Flotilla Resolution Breaks Zionist Propaganda

Signs held up during Protests in Vienna

Below follows the resolution adopted unanimously by the municipal council of Vienna. It bears the signatures of all political parties, and this has caused the anger of the zionist colony in Vienna. In fact, the days since this resolution was adopted have seen paroxysms of rage and hatred on an almost daily basis from representatives of the local zionist colony. The resolution was adopted on 31 May 2010 in the wake of the act of piracy and bloody massacre perpetrated by Israel in international waters against the fleet of humanitarian relief which was on its way to break the siege on the Gaza Strip. In this massacre, 10 peace activists were murdered and other 56 were injured, the ships were looted, over 650 participants were detained under inhuman conditions and subjected to sham “investigations”. In the resolution, the municipal council of Vienna condemns these crimes yet addresses the subject in a measured and objective tone.

None of the Austrian newspapers, which are without exception under zionist control, published the full text of this statement or even discussed what facts had been the basis for it being adopted unanimously, they only mentioned it briefly and focused negatively and widely on the reactions of the zionist colony and other pro-israel elements, as if a disaster had occurred against all humanity because of the adoption of this resolution.

The local zionist colony obviously sees this adoption of a strong position against israeli crimes as some sort of trespassing all their red lines, something they cannot tolerate. They accused a member of the Austrian council of the Muslim origin, Dipl. Omar al-Rawi, of standing behind the issuance of this resolution, repeating their silly song, the old hat of “anti-Semitism”, which is used to prohibit the exposure of the israeli crimes and their continued violation of international and humanitarian laws and accords, human rights and Geneva Convention. The only problem with their chauvinistic witch hunt against Councilman Al-Rawi is that he was not the sole person who introduced the motion, but it was introduced by a group of council members from all parties and who belong to all religions, namely Christians, Muslims, Jews and probably others, and in response to a previous urgent information request introduced by the Green Party. From the perspective of the zionists, Israel is a sacred cow which must be worshiped and may never be criticized, it is a state immune against everything and which must be given with the mandate of the Western world the authority to murder and break any and all international laws and accords at any time they want and against whomever they want, and anyone who objects to this must bear serious consequences and rabid accusations of “anti-Semitism”.

The full text of the decision adopted by the municipal council of Vienna follows below. It did not appear in the Austrian media despite its significance, but is instead being sharply criticized in the media by zionists and other supporters of the israeli occupation and violations of international humanitarian laws. The facsimile of the resolution was sent to me by the press speakers of the city. The text as (PDF)

Motion for Adoption of a Resolution

The Councilors
Siegi Lindenmayr, DI Omar Al-Rawi, Dr. Harald Troch, Nurten Yilmaz (SPÖ), Dr. Matthias Tschirf, Mag. Sirvan Ekici, Günter Kenesei (ÖVP),
Mag. Maria Vassilakou, Susanne Jerusalem, DI Martin Margulies (Grüne), DDr. Eduard Schock,  Univ. Prof. Dr. Herbert Eisenstein, Mag. Wolfgang Jung (FPÖ), in answer to the urgent petition for information brought forward by the Green Party during the session of the Municipal Council of 31 May 2010.

The world has received news about the brutal actions of the Israeli marine against the humanitarian effort of a flotilla for the population of Gaza which resulted in 10 dead and many injured with shock and horror.

It has been known for days that several activists had departed with intentions of ending the israeli blocklade and delivering humanitarian aid such as 500 wheelchairs or 100 pre-fabricated houses.

Among the activists were several European creative artists and parliamentarians, for example the well-known Swedish writer Henning Mankell, two members of the German Bundestag and also dozens of other representatives.

Also present on board of the ships were the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize Mairead Corrigan Maguire from Northern Ireland, the 85-year old survivor of the Holocaust Hedy Epstein, a former member of the US house of representatives and a former colonel from the USA.

Consequently and according to §27 Section 4 of the bylaws of this Council, the undersigned Councilors bring forward the following

Motion for Resolution

The Municipal Council of Vienna condemns the brutal actions against the peaceful flotilla, moreso in international waters, in the sharpest possible terms.

The Municipal Council of Vienna demands from the Austrian Federal Government and from the EU to undertake everything possible to investigate and clarify the events internationally.

