More About Captured Presumed Mossad Terrorist

Following the capture in Poland of the suspected Israeli terrorist attached to mossad, Uri Brodsky, on last 4 June 2010, who was arrested by the Polish Police on a German arrest warrant related to the acquisition and/or falsification of at least one German passport which was used during the Dubai assassination plot last January. After contradictory and false news published by the Israeli media, and because of the shortage of relevant information about the issue released by the Polish government, I sent a request for information to the Press Speaker of the Regional Prosecutor Office in Warsaw, Prosecutor Monika Lewandowska, and the foreign and interior ministries of Poland about the issue of Brodsky.

The brief answer in Polish sent to me by Ms. Lewandowska contradicts the allegations and lies published in the israeli media, but it does not answer all my questions. Ynet news com The website of Polish newspaper Gazeta reported Wednesday evening that the attorney had told the court that the incident was an unfortunate case of mistaken identity”.  The israeli media are now saying that the arrest was an unfortunate case of mistaken identity. This is not what the Warsaw prosecutor writes in her letter: she says that Brodsky was arrested in connection with a German arrest warrant for document forgery possibly related to the Dubai murder.

I think that if the captured person had been an Arab, everybody (the media, police and governments) would be releasing further details about not only about him, but about his family, relatives, friends … and his photo would have been published in color on the first pages of local and international media everywhere, he would have been labelled a TERRORIST MUSLIM ARAB, press conferences would be held by security forces to slander him, his country, his religion and everybody linked to him, his family would be listed as terrorists by the US Commerce Dept. (and probably in Europe too) and everybody would be happily bragging that they had captured some (yet another) “important” Al-Kaida commander.

But in the current case, where a presumed terrorist attached to the Israeli Mossad was captured, clearly another standard is being applied in the media and by the Polish government; the US and Israeli regimes are apparently making pressure on Poland (what the prosecutor denies) to release Brodsky or to extradite him to israel instead of Germany (or to leave him free), and he has not been charged with terrorism or participating in a terrorist conspiracy despite the uncontrovertibly fact that he is being sought in connection to an incident of international state-sponsored terrorism. To extradite him to Dubai would probably be as unthinkable as a pink flying elephant, despite existing international agreements of cooperation.

I sent a catalog of questions regarding Uri Brodsky to the Polish authorities, which are on purpose provocative. The questions which I sent to Ms. Lewandowska follow, as well as her short answer in Polish and an English (Google) translation. If any reader knows Polish, I respectfully ask for a translation to English of the letter from Ms. Lewandowska.

Questions as (PDF)

In relation to the individual captured by your authorities and the legal procedures involved, I respectfully request the following information:

  • Which is the nationality of the individual? According to media in Israel, it is not clear if he holds Israeli or German documents, or both, or other.
  • In which ways have israeli representatives attempted to alter the due course of legal procedures in this affair? Have any attempts to suborn Polish officials become known, or threats been implied or proffered against your country or specific persons? By whom?
  • On which (legal) basis are the israeli representatives meddling in the due process under Polish law in this case?
  • It has also become known that US representatives are meddling in this case. On which (legal) basis is their intermission being explained? Could you please provide further details?
  • Has your country signed any agreements or treaties with the state of israel or other zionist organizations, which would effectively put holders of israeli identification papers beyond and above laws and international treaties? Could you please provide me with a copy of any such agreement, law or treaty which your country may have engaged in?
  • In relation to the resistance of the authorities of your country against extraditing him to either Germany or Dubai, what has also been commented about in the media, is this due to Israeli (and US) meddling, or strictly due to legalities? Could you please provide more details?
  • Will the outcome of this case be decided in a sovereign fashion by Polish authorities, or will it be decided in Tel Aviv or Washington and handed down to Polish authorities for implementation?
  • Have your authorities held a press conference or released media statements concerning the capture of this presumed terrorist? If not, why not? Could you please provide me with or direct me to any press release which you may have made?
  • From the point of view of Polish authorities, is it more important to be seen as a state respectful of national laws and international laws and treaties, or to have friendly relationships with states which are universally known as scofflaws?
  • If this individual was an Arab or Muslim, would he have been labeled a “terrorist” by your authorities, or treated different from how the captured individual is currently being treated? Would such a different treatment have a legal basis which you could point out?
  • Could you supply a picture of the captured individual for publication?

