Potato Peelers Justify the Flotilla Massacre

Each time Israeli officials and spokespersons open their mouths they spread lies, hate and crimes. Shameful are those pictures of kitchen and maintenance tools shown by the representatives of minister of war Ehud Barak and his spokespersons as “weapons” which according to them justify the killing of nine civilians, injuring dozens, and arresting all the peace activists on the humanitarian Flotilla ships. According to my information, Israel intended to accuse a number of the detainees of committing terror attacks against the IDF commandos and planning to kill them and possession weapons (the kitchen tools) and cooperating with Israeli enemies (Hamas), spying against Israel and entering the territory of Israel illegally. These serious accusations could be lead to the sentencing of these innocent prisoners to life or at least ten years in jail.

The government press office and the Israeli military spokespersons have distributed to the media some pictures of kitchen knives, (fruits and vegetables knives and potato peelers, CDs, Palestinian shall “kofoia”), screwdrivers and maintenance tools useful for repairing the ship which were found in the kitchen of the ship and probably the maintenance department, what could be considered normal utensils to be present on a ship by any person with a sane mind). All the Israeli newspapers, including Ha’aretz and some international media lead by their sick minded zionist owners, have published the pictures of those knives, potato peeler, screwdrivers and other tools as a justification for the horrific massacre against civilians on the humanitarian Flotilla ships.

What the Zionists newspapers and the pro-Israeli media forgot to write and to clarify is that those tools (kitchen- and maintenance tools) were found in boxes after the bloody massacre, after the murder and injury of the passengers of the ship. These words, “found inside a box” mentioned in the IDF press statement, mean that the tools were not used by the passengers on board of the ship.

Anyone who saw the pictures of vegetables and fruit knives, published in Israeli newspapers in the context of Israeli propaganda justifying the Flotilla massacre, realized that the Ehud Bark and his military spokespersons are insane, obvious psychopath, suffering from dementia, a feeble mind, and would better be turned over to an appropriate institution of mental health, in the interest of their own security and also the security of those around them.

In my small kitchen there are more knives than what the IDF found on the Marmara

In my own small kitchen, I have more knives, screwdrivers and maintenance tools than what Ehud Barak and the IDF spokespersons showed in their fabricated photos. What the IDF says they found on the ship must be far less than what would really be on a passenger ship, than what a kitchen of a ships carries on board. Besides that, we must take in our consideration that the ships belong to normal people and the passengers on board are all educated people, artists, journalists, human rights defenders etc. … from different countries where the laws allow the ships and the passengers to carry knives and maintenance tools, where, contrary to the paranoid Israel, people actually use knives in their kitchens. European countries allow their citizen to carry pocket knives, pepper spray when walking the streets. This is the kind of self-defense which is allowed in democratic and civilized countries, but such “weapons could not be shown by the IDF. I never leave home without my small read knife (which is not considered a weapon), even when I take part in press conferences with officials.

In the so-called state of Israel (actually it is a Zionist terror organization), the death squad commando units claimed that they were attacked during their “human mission of landing and shooting live bullets on the passengers of the humanitarian Flotilla” who were allegedly defending themselves with tools and potato peelers and other kitchen tools, which allegedly caused injuries to the “innocent death squad commandos”. The liers did not say that their soldiers were injured by the friendly fire.

21 comments to Potato Peelers Justify the Flotilla Massacre

  • f8te

    LOL!!!! Look at the evil butter knives on the left!!!!!!!! Knives! knives! Chairs and knives! Evil anti semetic chairs and butter knives. If it was not so tragic, it would be hilarious. Like some short comic skit. Good grief..

  • mark

    Since when has it been a crime to sail international waters?

    And what do the Israil government expect from innocent people that are in international waters. If you were at home and a group of armed thugs broke into your house, would you defend yourself?
    This whole situation is unbeleavable.

    The true global citizens of this wourld need to stand up to stste sponsored terroism. We need to show our governments we do not codone treating our fellow humans this way….

    Lets take back control pf the planet.

    They all act in the name god yet ignore the most basic of comandments.

  • mal

    According to my information, Israel intended to accuse a number of the detainees of committing terror attacks against the IDF commandos and planning to kill them and possession weapons (the kitchen tools) and cooperating with Israeli enemies (Hamas), spying against Israel and entering the territory of Israel illegally (the flotilla was nowhere close to the alleged ‘territory of israel’ – it was in international waters, off the coast of Gaza).

    I think it’s important, in light of the accusations of piracy and of the declaration of war on member countries of NATO under whose flags those vessels were sailing, to always emphasise this point at every opportunity. Thanks 🙂

  • Kyle

    I’m a recovering Zionist.

    Seriously, I am an American Christian who at one time was deceived by the Dispensationalist Zionist Christian perspective so prevalent in the U.S. However, by God’s grace my eyes were opened to the truth regarding Israel of which I am still somewhat ashamed of my past.