According to formal procedure a vote is requested.

Vienna, 31 May 2010

The Protest Demos

The resolution of the city council was not the only event to be criticized by the zionist colony, but also the two demos which took place on June 1 and June 4 2010. The Austrian media with its many zionist-controlled yellow-press outlets is until now printing naive and fact-free arguments which turn the whole issue on its head, focusing on the reactions and anger of the zionist colony to all the well-founded criticism of the criminal transgressions by the Israeli army, instead of writing about the demo of 10.000 – 15.000 demonstrators in Vienna, and millions of demonstrators in the EU and everywhere and the facts which led to so many people going to the street in first place. The bloody crime in international waters was turned into a religious argument. All of the sudden, there is endless talk about “somebody”, “apparently” spitting on a rabbi in a subway station, and there are endless lamentations that somebody supposedly raised a sign with “Hitler” on it during the demo before the embassy, but none of these newspapers have published either a photo of this supposedly existing billboard with “Hitler”, or more details about the alleged spitting incident involving a rabbi. (Click on the pictures to make them bigger).

During the demo on June 1 before the embassy I took about 400 photos (some of these photos were posted), I deliberately focused on the signs carried by the demonstrators, but I could not find even one of them carrying a sign with “Hitler” when I reviewed them. This demo was attended by mostly Turkish people who were understandably angered by the Israeli crimes, but the people were otherwise well-behaved save for one minor incident. In a similar fashion, during the second, bigger demo which took place in the city center on 4 June, I took over 1.000 photos, (some of these photos were posted) also focusing on the signs. Upon reviewing my photos, I could not discover any sign with “Hitler” on it, and I could also not discover any sign equaling the david star with the nazi cross, something that is equally being alleged by the zionists. I know that such signs have been displayed demos in other countries, but I saw none this time. One such sign was displayed during a demo before the UN at the beginning of 2009 in protest of the bombing of the UNRWA school in Gaza with phosphor. I think that it was more than justified.

It should be mentioned that two demos in favor of the israeli massacre on the Mavi Marmara were organized on June 1 and 4 2010 by the zionists, and took place at other locations but at the same with the anti-massacre demos organized by about 129 civic organizations. On June 1, about a dozen of pro-massacre demonstrators hulled in Israeli flags demanding ethnic cleansing and freeing Gaza from Hamas faced about 3.000 demonstrators angered by the massacre in front of the embassy, and on June 4, 150-200 pro-piracy demonstrators standing at Stephansplatz valiantly opposed the 10.000-15.000 demonstrators against the massacre and the occupation, who marched from the Opera to the government seat at Ballhausplatz.

The big questions are:

  • Where were all the supporters of israel in Vienna and Austria? Where were the hundreds, thousands Jews and other friends of Israel in Austria?
  • Why were the organizers of the pro-massacre demo not able to convince even 1.000 people to demonstrate at Stephansplatz to oppose the over 10.000 people demonstrating against the massacre on the flotilla at Ballhausplatz?
  • If Vienna is home to about 9.000 jews, where were they? If Austria staunchly supports Israel, where were Israel’s friends in politics, media, commerce, religion and other aspects of public life?
  • Or is it rather so that the supporters of the occupation and the massacres are not that many?

I think that the zionists must find an answer to this, but my suspicion is that zionism, israel, the occupation and the latest atrocity on the Mavi Marmara have no support in the Jewish community of Vienna which would be worth mentioning. The demo against the massacre on June 4 on the other hand was attended mostly by Turks, but there were other Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Paula Abrams from Ladies in Black gave a strong speech, and there was also a group of young Jews present with a stand. One of them, a young lady, also gave a speech at that demo and said that she had lived 11 years in Israel among other things. Another person sang a beautiful song for Palestine.

