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Bodies of Murdered Disappeared From Flotilla

Where Are the Bodies of the other people who were murdered on the humanitarian ship Flottila? Which are the countries allied with Israel which helped to hide the names of the victims from the public? Are the other dead persons, whose names Israel erased from the list of victims, holders of fake passports or Israeli infiltrators among the peace activists on board of the ship? What is the story behind decreasing the number of murdered persons by Israel?

German Parliamentarian Inge Hoeger stated that peace activists murdered by the Israeli last [1]Monday were 19 persons and not 10 (or 9) as the Israeli government says. This serious statement contradicts the Israeli allegations and was delivered during her speech before a huge demo organized on Sunday June 6 2010 in Berlin as a protest against the criminal Israeli attack on the humanitarian ships. German MP Hoeger demanded that Israel must return the ships, which were stolen from their owners during the israeli piracy act, and transfer the humanitarian supplies and aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.

MP Hoeger described what happened in international waters in the Mediterranean as a massacre against the civilians which added to the track record of massacres in Gaza and other Palestinian territories by the Israeli army.