A Response to Israeli Propaganda

Below is a video song which is distributed by “The Never Before Campaign Team”. The video is mainly a response to Israeli propaganda and PR efforts. The first image of the settler who is seen throwing stones is a well known terrorist from the Kahanist Jewish Underground cell. He is one of the terrorist squatters involved in bombing 10 Palestinian shops in Hebron on Al-Kayyal square near the vegetable market on first April 2001, while Hebron was under a tightened curfew.

This terrorist has appeared everywhere in West Bank towns and cities were jewish terrorist actions were perpetrated against Palestinians, especially in Nablus and Hebron.

See the video below

14 comments to A Response to Israeli Propaganda

  • T. Moore

    It’s so amazing why most white Evangelical Christians are so overwhelmingly enamored with the Jews in Israel. Talking to these bonehead white evangelicals, you’d think that Jews are perfect, that the Jew could practically walk on water and of course do no wrong. It’s always everything for the Jews, against the interests of the goy.

  • Rabbit

    This is great. Another light shone on the cockroaches.

  • Zigmund

    I would like to know, why you say that my vote was already given when it was not is your site bias ed against certent votes?

  • WOLF

    http://www.nytimes.com/packages/html/arts/20070919_ALBUM_FEATURE/index.htmlCategory: COVER-UP/DECEPTIONS

    This is a slide show of a photo album of a Nazi officer. It is being used for propaganda purposes, but I am not going to tell you how. As an experiment, turn the sound on your computer all the way off; then play this program. Then, turn the sound up and replay and notice how the narration is crafted to put a dark spin on the content of the photos, which do not actually show what the narrator is trying to claim that they show.

    Play once with the sound off.

    Then play again.

    Twitterers Paid to Spread Israeli Propaganda
    Internet Warfare Team Unveiled

  • ISRAEL The most flagrantly racist place i have ever been ( Outside of Hawaii and Prison)
    WHITE PEOPLE are encouraged to subjugate and oppress brown people.

    BROWN PEOPLE are shunned from complaining or reporting, or even bringing to light the situation.

    i experience it every day.


    where tourist show up saying stuff like (i support the war)

    the war there talking about, is not a war between enemy and opponents, but between black and white.

    its 98 percent white people everywhere you go and there is NO equal rights for anybody.

    this is like going back in time before Martin Luther King ever existed.

    its cowboys and indians, people hear act like heathens and DOGS,

    especially the tourists, its like religious prostitution, where people go to be supremacists.

    the worst part about it, is that the poverty level here, spiritually, emotionally, and morally, is the highest i have ever seen in the world.

    the economy is a fares, and a concisely calculated propaganda ploy to lure in unsuspecting and nieve peoples seeking to find a living. ( in a supposedly god fearing land)

    its a slave and master society, with over 90 percent of the peoples being slaves, both happy and unhappy. ( black or white )

    if there ever was an egypt, this is it.

    at least in egypt, people know there poor.

    racism and justified racism is the primary core belief of this country,

    it has nothing to do with right or wrong.

    its all about red ants, and black ants, white and black.

    people have lowered themselves to the level of animals here where food and consumption are the primary driving forces outside of land grabbing covetous.

    imagine cowboys and indians, corrupt cops, the” us or them” mentality.

    i think that when the space aliens are ready, the world depopulation will be swift and concise and not be regulated to any boarder color or land mass, of peoples.

    if you have ever read the book of enoch where the giants were eating up all the earth and cannibalizing humans, this is it, except they have successfully interbreed the dna and genetically modified themselves to appear and look the same hight and shape and size as humans, there fore, determining the dna strain of an alien or a native earthling is npw next to impossible, especially for a human or even scientist.

    people read the bible and think that its all about war and revenge but its really about corruption and species, being panned against each other, in a sense where there will be no end to it.

    as for me, its a saddening thing to get kicked around by a team of white people like a soccer ball on a field of black and white.

    because i am half black and half white i get kicked by both sides, and ultimatley i find its the white people who race to win.