The overall picture about the zionists here in Vienna is that these people have no real constituency, even inside the jewish community. It appears as if the whole zionist movement here consists of one chubby guy who goes everywhere with four former israeli special forces operatives as bodyguards and misses no opportunity to threaten lawsuits right and left or lament a “massive increment in the number of anti-Semitic incidents” and a few acolytes in the media in the lower rungs of political parties who probably get money from the israeli foreign ministry in order to be as loud as possible, write inane and harassing Emails to people who have criticized Israel and the piracy incident in the past, and to generally do everything to make themselves a nuisance. As a political project, the attempt to use the blueprint of the Reut Institute to cover up and defend the indefensible acts of israel has failed miserably

The zionists here in Vienna are now covering up their massive political failure by being loud, making themselves into a nuisance and generally engaging in behavior more reminiscent of Rumpelstiltskin than of capable political activists. And it is understandable that the local Jews would have no part of it, at least in public. Many well-regarded personalities of public life in Austria are Jews. They are active in politics, government, economy, culture, and they know very well that behaving as a rabble yields no returns in Austria. Jews are also active in charity and human rights organizations on all levels, and I think that they understand very well that it is shameful to take part in a demo in support of Israeli crimes.

The Israeli zionist crimes have a negative impact on the lives of Jewish communities outside israel, among them the Viennese Jewish community, and my impression is that a sizable part of the Jews here are sensitive enough to understand this, or that they look askance at what Israel does because it simply is not defensible in normal human terms. I myself receive updates and invitations to the activities of some Jewish activist groups.

The unrelenting crimes of Israel have also caused troubles for other states, put their security at risk.What is the fault of the Austrians who live near the Israeli Embassy that they must hear every now and then the shouting of the demonstrators through loudspeakers? What is the fault of the police, who must endure long hours under tension instead of doing useful things for their communities or enjoying the weekend with their families, like other people?

And here is the question to which the zionists must find an answer if they want to understand their failure. Which was the cause behind these huge demos, these so-called “incidents of anti-Semitic incitement” in Vienna: the Viennese, the Muslims or the unrelenting Israeli crimes against humanity which have finally caused the death of ten peace activists and injured 56 more, the looting of the ships, the illegal and brutal detention and sham processes against about 650 activists who were on board of the ships?

In every instance, the source of the problems is Israel. Instead of screeching “anti-Semitic” and other inanities and threatening to sue people right and left, the zionists should look to Israel each time when somebody protests, because it is Israel which brings offense against everybody, against the Jewish communities around the world and against the security systems and governments of any state which engages in relations with Israel. The cause and source of all these problems, of the protests, is Israel. It is not the Muslims, the Austrians, the Viennese municipal council or the police. The problem is Israel, and if the zionists feel offended, they should look to Israel as the origin of that offense. Every single time.

Without doubt the Israeli crimes are a big threat to the security of the world, especially against the countries which support Israel, its so-called “friends”, who always end up paying for what israel breaks. These governments cannot keep silence about the crimes of Israel for much longer, or silence the angry nations and peoples in the wake of each new Israeli crime. Moral responsibility and moral support for Israel means to force Israel to stop their crimes and to end its occupation of the Palestinian territories, but the current state of affairs in most governments is regrettably one of moral and legal irresponsibility when it comes to israel. It would be in the best interest of all governments to take responsibility and simply walk away from Israel, because to continue having any kind of relation with those criminals will cause any such government to be swept away at the next elections once the people are better informed, if their country does not find itself ruined before, as the example of the USA shows us.

Racist squatters shout and humiliate at a Palestinian woman.

Racist squatters shout and humiliate at a Palestinian woman.

Returning to the accusation of the zionists saying that somebody allegedly spat at a Jewish rabbi in a subway station: this is wrong behavior and is not acceptable. If what the zionists say is true, then this kind of behavior must be stopped. As a Palestinian and a journalist who has been subjected to the daily Israeli humiliations, spitting, sexual harassment, and finally expulsion from my homeland, I demand that everybody should respect Austrian laws, standards of public behavior and all other religious communities. The Jewish community in Austria is not part of our struggle against the Israeli crimes. The Jewish community is not representative of the Israeli occupation; to the contrary, the Israeli crimes offend the Jewish community here in one way or another.

I also wonder if the zionists colony has never heard or read the daily news about the rabbis and ultra-orthodox extremists Jews who spit on Christian priests and the Palestinians in Jerusalem, The scandalous news of spitting on priests is widely known (just read Haaretz and look it up in google). In the West Bank, the Jewish squatters and the IDF soldiers spit at other people all the time. I was spat upon by these crazies. A military officer whose photo I still spat on me. The Israeli police told me that spitting on you (meaning us Palestinians) does not causing physical damaged, and that they would not accept my complaint about that.

