Dozens of Passports Stolen from Flotilla Participants

A speaker of the “European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza” (ECESG), one of the founders of the coalition fleet of freedom and which based in Brussels, revealed that the Israeli authorities stole dozens of passports belonging to persons from a number of European countries during their assault against the peace activists on board of the fleet during the last week.

She said: “More than thirty-one international solidarity activists who were on the vessels assured the ECESG that the Israeli authorities confiscated their passports during the abduction from international territorial waters on Monday 31 May 2010, and that they did not give them back.

The ECESG expressed their concern that the Israeli authorities, particularly the foreign intelligence service “Mossad” will use these passports to perpetrate assassinations against others who they perceive as enemies, as has happened before, when the Mossad stole and faked European passports used to perpetrate the assassination of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in the Emirate of Dubai. The organization called the European governments to follow this issue, fearing that Israel will repeat the use of their passports in the commission of new Israeli crimes around the world, which would implicate the European countries in the crimes, as happened recently.

Meanwhile, many of the people on board of the vessels of freedom which were trying to reach the Gaza Strip to deliver humanitarian aid said that they were subjected to an organized piracy operation in “every sense of the word”, including murder, robbery and kidnapping.

They stated that they were looted by Israeli soldiers, who stormed the ship by force, using live bullets, and after they killed and wounded dozens of peace activists they stole all their personal possessions under threat of force.

Noteworthy, the Israeli authorities are still holding the seven ships, as well as all the humanitarian assistance goods which were on board of these ships, more than twelve thousand tons of goods and materials.

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  • This shows completely that the Jews who unlawfully criminally occupy Palestine are nothing more than a gang of Kahal criminals who murder, steal, pillage, rape and impersonate for further murdering – at will. It is a principle of all law, including international law, and from time immemorable, that when criminals cannot be contained they must be killed for the public safety. For the safety of the whole world, an international expeditionary force must be sent against the Jews of “IsraHell” and for the public safety these Zionist murdering vermin must be eradicated.

    Free Palestine from these Zionist vultures and free the the whole world from these Zionist vultures.


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