    i was thinking to day, how racist it was ( flagrantly racist it is in Israel )

    im form seattle where ene though it was racist, if you call the cops or have to go to court, you still stand at least a little bit of a chance for justice.

    i have lived in hawaii for the last 10 years or more, and its super racist, the people are sooo fucked up because there mixed with everything so the fight among themselves but when a black or white person comes along the all bind together and say “were hawaiians” when i reality you have a white person standing next to a chinese standing next to a philipino standing next to a portuge ectra and so on, and they are like self delusional.

    anything to justify hate.

    not that it fools me for a minute, cause i see it all in grade school.

    any way. ive your a white person and you want to be a slave master Israel is the place for you,

    on the other hand if your anything but white and you dont want to be treated like shit, i would advise you to stay out of this slave-masters cotton plantation. stay a free man as long as you can. the day will soon come when white people of all colors are subjected to their own hypocrisy, by space aliens and they will watch in awe as the are culled from the face of the earth in a ruthless and merciless, apocalypse, biblically proficied in every religious book on the face of the earth.

    dont blame me, blame god, cause its the white god of the white people who wrote their own book of doom.

    if its all a lie and it may very well be that we wake up to find the same white people who wrote the bible killing off everyone else, with all of their tools then we will wake up in a world where everyone left will truly be slaves ruled by whit people for the rest of know eternity.

    it not my fault, the racism that i have experienced out here has hardened my heart and led me to understand the very nature of culling animals, i dont justify any of this shit. i think its all messed up

    i talked to a white friend here and when i told him how racist it was he was like, “its not racist”

    i talked to a white tourist and when i told him how racist it was he was like “its not racist”

    he then was saying how his frind is a sharp shooter and pops people with no concious or regrets,

    “its his job he claimed”

    these people are giddy about racism, thi giggle and juckle at the prospect of treating othe people like shit and everything else, that i wont even go into.

    it hard for me to sit here day to day waiting for a plane ticket out of here but i can tell you that i cant wait to bounce.

    i feel like a space ailien posong as a black man living on a slave plantation so i can see what its like, knowing that any day soon i can leave at will while all the rest of the slaves are stuck in shakles under the oppresive crack of the white mans whip.

    when and what will i be able to do aboutit.

    should anything even be done at all?

    i have already cursed god and rejected christ.

    its the truth.

    this whole cain and able thing,

    isnt it fucked up that able got the shaft?

    its ironic how the wicked survive and the just perish, in the presence of god.

    it make s you wonder what king of god this is and what the out come is?

    if you find yourself in a world full of racist white people killing off everyone else you have to ask yourself, whos plan was it anyway.

    and its not just white people, it hawaiians and mixed breed people too.

    i am sure i can go any where in the world and expirienc this same type of scocial ostricization.

    where the masses and popular concensus make the norm and determin what is right or wrong.

    in a room full of white people it is right to hang the black man,

    and unfortunaltley in a room full of black people the same holds true.

    i have seen it with my own eyes,

    and i have studied it throughout history.

    humans are more akin to animals then humanity.

    so wher eis the jsutice in all this.

    am i on the wrong planet.

    maybe i need to do what the white people say and just” get the fuk out”

    but where can i go?

    i dont have wings,

    i preached the gospel beliving in god and i just go tthrow to the dogs,

    even worse they have proven the bible to be untrue and even further they can trick me into telling a lie in 30 seconds or les and then scoff at me and say im untrue as well.

    so much for turning the other cheek.

    when Jod speculated that he deserved what he got, did that make him a lier?

    the world is full of usless eaters, and unproductive beings that just consume covet and destroy,

    look next to you,

    you might be sitting right next to one.

    are you an artist?

    love beauty,

    cant find it,

    like youve been blinded in a world of black and white,

    while you know that ther eis color somewhere.

    i feel like i am living i a soap oprea with a buch of childish drama loving actors, or stuck in some sort of twilight zone, wher ethe theme is chronicaly dpressed manicaly insanity.

    there is no hope for this place.

    its like “drop everything and run” or live a slave till you die.

    im glad i have options.

