An Explanation of Anti-Semitism

To be “semitic” means that one belongs to the peoples who are descendants from Sam (Shem), son of Noah from the Old Testament (Torah). The place of residence of the Semitic peoples is the middle east; our languages are Acadian, Aramaic, Amharic, Arabic, Hebrew. All Arab nations are included among the Semitic peoples. According to biblical lore, we have dark skin because Sam had dark skin. Noah of the Old Testament of the Bible (Torah) is revered as a Prophet in Islam. The Hebrews eventually left the area which became a province of the Roman Empire of their own volition.

The few descendants of the original jews are those who today are known as Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews, who established themselves mainly around the Mediterranean and in the Arabic countries, respectively. These two groups are the only Jews who can be called “Semitic” in any sense of the word. The main line of today’s Jews are the Ashkenazim, who represent about 95% of the Jews of our days. The word “Ashkenazi” means “German Jew” in Yiddish and it denotes European Jews in general. Within the tradition of the Old Testament, the Ashkenazim are not descendants of Sam, but are of the lineage of his brother Japheth, the son of Noah who is the forefather of the peoples of white and yellow skin.

In worldly terms they are descendant of the Khazars, a Turkic nation which resided in the region which is known today as the Caucasus, and which converted to Judaism in about the year 800, hundreds or even thousands of years after the events described the Torah. The Khazars eventually migrated West and mingled with the other European peoples; they became the jews of Europe, the Ashkenazim, who resided mainly in Russia, Poland, Germany and the countries of the former Austro-Hungarian empire, and more recently in North and South America with concentrations in the USA, Canada, Chile and Argentina, and in Australia.

The adjective “Semitic” and the term “anti-Semitic” were first used in relation to (European) Jews in the 1870s in Germany, probably out of ignorance, in literature derogatory to Jews. The incipient zionist movement of the time, conscious that they lacked a legitimate claim to the “holy land”, kept this label in order to contrive a Semitic identity and so imply a fraudulent “right of return” to Palestine. Books which go into more detail about the history of Jews are “The Thirteenth Tribe” by Arthur Köstler and “The Invention of the Jewish People” by Shlomo Sand. The book “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed is also highly recommended. You can buy the first two books at Amazon.

The people who screech the meaningless slogan of “anti-Semitism” do so because they either have something to gain from using this meaningless pejorative term, or because they do not understand who is a Semite and who is not, and because they are ultimately misled by zionist propaganda.

As a woman who belongs to the Semitic People of the Palestinians I denounce the abuse of our good name, and I forgive anybody who has been called an “anti-Semite”.

13 comments to An Explanation of Anti-Semitism

  • The Arab people and others in the area from Rabat to Islamabad are, anthropologically speaking, afro-Asiatic. The same ancestry is that of the Egyptians and others in the region. Persians (modern Iranians) and “white” Assyrians and Ashkenazim, are all anthropologically speaking, “white” in the limited and racist terminology of the 19th century European pseudo-science. That same pseudo-science is based on Talmudic racism. The 95% of “white” Jews in occupied Palestine are Talmudic as well.

    “Israel” is a racist pseudo-state of criminal slavery and occupation of Palestine.

    Free Palestine. As God said to Pharaoh, “let my people go!”

    The so-called zionists have no relation to the ancient Israelites. The Palestinians do have a cultural and genealogical relation to the ancient Israelites. Islam is faithful to the covenant of Abraham. The “zionists” are outside intruders and of no relation to the region nor to the Abrahamic covenant.

    Free Palestine! God says: “LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!”


  • eddy

    thanks for the information. as a Canadian Christian, i would like to apologize to all Muslims who are victims of the war on terror. . my government is run by Zionist puppets, Christian Zionists etc.

  • dave

    Anti-Semitism is a disease,you catch it from Jews.

  • Rabbit

    Thanks for this. I have long taken pride in being called anti-Semitic by Zionists and Jews in general for criticising their treatment of true Semites.

  • Kyle

    This is a great article but is not the “whole” picture. We must remember that after the first Diaspora into Babylon after the Jews returned they brought with them Talmudism, aka modern Judaism. They forsook the true worship of God and exchanged it for the “oral traditions of men” or “Talmudism” which Jesus clearly rebuked.

    Also, much later it was under John Hycanus in the first century BC that the Edomites of the South (Idumea) were converted to Judaism and from that point on were termed “Jews”. Edomites were the sworn enemies of Israel throughout the bible of which after John Hycanus now were genetically mixed with the Israelites. It wasn’t too much longer after that when Herod, Who was an Edomite, was the King of Judea. During Christ’s time Jesus clearly rebuked these Edomites as the “Synagogue of Satan” , stated that their “Father the Devil” and rebuked their “traditions of man”.

    The reason this is important is that it strengthens the story of just “who” are the Jews. The subterfuge is much deeper.

    Great article!

  • richard

    The bible states that the king of the north will invade and overflow in the holy land. The “Jews” known as the Ashkenazim are European/Asiatic. They are not Semites. They are invaders. This is merely a modern day “Crusade”. The overtaking and sacking of Palestine by these peoples is the nature of the Beast. The Daughter of Babylon is the Beast’s protector. The Beast is the number of a man and his number is 666. The Star of David is the visual mark of the Beast. Who is able to stand up to the Beast? And the man’s name is Rothschild. An Ashkenazim “Jew”. The whole world is to be plunged into darkness. All nations that partake in Zionism will be confounded. Pray that the Son’s coming will be soon. For it is only He who’ll be able to stop the beast, the false prophet, and the dragon from totally destroying mankind. For in that day will the Government of God be ushered in. And a 1000 years peace will be proclaimed through out the world. And man will not learn war again. For every man will sit under his own olive tree and fear NOT his neighbor.