The Jewish community I Vienna also must understand that the demos were against the Israeli crimes and not against them personally. The problem of the Jewish community and the offense which they feel is related to the state of Israel and its bloodthirsty, criminal behavior. The offense which others have felt is made in Israel and not in Austria.  The angry demo broke out after blood was spilt in international waters by israel. If Israel had any good intentions, and the massacre was not planed, then why did the Israeli soldiers land on the ship in the dark of the night in the international waters? Why did they not wait until the morning and search the ship in a peaceful way?

Anybody is also invited to ask Luisa Morgantini, a European Parliament member, how often the Jewish squatters who occupy the heart of Hebron spat on her during her visits to the town. The Jewish community is invited to ask Yael Dayan, a daughter of Moshe Dayan, about how these same squatters spat in her face and threw cups of hot tea in her face near the Abraham cave. Spitting on Palestinians is not considered a crime under the Israeli occupation laws.

Just as the Jewish community in Vienna should understand that a demo against Israel is not against them, and that Israel is a liability, they have the moral obligation to come forward and denounce Israel and zionism. Zionism is a criminal ideology which parasitizes on Judaism in the same way as national-socialism parasitized on Germany and Austria of the time. And it would be in their best interest if high exponents of the Jewish community in this country would find clear words of regret and condemnation against Israel in the same way as Cardinal Schönborn found necessary and clear words to denounce the scandal which has affected the Catholic Church and community in this country. Zionism and zionists are unacceptable in any social context in the same way as child rapists are unacceptable to normal, sane people in any context.

5 comments to Flotilla Resolution Breaks Zionist Propaganda

  • Raymond Phillips

    Brilliant ! thoughtful & on the mark

  • James

    [Redacted]. Comments about the Jewish holocaust in Europe are OFF TOPIC.

  • James

    Washington Report on Middle East Affairs | January/February 1999

    “A Terrible Fraud” :
    Wiesel Ignores Palestinians
    To the Jerusalem Post, Oct. 9, 1998 (as submitted).

    (from Prof. Daniel McGowan, Professor of Economics at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY)

    In your Oct. 9 article on Elie Wiesel, the American icon of Holocaust survivors, he is paid a special tribute as a “speaker of truth.” This is the same Elie Wiesel who is continually referred to by Noam Chomsky and others as “a terrible fraud.” What can explain such disparity of opinion?

    Perhaps it is because Wiesel, who has written literally volumes Against Silence, remains silent when it comes to such issues involving Palestinians as land expropriation, torture and abrogation of basic human rights.

    Perhaps it is because Elie Wiesel proclaims with great piety that “the opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference,” while he remains totally indifferent to the inequality and suffering of the Palestinians. Perhaps it is because he enjoys recognition as “one of the first opponents of apartheid” in South Africa, while he remains totally silent and indifferent to the apartheid being practiced today in Israel.

    Perhaps it is because he decries terrorism, yet never apologizes for the terrorism perpetrated by the Irgun at Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948. He refuses even to comment on it. He dismisses this act of terrorism in eight short words in his memoirs, All Rivers Run to the Sea. He remembers the Jewish victims at Kielce, Poland (July 1946) with great anguish, but ignores twice as many Palestinian victims of his own employer at Deir Yassin. The irony is breathtaking.

    It is even more shocking that the world’s best known Holocaust survivor can repeatedly visit Yad Vashem and yet keep silent about the victims of Deir Yassin who lie within his sight 1,400 meters to the north. He bitterly protests when Jewish graves are defaced, but has nothing to say when the cemetery of Deir Yassin is bulldozed. He refuses even to acknowledge repeated requests that he join a group of Jews and non-Jews who wish to build a memorial at Deir Yassin.

    Elie Wiesel may profess modesty and claim he is “not a symbol of anything” but, unfortunately, he has become a symbol of hypocrisy.

    Daniel A. McGowan, Director, Deir Yassin Remembered, Geneva, NY

  • Ms. Salam,

    The flotilla has proved that Israel is a criminal state that has no legitimacy to exist.


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