Answers From Prosecutor as (PDF)

Warszawa, dnia 17 czerwca 2010 r.

I A 06/63/10

Sz. P.
Kawther Salam

W odpowiedzi na przesłany wniosek uprzejmie informuję, że w dniu 4 czerwca 2010 r. na lotnisku Okęcie w Warszawie Straż Graniczna zatrzymała osobę legitymującą się paszportem wystawionym na dane obywatela Izraela Uri B.  ściganego przez sąd niemiecki Europejskim Nakazem Aresztowania za przestępstwa przeciwko dokumentom. Strona niemiecka we wniosku o wydanie przekazała informację, że dokumenty  objęte zarzutem sformułowanym wobec ściganego mogą mieć znaczenie dla wyjaśnienia sprawy zamachu na członka HAMASU, które miało miejsce w Dubaju w styczniu br.

Prokurator Prokuratury Okręgowej w Warszawie ogłosił ściganemu zarzut poświadczenia nieprawdy i fałszowania dokumentów niemieckich. W ocenie prokuratury paszport, którym legitymuje się ścigany nie budzi wątpliwości. W dniu 6 czerwca Sąd Okręgowy w Warszawie Wydział VIII Karny zastosował wobec ściganego areszt tymczasowy na 40 dni.

W dniu 17 czerwca 2010 r. po uzyskaniu oryginału Europejskiego Nakazu Aresztowania prokurator wystąpił do Sądu Okręgowego w Warszawie z wnioskiem o wydanie ściganego stronie niemieckiej. Decyzję w przedmiocie wydania podejmie sąd.

Nadmieniam, że w sprawie dotyczącej ściganego Uri B. do Prokuratury Okręgowej w Warszawie nie wpłynęła żadna korespondencja z Izraela lub Stanów Zjednoczonych. Prokuratura postępuje zgodnie z obowiązującą w kraju procedurą. Na prokuratorów nikt nie naciskał, a podjęta decyzja o wystąpieniu do Sądu Okręgowego w Warszawie z wnioskiem o przekazanie ściganego stronie niemieckiej jest niezależna od poglądów politycznych.

Prokuratura na bieżąco informuje media o podjętych działaniach w sprawie.

Rzecznik Prasowy
Prokuratury Okręgowej w Warszawie
Monika Lewandowska

English (Google) translation.

In response to the received request, we kindly inform you that on 4 June 2010 at Okecie airport in Warsaw the border guards detained a person holding a passport issued to the citizen of Israel, Uri B. sought by the German court with a European arrest warrant for “crimes against documents”. The German side submitted information in their request to the effect that the documents mentioned in their arrest warrant may be relevant to the case concerning the assassination of a member of Hamas which took place in January of this year.

The prosecutor in the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s office has released  information about a criminal complaint about forgery and falsification of documents in Germany. In the opinion of the prosecution, the holder of the passport is without doubt the person sought for. On June 6, the Criminal Division VIII of the Warsaw Regional Court subjected the captured to a
temporary detention of 40 days.

On June 17 2010 the prosecutor originating the European Arrest Warrant asked the District Court in Warsaw to deliver the captured subject to the German side. A decision in this issue will be taken by the court.

We want to mention that in the case involving Uri B. being pursued by the District Prosecutor’s Office of Warsaw, no correspondence has been received from either Israel or the United States. The Prosecutor shall act in accordance with the procedure established in the country. No one has pressured the Prosecutor or requested from the District Court of Warsaw to deliver the captured subjectedto the German side, independent of political views.

The Prosecutor will keep the media informed about actions taken in this case.

We are sorry if this translation is imprecise or incorrect. It is based on a translation by Google. I would highly appreciate if a reader could contribute a better translation of the Prosecutor’s letter from its Polish original.

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  • Sam

    Israel is fighting for justice and freedom, it is the only democracy in the middle east.

