Flotilla Massacre is a Reply to the Turkish-Iranian Relations

The leaders of the Israeli gang of War criminals, the so-called “Israeli government” is currently engaged in inciting and planning to launch a nuclear war against Iran, was not able to do anything in response to the Turkish- Iranian-Brazilian agreement of last May 17 2010 to transfer 1.200 Kg of low-enriched uranium to Turkey in return for nuclear fuel. In retaliation, they perpetrated the massacre on the Freedom Flotilla of humanitarian aid-carrying ships aiming to break the Israel genocide of siege on Gaza imposed since 2006. The Turkish-Iranian-Brazilian agreement stood as an obstacle against the Israeli ambitions to force the world to enter into a spiral of bloody nuclear war. It is wrong to believe that the Turkish government was not expecting the massacre against the Freedom Flotilla which carried 10.000 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Deck of an israeli gun boat.

The military maritime piracy and massacre operation carried out by Shayetet 13, a naval commando unit, in which at least 20 peace activists were murdered and over 50 were wounded, was a decision of the inner circles of power in israel and approved by the Israeli Cabinet headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and other war criminals. This Israeli massacre was a message addressed to Turkey and its new Iranian and Syrian allies. Anyone who knows to read between the lines and the history of Israel’s military leaders can understand that Israel has never distinguished between civilians and militants of the groups which are considered as enemies according to the non-logical standards of the zionists.

The Turkish Aid Ship, Marmara.

Israel committed a massacre against the Turkish ship “Marmara”, which carried humanitarian aid to the Palestinians besieged in the Gaza concentration camp. This massacre was well prepared by the Israeli cabinet, and some pro-Israel governments were informed with full details about the planned crime. Israel commissioned a special unit in the Marine Corps, deployed boats and helicopters patrolling the coast of Ashdod and Gaza and announced the waters off the coast of Gaza a closed military zone. They also announced via their propaganda organs of their intent to transfer the ships and the solidarity activists to the port of Ashdod before deporting them to their countries as illegal immigrants, and to arrest those who refused to identify themselves and sign a pledge not to return. They also prepared tents as detention units to jailing the activists and investigating them; the team of the interrogators which Israel choose to interrogate the peace activist was manned by people with experience as torturers and who had previously “worked” the Palestinian prisoners of the israeli gulag.

Israeli special forces helicopter.

The Israeli ships monitored the Freedom Flotilla from a distance of about 124 km away of the coast of Israel. According to the international movement, the passengers rushed to wear the safe jackets and raised the alert status as soon as the war ships were visible. The peace activists on board of the convoy stated that three Israeli ships spoke to the Turkish ship Captain over radio and warned him of the consequences of approaching the coast of Gaza which was declared as the a closed military area. They demanded from them to bring the humanitarian aid to the port of Ashdod, stressing that the Israeli navy would prevent the penetration a military closed area at any price, meaning that they would not shrink from murdering anybody.

Israeli gun boat, paid in full by German tax payers.

The ships were carrying 10.000 tons of medical supplies and building materials, timber, and 100 pre-built houses, for ten thousands of people who lost their homes due to the Israeli war crimes on Gaza early in the year of 2009. They also carried 500 electric vehicles for the use of disabled people, especially since the recent Israeli war crimes over 600 were left permanently disabled, with amputated legs.

The Israeli Arab Knesset MP Haneen Al-Zaubi had spoken through a loudspeaker in Hebrew with the Israeli military telling them to not attack ships carrying civilian peace activists and humanitarian aid. She added that during her appeal the Israeli soldiers fired live bullets at ships, which led to the wounding of civilians. She added: “the Israeli gunboats approached the “Caravan of freedom” and asked the captain of the ship to identify himself and the identity of the boat. The ships were in the International waters about 100 miles from Gaza. At this moment the Israeli helicopters attacked the ships from the sky.

Turkish sources and media revealed a document which shows that a death list had been prepared in advance by the Israelis, showing names and pictures of people on board of the ships to be murdered, who, according to Israel, were “involved in the International humanitarian aid for Gaza”. According to the Turkish sources, hundreds of Israeli soldiers stormed the blue Turkish ship “Marmara” flotilla and they had copies of the death list. The list included the names of civilians on the fleet who should be killed”. The document was apparently recovered after one of the Israeli soldiers lost it during the piracy act.

