Israeli Embassy in Poland Intervened to Protect a German Mossad Agent

Israel indirectly admitted the responsibility of “Mossad” for the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh last January 20 2010 in the Al-Bustan Rotana hotel in Dubai. Israel’s indirect admission of the crime was revealed during the interference of the representative of Israel in Poland, ambassador Zvi Rav-Ner, who demanded that the polish government should not hand the Mossad element Uri Brodsky, a “Israeli-German citizen” who was caught by the Polish police on Monday June 7 2010  trying to enter Poland through Warsaw Airport.

The meddling of the Israeli Embassy in the arrest of the Mossad agent could be understood as a clear admission of the involvement of the so-called state of Israel in the murder of Al-Mabhuh in Dubai.

Uri Brodsky was caught on suspicions that he helped a member of the “Mossad” hit squad to get a German passport in June 2009. The Polish police arrested Brodsky at the request of the German authorities, who suspected him of playing a role in assassinating Al-Mabhouh in Dubai.

The German magazine Der Spiegel published the news about the arrest of Uri Brodsky by the polish police. The spokesperson of the federal prosecutors office said: “It’s now up to the Polish authorities to decide if they are going to hand him over to Germany”.

The German government is well known as the strongest alley to Israel, and it has a long history in covering up for the crimes Mossad agents crimes who used German passports in past operations, and it is known that German authorities have allowed the Mossad to use German passports during past crimes. In view of this the meddling of the israeli ambassador in Poland cannot be explained, because it is unlikely that the Germans will do anything against Brodsky.

The Israeli Mossad used different passports in the assassination of Mohammad Al-Mabhouh. According to the chief of Dubai police, Dahi Khalfan, twelve Mossad elements were traveling with British passports, six Irish, four French, one German and three Australian passports.

Dubai police has released extensive surveillance camera footage they say shows the team of suspects of the Israeli death squad which is linked to the murder of the Hamas operative in the hotel of Dubai.

5 comments to Israeli Embassy in Poland Intervened to Protect a German Mossad Agent

  • Reality

    As with most people Im sickened to realize that Zionist Jews are no different than Hitler. The only difference being, we knew what Hitler wanted, wherein the Zionists only want to spread terror and confusion and bang the old holocaust drum when it suits them, so as to make most people feel sorry for them. I hope in time people WAKE UP and realize they’ve allowed a monster terrorist organization to be create via their own tax dollars. My courage to speak on behalf of those, such as the Palestinians, whose suffering is often minimized or ignored in mass culture, holds up the possibility of the moral life. I hope my example of intellectual and moral independence sustains all who defy the ‘cant’ of the crowd to speak the truth. Stop watching Sheep TV people and wake up, before your the one being shot and your family being murdered while Jews stand by laughing. . .

  • The involvement of Germany with Zionist crimes goes back many decades. Hitler and the Nazis were funded by Kuhn Loeb and Rothschild, Jew bankers. The relocation camps that the Nazis willingly put together for the Jews, gave the Jews the start point to invade Palestine from. (Later, those camps were transformed by propaganda to seem like death camps. They never were.) The so-called “Star of David” used to fly over the relocation camps. The camp guards were Jews.

    The motto of the Mossad is to make war by deception. In short, they lie as it were from their nature.

    They must be brought to account for all of their crimes in a court docket.


  • Gene

    I as an American I really feel sorry that you have a neighbor that has hijacked your land because oil is beneath Palestine and Gaza. Israel controls our media and Washington so the truth never gets out. I’ll pray for your people and don’t know what else I can do as an American. Please keep your information flowing, others are reading this also.

    My the Almighty keep you and your family safe.


  • Dan

    Dear refugee from Israeli terrorism, I sincerely hope the best for you and pray that you are protected for your courage in standing up to thoe barbarians. I am so sorry and ashamed that the Jews have so obviously taken over our intelligence agencies, our mililary and our government here.

    Deductive reasoning can lead to no other conclusion.

    Always take a moment and pray for protection, then go on knowing your enemies are building up a huge karmic debt against themselves.


  • Clearly

    The mossad creed: ‘By way of deception, thou shalt make war.’ CAUGHT YOU!!!

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