  • Geltmeister

    Three hundred years after the enlightenment, with genetic research reaching ever new levels of discovery, in an age where theologians happily and openly discuss the sources of Bible stories and myths (mostly Assyrian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian and Sumerian) why do people choose to believe the nonsense that is the Bible?

    Genetics tell us that the vast majority of Israelis are European. Archaeology tells us that there were no great kingdoms of David and Solomon – or maybe all those ‘conquered’ nations just didn’t bother to record it, but would diligently record everyday trivial stuff.

    The Bible is a man made collections of stories from all over the ancient world. It is not literal truth by any stretch of the imagination. And to let such myths and stories trounce our knowledge and understanding today is simply the act of a mind closed from any attempt at understanding anything at all.

  • Geltmeister

    “Beast is the number of a man and his number is 666”

    The oldest surviving text of Revelation state the number as being 616. That naughty old Satan, he’s even got at the good book with his lies – LOL.

    But seriously, this is the problem with ‘sacred texts’ – they are complete and utter bollocks and when a mistake is found it has to be suppressed or else it proves that they are not so ‘sacred’ after all. Then we end up where we are today – seriously talking about European colonists having a right to Asian land mass based on plagiarised 4,000 year old myths and stories.

  • robertsgt40

    Geltmeister obviously believes man IS the answer with all his wisdom and …anthropology? Which man will you follow?

  • Russell Roth

    Very good information,I not sure what is true or not, I haven’t researched this subject much, but I have had some exposure to it. I am white and a native citizen of the US. The older I get the more I seem to doubt what religious books or so called religious people try to tell me.I used to believe years ago in a personal god and I still believe in a entity of Christ, wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were true that this person lived. But just looking at the way the world is and all of the corrupt and dispicable people on the earth can only make a person be doubtful. The more a person finds out info such as this article the more they can form an opinion on what is going on and where the so called elite are taking us (mankind) sometime you can break it down to basic terms, there are sick people in the world who want to control the earth and it’s inhabitants, this is because they are Lazy, mentally ill, unhappy, dysfunctional,and much more. The average persons has to deal with this element day to day.I have seen perverted people use religion to there benifit much of my life (47 years) But the true question is what can be done, it is hard to educate people when they are hateful and arogant and selfish and in thier own little comfort zone with there personal beliefs (christain religious beliefs) Our political system is owned by the elite and the warped people who are elected are controlled by these people (the zionist have a powerful hold on the most powerful nations in the world) I am not sure if (praying) will solve all of these problems but I do know that we need to try to organize and help each other out, we do not need to form another religion or political group, I believe the best thing we can do is to try to except our differences, and work to achieve our goals as human being and let people believe what ever they want to, all wars should be primary one to end of all of us. Using religious ideas to promote killing and justifying it is wrong coming from any religion. Our total way of life, has to be changed, the internet may be our last hope to communicate amongst ourselves to try to help all of us develope into healthy happy caring human beings, although the powers that be are trying stop that to. It would be a happy thought that some sort of entity can appear from whereever and put an end to all of this mess but I highly doubt if that will happen. I do believe in creation by something or some higher being but just to put a lot of thought into that is daughting, to really consider that, could drive a person into insanity,, the truth is that we are all here on the earth any many of us will be here less than 100 years and we are gone, wouldn’t be it something if we could figure out a way to make things better for all of us so we could make the most out of our existance as good as possible, using all of these religions of the world has not solved this issue, and I still believe in a god, or force, or power out thier but unfornately I think this ouside force (god) is letting us figure how to solve our problems by our selves, thanks Russ

  • Geltmeister

    ‘Geltmeister obviously believes man IS the answer with all his wisdom and …anthropology?’

    Sorry, what exactly is the question?

    ‘Which man will you follow?’

    Not the man blinded and deafened by dogma – whether its political, religious, nationalistic or racist.

  • Truth

    India are Shem, the motherland of Noah, and the father all of Shem descendants.

    This 4 map will destroy all lies:


  • Mark

    I have followed you on the net for several years and have been most impressed with your bravery to speak out and journalistic abilities. It is obvious that you write to attempt to make the world a better and fair place for all people. Imagine for a moment, a Pro-Semitic mid-East and a Pro-Semitic and unbiased Western media? You would not be a refugee cast out in the diaspora, Gaza would not be the largest concentration camp in the history of man and the world would be a better and safer place.

    Bravo to you for writing your recent article exposing the absurdity of one ideological group of people ( most of which are non-Semitic ) claiming to have a monopoly on Semitism. You have brilliantly exposed the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon mankind. Again, I have followed your articles for some time; this article is so “in-tune” to the point that it made me want to communicate with you directly.

    Please, continue to write and publish -and- please, please continue to write about Semitism — you are striking at the very core of the problem, not at a branch but at the tap-root. Please consider infusing pro-Semitism VS anti-Semitism with most of your upcoming articles. I believe this use of semantics would be a most effective lead- in to posture some of your up-coming articles. It makes people THINK; it educates.

    I have given a great deal of thought over the past few years to Semitism and being Semitic. My writing abilities are 2nd rate compared to yours -but- I would be pleased to share with you, many concepts on Semitism. For example: “If you are ever called an anti-Semite, answer the accusation by asking the accuser if he/she is Semitic”.

    PS – If you ever come to the US, my wife and I would love to take you out to dinner.

    What can we do to help support your future publications?

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