Illegality of EU Relations With Israel

Rabab Khairy, Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa of the Centre national de coopération au développement (National Centre for Development Cooperation), Belgium, said during the panel discussion on the Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People that the Russell Tribunal on Palestine initiative set up some five years after the Advisory Opinion. The purpose of the tribunal was to show the complicity of the international community in the perpetuation of ongoing violations of human rights of the Palestinian people. The Tribunal acted as the court of the people, a Tribunal of conscience aimed at mobilizing society. It consisted of eminent persons, among them former United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali. A number of international sessions would be organized, the first of which had already taken place in Barcelona. There, the relations between the European Union’s Member States and Israel had been investigated.

Reporting on the findings of that Tribunal, she said the EU and its Member States had been found in breach of several provisions of international law regarding their cooperation with Israel, including active assistance to Israel in exporting weapons used in the Gaza offensive. If the European Union and its Member States failed to impose the necessary actions against Israel, the Tribunal would count on European Union citizens to bring the necessary pressure.

Presentation of Rabab Khairy at UN Vienna from Kawther Salam on Vimeo.

Presentation of Rabab Khairy from the National Center for Development Cooperation in Belgium speaks at the UN Civil Society Meeting for Palestine on 26.03.2010.

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  • Not only the EU and but America and number of other countries are totally involved in massive unlawful arms supply to “Israel.” This includes Nuclear Weapons for blackmailing the world. All the people involved in this along with the whole civil and military governing bodies of “Israel” should be immediately put in the docket to stand trial for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.


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