    Like many Christians in America I was deceived into thinking that Jews were God’s chosen. I was taught to distrust Arabs and dismiss all of them as “terrorists. This thinking is rampant among Christians in America who have no grasp of history or biblical truth and only listen to the mouthpieces on television like Hagee, Perry Stone, Hal Lindsey, and others.

    My journey to the truth was painful when I realized I was deceived.

    Regarding their religion:

    After the first Diaspora the Jews were sent to Babylon of which after returning to Israel they brought with them the traditions of men which would later be known as the Babylonian Talmud. These traditions (Talmud) is most sacred book of the Jews superseding the Torah. Jews today practice Talmudism and is in no way what the ancient Israelites practiced. This book (Talmud) is a racist book which instills hatred towards anyone who is not a Jew. There remarks in regards to Jesus are antichrist and no Christian should support them. Talmudic Judaism is what Jews practice today. They do not practice what Abraham, Moses, or David practiced.

    Regarding their race:

    After the 2nd Diaspora when the temple was destroyed the Jews were scattered across much of Europe. During the 1900 years that followed Jews mixed with other races throughout the world and their bloodlines were no longer pure Semitic or in the case of the Khazars they had no racial identity whatsoever with the ancient Israelites. Today’s Jews are either Ashkenazi which is a hybridized group consisting of some Jewish blood to absolutely none and are of European stock. The other group is the Sephardic Jews who have a high amount of Semitic blood and are both a minority and second class citizens to the mostly European mixed Ashkenazi’s.

    Regarding their right of return:

    From the afore mentioned above example regarding race, the Jews have no direct linkage to the Holy Land. Today’s Jews continually lie regarding their rights to the land. God never promised European hybrids the Holy Land.

    Regarding the Wailing Wall:

    We have all seen the pictures of Jews rocking back and forth in front of what they “claim” is the remaining wall of the Temple which was destroyed in 70 AD. However, Christ claimed that NO stone will remain of which extra biblical accounts confirm that the Temple was utterly destroyed. The wall which you see is the wall to Fort Antonia. Fort Antonia was a roman fort in Jerusalem next to the Temple. This site which they claim to be Holy is nothing but an old fort.

    Regarding the Star of David:

    The blue star of David was never a symbol of the Jews. The Blue star was taken from the Rothschild emblem which was a red six pointed star. Rothschild’s are European Jews.

    I could go on with more examples but I think this is sufficient for now.

    God bless,


  • These tools are so “clean”, which means that they were not used at all.

  • Charliesou

    There was not one single gun found amongst the people on the ships, so what do the Israeli’s do ? They raid the kitchen and empty the cutlery drawers ! Now they can say…”Look,here is the proof,our soldiers lives were in danger”!
    Moshe Dayan once said..” Israel must become like a mad dog,too dangerous to bother”….
    Would someone please call for a vet !

  • Jen

    The one thing that the Israeli propaganda spin machine forgot was to provide a film of Palestinians dancing in joy at the news that nasty peace activists had attacked brave sayetet commandos with butter knives and plastic deck chairs which, if you turn upside down, probably have Hebrew characters imprinted under the seat.

  • These lunatics continue to pound the nails into their own coffin. I will cheer them on. Blessings to these brave souls who are willing to sacrifice everything to see this psychotic sate of hate Israel go down.

  • BlueyBlogger

    Shame, Shame, Shame, upon everybody for complaining about the killing of slaves. Go back to work you ignorant slaves who cannot read or write. Leave us Rothschilds alone OK? We have our fun at the expense of others, just like you slaves do, OK?
    Just kidding. If people TRULY wish to prevent the State sponsored terrorism that is Israel, then a gigantic boycott is needed against EVERY company that is Israeli. Some of the most prestigous brands in the world are OWNED by Israel or Zionist Jews. You will find a list at the archives on Whatreallyhappened.com, and it will astound you all to know that most people DON’T know which brands are Israeli owned now.
    A worldwide boycott of every one of those listed products will hit them in their pockets, and place the Palestinians on equal footing.
    We carry a copy of the list when we go shopping, and believe me, you need to when you find out just how many big name brands have been purchased by Israel. The most important one to remember is the chip in your touch-dial phone and your mobile phone, which is placed in EVERY phone in the world, is from Israel!!! Have a nice day!

  • bobthegrape

    Gee, let’s see. I am on a ship attempting to perform a humanitarian act and a group of thugs leap onto the ship with automatic weapons and start pusing me around AND they have no legal right to do this. What to do? I would grab the closest thing with which I could use to defend myself. Whether it was a kitchen knife, an ax handle, a lenght of chain or a piece of pipe. I would not get shot down without putting up a fight. So, the criminals will say, afterwards, “They attacked us with these terrible weapons and we had to defend ourselves.” Israeli dudes, damn near everyone can see through your lies and the ones that don’t, like Oba-mao and the other zionist supporters in the US government are just aiding and abeting your criminal acts. Some country needs to slap Israel upside the head to get their attention and say, “Enough.” I was in the US Navy when the Israeli pirates attempted to sink the USS Liberty and I am still angry over that.

