Wife of Israeli Ambassador Causes Trouble in Cairo

Cairo – Wednesday – April 14 2010 –  Edna, (עדנה לבנון) the wife of Israeli ambassador (יצחק לבנון) Ytizhaq Levanon (son of Shula Cohen, (שולמית כהן קישיק) a former prostitute and mossad agent), caused a big problem between the security and health authorities at the Cairo International Airport because of a lapdog which she was hiding in a box as she entered the VIP lounge of the airport together with her husband after their arrival from Tel Aviv last Tuesday. The security authorities demanded that the ambassador’s wife take the dog out of the box, but they allowed her to enter the room with the dog. This was a violation of regulations and applicable laws at the airport of Cairo.

The Egyptian veterinary quarantine services at Cairo airport accused the customs authorities of negligence because they failed to send the dog of the Israeli ambassador’s wife to the quarantine authorities when she entered the airport VIP lounge, to make sure that the dog was free from any diseases that might harm the livestock in Egypt.

Dr. Safwat Al-Mubarak, general director of veterinary quarantine service at Cairo International Airport said “We sent a protest memorandum to the customs officials because of what happened, what we see as a major dereliction of duties. We are the authorized power for checking all the animals which enter Cairo Airport”.

He added: “Currently we are searching for the address of Israeli Ambassador in order to follow up the case of the small dog (puppy) with a quarantine of three months at the ambassador residence, or two weeks in our department”. He said that this action is customarily followed with all the animals which are allowed to enter Egypt.

The ignorance of the quarantine regulations at the airport is considered a second violation at the airport, after the violation of the rules which do not allow anybody to enter the VIP lounge at the airport with animals.

Sharp debates are taking place between the officials of the veterinary services, customs and security at the airport, about who bears responsibility for having allowed the Israeli ambassador to pass his dog through the VIP lounge at the airport after arriving from Tel Aviv last Tuesday. The Egyptian security services at the VIP lounge allowed Ambassador Yitzhak Levanon (יצחק לבנון) to take a dog from inside a small box which was with his wife after she entered the VIP lounge during her arrival from in Tel Aviv to Cairo International last Tuesday. This was a contrary to the rules and regulations of the use of the VIP lounge at the airport.

Security sources stated that they allowed the ambassador’s wife to enter with her dog after they informed her husband that this behavior should not happen again.

According to journalistic sources from Cairo, it is not expected that the Israeli ambassador will deliver the dog to the quarantine authorities on grounds of having diplomatic immunity.

10 comments to Wife of Israeli Ambassador Causes Trouble in Cairo

  • Both the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an teach that dogs figuratively represent uncleanness and injustice. An “IsraHelli” with a smuggled dog just says a great deal.


  • kalidas

    That’s a pretty ragged looking dog, judging from the photo.

  • Rabbit

    I’d be more concerned with allowing any Israelis into Cairo. They all seem to have rabies.

  • Rabbit

    Just reading your collection of hate mail. What a pack of mindless cowards these Israel apologists are. The natural tendency to thuggery and intimidation is very informative for anyone who doesn’t know what Zionists are like when defending their delusional state.

  • John Taurus

    That is one ugly woman!

  • Dave

    Rabbit is right,the Egyptians(and the US)should be much more concerned about actual Israeli’s arriving than their lapdogs(when I say lapdogs,I don’t mean the media).

  • ima shore

    I am trying to be thoughtful and polite…but….
    the only dog pic I could see was of a blonde one…and it was a bleached blonde one from the looks of it….ugly and old, not a puppy by any means ….just looked like an arrogant lying old bitch.

  • sherif

    I think there are mutch more problems with Isaeli’s government than a dog passing VIP lounge of Cairo airport !!!

  • Where is the dog? Ah! The female dog wearing eyeglasses??? Ah, so! Dogie dogie…
    BTW, SEARCH my name and my a.k.a., and ENJOY! Salaam/Shalom.

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