Bodies of Murdered Disappeared From Flotilla

Where Are the Bodies of the other people who were murdered on the humanitarian ship Flottila? Which are the countries allied with Israel which helped to hide the names of the victims from the public? Are the other dead persons, whose names Israel erased from the list of victims, holders of fake passports or Israeli infiltrators among the peace activists on board of the ship? What is the story behind decreasing the number of murdered persons by Israel?

German Parliamentarian Inge Hoeger stated that peace activists murdered by the Israeli last Monday were 19 persons and not 10 (or 9) as the Israeli government says. This serious statement contradicts the Israeli allegations and was delivered during her speech before a huge demo organized on Sunday June 6 2010 in Berlin as a protest against the criminal Israeli attack on the humanitarian ships. German MP Hoeger demanded that Israel must return the ships, which were stolen from their owners during the israeli piracy act, and transfer the humanitarian supplies and aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.

MP Hoeger described what happened in international waters in the Mediterranean as a massacre against the civilians which added to the track record of massacres in Gaza and other Palestinian territories by the Israeli army.

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  • What the IsraHellis did is typical criminal gangster coverup for the criminal gangster murders they committed. In New Jersey, when the Mafia does it, they hide the bodies in the marshes. Same thing – different location and different criminals. Same crime.

    Deliver Palestine from the Zionist criminals!


  • ahmad johari

    hi kawther,
    i think it will be wiser for the flotilla organiser to do a headcount on who are missing.
    and cicurlate them through the press.stay persistent and may you be able to see and visit your homeland again.

  • How many people were killed? 19 or 10 or 9?
    Interesting…Are they struggling to cover up the truth??

  • mystic

    I saw that 19 were murdered early on after the atrocity was perpetrated, and it occurred to me that the number 9 and other facts were all what Israel wanted the world to know not what actually happened.This is why the wolrd mt demand an international investigation, get Goldstone if nceessary. Pressure should be put on the US which is complicit with this coverup.This is an act of war on a NATO country, and article 5 should be invoked since the US is allegedly a NATO member as well. If it refuses, it should be dropped from NATO, which will empower Russia and Iran.

  • jimmy

    Impeach Obama and then find someone with the balls it takes to tell Israel to pack sand. This limp wristed person in the red house was one helluva huge mistake folks.

    • Elizabeth

      I think it is time America started asking the right questions of their supposed President.
      How did he change his name from Soetoro to Obama?
      The truth about his status as a student.
      His records, his social security fraudulent details etc etc.
      Most of the world is aghast that the questions remain unanswered whilst this man follows policies detrimental to most of the planet, our peace and its peoples.

  • Joe7000

    I too have wondered where the rest of those bodies are.

    Was there an accurate list of those aboard the fated ship? Were the bodies thrown overboard to conceal the manner in which they were murdered?

    Hopefully, as more survivors return to their own countries, they will be able to fill in some of the important pieces of the puzzle surrounding this high crime of piracy, perpetrated by the Zionist military on a defenseless humanitarian flotilla.

    Israel has, in effect, declared war on the entire world. Hopefully, at least one nation will open its eyes to the fact and do something about this huge Zionist elephant in the room.

  • Rrr-B-Wolf

    Ya’ know, that’s what I’ve been thinking over the last couple of days. I thought there were 19 murdered. Now, mysteriously there are only 9 hmm????
    And the hero (murderer) is going to receive a medal. And Israhell is going to conduct an internal investigation. Wonder what the verdict is going to be? (Hope you all know I’m being facycious(spl?). Gaaawd, when is the world going to wake up; my heart cries!
    Canadian Wolf

  • Rob

    The discrepancy between original reports of victims, the “official” media number of nine,
    and the number of missing, is disturbing. The liars who control the media have succeded, at
    least for the time being, at downplaying their genocidal crime.
    Thanks for trying to keep this issue in the minds of people who are on the edge; those who
    do not yet realize we are being continually lied to. Your courage is needed; your message
    must get out.