Regarding the complicity of other foreign states in this crime, it has transcended that the Germans Parliamentarians who were on-board, Annette Groth, Inge Höger and Norman Paech, had repeatedly asked the German Foreign Ministry for support and protection, but were rebuffed and instead they were warned to get off the flotilla because of unspecified “dangers”. The strange attitude of Cyprus, which neither allowed the ships to enter port, nor allowed a delegation of Parliamentarians to board the ships, can in retrospect only be explained with the prior knowledge and complicity in the crime if the Cypriot regime.

In the end, Israel has carried out a horrific bloody massacre, and the victims were all civilians.The questions remain: Did Israel achieve its goals with the massacre on the Freedom Flotilla ship? Did Turkey and the other countries on Israel secret hate list (who are listed in secret as “hostile enemies”) receive the Israeli message? Which was the Israeli message? The answer to the first question is a clear now, and the coming days will reveal the answer to the second question and whether Israel really considers Turkey an enemy in secret. Whatever the answers to these questions, Israel should admit that the political equation has changed in the region and Israel and its allies can no longer change the politics.

In the best interest of everybody, Israel should understand that everything they do is against them and that it would be better to desist from further criminal actions. Also in the best interest of everybody, all other nations must understand that Israel no longer has any legitimacy whatsoever as a state, and that its continued existence as a state is undesirable in the extreme to everybody outside of the tiny corrupt elites which are its support base overseas.

La masacre de la flotilla humanitaria es una respuesta a las relaciones turco-iraníes

Los líderes de la pandilla de criminales de guerra israelíes,  llamado “gobierno israelí” está llevando a cabo  la incitación y la planificación para lanzar una guerra nuclear contra Irán, no pudo hacer nada en respuesta al acuerdo turco-iraní-brasileño del pasado 17 de mayo de 2010  para la transferencia de 1.200 Kg de uranio de bajo enriquecimiento a Turquía a cambio de combustible nuclear. En represalia,  perpetraron la masacre de la Flotilla de la Libertad con ayuda humanitaria con el objetivo de parar el genocidio de Israel contra Gaza  impuesto desde 2006.

El acuerdo turco-iraní-brasileño se presentó como un obstáculo frente a las ambiciones de Israel de forzar al mundo para entrar en una espiral sangrienta de una guerra nuclear. Es un error creer que el Gobierno turco no esperaba la masacre en contra de la Flotilla de la Libertad que llevaba 10,000 toneladas de ayuda humanitaria a Gaza.

La piratería marítima militar y la masacre realizada por el  Shayetet 13, una unidad de comandos naval, en la cual al menos 20 activistas de paz fueron asesinados y más de 50 fueron heridos, era una decisión de los círculos interiores del poder en Israel y se aprobó por el Gabinete israelí encabezado por Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak y otros criminales de guerra. Esta masacre israelí era un mensaje dirigido a Turquía y sus nuevos aliados iraníes y sirios. Alguien que sabe para leer entre  líneas y la historia de los líderes militares de Israel puede entender que Israel nunca se ha distinguido entre civiles y militantes de grupos que se consideran como enemigos según los estándares no lógicos de los sionistas.

Los barcos israelíes supervisaron la Flotilla Libertad desde una distancia de unos 124 km de la costa de Israel. De acuerdo con el movimiento internacional, los pasajeros se apresuraron a llevar chalecos de seguridad y levantó el estado de alerta tan pronto como los buques de guerra fueron visibles. Los activistas por la paz a bordo del convoy declararon que tres barcos israelíes hablaron con el capitán del buque turco por radio y le advirtió de las consecuencias de acercarse a la costa de Gaza, que fue declarada como área militar cerrada. Exigieron  llevar la ayuda humanitaria al puerto de Ashdod, haciendo hincapié en que la armada israelí impediría la penetración de una zona militar cerrada a cualquier precio, lo que significa que no tendría ningún inconveniente en asesinar a alguien.

Las barcos estaban llevando 10,000 toneladas de suministros médicos y materiales de construcción, madera, y 100 casas pre-construidas, para decenas de miles de personas que perdieron sus hogares debido a los crímenes de guerra de Israel contra Gaza a principios del año 2009. También llevaban  500 vehículos eléctricos para el uso de personas con discapacidad, sobre todo porque los crímenes de guerra israelíes recientes más de 600 quedaron permanentemente discapacitados, con las piernas amputadas.

