Demonstration, Gas and Eggs in Vienna

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May 31 2010 – Kather Salam – About thousand angry Turks, Palestinians, Arabs, and Austrians held a sit-in in front of the Israeli embassy in the eighteenth district in Vienna. The protestors condemned the crimes of the Israeli mass execution carried out by commando unit on the Humanitarian Freedom Flotilla, in which 19 people were murdered and at least 56 wounded.

Among the demonstrators were the relatives of one of the victims. According to eyewitnesses, some of them had a nervous break-down and rushed to try to break through the police barriers. A policeman responded by spraying them with tear gas.

The head of the Palestinian community, Monther Meriae, among the organizers of the activity, said that the angry relatives of the person who had been massacred on the Freedom Flotilla, their father, approached the metal barrier and pushed it.

He added that the police spread tear gas towards the youths and caused him and them them burning in the neck and ears. Another person suffered seriously from the gas and was transferred for medical treatment.

The Austrian police spokesman present in the area strongly denied the incident when I asked him about clarification. He said that “everything was OK”.

4 comments to Demonstration, Gas and Eggs in Vienna

  • Free Palestine! Cast out the evil hordes of murderous ZioNazi Jews.


  • Zionism is Racism

    Not all Jews are Zionists. The Zionists in charge of Israel are insane and need to be eliminated before they use their 200 nuclear weapons. People of the world, let’s unite and get this donw!

  • NeoConman Obama

    The UN needs to invade Israel, round up all the Colonists, and send them back to Europe, the USA, and wherever else they came from. Israel should be eliminated and all of the assets of the Colonists, including their foreign accounts, should be given to the Palestinians.

  • Todd

    hey, what does this have to do with gas and eggs?

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