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I received the letter below from Dr. Alex Awad, a professor and Priest at the Bethlehem Bible College in Jerusalem. I know Dr. Awad and his brother Dr. Bishara, the director of the college, personally. They are friends, or brothers, the people in Palestine closest close to me. The brothers Bishara and Alex Awad carry a message of peace and love for all human beings, the message of the King of peace, the prophet Jesus (peace and mercy be upon him). When the Awad brothers speak, they say the truth, the whole truth without adding or resting from it.

The message which Dr. Awad sent me yesterday about the family of Tony Nassar in Bethlehem tells the story of every Palestinian living in his own home and land in Palestine, the story of everybody living in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Beit Sahour, Beit Jala, the villages south of Hebron, north, south, east and west of Ramallah, Jenin, Nablus, and in all Palestinian villages and towns in the occupied territories. It is a story of life under the rule of the military zionist Israeli occupation for more than 62 years. It suffices to be a Palestinian to live your days and nights accused and persecuted of all offenses, under unjust charges brought by the zionists of so called “Israel”.

Below is the letter of Dr. Alex Awad and Toney’s family.

Dear Friends,

Today, May 27, 2010, Tony Nassar, a former student of Bethlehem Bible College (his wife Nisreen is on our staff and a graduate of BBC) and a member of the Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, called me to inform me that the Israeli Military Authorities have come to his family’s lands (now called Tent of Nations) and accused the family of committing nine violations on the land. Tony also shared with me that the Israelis told his family that they will come this Sunday, May 30 to destroy the few structural developments that the family and volunteers, from around the world, have helped the family develop.

Tony’s family land has been coveted by Israeli settlers for many years. Most of the development has been underground and in caves. The family has been using the land for a camping and a for retreat center for international peacemakers. The land has been in the Nassar family before 1924 (at least 24 years before the creation of the State of Israel).

The Military Authorities are doing this to support the Jewish settlers in their bid to ethnically cleanse the land from its Palestinian inhabitants. The irony is, while Israel is violating international law in a big way by building huge illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, a Palestinian is not allowed the most basic developments on his or her land if the land happens to be in a zone that is coveted by Jewish settlers.

I urge you to stand against this injustice. You can do so by sending emails, faxes and phone calls to the Israeli Embassy or Consulate in your country, State or City and send a message to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can get these numbers from the Internet.

You can also help by sending this email to your friends who care about peace and justice in Israel and Palestine. Let us tell the Israeli authorities that the Nassar family is not standing alone.


6 comments to A Letter for YOU

  • As someone of Russian Jewish heritage I would first wish to apologize to all my beautiful Palestinian brother’s and sister’s for the pure evil that is Zionism.Please know that any real Jew stands with them.We are ashamed of the oppressors.
    We are also ashamed of the blind ignorance of the U.S.A. and it’s bought and paid for Congress.
    We constantly speak the truth to this evil and will continue till our death.
    Please know that LOVE and TRUTH will prevail

  • James

    It’s now official – there’s no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors:

    quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:

    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

  • Quote from article:

    “You can also help by sending this email to your friends who care about peace and justice in Israel and Palestine. Let us tell the Israeli authorities that the Nassar family is not standing alone.


    They are not alone. Free Palestine! Free the Palestinians!


  • izabella

    May God help them and end the injustice and opression. Amin.

    Our people have suffered at the hands of the zionist maffias for more than 62 years and the story of these brothers is also the story of us Palestinians as a whole, therefor i object to the last line in the letter:

    “You can also help by sending this email to your friends who care about peace and justice in Israel and Palestine”,

    First of all, Israel as a land is Palestine, they are not two seperate countries. Secondly i dont understand how someone can be against israel stealing land today on the 1967 borders yet at the same time have no problem with the fact that all of israel is built on stolen land and somehow manage to accept israel as legitimate as if the problem was/is between two seperate countries when its about zionists stealing all of Palestine. Why is a settlement built in Nablus or Bethlehem worse than a settlement built in Haifa or Nazareth? Its all the same, they are building it on our land and they have confiscated our land.
    If you cant accept settlements in Bethlehem, or anywhere else on the westbank then how can you accept settlements built anywhere else in Palestine? after all, the owners of that land are Palestinians just like you and me, infact they are suffering even more than you because most of them arent allowed to even see their land as they are refugees kicked out from their own land by Zionists.

    I for one do not wish neither peace nor security for the state of israel. Why should i? And i have no need to sound politically correct so i wont try to impress outsiders with the whole “two states living side by side in peace crap” especially since these outsiders themselves wouldnt accept that israel does to them what they have done to us and most of them are ignorant about the cause anyway. Those who wish to be neutral can not be neutral when it comes to Zionism VS Palestine so those that are neutral are ignorant of the facts and ignorant of what zionism has done. How can anyone be neutral after knowing what zionism is? You either side with the opressor or with the opressed, no such thing as being neutral when dealing with an injustice unless you are ignorant of the facts and believe “both are equally to blame”.

    Last but not least, Just as i wouldnt accept that the land of the Nassar family belongs to israel if they were to steal it (God forbid), i also dont accept that land stolen from all the other Palestinian families in Haifa, Ramleh, Tiberias, Safad, Sha3ab, Akka, Shajarah, Yafa,, Sawafir (just to name a few cities and villages) belongs to Israel. I feel i have every right to ask Alex and Bishara to feel the same. No families piece of land is more important than his fellow Palestinians piece of land stolen by the zionazis and no occupied city or village is more important than a fellow Palestinians occupied city or village regardless if its located in the areas of Palestine occupied in 1948 or those occupied in 1967.

    Best wishes to the Nassar family.

  • rry

    Thanks to Kawther for shareing the thoughts of Dr, Alex Awad concerning the Nassar family land.

    Speaking with the spirit of Bethlehem Bible College wth his brother Bishara’s ongoing support, Dr Awad struggles for Tony Nassar and his family’s land, as we all should. Resistance has a face, you could say, a defenseless and human one, with two eyes, a nose and a mouth, these senses are witnesses of truth and also the parts of us that tell the truth as defense against settlements and their settlers.

    To my eyes, this face is beautiful and the features are warm, welcoming and sincere, which is refreshing.

    Dr Awad asks that we participate in the struggle of Palestinians to keep their land, and from the perspective of good manners, clean living and well worded writing. It is said that the prayers of a righteous man produce much bounty ,and so they do, Two brothers are two in twain, two witnesses, we could say, which is enough to bring conviction to bare, and also a quorum for prayer, gathered as we are let us pray that Tony Nassar is met with the best of fortune in keeping his family lands and for the purpose both virtuous and bountiful of offering respite to the patrons of Palestine and their groups and activities. Bless this family, those who may help them and hear our prayer, Lord, for peace to be upon us and upon our brothers and sisters, Tony Nassar, Lord, keep his land safe from the Israel Military Authorities and from settlers grasping hands. Bless us as we walk with you, Hear our prayer, and find mercy to spare suffering, we pray as one in the spirit, Amen

  • acudoc

    Please keep up the good fight, Ms. Salam, and don’t lose faith. The Israeli regime is in its last throes and all the people of Palestine, Jews, Christians, and Muslims, will one day be at peace. The conflict is ultimately too exhausting and will be abandoned, in the same way the apartheid southern states of the U.S. eventually yielded, just as the Federal Government of my United States, despite its immense power, will wither when the people withdraw their mental energy and support for it.


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