La árabe israelí del Knesset,  Hanan Al-Zoubi había hablado a través de un altavoz en hebreo con los militares israelíes diciéndoles que no atacaran los buques que transportaban  activistas civiles de paz y ayuda humanitaria. Agregó que durante su apelación a los soldados israelíes dispararon balas en vivo en los buques, lo que condujo que civiles fueran heridos, entre ellos el ciudadano árabe-israelí el jeque Raed Salah, quien fue baleado y ahora está en estado crítico. Y agregó: “las cañoneras israelíes se acercaron a la” Caravana de la libertad “y pidió al capitán del buque que se identificara y la identidad del barco. Los barcos se encontraban en  aguas internacionales a unos 100 kilómetros de Gaza. En ese momento los helicópteros israelíes atacaron las naves desde el cielo.

Fuentes turcas y medios de comunicación revelaron un documento que acreditaba que una lista de muertos había sido preparada de antemano por los israelíes, mostrando los nombres y fotos de personas a bordo de los buques para ser asesinados, que, según Israel,  ” participan en la ayuda humanitaria internacional para Gaza”. Según  fuentes turcas, cientos de soldados israelíes irrumpieron en el barco turco azul “Marmara” y tenían copias de la lista de la muerte. La lista incluía los nombres de los civiles que debían matar “. El documento fue recuperado al parecer después de que uno de los soldados israelíes lo perdiera durante el acto de piratería.

En cuanto a la complicidad de otros Estados extranjeros en este crimen, ha trascendido que los parlamentarios alemanes que estaban a bordo, Annette Groth, Höger Inge y N Orman Paech, había pedido reiteradamente al Ministerio alemán de Relaciones Exteriores apoyo y protección, pero fueron rechazados y en cambio, se les advirtió no bajar de la flotilla sin especificar el “peligro”. La extraña actitud de Chipre, que no permitió a los barcos  entrar en el puerto, y no se permitió que una delegación de parlamentarios subiera  a bordo de los barcos, en retrospectiva puede explicarse sólo con el conocimiento previo y la complicidad en el delito, del régimen chipriota.

Al final, Israel ha llevado a cabo una sangrienta  y horrible masacre , siendo todas las víctimas civiles. Las preguntas permanecen: ¿Conseguirá Israel sus objetivos con la masacre de la “Flotilla de la libertad”? ¿Turquía y los demás países habrán recibido algún mensaje de Israel? ¿Cuál fue el mensaje de Israel? La respuesta a la primera cuestión es un claro ahora, y los próximos días revelará la respuesta a la segunda cuestión y si realmente Israel considera a Turquía un enemigo en secreto. Sea cual sea la respuesta a estas preguntas, Israel debe reconocer que la ecuación política ha cambiado en la región e Israel y sus aliados ya no puede cambiar la política.

En el mejor interés de todos, Israel debe comprender que todo lo que hacen está en contra de ellos y que sería mejor que se abstenga de realizar nuevos actos criminales. Asimismo, en el mejor interés de todos, todas las demás naciones deben entender que Israel ya no tiene legitimidad alguna como estado, y que su existencia como un estado no es deseable en el extremo a cada uno fuera de las élites corruptas diminutas que son su base de apoyo en el extranjero.

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  • KMD

    With this and the Korean incident the world is becoming a tinder box waiting for the ignition. This is a time for cooler heads to prevail.

  • S.Balu

    Cyprus,Britain and Germany COOPERATED with zionist
    in this MASSACARE!
    Remember all orders were given from British Base called AKROTRI!

  • John Taylor

    If anyone doubted that Israel is a rogue state here is the proof. People need to wake up. Jews, themselves need to distance themselves from this brutal assault and express their outrage. Let the world know that this is a Zionist act and not sanctioned by the jewish people. A lack of publicity from Palestine makes the world suspicious of the Israeli state’s actions. This latest act is a finger in the face of civilized humanity.
    The prime minister of Canada, hosting Bibi, politely stated that he would have to examine the facts. This is the copout I would expect from a western leader who lives in constant fear of retribution from a powerful Israeli lobby. It speaks volumes to Mr. Harper’s character and integrity. This is more than a step beyond tolerable conduct. This is an aggregious act of terrorism against a humanitarian gesture. The criticism from Obama will be equally benign.
    Using military force to attack an unarmed civilian vessel in international waters goes well beyond The conduct and behavior expected from a civilized member of the International Community.
    This is indeed a dark day for civilized humanity.

  • Peter McPherson

    You are a very brave woman, Kawther. May Almighty God bless you and keep you safe!