    i know the truth is out there somewhere,

    it no way that reality could be so cruel just for the sake of entertainment.

    i fell like the laughing stock of the neighborhood, for being hung on the sacrificial tree of hate.

    the worst part of this is, its all contagious like a bad cold,

    rage, hate, racisim, disgust, covetnous… the list goes on.

    i thought i was trying to get over the jet lage, but what i am realy trying to aclimate to is, lies, racisim, decit, deception, racisim, hatred, colonialism, slavery, and so on.

    these thing will drive a freeman mad, and for me i would rather be somewhere else, where things are more diversified.

    america is still the greates country in the world,

    not because you can buy shit for cheap,

    but because it has the greatest level of diversity and tolarance out of any place i have ever seen.

    the attemp at reproducing it in the east, has been a complete and utter failure, these people have sufferd and lost there land for nuthing,

    its like amerca never existed at all.

    what have we learned,

    what did my father die for.

    why was i born,

    how come i had to learn so much an dbe so unhappy,

    the truth is an ugly thing,

    and ultimatley, it may be a reflection of my self,

    like looking in the mirror.

    a man told me the other day,regarding drama, “it is what you make out of it”

    i though i was crazy like everybody was telling me for the last how many years, so i started video taping my life whenever i could, and when i played it back, it was so depressing because it was just as obvious what was going on.

    people cant stand when you make it out of poverty or slavery, not even black people or white people, some people gawk and awe in disbelife, look there is a free niger roaming the streets.

    some people reejoice like one day we will all be free,

    some people hate liek get theat niger,

    and some people jsut ignore me like i never seen that.

    why do i got to be a niger when i am half white,

    because they say you are.

    my dad once told me you can call a dog a cat but that dosnet make it one.

    as for the racial terms used on this page its part of our amircan history and part of my african heritage.

    to hate me or say it dosnt exist or never did is an atrocasty,

    a lot of people were made slaves because of the color of their skin,

    and its still happening today, right now, right down the street form you , in resturants, bathroooms, jail prisons, courtrooms, schools, and everwhere there is the culture of it.

    it is a learned thing,

    i never know about plantations untill they taught us in school.

    i remenber the day i walked out of that classroom in the 4th grade, after they showed us the movie called “Roots” thinking, damm, is that what white people do?

    the real question is is that the knid of movie you show to 4th graders?

    if you show 4th graders porn, are they not going to go home and wonder and think about sex?

    i never should have went to public school.

    the space ailens abucted me when i was 4 and they have made me who am am, forged throught good and eveil and an unquestionably waivinrg curriculum of uncertainty.

    ultimatley, i dont know what cours i am supposed to be graduating here, but it has been a long and grueling situation, of discontent and ultimately bourght my whole world into question.

    question everything.

    dont jsut go with th eflow.

    try no tto be evil and chose to just keep to yourself if you have to.

    it better not to help people, than to help them and then have them turmn and throw you in the dirt.

    dont be so nieve.

    this world is a fuked up place, and its all part of the plan.

  • Meatwad

    All of this over the enactment of a nation that the future occupants should have fought against, if they want to uphold their words in their religious books they themselves wrote. Even if I were to cave in to the myth of ww2 and the mythical 6 million, there are other ‘prophecies’ in their religion that have not come true that must be before their religious books say the jew returns to isreal. Amazing what people will do, that goes 100% against what they claim to have faith in. Not really amazing, in the case of these ones, typical.

