The Justice of Executions?

Tuesday – May 18 2010 – Kawther Salam – Medical sources from Gaza confirmed that three Palestinians arrived early today at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza after having been executed. Hamas security sources stated that Amer Jondyye, Rami Juha and Matar Al-Shobaki had been executed for crimes. Jundyye was accused of murdering the money changer Fawzi Jamil Ajjur, aged 40 and from the Al-Rimal area from Gaza. The killer was captured by Hamas forces, the body of the victim had been buried in the yard of the house of the murderer. Juha was one among four who were accused in the killing of the girl Mayada Abu Lamthe on September 25 2003. The murderers were sentenced to death in June 2005. Al-Shobaki, was sentenced to death after he was accused of kidnapping and murdering the money changer Abdullah Ramadan Shehadeh.

Hamas also executed two other Palestinians, Freih Abu Nasser Salama and Mohamed Ibrahim Ismail on April 15 2010 after they were charged of keeping contact with the Israeli occupation. Hamas also carried out the execution of two other Palestinians during the last year.

The Palestinian movement of Fatah, the political wing of the Palestinian Authority, has accused the illegal government of Hamas of executing dozens of it’s elements in the years of 2006 – 2007. They also accused them of deliberately shooting at the legs of detainees after breaking the bones of their hands and legs.

The Palestinian Authority under President Mahmoud Abbas sentenced to death 28 Palestinians between April 6 2008 and December 9 2009. 14 were accused of having contact with Israel, three were accused of the murder of money changer Jamil Kamel on October 4 2009. Four were accused of establishing an illegal “devil organization” (probably a satanist group) in 2006, three were accused of kidnapping people, two were accused of rape. Some of these people, 5, have been executed, the others are waiting for the confirmation of their sentences by President Abbas.

The execution rulings were all issued by the Palestinian military court. Before that, the PA had sentenced to death 71 Palestinians between May 3 1995 and November 29 2005, and the PA had executed 14 Palestinians under the deceased President Yasser Arafat. The executions of Mohammad Kamal abu Soltan and Raed Kamal abu Soltan on 29 August 1998, who were accused of murdering Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Khalidi, were carried out with the presence of the former justice minister Freih Abu Median, Abdel Rahman Hamad, former Minister of housing, Saadi Al-Karnaz, former Minister of Industry, and attended by the legislative council members Jamileh Saydam, Kamal Al-Sharafi, Jawad Al-Tibi, Rawhi Fattuh, Jalal Al-Masdar, the heads of the security systems and some members of the family al-Khalidi, the victim. Click on pictures to see them bigger.

Both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas regimes are illegal and have no real legitimacy, both are issuing more and more death sentences by the military courts, in flagrant violation of the principles of human rights. The accused persons are not given fair trials in civilian courts, where they could defend themselves from the accusations leveled against them. Under the present conditions, with the populations of both Gaza and the West Bank subjected to genocidal measures by israel, to sentence people to death without even allowing them a fair trial is plain and simple murder in cold blood and collaboration with the enemy.

That political officials would attend these executions as if they were something to celebrate is a testimony to the disgusting sadism and double standards of these people. It is not like anybody, ever, has been accused of mistreating or murdering a woman in Palestine, to the contrary, abusers and murderers of women are even protected by these regimes.

Addendum and explanation / 20 May :

Both Fatah and Hamas were legitimately elected to form a government, the “PA”, in 2006. This never came into existence because of the criminal intermission of israel and their accomplices. Neither Fatah nor Hamas were intended to form a government on their own, one imposing extremist religious views on Gaza, the other one collaborating with the occupation and stealing and selling out everything not screwed tight in the West Bank.

Both Fatah and Hamas have lost any claims to legitimacy because they have divided the Palestinian nation and they are imposing brutal dictatorship on the Palestinian people on top of the genocidal horrors brought upon us by the jews. Both factions are infiltrated by jewish zionist interests. Mitchell was never allowed by anybody to negotiate on our behalf, he is a nobody, and Abbas is ruling only as a puppet of the CIA. The limit of time for which they were elected is over, there have been no new elections, and they have achieved nothing but to disgrace themselves. They have no more legitimacy than israel.

3 comments to The Justice of Executions?

  • Xi Chin

    “Both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas regimes are illegal”

    Under what law? Under whose law?

    We are incredibly selective in upon whom we insist The Law be applied to. When will The Law be applied to Israel?

  • Blair M. Phillips

    They were exwcuted for having contact with an Israeli citizen?

    What do Isreali citizens receive for having contact with Palistinians?

    I guess I really don’t understand the conflict.

  • jerry

    kawther Salam, please allow my counsel….

    It is regrettable that the better governing principles of Islam are not allowed to bare their abundant fruits in Palestine, side by side perhaps with those who question the tenets of Islamic law, this would be good governance, perhaps more modern and compassionate of the human conditions surrounding and within the nation of Palestine.

    This nation, Kawther, is Your home, dear child of Palestine which you defend with your heart and at some point in your life, maybe even this day, You might take the time to revere the prophet Muhammad, his teachings and life are applicable to todays Palestine, though some question this, it is our love for Palestine that drives us to answer these questions, yours is about the death penalty and Islamic law.

