Israeli Soldier Burns Palestinian Teacher With Cigarette

Say and repeat: “Yasser Arafat is a son of a bitch”. The israeli soldier from the so-called “border police” insisted that a Palestinian teacher from Hebron should say that. The Palestinian teacher was caught and harassed by the IDF soldier while he was on his way back home. The teacher refused the order of the IDF. He did not repeat the sentence which the IDF thug insisted that he must say. Why should the Palestinian do that? The IDF order is illegal. Absolutely, it is a nazi humiliation. But such orders are normal, business as usual, under the grave crimes of the Israeli occupation in Palestine.

The criminal IDF thug applied the burning end of his cigarette to the teacher’s chest. The lit cigarette burned two holes in the teacher’s shirt and left a scar on his chest.

This crime was not perpetrated by fascists or nazi soldiers, and the victim was not one of the privileged jews in EU. The crime was perpetrated on April 8 2010 by a nazi IDF jew. The victim was a civil Palestinian teacher who lives in his Hebron. The IDF military commander of Hebron is the war criminal Lt. Col. Udi ben Muha, or “Udi ben Moha”, who in the past contributed to the ethnic cleansing of the north of Gaza and along the Palestinian-Egyptian border, and he has also implemented other measures which correspond to the definition of genocide and crimes against humanity in the Geneva conventions. Under such a criminal, any soldier feels encouraged to perpetrate crimes.

This crime was not the first or the last crime under the criminal regime of the Israeli occupation in Palestine. This crime is part of the daily Palestinian life under the Zionist jewish occupation. The occurrence of such crimes is every day and hour in the city of Hebron, and in all the Palestinian cities, towns and at the so-called military checkpoints in the West Bank. The crime of burning a Palestinian youth with a cigarette or forcing them to drink the urine of the IDF soldiers and forcing them to repeat their antisocial, immoral phrases is part of the zionist occupation regime which is aimed at forcing the Palestinian citizens to leave their homes in the heart of the city of Hebron in West Bank.

This kind of crime repeatedly happened under the former IDF military commander like Gadi Shamni, Baruch Najjar, Yigal Sharon, Dror Weinberg, Baruch Goldstein, Amnon Cohen, Yehuda Fuchs, Noam Tibon, and other leaders of the IDF commanders, and under the current criminal IDF commanders Udi ben Moha and Aviv Feigel.

One of the most terrible stories of abusive treatment was the incident involving about 24 Palestinian youths who had violated the curfew in Hebron and received their punishment from the hands of the Israseli border Police unit called “Shmark Fuhl”. The soldiers had cursed the youth, spit on them, beaten them, and forced them to sing humiliating ditties: “Hoto Al-hummous al Al-Fuhl, ana baheb abos teez le shmark fuhl”, which translates into English as “put humous on bean, I love to kiss the border police buttocks”. The border police brought their Palestinian prisoners bottles filled with urine to drink, and everybody was forced to sing and drink. This happened 1996, when occupied Hebron was under the authority of Colonel Baruch Naggar. Read the full article in English. Read the article in Hebrew.

According the Christian Peacemaker Team member Ms. Paulette Schroeder: “Every day teachers and students from many schools in the Hebron area must pass through several checkpoints on their way to and from school. These checkpoints most often cause problems for a number of teenage male students and at unpredictable times for teachers and younger students. Detentions of these students and teachers at the checkpoints cause loss of school time and a disruption in the classes when the students or  teachers are late.”

“CPT received a very disturbing report from one of the teachers on April 6.  While this teacher was returning through the checkpoint back to his home, an Israeli Border Policeman (military soldier) stopped him at the Ibrahimi Mosque checkpoint and insisted that he repeat the phrase: “Yasser Arafat is a son of a bitch.”  The teacher refused this order so the policeman applied his burning cigarette end to the teacher’s chest. The lit cigarette burned two holes in the teacher’s shirt and left a scar on his chest.”

After twenty more minutes of detention, the policeman released the man.

7 comments to Israeli Soldier Burns Palestinian Teacher With Cigarette

  • Andrea

    The Israelis will be wiped out of the planet, it not going to take long for the world to take care of this criminal country and the occupants and intruders called “jews” VIVA PALESTINA!!!!!

