The President Walks in the Street and Salutes the People

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This scene does not happen in the streets of the USA, Israel, or in the streets of any Arab state. I worked as a journalist for over twenty years in the Middle East and Palestine. I have not seen in my life an Arab President or leader who has the self-confidence to walk in a street with all humility and respect, greeting his citizens. I have never seen the President of another country pass the streets without armored cars, soldiers, police and secret service people directing their guns at the heads of the citizens. I have never seen one President who dared to pass through the streets before closing them to the people and stopping the traffic. I have never seen an Arab President or leader smiling at the face of journalists or citizens, or even thanked them.

Dr. Heinz Fischer, the Austrian President (center) walking in the street.

Yesterday, on my way back home, I saw the Austrian President Dr. Heinz Fischer walking with all humility, respect and confidence in himself and with a big smile on his face greeting his citizens in the street. I did not hesitate to make some photos of the Dr. Fischer. The President said with a big smile “passt schon” (“It’s OK”). Nobody screamed at me, nobody forcibly pushed me out of the way of President Fischer. He was walking without army or military police pointing their rifles at the people in the street. A state of emergency was not declared during the time while President Dr. Fischer was walking, the traffic did not stop, the people were not evacuated by force from the streets.
Such things only happen in the Arab States, the United States, in Israel and in other countries which are ruled by repressive regimes, by military dictatorships, regimes of injustice.

Dr. Fischer came down the stairs and then went up the stairs from the other side, walking like all other people. He continued walking to his home. President Fischer wrote the history of himself and his country with honestly, on a golden page which everybody likes. He loves his people and his people love him. This is our president Dr. Fischer and this is Austria. I wish that all other countries would have a President like this one we have in Austria.

Dr. Heinz Fischer, the Austrian President (center) walking in the street.

37 comments to The President Walks in the Street and Salutes the People

  • Rabbit

    Important obervation Kawther and it makes me think of when this would have been done in Australia too. Is this the surest sign that we are no longer the free and democratic nation we once were?

  • Rabbit

    In fact I was at an event yesterday where our PM, Mr Rudd was to attend. The security and precautions taken to ensure no public contact were disgusting to see here in Perth.

  • That’s what happens when you have good intentions and clean cousciouness. I bet that president also sleeps at night.

  • Pastor Bob

    If I saw Obongo walking down the street, I would probably be getting charged with assault and added hate crime charges! Beat down on the brown usurper!

    Keep up the good work Ms. Kawther!

  • bobby

    The Prime Minister of Republic of Macedonia Gruevski takes a stroll down the street in Skopje on the way to the Parliament. He is down to earth so the elite does not like him.

  • james inness

    Strange that such a normal action elicits such remarkable comments!

  • Gav

    Well come along to NZ then when our PM John Key does everything from walking unexpected into schools to appearing at crowded fairs..all without fuss and massive security. If you want to and I have, you simply go up and shake his hand, no problem.

  • Walter

    Here in South Africa we have a particular important president. He is very well guarded , as seems fit for a father of 21 children. When he travels it’s usually in a 10 cars plus blue light convoy. How nice for the Austrians to have a normal society with a normal president.

  • Jeff

    In fact not so long ago Australian prime ministers walked around the streets entirely unaccompanied. The PM’s house in Canberra wasn’t even fenced until the late 60’s.

    But then Harry Truman used to take a morning walk around Washington alone, too.

  • P

    This is also normal in the Netherlands. You can see the minister of Justice going to work on his bike etc. Why not?

  • Mike

    Heh, if the US president tried to walk down the street in any major city here he’d be drawn and quartered before he got 10 feet. Too many people are completely fed up with our politicians lying to us while taking corporate money. Their rhetoric is now completely divorced from reality, and they are so arrogant and callous that they will use any lie that furthers their aims. Nope, we won’t be seeing this in the US any time soon. I’m afraid we’re going to see things get a whole lot worse before they even begin to get better.

  • Xi Chin

    Tony Blair need over £6M each year (paid for by the UK tax payer) to protect him. He moves around in a massive motorcade, inside a bullet proof limo. When he comes past, we are aggressively and rudely pushed off the the side of the road by the UK Police. These people are tyrants. pure and simple. We have a tyranny in the West. Sure, it is an elected one, but if it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck – it is a duck.

  • Mark

    Nice photo op for the EU and the NWO…

  • Cat Callahan

    The last time a US president did this was way back when Kennedy was president! There is a saying from the Bible that goes “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” It is the tyrant that expects everyone to be the same way. The adulterer who things all men cheat on their wives,etc. This is a good lesson right here.

  • Alex Kloske

    Bravo, Mr. President…bravo

  • Bob in Philly

    Many so called leaders cannot walk the streets because they know and understand the words of the UK’s George Galloway when he says, “No Justice, No Peace”.

  • GreyWolf

    Great article!! It’s different news, positive news, that tell other world leaders that they need to get out and about with the people. I like this!