  • Jimmy

    I think we can all agree, the animals need to be put down. Never has the world seen such a group of unreasonable, uncivilized, out of control walking bags of semi-human excrement such as these.

  • Jesus Christ

    Do you see now what the G*ddamn zionists are all about??? I tried to tell the people of the world a long time ago that they are all liars and murderers and thieves… will you listen to me now before it is too late and they have killed you all?!?!?!?!?

  • DAVE

    Notice how the “iron bars” of all the IsraelNews reports morphed into wood? Amazing!

  • the Dude

    Obama doesn’t believe the lies. We have satellites, we have the CIA, we are more than capable of reconstructing these types of atrocities and understanding what happened.

    If we can’t stop campaign contributions from foreign lobbies, we will never stop this madness.

    In the meantime, I guess our officials in DC are OK seeing Americans aboard an international peace convoy getting attacked by our “strategic ally” in the Middle East.

    If this last decade is a glimpse of what Americans can expect from their governemnt; Katrina, lies about WMD’s to start wars in Iraq, 9/11 cover-ups, Gulf oil blowout clean up responses, destruction of our environment, spying on Americans, Patriot Acts, bank scandals cover-ups and bailouts, allowing our allies to beat up and imprison Americans on International waters, etc. I am not proud of the way we are acting on a Domestic or International stage. And it is all 100% the fault of our so-called “leadership,” whose excuse seems to be “who could’ve seen it coming?”

    Criminals and sociopaths like to deflect blame too.

    There is a great pressure building in this country, the citizens are not too happy.

  • Gerd

    If you hate them, if you feel desire for revenge, then you get into there trap! This will make you only very sick in the end, believe me friends.
    The only way to overcome this People is to love them, like our Lord, who loved his enemies.So don`t play there satanic games with them.Realize that all this is our examination from our Creator.

  • T. Moore

    There’s really not much that can be done to mitigate and stymie Zionist Jewish aggression. Because far too many people with political and economic resources firmly believe in the superiority of the Jew, these people (Israeli Jews) can and will continue to live and act outside the boundaries of any sort of civility and compassion. The Jewish aim for total world domination is unfolding before our eyes and we (the goy non-Jews) are to serve as the Jews’ unquestioningly loyal servants. It is such a bummer that the Jews hold such a firm grip over the politics, money, entertainment, and education of the planet.

  • roster

    Americans, wake up and rise. It’s blatantly obvious. You have to take back your country

    • Rich S.

      Reply to roster: Yes, you are 100% CORRECT. But alas, here is the COLD, HARD TRUTH: ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO ONE in Congress today — Republican or Democrat — has the guts to take on the major Israeli lobbies (AIPAC, ADL, JINSA, AJC, CUFI, etc.) that have TENS OF MILLIONS OF $$$$ in their arsenals. These lobbies are called the “third rail” in American politics today — touch them, and your political career DIES INSTANTLY!

  • Oh these are desperate people who are losing all credibility. Apparently, the soldier show was done so by friendly fire?

    Please go check out:



    If they have not yet pulled down the evidence, the photographs are old pictures from their FLIKR site! Go look fast before the pages are pulled down.

    They cannot even LIE properly!



    This week “religious commandos” from Israel attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters. Seven Israelis were injured during the attack with one member of the “Israeli Secret Police” thrown overboard by an 81 year old woman. Jerusalem papers report that Israel is holding the woman for attempted sexual assault….

    One “commando” tripped over a wheel chair in the dark and fell down a flight of stairs. The injured commando, an Obergruppenfuhrer, a rabbinical rank with the IDF, said, “After shooting the man in the chair, I quickly ran over to get his watch. Imagine how I felt, nearly giving my life for a stinking Timex.”

    The helicopters and boats used by the “floating and flying rabbis” were paid for by the US as part of a USAID program funding health clinics in Gaza. Israelis working with USAID on the project indicated that they the “Peace Flotilla” was mistaken for a “refugee resettlement cruise.”

    I apologize if someone took this seriously but sometimes, especially in times so dark with an adversary so pitch black, we have to find our smiles where they lie. And face it, they are getting more dangerous, but also sillier at the same time. Now for all the world to see what they are… that day is fast approaching.

  • palmo

    1)if kitchen and repair tools are considered weapons and have been used, there should have been more dead commandos than activists who outnumbered them on board the ship. 2)do we expect the activists to sit idle while being sprayed with bullets without reason and warning?

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