Israel Lost the Journalist Elections in Cadiz

Israel lost, and Palestine and Iraq won the elections of the Executive Committee (advisors) of the International Federation of Journalists, which took place on Friday 28 May 2010 at the end of the World Congress of the IFJ, “Journalism in Touch with the Future” held in Cadiz, Spain.

The failure of Israel came as a result of them perpetrating horrific crimes against Palestinian journalists and the bad treatment which the foreign journalists receive at the hands of Daniel Seaman (Danny Seaman), the director of the Israeli government press office (GPO). The images of the murder of Palestinian journalist Fadel Shana, the cameraman for Reuters who was killed on April 16 2008 by an Israeli tank shell while he was in the performance of his journalistic duties in Gaza was mentioned during the IFJ World Congress and created huge anger against Israel.

During the IFJ Congress, Abed Al-Naser Al-Najjar, the PJS General Secretary, highlighted the demand to bring to trial before the International Court of Justice the criminal Israeli officials. His demand was met with huge sympathy and warmly applauded by the attendant delegations of journalists.

Al-Najjar commented on his winning the membership of the Executive Committee of the IFJ, saying that this will strengthen the relations with International journalists unions around the world and that it will help to expose the policies, procedures and the horrific crimes of the Israeli occupation against Palestinian journalists.

Al-Najjar credited the election victory of Palestine and Iraq as members of the Executive Committee of the IFJ primarily to the friendly efforts of the President of the Journalists Association in the UAE and the President of the Advisory Board of the Arab Group at the International Federation of Journalists, Mohammed Yusuf, who coordinated and mobilized support with the African journalists Group, the American Latin Group and the European Unions of Journalists.

He thanked expressed his gratitude to the deputy president of journalists Ibrahim Nafie, the president of the Federation of Arab Journalists for his efforts in which he raised the level of coordination between various Arab journalists unions, which allowed them to contribute towards this great result of a Palestine victory. Al-Najjar considered the victory of Palestine and the loss of Israel in the IFJ election during the World Congress in Spain as a success of the Palestinian journalist’s delegation and the exposition of the real face of Israeli crimes against the Palestinians  and the Palestinian Journalists. He dedicated this victory to the martyrs among the Palestinian journalists, and especially to Fadel Shana, the victim of the Palestinian journalism of 2008.

Al-Najjar also thanked the Spanish government and the Spanish people for their support of the Palestinian people. It should be noted that the Spanish government has published on its official Facebook page a report which included the intervention of the Palestinian Journalists Delegation at the World Journalists Congress in Cadiz.

Congratulations from Vienna to the PJS: Dr. Tammam Kelani, President of the Union of Arab Doctors and Pharmacists in Austria; Monther Meriae, head of the Palestinian Community in Vienna; Palestinian Forum; Mostafa Abed Al-Hadi, deputy chief editor of Al-Ahram International; Mary Rizzo, Editor and co-founder of Palestine Think Tank, co-founder of Tlaxcala  translations collective, Kawther Salam, Europe and Palestine News, Rense Web-News; Tuna Gusi, International Network of Journalists/ Catalonia and Spain, also congratulate the win of the Palestinian Journalists Union (PJS) in the elections of Executive Committee of the International Federation IFJ, and they wish them more success, and liberation from the Israeli occupation.

Here are the names of the elected members of the Executive Committee (advisors) of the International Federation of Journalists who were elected during the World Congress meeting in Cadiz, Spain.

  • Zuliana Lainez Otero, Peru, ANP
  • Khady Cisse, Senegal, SYNPICS
  • Moaid Allami, Iraqi Union of Journalists
  • Franco Siddi, Italy, FNSI
  • Foster Dongozi, Zimbabwe-UJ
  • Sabina Inderjit, IJU, India
  • Omar Faruk Omar Osman, Somalia, NUSOJ
  • Celso Augusto Schröder, Brazil-FENAJ
  • Paco Audije, Spain, FSC-CCOO
  • Jasmina Popovic, Croatia, CTU
  • Abdelnasser Najjar, Palestine-PJS
  • Eva Stabell, Norwegian Union of Journalists
  • Gustave Azebaze, Cameroun, SNJC
  • Thomas Carpenter, USA, AFTRA
  • Chia Chang Yu, Taiwan-ATJ
  • Christopher Warren, Australia-MA

The World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) , meeting in Cadiz, Spain, also elected members of the administrative Committee:

  • Jim Boumelha, President, NUJ, Great  Britain and Ireland
  • Mjahed Younouss, Senior Vice President, SNPM, Morocco
  • Gustavo Granero, Vice President, FATPREN, Argentine
  • Olivier da Lage, Vice President, SNJ, France

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