  • Jimmy

    When you strike ordinary people with remote controlled predator drones you can’t take a crap without an entourage!
    And for good reason. When a truly “peoples{” leader takes a walk he has nothing to fear.

  • Larry DeRamus

    Thankyou for making my day better. I do not even see our mayor in the streets.

  • Newman

    In our Third World Country Us American citizens can’t walk down many streets in fear of Gangs and Illegal IMMIGRANTS !

  • Twyla

    Awesome story, K! Austria must certainly be a people free of “infiltraitors” and double agents bent on undermining and destroying everyone. This is also a testament to the character of Honorable Dr. Fischer. A good tree brings forth fruits such as peace. Austrians are fortunate these days compared to we Americans, who live in a chaotic, insane, murderous jungle, filled with traitors and two-faced sell-outs on every corner.

  • Wow. I am so brain-washed not to see the simplicity of it all.

  • Matt Smith

    Inspiring … even given that Austria is a small country – inspiring all the same – can this be a movement that will spread ? If a Kenyan born man can become Prez of the USA = how about an Austrian in 2012 or 2016 ? here’s waiting…

  • j r

    They should pass a law outlawing bodyguards for politicians. Maybe that would help keep them honest. If we loose a few it’s a small price to pay. Call it collateral damage.

  • James

    See Osama or Barry or whatever the madman in the black house really is, this is what honesty looks like. BTW He can smile proudly because he has a birth certificate, and has never had gay rendevous in a Chicago bath-house with other elderly white men.

  • Charles

    If he is an honest and forthright man that hides nothing from the people of his country, then of course he will not fear to walk amongst the people of his country. I wish more world leaders would could freely walk as this President does. But then, that may foster world peace for it is the leaders that lock themselves away behind defensive and offensive forces that cause many problems for themselves requiring heavy protection.

  • heywood jablome

    AS Cat Callahan stated -The last time a US president did this was way back when Kennedy was president!

    [redacted] now that our religion of peaceniks know of this simple man, you better be careful they don’t send one of the vest wearers your way.

  • Involute Mirage

    It’s not the public that our politicans are afraid of. Most of those in the higher ranks won’t even waste a brain cell thinking what the honest worker does or cares about. We are overruled by pompous virtuals who’s only goal in life is pleasure and wealth, the tax payer is for the most part a means to those ends.
    Burn in hell kings and Queens.

  • rachel

    “If the American people knew what we have been doing they would chase us down the street and hang us from a tree”. George Bush Sr.

    That’s why you don’t see US Presidents walking the streets.

    As for Australia, the most censored private corporation in the world, your lucky to even know who the Prime Minister is.

  • chris miller

    Nice article, reminds me of when i once passed the former Austrian president Thomas Klestil in the center of the Vienna city-Am Graben- walking home alone with a bag full of groceries….. on the other hand, i now also remember having passed the deceased “evil politician” Jörg Haider pretty much in the same part of town walking alone talking to passerbys. Perhaps it is a reflection on Austria being a “neutral” country, or just not having the “violence” problematic as other parts of the world do.

  • Steve

    Danke schön, fräulein Salam, für die Erinnerung der Höflichkeit und Anstand zivilisierten Verhaltens.

    Thank you, Ms. Salam, for the reminder of the courtesy and decency of civilized behavior.


  • engineering student

    The whole thing is an enigma that needs deeper investigation. What is different about Austria that the president can walk among the Austrian people and foreign visitors without fear of attack? [redacted] Is Austria being flooded with millions of poor 3rd world non-white immigrants demanding handouts like the rest of western Europe, Britain, the US, Canada, Australia? If not, why haven’t the open-border socialist-marxists of the EU demanded Austrian open it’s borders as the jews demand US open-borders to Mexico? Are the people satisfied with their government and financial conditions? What is the unemployment rate in Austria? [redacted]

    To a US American, this is truly amazing. Probe deeper into the causes of such freedom for a President to walk down the streets without fear of attack by domestic or foreign “terrorists.”

    For many reasons the rulers of the US and most other nations CANNOT walk among the people without fear of a bomb or sniper attack. Why is there no fear in Austria?

    Answer:This is no “photo op” for anybody and I am not part of any “Austrian media”. As said, I was on my way home and this was a chance encounter. It is known from other Austrian politicians and officials that they go on foot to shop, and they wait in line to pay, among the other people.

  • Eva

    Kawther, It was nice to read something positive about Austria and Austrians. I keep telling people that they’re not as horrible as their grandparents, and no worse than many people here or in a certain country in the Middle East.

  • Robert

    “A state of emergency was not declared during the time while President Dr. Fischer was walking, the traffic did not stop, the people were not evacuated by force from the streets. Such things only happen in … countries which are ruled by repressive regimes, by military dictatorships, regimes of injustice.”
    A hello from Canada, where the country’s largest city, Toronto, is already guarded, fenced-in, locked-down, and button-upped in antcipation of hosting the G summits in June.

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