Fire Started Before IDF Landing, Wounded bled to Death

“I felt that I would not get out alive from Flotilla of humanitarian ships. It was possible to stop the fleet, but not in this way with the use of military brutality, weapons and the horrific attack on over 600 participants in the campaign, who all were civilians, parliamentarians, peace activists” said Haneen Zaubi, the Arab-Israeli Knesset member from National Democratic Alliance who was on one of the ships during the Israeli maritime piracy operation against the International peace activists on their way to break the genocidal siege imposed on Gaza. The remarks of Al-Zaubi came during a press conference hold in Nazareth after her release from the Ashdod detention center where she spent the last night under interrogation by the Israeli intelligence.

Al-Zaubi confirmed that the fire on the passengers on the ship Marmara began before the Israeli navy commandos landed on the ship and before any contact between soldiers and the passengers of the ship. She added: “two of the wounded bled to death as a result of not receiving medical assistance, despite my persistent calls for medical treatment”.

She said that it was expected that the ship would be stopped, but it was not expected it would be with the giant numbers of military, the excessive brutality the massive weaponry used in this terrible attack on the 600 participants in the campaign. They were civilians, parliamentarians, peace activists had been dealt by Israel since the start of the fleet as “terrorists “in order to justify aggression against them.

Haneen Al-Zaubi during the press conference.

Al- Zaubi stressed that the attack took place on the ship in international waters, at a distance of 130 miles from the coast, at around quarter past fourth early at dawn. She pointed out that the campaign organizers had asked the passengers to wear life jackets, but that the commandos landing started out very fast. In less than 10 minutes there were already 3 dead and dozens wounded. “The goal of the operations was to create an atmosphere of terror and fear among us. A participant raised a white flag. There were sufficient indications that we do not want any confrontation. And after that we were almost certain that a confrontation would not happen I felt that we were in danger and that I would not get alive from the ship. There was no provocation and the Israeli narrative spoke about provocation, but the truth is that there were people afraid for the safety of passengers, and the organizers gave instructions to the passengers to go into basements and to enter the rooms for their own safety”.

“I did not see any passengers carrying a stick, or a sharp object. The Israeli attack gave the impression that something big would happen. The commandos started shooting between quarter and half past four before landing. There was a clear message that our lives are in big danger, and that the goal was not to stop the ship, but more than that”. That was the feeling of everybody on the ship according to Al-Zaubi.

She added: “After an hour and a half the deck was under control of the commandos, and all the passengers were taken to large rooms and tied, except the women and the elderly. After that they searched the body of the people using police dogs during the inspection, and after all the inspection they did not find any weapons, no piece of weapon were found”.

Al-Zoubi pointed out that the Navy commandos moved the ship to the of port Ashdod. “We arrived at six in the morning”. She added: “We knew that there were 5 bodies and dozens of wounded, among them 7 injured in critical condition. I asked several times to provide them with first aid of emergency, but the military did not cooperate with us. The consequence of not giving them of any kind of relief was that two wounded peace activists bled to death”.

After her release from detention, MK Al-Zoubi called for an international investigation committee which should be led by United Nations because crime was committed in international waters and the victims are nationals of many countries. She pointed out that this crime must not remain covered by the Israeli narrative and liess, and that reporters should be allowed immediate access to the 600 detainees which include 60 journalists, in order to listen to their testimonies.

listen to the speech in Arabic of MK Hanan Al-Zoubi.

11 comments to Fire Started Before IDF Landing, Wounded bled to Death

  • Yet again, the Zionist Jews show themselves unbridled criminal demons. There is no way to deal with them except to totally expel them from Palestine.


  • Mike S

    Obama gave Israel the green light to “investigate itself”. They own Obama and a lot of Congress members. And we keep giving them billions of dollars every year, not to mention most of the weapons and bulldozers they use to continue their HOLOCAUST. It’s very difficult to feel sorry for a people who behave so badly. And their use of history to justify their actions is immature at best, more like despicable, if anything they should have learned that working towards peace is always a good idea. Israel is not endearing itself to anyone. It acts like the US, it’s going all out to get what it wants, legal, moral, or not. Why are Israel, the US, and our staunches ally the UK acting so abominably? Is it because they know they are living unsustainably and that they can only exist by sucking up the wealth and resources of others, exactly what they used to criticize the USSR for doing? BOYCOTT ISRAEL NOW.

  • bring on The turkish hordes and go to UK when youre done

    wow imagine if this had been ANY other country

    same goes for the UK ruining our entire southeast

    that’s your allies and they control puppet Obama and the rest of the puppet leaders arounndu the world.

    Does anyone know if the EU is bound by treaty to back Turkey in a war? Last I checked they were a provisional member. I do believe Turkey has had enough and that is one country Israel does not want to mess with, nukes or USA/UK backing or not. If you ever go there these skinny hook nose jews wouldnt last two minutes without extreme camouflage and maybe some white phosphorous and a big bulldozer.