  • Richard Lefew

    I can’t believe how affective the mainstream media is in spinning this entire affair, as if the peace activists had “ambushed” the commando’s as they stormed the ships.

    Another things that really irritates me is how everyone, and I mean every single media now saying that the blockade is legal and appropriate! How can you legally blockade a territory you are currently occupying? That’s not a blockade, that’s called a concentration camp.

    The Jews are not delivering food, or medical supplies, as a matter of fact, they are denying these essential supplies to the residents of Gaza. Why? Because the residents of Gaza didn’t just move away, or all commit suicide?

    Nobody knows, or cares that the Jews first order of business was to eliminate all the Christian settlements in Palistine back in the 40’s. They killed the entire populations of two Christian towns in 1948…why? Because they knew that maybe, just maybe some American’s might someday sympathize with Christians.

    It’s pathetic how the American Christians are so brainwashed into supporting the state of Israel. Even when the Jew’s believe that all Christians are dog manure in their minds. Christians will actually say that they believe that the Jews are God’s chosen people… What a joke. I’m supposed to believe that the Jews are chosen, and I’m just an animal…as clearly stated in the Rabinical texts..Talmud, Torah, ect.

  • caterina

    The bodies have been taken for body parts for sale on the balck market. This is Israel by product of the holocast in Palestine. Now they are happy that volunteers have turned up to donate body parts. GOOD LUCK in getting the ships back. Israel steal everything, they have stolen a country, they have stolen history, they have stolen money from USA, they have stolen children in Haiti, they have stolen peoples values and morals with their poro filth from hollywood, they have stolen happiness and peace from the Palestines, THIEVES AND LIARS.
    The next flotialla should be at least 10,000 boats, yatchs filled with protesters from all around the world to break the blockade. Citizens of the world unite against Israel

  • Perry

    Caterina I’ll go on those 10,000 boats who will go with me its a good day to die!!!

  • Von rader

    Or total was incorrect at start and as time goes on they have a correct total. You know because everything was so chaotic to start. People were separated Now things have settled a better picture can be seen. Because as you know both sides exaggerate to get their points across. Not saying israel justified just saying numbers can be wrong. How do we know

  • Is it possible that the missing bodies are nationalities of the other countries, other than Turkey, that recalled their diplomats??

  • Tim

    This is how the media bias works…
    Day 1 – ’20 people dead’ , initial and likely honest accounting
    Day 2 – ‘at least 9 people dead’ (not an outright lie, but gets people recognising the number 9 as being associated with the attack)
    Day 5 – ‘9 people dead’, and the lie is perpetrated.

    If you watch for it, you’ll see it happens all the time.

  • Razmick

    The Zionist government will not be able to continue the fraud on the world. The people are realizing that these arrogant, evil Zionists are corrupt in every way. The Protocols of Zion explain exactly what is going on today in the world and those that read it will see the connection IMMEDIATELY!

    The mass awakening is coming on fast and we will see the day that they pay for their Satanic evil.

    There is a prediction out there I’ve seen that mentions June 23rd as a day for a false flag attack on America… it will be blamed on Iran so that the U.S. can start a war for Israel… Israel will not exists if this happens.

    Without the Zionist state, the world will be a safer and more peaceful place.

  • ishmale

    You know what they say,the only good IDF,is a dead one.

  • bond


  • David

    10,000 ships from 100 countries should get the job done!

  • Israhell is a terrorist criminal state.

  • Pete Schnapp

    Of course they disappeared, they can’t very well harvest organs right in front of the survivors! or maybe in addition to making “snuff” films using Goy children, (as in Italy), they also have clilents buying films of necrophelia?
    I put NOTHING beyond a nation that so much loves killing the unarmed, weak and others not able to defend themselves OR a nation like the United States of Israel that not only allows them to murder their citizens, but PAYS them to! GO TURKEY GO!!

  • Ian

    Ok then. I can’t wait to see the rest.

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