    • carl

      Israel became Jacobs name by the Word of Jah. freedom ? where is the freedom in death ? Democracy ? what does that word mean….death of the United States perhaps because IT WAS A REPUBLIC .

    • KPRyan

      Good boy!

      You do pay attention when you are downloaded via your television news. Please continue to tune in for further versions forthcoming.


      Your Zionist Death Cult handlers

    • audrey

      Sam (son of Sam?) are you joking?
      Every one with a bit of common sense and heart left can see through Israel crimes…
      Why Israel acting like Nazi?
      Yes they are, they are treating Palestinians the same way they were treated!(or were they?)Were they the only one treated as such during WW2?
      Oh no they were not, but they insist they are the only main one who were targeted!
      I went to a Kibboutz with my french Israeli friend 20 years ago, and could not believe how common Israeli who does not travel abroad often think the world hate them, that somehow Nazi ideas the main Europeans views, and when we told them that in france Jews had all the best shops in main town and no one would regard them as non french(unlike muslims)and practices their fate openly and controlled mst elite jobs, they could not believe it!In school they were fed a bunch of craps, like they had to prepare for struggle against the world who was infested with antisemitism views!
      Were they brain washed for what is to come?
      I think so, they know (the zion elites)they will eventually exasperate population with their one sided view (only for Jews type, like We are the chosen one, I wonder chosen by whom(not)?

  • Malik

    @Sam. What kind of democracy disallows civil marriage, one of the MOST BASIC of democratic rights. Israel is a democracy and the moon is made of green cheese.

  • paul

    One of the above comments says “Israel is fighting for justice and freedom…” Really, how can anyone be so self-deluded? Are zionists so blind, so in lockstep with the Jewish owned media that they have no objectivity at all? Israel has bilked the American taxpayer out of billions (if not trillions)in foreign aide, currently wants the USA to supply 2 billion dollars in bombs, stole US atomic secrets and sold them to China, controls US politicians, wiretapped President Clinton’s phone during the Lewinsky scandal, and on and on. Justice and freedom my foot. Tell that to the dead US sailors aboard the USS Liberty that Israel intentionally sunk. The only person who got it right about the parasitic Israel is the White House reporter, Helen Thomas.

  • paul

    One of the above commentators said “Israel is fighting for justice and freedom…” How can anyone be so self-deluded? Are zionists so controlled by the Jewish media they have no objectivity? Just think, Israel has bilked the American taxpayer out of billions, wants another 2 billion dollars for bombs, stole US atomic secrets and sold them to China, bugged Bill Clinton’s office during the Lewinsky scandal, keeps US politicians walking in lockstep with Israeli demands, sends out Mossad agents to assasinate people, and on and on. Justice and freedom my foot. Ask the dead sailors aboard the USS Liberty and the Gaza aid ships about that. Israel is a sad, floundering “country,” soon to be isolated from the rest of the world for their iniquities. The only person in years who got it right was White House reporter, Helen Thomas. Now there’s an ol’ gal that knows the truth!

  • Irish Rover


    Question-Is Turkey in the Middle East? How about Lebanon? To the best of my knowledge both countries are democracies.

    Another question-Since when did killing Lebanese civilians, Palestinian civilians, Turkish civilians and 34 American sailors on the Liberty equate to fighting for “justice and freedom”.

    Israel is a rabid pitbull masquerading as a democracy. In reality it’s a theocratic, socialistic, racist entity.

    Get lost hasbara!

  • gercelticw2

    Sam wrote:
    Israel is fighting for justice and freedom, it is the only democracy in the middle east.

    1. Justice: Jews determine justice (bribery)
    2. Freedom: Jews “freedom” is to have the privilege to terrorize and murder without being
    made accountable.
    3. Democracy: Jews rule the world

  • Let me start from the end and go back.

    Sam, June 18, said: “Israel is fighting for justice and freedom, it is the only democracy in the middle east.”

