Soldiers on Flotilla were Shot by Friendly Fire

The puzzle, evidence and the features of the massacre on the freedom fleet, which remained confined to the Israeli lies, is starting to get into the light. Lies always have short legs: the Israeli soldiers were wounded by friendly fire of other soldiers under the orders of the terrorist commander of the massacre, Admiral Eliezer Marum (Chi), a native of China.

Admiral Eliezer Chi Marum is the Israeli Navy intelligence chief, the commander of massacre on the Freedom Fleet in the international waters, who has been described by others as a famous liar, reckless, an alcoholic and the protagonist of the brothel scandal “Gogo Night Club” of March 2009. He was caught drunk in a brothel by other clients of the house, who filmed him. After he denied being in the brothel at all, a film of the event was posted on YouTube.

According to Flotilla passenger Shatha Barakat, Syrian national and one of the detainees who was released from the Ber Al-Saba, in hebrew Beer Sheva jail, “when I went to the top of the ship to help the sanitary unit to take care of the wounded people, I saw the commandos landing during heavy shooting toward our ship from the Israeli boots surrounding us and also from the helicopters”. She confirmed that some Israeli soldiers were wounded on board the ship due to the indiscriminate shooting by the Israeli military helicopters and boats (friendly fire). She stated that all peace activists were unarmed and that nobody was carrying any kind or weapon.

Read more about the lies and the scandal of the leader Admiral Eliezer Marum (Chi) on Freedom Fleet massacre.

10 comments to Soldiers on Flotilla were Shot by Friendly Fire

  • David

    Will this claim from Jerusalem Post stick?
    Meanwhile Wednesday, the IDF released additional footage that showed the passengers aboard the ship attacking Israeli soldiers with metal chains and stun grenades, and hosing them down with water as well.

  • David Huggett

    Does anyone know how many people were killed in this massacre yet – or is that still classified information being withheld by the Zionazis until they can make up the lies to justify their killing?

    It is truly grotesque that the world has been subjugated by the fascist Zionist regimes of America and Israel and lets them continue to get away with the murder of innocents every day with little more than a statement of regret…

  • Ben

    Here’s a beautiful tribute to Emily and other ISM peace activists killed or injured:

  • Mr. Enigma

    Remember the USS Liberty?? What was their excuse then??
    The ones that will suffer will be the true Israelis, those zionists are going to bring upon death and despair to the Israelis that are true to God and his laws.
    Our US government has been hijacked by zionist jews and if we dont act now we will lose this country, end the fed and expell those from government who hold more than one citizenship. You cannot be loyal to 2 nations. Also throughout history Jews(I refer to zionist jews) have been ousted out of just about every country they settled in. They are corrupt and they are dishonest. We need to take everything away from the zionists. The Israeli Jews need protecting. Lets not make the same mistake that Hitler did. The “true Jews” need to be happy here in America and stay the heck out of the middle east. Too many lives have been lost due to the zionist controll and their war mongering habits. Let’s stop the madness!! Oh you Muslims need to get a grip and join the 21st century, get your minds out of the prehistoric times, we do not behead people for not agreeing to you beliefs. Let each and every man woman and child chose how they want to worship….Another thing, Barrack Hussein Obama, you had better been born in the USA or else you will face the wrath of millions of angry fed up Americans..You have no right to be here in this country, you Kenyan born Senator..remember???
    A few quotes from zionists “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” – Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001
    If this sicko Sharon is dead then I spit on his grave and curse his family!!!


    First, your title is grammatically incorrect. “Soldiers” is plural, therefore it would be “Soldiers on Flotilla WERE Shot by Friendly Fire”. Had it been “Soldier” then it would be singular, and “Was” would be used.

    Second, there are 2 sides to EVERY story. I seriously doubt that “Shatha Barakat – a Syrian national” would tell us if in fact the Soldiers were attacked and shot at.

    Bottom line, all Turkish government had to do was say to the Israeli government, we have several ships of supplies we would like to deliver, so please, come aboard and inspect them, we have nothing to hide.

    I wonder how you would react if every day rockets fell on your cities, and suicide bombers blew up your malls and schools.

    • Typical….I guess grammar is a huge problem when describing murder properly. I can see how that would effect the story.

      By the way, Hamas was created by Israel. And I wouldn’t doubt for a second that Israel instructs certain members to fire those firecrackers at israel in order to give them a reason to bomb the shit out of the Palestinians. By deception thou shall do war.

  • Chris

    If you want to inspect a ships cargo, do you need to put armed invaders on a boat in the darkness at 4am in international waters, would you not wait until the middle of the day when the ships enter your own territory?

  • suraci

    It just shows that Israel doesn’t care about it’s own soldiers either. They deliberately dropped isolated men from helicopters after the ship had been shot up by gunboats to prepare the reception.

    Israel dangled it’s men like so much meat into a boiling pot, knowing the resultant violence would play into it’s lies of self defence deaths of activists.

    All Israeli military personnel should think about this. You are disposable assets.

  • Ken

    I wonder just how long the USA will continue to support Israeli terrorism. Israel is a liability to every American citizen, financially and morally. Have we truly lost our conscience and can no longer distinguish right from wrong?

    PS. please feel free to correct my grammatical errors.

  • marq

    What is the world coming to when Commando’s only wearing full body armour and only carrying submachine guns to protect themselves, cant even assault a ship at night without some damned peace activist roughing them up? (and called them names).Obviously No respect for their training or anything. It makes me sick.

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