    It is a driving and enduring love that is professed for Palestine and for the Islamic Caliphate that endured until the Ottoman empire occupied Jerusalem, having fought the British, French, Germans Turks, Americans Zionism and now liberalness and secularism, secular humanism and atheism, Muhammad still stands for women’s rights sister Kawther as I do, as Christ did, and as we all must if the very source of birth and rearing of children of Palestine are to be respected and revered as the mothers of Palestine and of the very membership of saints in her midst, we must recognize that the laws of humanity exist as protections of her various laws and peoples rights, not just the rights of western treasonous infidels in our midst, If they sin, Muhammad is there as Judge of them which is right to see as prophetic wisdom insurmountable by human intelligence this is saintly wisdom that transcends a blasphemous mouth without wisdom and defeats it out of hand even before such words of resistance against the law are uttered.Truth is like that, It speaks always against lies, even un uttered it is there always.

    And so we , as brothers and sisters of Palestine suffer deprivations against our people, our faith and against our government systems, once ordained by prophets, now threatened by false prophets and atheist selfishness and pride. Human beings are human beings, all prophets are drawn from among such as are born of women and men, but made to infuse a justice that meets the needs of every child and woman and man ,whose Islamic responsibility is to correct errancy in it’s tenets of faith when expressed by less than virtuous souls.

    Often selfishness is the result of faithlessness, we can lose our hearts of faith when we become selfishly centered in allowing every sin and sinner to ruin Palestine, ruin Islam and ruin women’s souls by arrogance hubris and ribald sexuality expressed against the wishes of prophets past and present.

    I see the grounds of crimes expressed, the laws of Islam obeyed and regrettably the wages of sin is death, often paid out in extreme sentences, these are sentences of courts where there is respect for women, not coddling of fugitives and traitors but the mete and right issuance of punishment to offenders of laws made to protect all citizens, not coddling some or turning away from horrible acts of barbarity, which leads to the erosion of every principle upon which Palestine is represented to the world, legal, justified, ordained and sanctified by Allah’s laws, not loose interpretations, but strict adherence to the tenets of laws where justice is not only discussed and argued by done to the fruition of justice, rare fruit that is born by seriousness and obedience, not tarrying with infidels and honoring their errancy and defamations of Islam but defending the Islamic Character of peoples as Christians, Jews, and any faith Islam captures them all in a safety net of truth, where laws are not circumvented but obeyed, sentences not commuted to serve the devils passion, but administered to serve Allah’s just laws and those protected by them.

    I advocate not for death as punishment, and see the righteousness of your plea, understand the virtue of a woman in resistance to barbarity and also the divinity in your cause and it’s voice and I suggest this, study the laws in question, condemn acts of punishment against Palestinian virtue and seek redress in legal ways in Just courts for your grievances against ill tempered sentencing of ill mannered law breakers. Seek truth concerning how justice is meted out for Palestinians, for infiltrators, for spies and seek the truth in every case examining the facts as Allah does, always seeking truth and finding wisdom in it’s virtues, we are right minded obeyers of laws and supporters of punishment which befits the crime and provides protections for every woman, either secular or Islamic, My love of the women of Hamas steers me to understand their feminism more so than yours, they treat sin as sin and sinners as sinners not pardoning offences against them and their children, and so it is in Ramallah, the law there is prosecuted as punishment for those who seek to destroy Palestinian justice by undermining it’s laws and courts, How is justice done in places where no clear authority is made by a national observance of state mandates and institutional provisions of courts all centered in the Palestinian state? Justice is dubious if all courts are not honoring the same structural mandates of systematic adjudication of the law. You are absolutely within your bounds of witness to call these rites and laws into your questioning mind and demand answers satisfactory to your womanly virtues as a creature of free will and every measure will be taken to honor you grievances against unjust courts, a citizen of the movement is not without their membership and incorporation as a sister of Palestine

    Keep in mind Kawther that many obstacles to the formation of Palestine’s legal system remain but within the bounds of the currently under-formed dual system of justice in Palestine, many courts convene at once in confusing bedlam, the UN, ICC, Zionist entity and Geneva. Gaza, Ramallah, and just one true law exists to make them as one, singly jurisprudent in every case, it’s tenets serve truth and findings of courts and lawyers prosecutions and defenses of innocent or guilty people in sadly dubious ways,Palestine is humanity personified in this way, Kawther, so I agree as does Al Mezan in Gaza, away with the death penalty, but also understand that Palestine is living in turmoil not brought by it’s own actions alone, but by spies with dubious ends and means , liars, thieves and murderers, and women and men professing evil as virtue and travesty as honor, all of which are undermining the beauty of Palestine, which you seek to project, which is laudable in every way.

    It is easier to interject in legal matters and see errancy than to make the difficult decisions that judges must make to prosecute crime under the peoples preference and chosen laws and systems of justice. It is humanity we face with these questions Kawther, let us go to work today and be together in this fight, finding reasons to honor and protect all life, ways of forgiving, rebuilding and saving every soul rather than condemning, prosecuting and punishing with death, we ought to be showing our resolve to end crime from the virtuous position of being sinless, save that, we are no judges of perfection, but justifiers of courts by obedience and rectifiers of courts by passionately espousing Islam as it is virtuous and kind, just and free!

    As such prophets do their best, Kawther, but as it is written “we see now only in part,” an admission of the guilt of prophecy as insufficient , sister, let us look ahead to the day when the vision of justice and loving forgiveness heals such wounds, promoting life and salvation is a virtue, sentencing one to death a regrettable vice.

    Kawther, My hope is that your sentiments are heeded in the future, progress begins with dissent of court decisions, and to be sure, there is always room at the inn for your thoughts and for action on behalf of your suggestions in Palestine, let us hope for trusting love to overcome suspicion and acts of desperation and sin. Amen???

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