  • Tim Osborn

    This is the classic Zionist tactic: despoil and kill and take everything. Then blame the victim for raising a hand in protest. Anti-Semite!!

  • anthony r

    I have been watching the reporting on CBC, BBC. Cnn and others all day. I find it very interesting how the Zionist news groups try to spin this obvious act of piracy on the high seas. Even the zionist Prime Minister of Canada, a cheerleader for Israel, had to sit on the fence. I strongly suggest we all contact politicians and government officials now and press the issue of International Criminal behavior by Israel and press for sanctions.
    Israel has gone too far!!! Lets put the boots to these guys before they start WW3..!!!

    • gercelticw2

      That’s what Goebbels said 70 years ago, after the Jews declared “WAR ON GERMANY”…in 1933…
      Look what happened!

      1. creation of (crime center) ISRAEL
      2. Divide and rule (East/West Germany)
      3. Gloomy former East German former FDJ-secretary (communist youth organization)
      and childless Zionist puppet as the new dis-unified Germany’s (Zombie-land) leader.
      4. Fatherless Obama as “leader” of the doomed world

  • Where are the bombers,cruise missiles,napalm DU bullets etc to bomb Zionist ASKE – NAZI criminals like NATO and USRAELI mass murderers did on Serbia,Iraq,Afghanistan and elsewhere?
    Bastards with mutilated dicks should be exterminated or our entire planet is in danger

  • Ragnarok

    94% of isrealis supported the slaughter in gaza 18 months ago. Were they all zionists? I think not. It is not just the zionists. A cursory glance at the talmud tells you all you need to know about how the jewish veiw the rest of us. Zionism is a relatively recent phenomena, only rearing its head in the last two centuries. It does not explain the emnities that have existed between Jews and the rest of us going on nearly 3600 years now.It goes as far back as the 18th dynasty in egypt. And don’t believe that “Christ killer” fallacy either.
    They were kicked out of 109 countries over the last 2000 years for their rapacious financial practises and for their subversion of the host cultures.Jewish supremacisim runs through both secular and religious channels and is ubiquitious, with minor exceptions.
    We are the “Goyim”, their human cattle, to be used and abused as they see fit.
    Research the geaneaologies of most world leaders in the west today and you will almost invariably find a jewish ancestor. They are an unassimilated insular tribe who’s world view has not progressed measurably in nearly 3500 years.

    Gods chosen people? If their God chose them for anything it was as an example for the rest of us, to show us just how low humans can sink in the persuit of self-gratification and worldly power.

    I garuntee you this reprehensible action will be supported by the majority of Jewish people worldwide thereby displaying their resignation from the human race for all the world to see.

    • michael mazur

      Ragnarok, my sentiments exactly, you and i would be on their to do list – like in Katyn.

    • Ray O Hope

      all israelis are bloody land thief’s that had to kill and terrorize the palestinians out of their homes and land, so this crime is the norm of this bloody murders outlaw savages, they do this everyday, they kill and terrorize defenseless palestinian civilians and rob them of everything they have daily, this is nothing new or out of the order nary of those savage israelis, they think that they have the right to kill and rob any one of us all, man, woman and child, to them we are all subhumans and they are the master race.

  • Dawn Beltran

    Zionist MURDERERS.

    Expell JEWS from your country.


  • WOLF

    Was Israel Ever Legitimate? No!
    Israel was never legitimate, and the U.S. has an obligation to secure the weapons of mass destruction now under the control of this enclave.

    The history of Israel as a geopolitical fraud will fill entire libraries as those defrauded marvel at how so few deceived so many for so long. Those duped include many naive Jews who—even now—identify their interests with this extremist enclave.

    Israeli leaders are wrong to worry about “de-legitimization”. They are right to fear that a long-deceived public is fast realizing that Israel’s founding was key to an ongoing deception.

    The Invention of the Jewish People did not begin with Shlomo Sand’s 2009 bestseller by that title. There was no Exile says this Jewish scholar. Nor was there an Exodus. So how could there be a Return, the core premise of Israeli statehood?

    If this patch of Palestinian land never rightly belonged to a mythical Jewish People, what then for the legitimacy of the “Jewish homeland”. And for that depiction by British Foreign Secretary Alfred Balfour in his November 1917 letter to Lord Rothschild?
    Were Christians likewise seduced by Sunday school teachings reliant on the phony findings of Biblical archeologist William Albright? Shlomo Sand chronicles how in the 1920s Albright interpreted every excavation in Palestine to “reaffirm the Old Testament and thereby the New”.

