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Donkey, Horse and Cat in Israeli Jail

Stories and aberrant practices like these do not happen anywhere in the world but only in [1]Israel, where the mentally ill zionists reign supreme. This latest story is not the imagination of the writer, or told by an ordinary person or by somebody accused of lying or slander, but it was seen and confirmed by fifteen peace activists and religious Christians, among them 10 men, 5 women, three Israelis, a French woman and another British one. The person who related this story is Abbas Zaki, a member of the Central Committee of Fatah, who is over sixty years old.

The date of the crime was on the return to the Christian celebrations of the Palms on Sunday on last March 28, 2010. The story is about the arrest of a donkey and a horse by the Israeli soldiers in occupied Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. The donkey and the horse are symbols of a Christian religious story, which is why they were arrested.

According to the Christian Bible, the Prophet Jesus, Peace and Mercy be upon him, rode on a donkey from Bethlehem to Jerusalem. This was on a Sunday three days before his crucifixion.

On Sunday, March 28 2010, a Christian Palestinian rode on a donkey, and another one rode on [2]a horse during the of Palm Sunday. Hundreds of Christian celebrators moved from the Nativity Church and walked in the city until they arrived at the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque, which the Israeli occupation stole. The Israelis also confiscated its surrounding area from the Holy City of Bethlehem and added it to the property of the military and the occupied city of Jerusalem. They built very high surrounding walls and military watchtower, which all prevent the free entry and exit from Bethlehem and the Aida refugee camp. They separated and paralyzed the social life of the Christians who live in Bethlehem the Christians who live outside, and later also the mosque which confiscated. (Click on pictures to make them bigger).

Abbas Zaki, who took part in the Christian celebration of Palm Sunday said: “When we arrived at the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque, the Israeli metal gate in the middle of the Street in Bethlehem was open, we all passed through the gate. We walked about 700 meters until we reach the [3]Israeli checkpoint 300. There was a military personnel ready to shoot and to clash with the Christians celebrators. We decided to return, the donkey and the horse were among us. Upon arrival at the gate of the Bilal bin Rabah mosque we went out while the Israeli occupation soldiers were watching us through cameras. They closed the gate trying to stop me and some others from entering the city of Bethlehem. We found ourselves between high walls and closed gates, and here the Israeli soldiers arrested the donkey and the horse, myself and 10 other Christian and foreigners”.

“They laid the donkey and the horse down by use of force, and then they cuffed their legs and put them on a military vehicle. The scene was disgusting; especially when they tied up the four legs of these animals and transferred them to jail on charges of having entered a military zone”.

Five days later Zaki and his friends were released from the Israeli Jail, they were found not guilty by the Israeli military judge in the Ofer prison. But the Donkey and the horse still remain detained. Nobody knows if donkey and the horse will be sentenced by the military judge, or if the military will bring them to the court before the judge to hear their trial.

A Cat was Sentenced to Life in Prison at the Negev Jail

[4]Arresting the donkey of Jesus and horse and detaining them in Israeli jails is not the first crime of this kind. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Detainees of the Palestinian Authority, a cat was sentenced to life in prison at the Negev Jail. The story was exposed and published in Palestinian newspapers and Al-Jazeera [5]on last November 19 2009. The M.D. stated that the Israeli violations against the prisoners have extended to include pet cats which live in the Negev prison.

The jails administration confirmed that Negev prison has detained a cat in a cell as punishment for assisting Palestinian prisoners who are serving high sentences in the same jail. The Negev jail administration found the cat guilty of carrying things between prisoners from one cell to another. The cat was apparently a stray cat which walked in, and the prisoners trained her to carry objects and notices between cells. The cat was sentenced by the Israelis to life at the Negev jail together with the Palestinian prisoners who trained her.

I remember once being in company of the AFP correspondent in Hebron while he [6]filmed as the IDF stopped somebody and asked for them to produce an ID for his donkey. I wonder how and why anybody takes the Israelis seriously at all. Year after year, their collective mental condition visibly deteriorates, as the last arrests of a donkey and a horse and the life sentence of a cat demonstrate.

Update 14.4.2010:

In addition to the crimes described above, the officers of the so-called Israeli Civil Administration, which works under the central command of the IDF in the so-called DCL, continues touring Palestinian fields and “arresting” the agricultural equipment of farmers, such as tractors, plows, drilling equipment, and also their crops, animals and seeds, to place them in the Israeli jail in Beit Il for months or even several years under detention. When this property is “released” from these “sentences”, they impose high fines on the owners of this property if he wants it back, and if the owner does not pay, the property is either destroyed or appropriated by the Israelis for their own use. The money which is extorted in this way from the farmers is illegal even according to Israeli law and military orders; it is not mentioned by the Israeli military laws. Nobody knew were the money goes and it is suspected that it is being used to finance the squatter colonies or to line the pockets of certain people with the IDF or the “Civil Administration”.

The detention and imprisonment of civilian equipment of the farmers is a violation of the provisions of the Israeli military laws itself, which prohibits the confiscation and “detention” of civilian equipment for military reasons. The “detention” of property and extracting money from its owners under the title of “fines” is a clear case of the crime of war of pillage [7] being perpetrated under the color of law.

Rami Ekraii and Shlomo Moskowitsch are among the Israeli officers who are involved in many of these cases of jailing the equipment of Palestinian farmers. Both of them work with the the so-called Department of Inspection and Control of the Military, headed by squatter David Kishik [8], the son of the former prostitute and mossad agent Shula Cohen [9] and brother of the current Israeli ambassador to Egypt Itzhaq Levanon [10].