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Demo and Video: Israel Terrorist!


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“Israel terrorist”, “Allahu Akbar”, “Stop the blockade of Gaza”, “Free Palestine” were slogans [5]chanted by 10 thousand demonstrators angrily in one voice from the Opera until the seats of the Federal President and the Chancellor in Vienna, protesting against the crimes of the Israeli mass execution carried out by commando units on the Humanitarian Freedom Flotilla, in which 9 Turkish citizens were murdered and at least 56 wounded. Over 119 Austrian organizations, representing Turkish, Muslim, Arab, communist, Jewish, and human rights interests, mosques organized and took part in the demonstration.(Click on the pictures to make them bigger).

Contrary to what the Palestinian news service Wafa published [6], the Palestinian Community in Vienna was not the sole organizer of the event, and the head of the Palestinian community Monther Meriae did not give a speech. Read the statement [7] of condemnation issued by the organizers.

Many of the participants turned into artists and painters to express in words and drawings their positions against the Israeli crime, which exceeded their perceptions and the expectations of the whole world. The protesters carried replicas of the vessels of freedom on their shoulders and raised photos and paintings of Israeli crimes against the children of Gaza.

Earlier in the afternoon, City Council Omar al-Rawi [8], Fritz Edlinger [9], Secretary General of [10]SAAR, Tarafa Baghajati [11], and [12] handed a protest Statement to Dr. Heinz Fisher [13], the Austrian Federal President, and Werner Faymman [14], the Austrian Chancellor, in which they strongly condemn the Israeli attack on the Gaza fleet of humanitarian help. In the letter they demanded that the Austrian government and the European Union should issue a clear condemnation against the horrific murder by Israeli troops on the humanitarian ships. They also demanded that the Austrian government should stop the military cooperation with Israel.

Speech of Omar Al-Rawi on 4 June 2010 [15] from Kawther Salam [16] on Vimeo [17].

At about 15:30, the demonstration reached Ballhausplatz and stopped before the government [18]houses. The Ballhaus square saw a revolutionary battle of speeches against the continuous crimes of Israel. The Palestinians, Turkish, and Austrians flags were mixed with different signs raised, which changed the image of the place. The demonstrators did not stop chanting “Israel terrorist” and saying “Allahu Akbar”. The speakers representing Turkish, Palestinian Austrians organizations, mosques, as well as Jewish peace activists, all delivered speeches in different languages before the demonstrators and the Austrian government residency houses.

The speakers highlighted the Israeli crimes, the Israeli violation of the international laws and UN resolutions, the blockade of Gaza, and the recent massacre on the humanitarian freedom [19]flotilla in which Israel targeted the Turkish ship “Mavi Marmara”, killed 9 and injured dozens. They demanded that the Austrian government must cut any kind of coordination with Israel as well as rescind diplomatic relations with the criminal Israelis.

“Enough is enough, enough murders and crimes!”, “Enough propaganda, blockading Gaza and spreading lies!”, “Israel does not understand the language of diplomacy”. “Those who stubbornly ignore UN resolutions and instead commit more and more crimes do not understand the language of diplomacy!”, “Sanctions against Israel is the only force which could make them understand!”

See and to hear the speech delivered by Adel Abed Allah, secretary general Palestine Union Association in Austria.

Speech of Adel AbdAllah on 4 June 2010 [20] from Kawther Salam [16] on Vimeo [17].