    In 1948, President Harry Truman, a Christian Zionist, was advised by Secretary of State George Marshall not to recognize this enclave as a state. This WWII general assured Truman that he would vote against him—and did.

    That military tradition resurfaced in January 2010 when General David Petraeus dispatched a team to brief Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on the perils that Israel still poses to U.S. national security. Mullen was reportedly shocked[1].

    He should not have been surprised. Such insights are hardly new. More than six decades ago the Joint Chiefs of Staff cautioned Truman about the “fanatical concepts of the Jewish leaders” and their plans for “Jewish military and economic hegemony over the entire Middle East”.

    In December 1948, Albert Einstein and 27 prominent Jews urged us “not to support this latest manifestation of fascism”. They warned that a “Leader State” was the goal of the “terrorist party” that has governed Israel over all but a handful of the past 62 years.

    • jojoos

      regarding Truman–don’t beLIEve what you have read. Truman was a Crypto Jew and a zionist. Like many USA Presidents,they are Jewish blood lines and hide behand Christian faithe. Take Hillary Rodenhurst or Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry or Reid or Gore or even Obama’s mother or how about Billy Goat Clinton’s real father.
      Remember this–WWII war criminals–Stalin Churchill, Roosevelt Hitler–all Crypto Jews parading as Christians. Only one kept his Jewish last name–Hitlor.Sad :^/

  • Always ask who is shielding and protecting them? Then if you want to be effective you must cut off the head of the snake. That head is the Rothschilds.

  • Zionism must be ended, God will reward the world with peace if we do that!

    Free Palestine!


  • John Taurus

    I am waiting for Israel to be eradicated. This is an evil nation filled with people so wicked they must be Satan’s spawn. The world would be a much better place without Israel or Jews. Where the Jew finds joy and happiness, he feels it his duty to leave grief, sorrow, woe, misery and death.

  • The God of the Old Testament was, as I recall, a nasty, vain, blood-soaked and vindictive tyrant – so, Perhaps they are right after all when they lay claim to being God’s chosen people.
    They certainly act the part.

  • It is NOT time for cooler heads to prevail

    It is time for the [redacted] of the criminal occupation of Palestine by foreign illegal immigrats, who refer to themselves as ‘Israelis’

  • Dusty

    If I was Turkey I would send another aid ship along with 2 war ships for protection

  • Paul

    Enough is enough. I’m sorry to read about this trajety but is was to be expected. I sincerely hope it will be enough to wake the world up to the jewish menace and that people will take up arms against them and begin to remove them, all from existence.

  • UNF

    Excellent analysis, the two incidents are very obviously linked and the Turkish government will not be slow to realise this either.

    Down with the Warcriminals!
    Unity and Victory to the Resistance!

  • Bruce Hayden

    It is certainly not a time for ‘cooler heads’ to prevail.
    That means that the current
    situation will not change. I agree that we must cut off the head of the snake beginning with the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Windsors, the Black Nobility, and the many families whose names most would not recognize. All of the
    people who control from behind the scenes and their little puppets we call ‘leaders’. We need to eliminate them all. Oops…there goes Congress! No big loss there. Time to clean house and start over.

  • Malachi

    Those who call themselves Jews today are not of the seed of Jacob/Israel. Rather they are in (larger) part gentile (Khazar) and in (now mino)r part Hebrew Edomite (seed of Esau) rather than Hebrew Israelite (seed of Jacob, Esau’s twin).

    Yah’s covenant is with Israel, not Edom. The twins, Israel and Edom (or Jacob and Esau by their original birth-names), have been warring since the womb (see Genesis 25:22-24 – “And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to enquire of the LORD. 23And the LORD said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger. 24And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, there were twins in her womb.”).

    Israel was given the birthright as the chosen of Yah, although Esau was the elder twin. He however disdained the birthright, which he sold to Jacob/Israel for a mess of red (hence Edom) pottage. Due to transgression of Yah’s laws, true Israel has been scattered to the four corners, where they have been under a curse, and among others made to forget their rightful heritage. See Deuteronomy 28:25 – “The LORD shall cause thee to be smitten before thine enemies: … and shalt be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth.”