  • Humans have 2 choices, 1 to be one with life-the creative source which is love-make things better-more heavenly-then an overpowering instinct to love and nurture life as all life is equal-to be more evolved AKA loving, takes over, true courage strength and bravery is born of love. or choice 2 to do the opposite to be less loving and be destructive to life as they are superior to other life(inequity) and must impose there will on others-causing harm and trauma and death. Those are not evolving they are regressing backwards into the beast of prey. They are possessed by an overwhelming instinct to destroy-they eventually no longer possess the capacity to love(sociopaths) it increases they can not create only destroy life-power hungry aggressive born of fear. Good that which protects and nurtures(love) life is protected and is insured life, that which is evil and kills is guaranteed to be rejected by life-life wants to continue to exist-it is forming co-creators who will make life better and better. The real world is the world we came from and will return to=heaven a world of pure love. The victims of the jews go there to eternal life. jews hate all that is good-it is part of their instinct. The jews however will soon slaughter all life on earth-then there will only be jews on earth-earth will no longer give life or support life-because the environment reflects the inner being of those who live in it-with only jews everything will die on earth, this is only a world of elusion-where the choice is made where good and evil are weeded out. The real world ask anyone who has been there and returned is Heaven. Satan is the god the jews worship he exists to separate the evil from heaven-he hates the jews-but deceivers such as jews only get deceived. Love is the greatest power in the universe upon which all life depends-because the law of reality is everything is fair and balanced-you will get back what you give-killer jews invite only their death for all time. all is good-all is going as planned-trust in God/love. All things good are repugnant to the jews-they worship evil/destruction sadism-the death of life. The palestinian people are hated by the jews-because they are highly evolved loving beings-creative beings that are cherished by the life force by God and they will have eternal life in Heaven. To be an enemy of the jews is the greatest honor and testament that you have evolved into loving angelic beings, to be accepted by jews or be their allies-is proof you are becoming one yourself-backsliding corrupted and soon to take the mark of the beast-never to enter heaven.

  • the eagle has landed

    This is a message to Palestine, “WE KNOW, AMERICA is AWAKEN”!!! PEACE

  • Maria

    I don’t know what to say..
    I sit here comfortably in Southern CA and I am speechless.

    I am so sorry..I am a Christian and i have always thought of israel as the good guys and palestine as the bad guys..
    But for the first time I am researching “zionism”.

    I have much to learn. Can you help me to know more?

    In my bible( I believe its In Rev. 2 ) Jesus says “You who claim to be Jews but you are not, you are liars and of the synagogue of Satan ”
    This must be who he is referring to??

    • Thank you Ms. Salam, as always for the incisive and truth-telling journalism. Your standards are the best.

      Maria, allow me to give you some links to study. The fact of the matter is that “Israel” is a bloodthirsty phony that has no business existing. Palestine belongs only to the Palestinians and no one else. The entire Arab world, both Christian and Muslim and the entire Islamic civilization – all Muslims, and all Christians that live with them, KNOW this. The Western people has been lied to about this by their own governments and the Zionist-Jew owned media. I am glad you are taking the time to find out the truth.

      Maria, please see:

      The Final Trial http://the-final-trial.blogspot.com/

      Its Influence Today http://www.come-and-hear.com/dilling/dcontents.html Note that the Jews HATE God and Jesus and Moses and everything – they are not the people of the Old Testament who were faithful to God.

      Muslims and Christians together http://palestinecry.blogspot.com/2010/02/muslims-and-christians-together.html

      Palestine Cry http://palestinecry.blogspot.com/

      And Kawther’s Site here is the most superb of course!

      God bless you Maria in Our Lord’s truth.


  • McCall

    just a note of appreciation for your work on behalf of the Palestinian people. I wish I could help. I write letters, etc., and
    contribute a pathetically small each month to ANERA. But, at least I’m fully cognizant of Israel’s atrocities, cruelties, humiliations, etc. of the Palestinian people. I can only hope that the world will act on behalf of the Palestinians. Israel is no better than Nazi Germany was. It is full of war criminals and sadists. Let us work and pray for

  • tomas a dó

    As a person growing up in West Belfast I recognise all those images _ those images have been portrayed in recent times round the world in relation to Ireland. When an occupying force meets resistance the army mentality takes over and human rights are abused but the people (and that’s all they are) in power ignore this. Good luck in your struggle for your rights, we are starting to find ours at last.

  • Mike S

    “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that… I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
    — Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

    “Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattlce at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”
    — Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister to New Statesman magazine on June 25, 1982

  • Mike S

    “Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattlce at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

    — Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister to New Statesman magazine on June 25, 1982

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