    First of all, what is desirable about democracy? Republics are not the same thing, nor are Constitutional Parliamentary systems nor are Kingdoms etc. Democracies are, by definition, a free for all ruled mostly by anarchy. “Israel” may indeed be the only true democracy in the world. But all that really means is: it is a crime organization run by 19 crime families who are in power only because a false government was mandated there by the United Nations. It has no actual constitution nor law. It was not established by any lawful means in the first place.

    So much for democracy.

    “justice and freedom” – that is the most ridiculous and pathetically absurd vile statement imaginable when uttered about “IsraHell.” Only a brainwashed moronic statement like that is ever mouthed by people who have nothing positive to say about the Zionist murder entity. The reason is simple, it is like trying to find something positive to say about the Mafia – there isn’t anything.

    From the article:

    “Following the capture in Poland of the suspected Israeli terrorist attached to mossad, Uri Brodsky, on last 4 June 2010, who was arrested by the Polish Police on a German arrest warrant related to the acquisition and/or falsification of at least one German passport which was used during the Dubai assassination plot last January.”

    It is obvious that at least the Polish and German authorities recognize the criminal nature of the Mossad and their villains.

    Getting rid of the Mossad and their criminal henchmen would be a start to real justice and freedom.

    Thank you as always, Ms. Salam, for your timely and forthright journalism.


  • SamIAmAnIdiot

    Sam, it is good to see that you have consumed all of your Israeli “Kool-Aid”. So in your feeble mind, a bunch of Nomadic Satanists occupying a sovereign nation and committing genocide upon it’s citizens, is “fighting for justice and freedom”? What “Democracy” still allows SEX SLAVES (young east European girls kidnapped, drugged, raped, and pimped for their PROFIT – ever heard of “Natasha’s” ???). They also have a whole network of little boys to add to the flavor of the week. They love their “PRIDE” festivals as well. And how about the rabbi’s who suck on little boys after they circumcised them? Welcome to 1984? Good is bad, right is wrong, crime is justice, tyranny is freedom,….blah, blah, blah! Nighty night, you parasite!!!

  • Majka

    Dear Kawther
    The Google translations are ok., although I’ve never heard of “crimes against documents”, it looks ridiculous, but I’m not a lawyer. Crimes against humanity – YES! but documents?…
    Here’s the Polish translation of your request to Ms Lewandowska:
    W odniesieniu do osoby zatrzymanej przez wasze władze oraz procedur prawnych, zwracam się z prośbą o udzielenie mi następujących informacji:
    • Jaka jest narodowość tej osoby? Według izraelskich mediów nie jest jasne czy zatrzymany legitymuje się dokumentami izraelskimi czy niemieckimi, czy obu państw czy innego.
    • W jaki sposób przedstawiciele Izraela usiłowali zmienić przebieg procedur prawnych w tej sprawie? Czy znane są jakieś próby namawiania polskich urzędników do przestępstwa, czy wyrażano groźby lub propozycje wobec waszego kraju lub poszczególnych osób? Kto to robił?
    • Na jakiej (prawnej) podstawie przedstawiciele Izraela ingerują w polskie procedury w tej sprawie?
    • Wiadomym jest, że w tej sprawie ingerują przedstawiciele USA. Na jakiej (prawnej) podstawie się to odbywa? Czy może Pani to sprecyzować?
    • Czy wasz kraj podpisał jakieś porozumienia lub traktaty z państwem Izrael lub innymi organizacjami syjonistycznymi, które mogłyby posiadaczy izraelskich dokumentów skutecznie stawiać poza i ponad prawo i umowy międzynarodowe? Proszę dostarczyć mi kopię takiej umowy, prawa lub traktatu w którym wasze państwo może być sygnatariuszem?
    • W odniesieniu do oporu władz waszego kraju przeciwko jego ekstradycji do Niemiec lub Dubaju, co również jest komentowane w mediach, czy to ze względu na wtrącanie się Izraela (i USA), lub wyłącznie ze względu na kwestie prawne? Czy może Pani podać więcej szczegółów?
    • Czy wynik niniejszej sprawy będzie suwerenną decyzją polskich organów, lub decyzja zostanie podjęta w Tel Awiwie lub Waszyngtonie i przekazana polskim organom do realizacji?
    • Czy wasze organy zorganizowały konferencję prasową lub wydały mediom oświadczenia dotyczące zatrzymania tego domniemanego terrorysty? Jeśli nie, to dlaczego nie? Proszę mi dostarczyć lub skierować do wszystkich opublikowanych informacji prasowych.
    • Z punktu widzenia polskich organów, czy ważniejsze jest, aby być postrzeganym jako państwo szanujące prawo krajowe, oraz międzynarodowe prawa i traktaty, czy mieć przyjazne stosunki z państwami, które są powszechnie znane jako nie przestrzegające prawa?
    • Czy gdyby ta osoba była Arabem lub muzułmaninem, byłaby nazwana przez wasze organy “terrorystą”, lub czy byłaby potraktowana inaczej niż zatrzymany? Czy takie inne traktowanie miałoby podstawy prawne, które mogłaby Pani wskazać?
    • Czy może Pani dostarczyć mi zdjęcie zatrzymanego w celu jego opublikowania?