    Israel had dominion over Esau in the beginning, before the dispersion. After the scattering, with Edom aiding and abetting (see Obadiah 1:10-11 – “For thy violence against thy brother Jacob shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off for ever. 11In the day that thou stoodest on the other side, in the day that the strangers carried away captive his forces, and foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, even thou wast as one of them.” The Edomites entered and occupied Judea after Israel was scattered from the land. This explains why King Herod of Judea was an Idumean (Edomite).

    So Edom occupied Judea, started calling themselves Judeans, then “jews”, and insinuated that they were of the seed of Israel, the chosen of Yah. But they are not of the seed of Israel, nor of Judah, Israel’s 4th son, from whom King David descends, and from whom a future Messiah will descend. They are not Judahite, nor Israelite.

    Edom later converted (ca. 700 CE) the Khazar tribes to “Judaism” (see Arthur Koestler’s 13th Tribe), a mish-mash religion, based on a man-made book called the Talmud, that is at variance with Yahweh’s covenant with Israel. The Khazars have since elbowed aside the Hebrew Edomites — what Edom did to Israel, the Khazars have done and are doing to them.

    Long story short, this is prophesied. At Gen 9:27 – “God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.” So we see gentiles, essentially, occupying Palestine (Canaan), dwelling in the tents of Shem.

    The fate of Edom though is sealed, and the Khazar Jews along with them. At Obadiah 1:1-2 – “The vision of Obadiah. Thus saith the Lord GOD concerning Edom; We have heard a rumour from the LORD, and an ambassador is sent among the heathen, Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle. 2Behold, I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised.” With every Israeli/Jewish atrocity, the gentile peoples become ever more enraged. As we see with this incident.

    Later on we see: Obadiah 1:17-18 – “But upon mount Zion (Jerusalem) shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions. 18 And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.”

    So true Israel (Jacob) will awaken, or be awakened, to the truth of who they are, and will possess Zion, and the present impostors will be reduced to stubble. The flame will be the tribe of Joseph, some of whom are today Palestinians (West Bank), and Pashtuns (Afghanistan). They are the flame that will ignite the conflagration that will consume Esau, along with the Khazars who, as their confederates, have become partakers of Esau’s destiny.

    – Malachi

  • Rabbit

    If it wasn’t already underway, this is the beginning of the end for the disgusting littl;e pirate criminal terrorist state.

    Good riddance to very bad rubbish the day that comes too.

  • Mark

    One can hardly blame the average Israeli Jewish citizen, anymore than you can blame the average German citizen of the 1930’s and 1940’s. They are only following the lies and bloodlust being stirred up by an elite group of destructive tyrants, bent on controlling the world. When citizens of the world start demanding that their governments stop supporting crimminal activities of one nation while demonizing the victim states, peace might be possible. A total boycott of any Israeli products must be enacted immediately. Tell stores that stock products manufactured in Israel that you will not shop there anymore. Let Israel feel the pain for a change.

  • anthony r

    After raiding and killing some 20 unarmed people in International waters, they arrest and detain them for interrogation and possibly charge them for defending themselves.
    Do these Zionist Terrorists have any shame at all.?? Their actions can only be those who are certifiably insane by any reasonable standard.
    The credibility of Israel and those who support this rouge nation have been seriously damaged as it should be.
    My biggest fear is that the Zionist masters in Europe will use the increasing isolation and disapproval to justify further genocide, even war as they have nothing to lose.
    On a positive note..hopefully the unwashed and ignorant masses (sheeple) will see these war mongering, genocidal terrorists for what they are..!!!

  • Ivan.New Zealand.

    All the best,keep up the good work.

  • Easterling

    Benjamin Netanyahoo’s father was born with the surname Milkwosky in Lithuania

    Ariel Sharon born Ariel Scheinermann

    George Soros born Schwartz György

    Ayn Rand born Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum

    Jack Ruby born Jacob Rubenstein


  • Jen

    The mealy-mouthed reaction of the US to Israel’s storming of the Freedom Flotilla is a big contrast and an illustration of the double standards it uses in judging Israel’s criminal actions vis-a-vis that country’s reaction to the torpedoing of the South Korean naval ship recently. In this incident, the US is foaming at the mouth to force a war between North and South Korea, because this will test Chinese and Russian support of North Korea. Never mind that the “evidence” pointing to North Korean responsibility is flimsy. If anything US stands to benefit from the torpedoing (because it now means US military bases stay in Japan and South Korea).

    I only hope the story about the CIA report that Israel cannot survive another 15 years really is true.