    And pardon for my being islamophobic because they take a lot of BS but you far out number the khazar zionists in every way if you united, but I have heard it straight from the mouth of islamic chatters – they dont care about Palestine because they are mostly Christians. I have never been there but I find it plausible considering how many counnturies stood by and didn’t even utter a word about Cast Lead and other ongoing atrocities peroformed by this fake biblical nation filled with even faker humans.

    • Dana

      Just want to make one comment…someone said that the Arab countries dont care about Palestinians because they are mostly Christian….that IS NOT true. Years ago the Christian population was substantial, but they have been leaving Palestine. They make up virtually none of the population of Gaza which is mostly Muslim. The Christians make up a small percentage in the West Bank and Israel. In the West Bank concentrated around Bethlehem and in Israel many are in the Nazareth area and other places…like the village of Taybeh which is all Christian and makes beer- the only beer in the West Bank.

      I have often asked myself why the Arab countries do not take a more active role in advocating for the Palestinians….honestly, I cant answer that question. But it is not because they are mostly Christians. They are majority Muslim and growing in population.

  • Peter

    I totally agree with everyone’s outrage about this terrible situation…on another hand something is bothering me , ..
    what to think about the turkish gouverment making a big stink
    at the UN about this terrible incident meanwhile they are doing the same thing in their own backyard with the kurdish people…
    when you live in a glasshouse dont throw stones at the neighbors..

  • WOLF

    Netanyahu: World criticism won’t stop Israel’s blockade of Gaza

    Russia Ready to Vaporize the Jewish State
    And then kick America out of the Eastern Hemisphere’s oilfields

    Russia Ready to Vaporize the Jewish State
    Part 2: Vladimir Putin hammers the final nail into Israel’s coffin
    “The revolutionaries did not spend all of their time listening to the pitiful screams of the
    dying Savak torturers, but sent teams down to the oil terminals to permanently shut the
    gate valves on Israel’s free oil supply – forever. The reaction in Tel Aviv was delayed,
    not unlike a crowd of junkies slowly awaking from an opiate-induced trance.”

  • anthony r

    Well..this just keeps getting better and better..!!!
    Now that information is coming out that is contrary to the lies and disinformation spread by the Israeli terrorists I notice that news coverage has been reduced to repeating platitudes from yesterdays newscasts. In otherwords, this is old news now and barely rates a mention.
    Personally, I have underestimated their ability to spin this thinking this event was simply too outrageous to ignore or cover-up.
    The fact that these humanitarians are now being held incommunicado / ie; under arrest, illegally I might add, is even more outrageous..!!
    I am literally stunned at how this is turning out…!!
    It really is as though these Zionist War Criminals can get away with anything including perhaps WW3..!!! And to our shame,we have to rely and hope that Turkey, of all countries, will be the leader of resistance to this tyranny..!!
    After this you can consign all the platitudes of democracy and freedom to the trash heap that our leaders love to go on about when justifying war.
    If Israel gets away with this…its game over for all of us, not just the palestinians.!!

  • Jen

    @bring on The turkish hordes and go to UK when youre done

    My understanding is that there may be another aid flotilla going out to Gaza in the near future. This flotilla will be accompanied by Turkish naval ships. If Israel attacks this flotilla in international waters, it will have to engage with the Turkish naval ships. This would constitute an act of war against a member of NATO. Turkey would be entitled to invoke Article 5 of the NATO Charter which says that an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all. The last time this was invoked was on 11 September 2001 when the US invoked it. Canada, the US and most European countries except Ireland, Sweden, Finland and some former ex-Yugoslav and ex-USSR states are members of NATO and would be obliged to assist Turkey against Israel. So in answer to your query, it is members of NATO and not members of the European Union who must stand by Turkey.

    If Turkey did invoke Article 5 and nothing happens, well that just about blows NATO out of the water and those eastern European countries that signed up to NATO after 1990 would be extremely spooked.

    I am not sure of the status of the flotilla once it leaves international waters and enters Gaza territorial waters (assuming of course that they do belong to Gaza) and the Turkish ships may well stay on the edge of Gaza territorial waters.

  • Jeff Ray

    There’s a lot of natural gas off the coast of the worlds largest outdoor prison that is known as Gaza. If Israel wants to control the borders, then all within should have an equal right to vote.
    Sooner or later, democracy is coming to the lands occupied by apartheid state

  • ih8zionists

    Expel all Jews from Palestine Now!!! zionists are the real terrorists in the world. Those that think Muslims are the real terrorists, you gotta ask yourself this, Who has the real power? jews or muslims? since we do know its the jews, dont you think they would use that power for evil?

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