    Below six of the relevant articles from the Polish press. They’re the most interesting from Newsweek and Gazeta Wyborcza:
    1. Uri Brodsky attorney’s warning: “There will be accusations of anti-Semitism”
    Piotr Śmiłowicz – 17.06.2010 08:05–%E2%80%9Ebeda-oskarzenia-o-antysemityzm%E2%80%9D,60587,1
    “I can imagine Israeli Press headlines: In Poland anti-Semitism triumphs again – Israeli citizen Uri Brodsky’s attorney Marcin Maminski told Is it true that your client is not the Uri Brodsky wanted by the Germans?
    MM: Yes, it is. Of course his name is Uri Brodsky, there’s no doubt about his identity. But he rightly tries to prove that he’s not the only Uri Brodsky in the world. Thus he suspects he could be a victim of a mistaken identity. Does he deny being Mossad agent and also that he took any part in forgery of documents in Germany?
    MM: Yes, he does. Have you undertaken any legal action to explain this situation?
    MM: This procedure consists of two stages: first – 6 June the court issued an order for temporary arrest, and I shall appeal against it, now I’m waiting for the court of appeal. Second – request for extradition, which on behalf of the German Prosecutor is made by the Polish prosecutor’s office. This document apparently has been sent to court. Only after hearing the proposal that I could find out what is the evidence. Will you try to prove your client is not the Brodsky?
    MM: After reading the proposal I will make the decision whether submission of the proposal makes sense, and whether there is confusion as to his identity. Of course, if I see that the evidence is compelling, I will not use frivolous arguments., What can be done in this case not to hand him over to the Germans?
    MM: Taking into account the EU rules regarding the extradition I will seek any conditions that could lead to a situation that Mr. Brodsky won’t be deported to Germany, but will be able to return to Israel. What are these conditions? That documents forgery isn’t a big crime?
    MM: For example, it’s a small crime, but it’s a crime for which the punishment in the issuing state would be disproportionate. There’re many of these conditions. For now, I know of two grounds – forgery of documents and assistance in certification of untruth. But in the extradition request, which I haven’t seen yet, the list of objections may be longer. Is Uri Brodsky Israeli citizen?
    MM: Yes, he is. Has Israel intervened in any way in this case?
    MM: The standard procedure is being used here. Israeli consul visited him while in custody, checking conditions he lives in, it was necessary to settle the religious problems, such as the Sabbath and kosher food.