  • Elizabeth

    Whats next?
    Don’t forget Israeli subs with nuclear war heads are lurking off the Iranian coast and every European capital is targetted by Israeli nukes as well, to ensure compliance?.
    Israel has the best politicians money can buy.
    A shame more of them aren’t in Israel.

  • madraz


    I am moved and shocked by the recent development in the Middle East where Israel tries to sabotage all actions to get help to Gaza. Inspired by the non-violant actions of Mahatma Ghandi I think I have a solution for your problem. Please read the text below, and please post it on the website and spread it around in mail and twitter.
    It will raise a wave of aid that no Israeli power can stop!!

    best of luck



    FACT: people in Palestine suffer tremendously under the terror of occupation from Israel

    FACT: people in Palestine are treated as animals and die on a dayly basis due to Israeli blockade of any supplies coming to Palestine

    FACT: people in Palestine have no food, no water, no medical supplies and have no chances whatsoever to live a normal human life


    People from our planet try to help these civilians. We show our solidarity by sending them food, watersanitation systems, medical supplies, medicine, and many other things that enable them to survive the horrors of Israeli Apartheid and occupation.

    The Israeli government chooses to:

    – ignore international law
    – ignore countless UN resolutions
    – ignore international calls for ending the blockade of Gaza
    – ignore international calls to stop the illegal occupation of Palestine

    Instead Israel chooses to use any possible means to suppress the Palestinian people and stop the humanitarian necessary aid for Gaza . They use excessive violence to commit this acts and are internationally condemned for these actions.

    We – the people of the world –

    will NOT be tempted by their violence and their hatred
    will ignore the Israeli aggression
    and will continue to help the Palestinian people

    this has nothing to do with politics
    and has nothing to do with religion
    nor with race or prejudice
    this is solely a humanitarian necessity due to the unbearable suffering from the Palestinian people who die each day due to this Israeli terror

    we send 6 ships and you stopped the ships, killed unarmed civilians, stole the cargo and illegally imprison the peacefull civilians who came to help the Palestinian people






    No force or hate can stop the power of compassion and love! It is like the ways Mahatma Ghandi has showed us. We will not accept your violence and terror. We will not stand by and let you commit your crimes. We will resist, with all we have, in non violant ways.

    If you fight us the world will see what you are truely like. And more people will come and help.
    And in the end, you will not be able to stop the power of human solidarity.



  • John Cooper

    Another step along the path to global tyrrany from the state of Israel,under the sponsorship of The House of Rothschild and their Ashkenazi friends.

    Why dont all The Rothschilds all move to Israel, so they can witness first hand, the fruits of their labours? Shameful.

  • Scott Wheat

    Nuke Israel and let THEIR god sort them out.

  • The names, origin and race are, of course, irrelevant.

    1. What relevant is the national tradition rooted in history. And this tradition is that Jews NEVER PRODUCED. No poetry, architecture, geometry, wheat, olives, chairs, pottery. Nothing can be found in the places where they lived, except excrements. Jews had no culture. They only accumulated money and studied religion.

    2. zionists jews in the 19-20 centuries produced two CULTS. One was communism that killed 100 millions of people. The other they called zionism.

    3. Israel is a failed state internally, it is a CULT that has NO BORDERS, no ideological borders and no territorial borders. Therefore, THEY WILL NEVER STOP. No amount of genocide or the amount of land will EVER be enough. Remember – their goal was never to produce anything, only accumulation of stolen property, and, therefore, their appetite is not limited by their own labour. It can only be limited from outside.

    4. Regarding the international situation: Israel will never give up because it will never be satisfied with what they have. They openly threaten Europe with nuclear weapons, they said that most of the European capitals are within the reach of these weapons, they said many other similar things. This is a CULT that will never give up. Therefore, all talks about bringing them to justice, etc. are ridiculous. They will set the world on fire rather than submit to any law. Again – this is CULT. They must be destroyed COMPLETELY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. This is the best and the most humanitarian solution. There is no other.

  • Jake

    I just wanted to let you know that I love what you’re doing and enjoy all of your articles. I’m sure you get a lot of negative responses so I thught I’d take the time to tell you how much you really are interested. I am 28 years old and an American and I talk about thins written in your articles though a lot of time I am condemned because in our own ignoracne and depravity, we cannot even talk about certain subjects because they are too taboo. Take care,

  • Pitocco

    No words for that criminal act!!

    Facts speaks by themselves!!!!

  • Mariella

    It is time for the state of Israel to be officially dissolved.

