Demands of Trials for Journalist Murders

“All the Journalist Unions should move from statements of solidarity with the Palestinian journalists to real actions and measures, as going to the international courts to try the Israeli officials who are responsible for horrific crimes and murders of Palestinian Journalists” stated the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate “PJS” delegation during the World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists “IFJ” “Journalism in Touch with the Future” which was held in Cadiz in Spain on May 25 2010. (Click on the pictures to make them bigger).

The conference was opened by the Vice-President of the government of Spain, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, and attended nearly by 300 delegates representing reporting and editorial staff from over 100 countries.

The delegation of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate “PJS”, included General Secretary Abed Al-Nasser Al-Naggar, his vice Yousef Al-Ustath, and Nabhan Khreisheh, the chairman of the PJS foreign relations committee. They spoke about the murders, horrible crimes and daily problems which the Palestinian journalists face under the Israeli occupation.

The delegation highlighted during it’s intervention about Israel’s crimes and the intentional assassinations directed against Palestinian journalists. The delegation raised the image of the Palestinian journalist Fadel Shana, who was killed two years ago by an Israeli tank shell while he was in the performance of his journalistic duties.

The PJS demands were met with huge sympathy inside the conference hall. The attendants warmly applauded the delegation.

The IFJ Congress was held in Spain as it coincides with celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Cadiz and the adoption of the first freedom of press law in Spain, which was adopted in 1810.

The attendants of the congress were confronted with the full range of massive problems facing the media industry and journalists, including threats of death and violence, governmental interference, the crisis of confidence in traditional media and markets which are hit by the impact of the Internet, and growing demands from within the community of journalists for action to defend ethical and professional standards.

According to IFJ information published on their website, the Spanish deputy Prime Minister, Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, told the world’s largest group of journalist leaders meeting for the World Congress of the IFJ in Cadiz, that decisions to be taken about the future of media and journalism will have an impact on the future of democracy. She said: “”Whatever the future brings, the press will remain the pillar of democracy”. She told the attendants of the IFJ conference ”We are nearer to having an informed citizenry than never before thanks to media.”

Jim Boumelha, President of the IFJ, told delegates at the Congress that the IFJ represents a powerful voice for journalists and has grown into a global organization fit for journalism in the modern world. He said: “The IFJ has proved we can work globally and in unison in defense of journalists’ rights”; he added “the reaction to the unprecedented massacre of journalists in the Philippines and campaigns to defend journalists in Iran and the Gambia are cases in point.” He praised to the courage of journalists who are leading the fight back against attacks on press freedom around the world and said their voices needed to be heard.

Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary, said that journalism is separating from media as the past role of publishers as radical social reformers is fading. He added: “Publishers of traditional news media are now systematically abandoning fundamental principles of independent journalism and are cutting jobs, stopping investigative journalism, ceasing training and adopting business models based on the opposite of ethical journalism. If publishers and media owners continue in this direction, they will forfeit their role as defenders of news freedom and lose the justification for a special place in society” warned the IFJ general secretary.

5 comments to Demands of Trials for Journalist Murders

  • Murder as well as threats, intimidation and bribes to silence, coerce or buy off journalists are the lowest form of vile manipulation of the truth and should be tried and punished forthwith.

    Thank you as always Ms. Salam for your forthright and courageous reporting.


  • Anita Boner

    Start the investigation with the murder of Gary Webb, and go from there.

    You’ll find that many roads will lead to the Bush family, to Big Oil, to Big Money, to the government 3 letter agencies running massive quantities of drugs and guns into the US, and the Military Industrial Aomplex.

  • MIke S

    I hope you are successful. Here in the US the media are mostly corporate controlled so we get only the “news” they approve, which is mostly brainwashing. Fortunately we have the internet, which is where I was able to view this wonderful article. Don’t let your governments, banks and media become taken over by corporations, or you will lose control of your country, your currency, and your culture. Just look at how badly the US is behaving to see how disastrous a situation that can become.

  • Previn

    Dear Kawther Salam

    I am currently completing my degree in the above subject and am writing an assignment about Freud and Michael Ignatieff. I am trying to find out accurate sources about the final death toll of the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2008. For the purposes of my degree, I don’t know if I can quote your website – but could you possibly point me to any ‘official’ links that have statistics on the death and wounded count?

    I have been interested in the Middle East for some time, though am not sure whether Said, for all his intellectualism, has made any difference – I am trying to understand the psychological reasons for this through Freud and Klein – I hope to contact you when I know a little bit more of what I am talking about!!

    Thanks for this great website and your very courageous and intelligent work – take care of yourself.

    Best wishes

  • Ron

    i would just like to say that i hold you in great respect.

    As a descendant of “white europeans” i am ashamed of my heritage which still prevails based upon supremacy over all other mortal beings (as scientifically – let alone intellectually – absurd as that is and always has been) and the displacement of indigenous peoples whoever and wherever they were and are.

    Our Australian aboriginal people are one such classic example.

    While i agonize over what (from my goldfish bowl) appears to be dreadful inability of peoples to live in harmony where they are in close neighborhood contact, there is no way i can accept the behavior of either Israel, USA, GB or the united nations.

    Having conveniently decreed that Israel shall be – which in itself is really nothing more than a convenient solution to Europe’s problem – as i see it, find a place for these people who have failed to assimilate in any country in which they chose to dwell causing themselves to be shunned in so many of them, (even in 1948 Palestine – what is it with these people?). The Nakba was just a convenient solution to those who arrogantly deemed themselves legally able to do so (just as they deemed themselves legally able to claim ownership of the Australian continent for England 220 years ago – despite the fact that people lived there already!) – as has been the case all over the planet! – no less here in the middle East.

    Of course there are beautiful Israeli people as there are with all people, but the ideology that strangles so many if not the majority is a curse they suffer which causes the rest of the world to suffer as well!

    Israel has the world by the “short and curleys” as we say somewhat crudely.

    How member Nations of the UN can allow this situation to proceed with Israel simply thumbing it’s nose to international law which created “the State of Israel” is just typical of the arrogance of white Europeans – obviously seriously lacking in vitamin D caused some genetic problem that has brought this all about (along with the whitening of their skin).

    May you have great influence and may you get the support you and others need to reverse this travesty of justice.

    i salute you for your courage, your conviction and your efforts to bring justice to your people.


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