    [my comment: What a joke! This last reply makes me laugh! What a fantastic and caring country Israel is! I remember reading about food and drinking water shortage during Easter, when even special herbs and spices for Pascha weren’t allowed to enter Gaza. This reply leaves me speechless.]
    2. Two Israeli ministers demand Poland hands over its citizen
    mol/PAP – 14.06.2010 17:32,60282,1
    Israel should oppose its citizen extradition to the third country and do all possible to bring him home, Transport Minister Israel Kac said.
    Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry limited its statement to confirm that “Israeli citizen arrested n Poland”, pointing out “Israeli consulate is taking care of the problem”.
    3. Mr Janecki, the Prosecutor: “We have no reason not to hand Brodsky over ”
    Violetta Krasnowska – Sałustowicz
    17.06.2010 20:15 22:53–%E2%80%9Enie-ma-przeslanek–by-nie-wydac-brodsky-ego%E2%80%9D,60588,1
    The only possibility to hand Uri Brodsky over to Israel is: we would have to obtain the extradition request from Israel. We haven’t received it so far – Andrew Janecki, the head of the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office says in an interview with service. Who should we hand Uri Brodsky to: the Germans or the Israelis?
    AJ: The procedure is very simple and limits our part in it to confirm credibility of the order and the person’s identity, then forward it to the disposal of the court which issued the decision. The original order is with us, and we already have a passport with exactly the same number and details the person was using. We have a particular document from Germany and just simply execute it in accordance with procedures. On Thursday we issued a proposal to the court and the court will make decision to release him to Germany, which is a requesting country. In the Code of Criminal Procedure there are set out cases in which a court may refuse to do so, but in this case there aren’t any. But let’s not anticipate the facts. Thus formally there is no possibility of handing him to another country? For example Israel?
    Andrzej Janecki: There is such a possibility in one situation only: if there was another EWA document or a request for it in another way, such as an extradition. Israel does not belong to the EU, and could apply for extradition only. But the Israelis would have their own procedure laid down, describing under which charges are pursuing him and have to ask the Polish authorities to hand him over to them. We haven’t received any request of this kind. So we have to deal with one request coming from Germany and that’s all. So where’s the debate as who to hand him over to: the Germans or the Israelis, doming from?
    Andrzej Janecki: Sorry, but his question is not for me, because we have only one request and we do realize it. Now we’re waiting for the court session.
    4. Dubai could demand Brodsky too
    mol/PAP – 14.06.2010 16:56,60344,1
    Dubai can apply for the extradition of an alleged Mossad agent detained in Poland, if it turns out that he was involved in the assassination of Hamas leader – chief of Dubai police, gen. Dahi Chalfan Tamim says.
    5. What is Uri Brodsky wanted for
    Bogdan Wróblewski, bart 2010-06-17, 20:22,75478,8024193,Za_co_scigany_jest_Uri_Brodsky.html

    The Prosecutor’s Office asked the court in Warsaw to issue an order to hand Uri Brodsky over to Germany, who is suspected in assistance to Israeli intelligence service Mossad in organizing the assassination of one of the Hamas leaders.
    But we failed to file our request in court before 4pm, just a bad luck. We shall do it on Thursday morning, the Prosecutor Monika Lewandowska says.

    Our office represents the main interests of law enforcement in Germany. A German Prosecutor’s office on April 13 received the EAW from the Federal Supreme Court in Karlsruhe. On June 4 the Israeli was arrested at Okecie airport. On June 6 he was arrested for 40 days and the procedure began for his hand over to Germany.

    A week later, the Der Spigel weekly reported that the Mossad agent who took part in preparations for the assassination of one of the leaders of the Palestinian Hamas in Dubai (January 13). Brodsky was indirectly involved in the attack, our Prosecutor’s office confirmed, indicating that the arrested man had confirmed untruth in documents, “which may be important to clarify the circumstances of the attack in Dubai.”
    It regards the passport in the name of Michael Bodenheimer, under which the killers commando agent was hiding in Dubai. Brodsky is accused of tricky obtaining so called naturalizastion certificate from an official working for the office for the residents in Cologne for Bodenheimer (he testified that he is the son of a Jewish couple who fled the Third Reich) and assistance in forging of his passport.

    Israeli politics demanded that Poland would refrain from handing Uri Brodsky the Germans and return him to his country. We’ll demand the same in court, Brodsky’s attorney Marcin Maminski told Gazeta.

    Yesterday we discovered that in Germany he is expected to answer for “extortion of identity card” for Alexander V. He is Slovak businessman active in Germany, the head of several online businesses. Is targeted by prosecutors and consumer associations as well. They accuse him for money extortion from Internet users who used to log on to his site and download free programs fro it, for which his company demanded money. The investigation, which affected several hundred people, is lead by the Prosecutor in Darmstadt. He refuses giving any information, however, whether Brodsky’s name appears in the case.