  • Rabbit

    They make Nazis look good.

  • Werner

    Dear Kawther,

    usually I read your publications with much interest. The one point which disturbs me though is the bashing of ‘Nazi-Soldiers’ as you do here. Why do you believe that type of behaviour the Israeli border guard shows is comparable to the german soldiers during the second World War?

    After all Germany was attacked by Zionist controlled countries and the behaviour of those soldiers was very criminal, like the ones from Israel now. German soldiers followed protocoll of the law of wars.

    So please, stop that bashing of people who honorfully fought against the Zionists.



  • NotAnObot

    And to think the U.S. sends billions in taxpayer $$ to them.

  • Ragnarok

    Keep singing your song, the world is listening(if not our governments).
    The americans are waking up.
    Soon, very soon.
    Just sit tight 🙂

  • P.R. Jr.

    He might have trouble saying that, but I’m sure that lots of people have no trouble now saying “Israeli soldiers are Nazi thugs.” They get THAT lesson across real well.

  • The total and unmistakable vile criminal attitude and actions of the IOF are most evil and should be charged against them in a court of law.

    Concerning Nazis and Zionists, they are the same evil in different clothes – also, the Communists and Imperialists are the same evil, but again in different clothes. All tyranny is evil. There is NO good tyranny versus bad tyranny. We must not let ourselves be put is dialectic camps arguing over hairsplitting of which groups are exempt from moral and civil law. No one is exempt.

    It is true the Nazis never gassed ANYONE to death. I am a retired facilities designer-engineer and I worked on the U.S. Army Chemical Demilitarization Project for the destruction of poisonous gasses in the 1980’s. I worked on kiln and seal design for that project. I know, looking at what is claimed by the Jews for their “gassed to death and then burned into evaporation” myth – THAT BY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, for anything like that, the way they claim, to have ever happened. U.S. General and later President Dwight D. Eisenhower and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and French General and later President Charles De Gaulle in ALL of their massive writing about World War II which they wrote AFTER the war, NEVER ONCE mentioned any holocaust of Jews, especially not by gas and burning. Also, it is quite true that due to 4,000 German Prisoners of War being held at gunpoint by U.S. MPs in a camp in Pennsylvania, the German High Command made sure that Allied prisoners were well treated. NONE of that changes the fact that the Nazis suspended ALL law beginning with the “Enabling Act” which made Adolph Hitler Dictator of Germany. Also, Christian Churches were violated by the Nazis throughout the entire country and Crosses and Crucifixes and Bibles were removed and Swastikas and Mein Kampf were forcefully put in their place by the Nazis. The Jew Bolshevik Zio-Communists and the Jew banking (Kuhn Loeb, Rothschild etc.) financed Nazis BOTH crushed in brutal slavery and genocidal murder the Christian Slavs caught between these two absolutely utterly evil totalitarian tyrannies (both Tyrannical Governments – Communists and Nazis were full of Jews and Jewish control, money and influence). 120 million Christian Slavs perished because of that.

    The American Government and the Vatican are not exempt. The Vatican Freemasonic Illuminist Jesuitical manipulation of European Governments and the Freemasonic Illuminist Neo-Fascist manipulation of the United States Government is part of the European Socialist and American Zionist Fascist oppression of people for the goals of the Jew Zionists and the Vatican Freemasonic New World Order. I am a life long baptized Catholic and I can tell you that the Vatican’s connivings are NOT Catholic but are only Antichrist. I live in America but I absolutely oppose the oppression by the American ZioNazi Neo-Fascists of the Holy Land and the Arab Homeland and the surrounding region.

    The first wave of genocidal oppression was Nazis and Communists together to start the invasion of Palestine and the whole region in order to completely conquer it. The second wave is European Socialists and American Imperialists. All of that is ad-Dajjal, the Antichrist. Allah (SWT) at the Sayyidah of ‘Isa al-Maseeh, Jesus Christ (PBUH), will take vengeance upon the perpetrators for all these evils. OUR duty before God and people now is to resist ALL evil and to stand with the oppressed.

    Free Palestine and the whole region from Rabat to Islamabad and every place in between, and all the oppressed.


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