating the truth. The second is like unto it. [Hate Jesus]. There were never any so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament, just like there were never any Dallas “Cowboys” at the Alamo. Please stop calling ashkenazim converts to Talmudic Judaism “Israel”. Practice proper mental/spiritual hygeine…and “jews” will cease to exist.

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