    My client hasn’t said anything about it – Maminski says. Yesterday he filed a complaint against his client’s arrest. His complaints are of a formal nature, eg. there’s no Hebrew translator. The attorney doesn’t mention Brodsky is questioning the identity he was arrested under.
    He’ll do it before the court – predicts his attorney.

    In the prosecutor’s opinion Brodsky’s passport doesn’t cause any doubts. Fact the Germans demand the right man confirm his credit cards. But these documents don’t have any biometric data (fingerprints, retina). His fingerprints were taken straight after he was detained in Poland, and were sent to Karlsruhe, but I have no idea what’s the comparison outcome – Maminski says.

    6. Brodsky’s attorney: it’s a mistake
    Bartosz T. Wieliński, wrób 2010-06-16 20:07,75478,8019038,Obronca_Brodskiego__Pomylka.html
    My client is not the Uri Brodsky the German Prosecutor is looking for. Neither is he an agent – his Polish attorney Marcin Maminski says.
    My client denies these accusations. I have filed complaints regarding his arrest and detention – he adds. Uri Brodsky has been staying in a single prison cell in arrest building in Rakowiecka St.
    In the German Prosecutors opinion, Brodsky was alleged to assist one of Mossad agents in obtaining a German paszport dunder the name of Michael Bodenheimer. He was to use false documents giving impression he was a German Jews son, and his Barents escaped from the Third Reich.
    Der Spiegel revelations had a devastating effect in the whole world, because if Brodsky is an agent, he is the only one of 28, which has so far fallen into the Interpol network. According to the media the Polish, German and Israeli diplomats and intelligence agencies are negotiating the case.

    – I’ve asked our services and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to exercise a great care dealing with this problem of the detained Israeli citizen who is being prosecuted by the EWA Germany – Prime Minister Donald Tusk told reporters yesterday. – We are very concerned, that this situation won’t negatively affect our relations with Israel – he stressed. The Prime Minister added, that Poland never has and never will support terrorism. And that law “doesn’t give the Polish court too many possibilities for action.”

    Maminski claims it’s the mistaken identity problem. He isn’t the Uri Brodsky the Germans are looking for. He isn’t an agent but a businessman coming to Poland on business – he says. He adds that a few days prior to his arrest Brodsky landed at Okecie airport. He arrived from Vienna then and later flew to Vilnius. From there he was going to travel to Tel Aviv, but his direct flight was cancelled, so he decided to travel via Warsaw. Polish border guards took his passport in order to explain his identity – he describes. In his opinion comparing his fingerprints with the ones supplied by the Germans can prove the mistake. The Germans have already delivered the fingerprints of the looked for Mossad agent, his fingerprints were taken also while in detention in Warsaw.

    When asked about doubts regarding identity of the man, Monika Lewandowska says: We have checked his passport authenticity, there aren’t any objections. She adds the Prosecutor’s Office is sending request to the court as to send Uri Brodsky to Germany. The original EAW document will follow – she informs.

    The possibility of two Uri Brodskys isn’t a surprise. Israeli press points out the real Michael Bodenheimer is an Ortodox Rabbi living in Tel Aviv. In Israel there are also Melvyn Adam Mildiner, Stephen Hodes and Paul John Keeley. All three are British citizens, and passports with their names in them were used by Dubai assassins.

  • original text
    Na prokuratorów nikt nie naciskał, a podjęta decyzja o wystąpieniu do Sądu Okręgowego w Warszawie z wnioskiem o przekazanie ściganego stronie niemieckiej jest niezależna od poglądów politycznych.

    translated as
    No one has pressured the Prosecutor or requested from the District Court of Warsaw to deliver the captured subjected to the German side, independent of political views.

    should be translated as
    No one has pressured the Prosecutor and the decision of District Court of Warsaw to deliver the captured subjected to the German side is independent of political views.

    Otherwise translation is correct.

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Advertising? Werbung? Click on the picture below. Klicken Sie auf das Bild unten. kawther [dot] salam [at] gmail [dot] com

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