  • Ronnie

    What’s really troubling to me is that there are Christians out there, and I know one of them, who think that the Palestinians are decendents of the Philistines and according to their view of bible prophecy Israel, in the ladder days, will carry out God’s will of total extermination of the Philistines (Palestinians) for something they did against Israel thousands of years earlier. So when they hear about the slaughter of Palistinains they figure this is just prophecy being fulfilled and the only way these Palestinians can ultimately be saved is to accept Christ.

    I know this sounds like madness but many Christians believe this which is why they won’t condemn Israel. And if you couple this with the highly censored western media about the actual atrocities in Gaza and how Israel is just defending itself from these Philistines (who are prophetically doomed to extinction) we have quite an ideological quagmire on our hands

  • Helen Accra

    As an American and as a born-again Christian, I am shocked and horrified at the Flotilla massacre that left over 20 dead and many more wounded and maimed as well as imprisoned. The USA should be outraged instead of having a tepid response to this act of terror by the Israeli government.

    We send 3 billion dollars a year for military aid, and this is how they are spending it???!!! This should immediately stop, and I am prepared to become an activist to fight and protest this action and Israel’s occupation of Gaza.

    As a retired teacher, I was planning on spending a year through the Peace Corps teaching in Gaza. I’m a senior citizen whose family is raised and gone and have nothing to use. Someone please tell me what to do to help!

    I feel compelled to add that anti-semitism is not an appropriate response to these actions. One must realize that there are peaceful forces within Israel who try to stop the Israeli government from executing such brutal actions against Palestinians and activists who try to help them. One must also realize that the vast majority of Jews (many of whom I know as friends) are against this action, and hateful anti-semitic comments do not help or encourage.

    Civilian Jews living in Israel are fed distorted propaganda and lies by the Israeli-controlled media in Israel and should be the subject of our prayers and not objects of racism. Racism is at the heart of the Israeli government’s actions and is not worthy of imitation directed toward all Jews.

    I pray for Jews and Moslems in America that God should protect them. Both have been subjected to acts of discrimination and defamation. I pray daily for Palestinians who have suffered a long, long time and that our government should wake up to their plight and stop supporting the Israeli government.

    Love in Christ,

    Helen Accra

  • Shit on the Talmud

    Zio fascists will use this to provoke WW3 where all the big powers wipe each other out. Then these fake Khazar ‘jews’ will be the biggest nuke power standing.
    Great strategy- get the useful idiots to fight and die for you, as you remain untouched. Then march in and claim the spoils as the strongest sadists still standing.

  • Kawthar has got it all wrong.

    According to Christopher Jon Bjerknes the Zionists promised the Kurds their own country.


    They want the Kurds to think that they have broken with Turkey so that they can use the Kurds as cannon fodder against the Shiites and Sunnis in order to further Balkanize Iraq – a long standing policy of the Israeli government. The attack on the flotilla accomplished this and at the same time it has given the Mossad an opportunity to kill off some Turkish trouble makers.

    Ethnically the vast majority of Jews are not semites but Turko-Finns. Jews overthrew the the Sultan of Turkey and destroyed the Ottoman Empire by genociding the Armenians who ran it.


    They did this in order to create the state of Israel.

  • Rob

    I’m presenting this as an idea for an article, which can be completed by someone far more
    skilled than I at laying it down.

    According to media sources, at least 3000 Qassam rockets have been fired at Israel from
    Gaza. Many Israeli sources put the number much higher. The Qassams have been almost 100%
    accurate, always hitting the empty lot, the fallow field, or the deserted stretch of road that was
    targeted. There have been malfunctions. Once in a while, there is property damage, an injury, or
    an occasional death. Considering how difficult it is to hit only “safe” targets in a heavily populated
    place like “Israel”, it’s quite an accomplishment. I’d rate Qassam accuracy at 95+%.

    The Hellfire missile, a US weapon, is fired far less frequently, probably because of the cost.
    Unlike the Qassam, it has a very powerful warhead, and is never targeted at vacant lots, etc.
    The Hellfire almost always kills, usually innocent people, and destroys property. Sometimes they
    miss, though, and land in the Mediterranean. Accuracy, probably 95+%.
    Tie. What’s the difference?

    The Qassam is a propaganda weapon, fired by Zionist collaborators to create the illusion
    that the Israeli cowards are threatened.

    The Hellfire is a terror weapon, with the real threat that you, the kids, and the rest of the
    family might be killed.

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